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Studio Superstar

Studio Superstar

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Xue Xiao was a diligent and hardworking background actor. Then he offended a big name in the circle and became unable to receive new acting roles.

He thought he would never be able to realize his dream and become an excellent actor like Shen Tingyan until he suddenly received an email one day.

[Hello, you have passed the audition for ‘Studio Superstar.’ Please be on time…]

This was an actor talent show created by the largest media platform in the country. A new starting point was laid out in front of him.

Here, he went from being unknown to becoming the brightest star on the big screen.

At the same time, he also touched the star that belonged to him.

Shen Tingyan was one of the four mentors of the show ‘Studio Superstar,’ and his first impression of Xue Xiao was that of a shy, studious contestant who carefully watched every scene with wide eyes.

The second time he saw Xue Xiao, he found that even if this young man had no one to act with him, he could use the little flowers on the roadside, the air in front of him, or the kitten taking a nap in front of him as his scene partners to practice his lines diligently. There might be a bit of shyness, but he was entirely focused once immersed in it.

The third time he saw Xue Xiao, the young man was lying in a corner of the studio and sleeping in a daze. The script he held in his arms was full of his previous comments on the scene, and a cute chibi version of a person was drawn next to it.

This little person inexplicably looked like him, which made Shen Tingyan fall into deep thought.

The fourth time he saw Xue Xiao…

The little guy was peeking at him.

Once Xue Xiao was caught, he buried his head in a panic and pretended that nothing had happened. However, his ears were so red that they seemed to be dripping blood.

Shen Tingyan stared at the crimson color, paused, and drew a horizontal line on his script.

He inexplicably decided that he would make a note of it every time he caught Xue Xiao peeking at him in the future.

Then he found that he had drawn a full ten ‘正’ characters in just one day.

Shen Tingyan finally couldn’t help laughing.

Xue Xiao’s starting point was a passerby corpse on the battlefield.

Later, he became a dejected young man drunk by the side of the road, a high-spirited young general, a lonely mute, a dissolute wastrel…

He ran all the way to the brightest night sky. On the day he stepped on the Best Actor’s podium at the age of 25, the one who handed him the trophy was Shen Tingyan, who accompanied him all the way.

Shen Tingyan asked him with a smile, “What do you want to do most now?”

Xue Xiao faced this man, pursed his lips, and smiled. “I have already obtained what I want most.”

“What about you?”

“I want to hold the star in my hand now,” the man said.

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