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Studio Superstar: Chapter 73

During this recording, the other 12 participants had no psychological pressure at all.

The final round had nothing to do with them. They were called here today just to be the atmosphere group. Thus, the atmosphere in the studio was surprisingly cheerful and harmonious…

Everyone was making jokes when someone suddenly shouted, “The mentors are here, the mentors are here!”

The four mentors entered from the entrance on the right.

Shen Tingyan was at the forefront.

Today, he was wearing a dark purple satin shirt. The designer chose a very high-end color. The rich purple made the man look noble and graceful.

The neckline was slightly open. The line from his Adam’s apple to his collarbone was extending sexy. His figure was tall and straight, and his eyebrows were handsome. The moment this man appeared on the stage, he was greeted by the participants, who shouted and screamed like ghosts.

Shen Tingyan stood calmly next to Jiang Quan. His dark eyes stared straight at the little light bulb who had been pushed to the front row of the participant seats.

The little light bulb stood there obediently, staring at him eagerly for a while. Then he pursed his lips and glanced away. Soon after, he looked back quietly. His ears were red, and his eyes were shining.

Shen Tingyan understood instantly. The way he was dressed today should suit this little light bulb’s taste.

What a shirt con.

He especially loved the flashy colors and designs.

Shen Tingyan’s lips curled up without a trace.

At the same time, the conversation between him and Fang Lei over ten days ago also appeared in his mind.


“Xue Xiao told me that he doesn’t like girls.”

“The person he has a crush on is a man…”

At that time, he stared at these two lines for five minutes while trying to control the turmoil in his heart and the urge to immediately ask the driver to turn around and drive back to the residential building. He asked:

“Who is it?”

Fang Lei: “…He said he would tell the person after the competition.”

“Why wait until after the competition?”

“…I don’t know. Don’t ask me. Isn’t it because I don’t understand that I didn’t dare to tell you?!”

Shen Tingyan could feel that his heart was beating very quickly.

In his 27 years of life, he had never experienced what it meant to be ‘carried away by joy.’

It was because there was nothing that made him so happy.

However, the moment he thought that the person in Xue Xiao’s heart might really be him, Shen Tingyan was filled with a strange emotion in his chest.

Then in an instant, he thought of another question. What if the man Xue Xiao liked wasn’t him?

Shen Tingyan froze.

He didn’t want to fall into the same pit twice.

Therefore, despite the strong premonition in his heart at that moment, he still forced himself to calm down and think about the issue again.

Indeed, when it came to who Xue Xiao liked the most in the entire camp, Shen Tingyan could confidently say it was him.

Still, he already understood that Xue Xiao’s liking for him probably wasn’t that type of liking.

The liking for idols was frank and open, so the little light bulb always talked about liking him.

Meanwhile, the liking that was close to love between a man and a woman was often more difficult to talk about and made people panic.

This meant this type of liking often wasn’t easy to see.

Shen Tingyan’s heart suddenly sank.

If not him, who would it be?

…Could it be Gu Ling?


That night, Shen Tingyan didn’t sleep very much. He only made up this sleep on the plane the next day.

In the end, he felt that this type of overthinking style wasn’t like him.

The moment he hugged Xue Xiao, the sense of fulfillment and attachment in his arms was real. Why couldn’t he believe in himself once?

Of course, he wouldn’t make any rash moves until the answer was determined.

But he could be more bold to test it.


At this moment, all the personnel were in place, and Jiang Quan started to take charge of the overall situation.

After finishing the opening remarks, he quickly got to today’s main topic.

“Next, we will announce the combination of mentor and student in the final round. Which mentor should we start with?”

The 12 atmosphere members were very cooperative and shouted names.

Jiang Quan received the prompt from Old Gao in the corner and said, “Okay, I won’t waste any more time. Let’s start with Teacher Guan on the far right!”

“After 24 hours of online voting, the student with the highest number of votes for Teacher Guan is—”

“Dou Mingjian!”

“Dou Mingjian, please come up and stand by Teacher Guan’s side!”

This result wasn’t surprising.

In this vote, Dou Mingjian’s votes for Guan Ruoying had always been far ahead.

In the midst of the applause, Dou Mingjian smiled shyly. He walked toward Guan Ruoying, and the two of them embraced.

“Teacher Guan, I’m sorry to trouble you in the last round of the competition.”

“Let’s do our best together!”

Jiang Quan coughed lightly and reminded them, “Everyone, please note that what I am reporting now isn’t the final result. It is just the student with the highest number of votes in each mentor’s voting channel.”

Everyone was stunned.

“In other words, it is very likely that Dou Mingjian might get the highest number of votes with another mentor later, and the number of votes will be higher than that with Teacher Guan. Then Dou Mingjian’s cooperative mentor will be someone else. The student on Teacher Guan’s side will be moved down to the next highest number of votes…”

Guan Ruoying complained. “Can’t you finish explaining the rules before starting? You made people happy in vain!”

The participants below burst out laughing. Some were discussing it in low voices.

“Which other mentor does Brother Dou have higher votes with?”

“It seems to be Teacher Shen?”

“Yes, would it have exceeded it in the last two hours?”

The outcome was unknown.

Dou Mingjian himself became a bit curious.

Below, Xue Xiao pursed his lips. His heart was beating rapidly.

Jiang Quan continued to make the announcement.

“In Teacher Feng Wei’s voting channel, the participant with the highest number of votes in 24 hours is—Xue Xiao!”

Xue Xiao was stunned.

The other participants were also stunned.

Shen Tingyan narrowed his eyes slightly, and Su Shijin frowned.

Feng Wei’s expression was very calm as if there was nothing unexpected.

It was a bit cold.

It wasn’t until Jin Xiaochen coughed lightly and clapped from the back row that everyone quickly followed suit. This way, the situation wouldn’t be so embarrassing.

Xue Xiao was invited to come forward.

Feng Wei shook hands with him politely and Xue Xiao stood beside him.

At this moment, many people had questions in their minds.

How could it be Feng Wei?

Weren’t Shen Tingyan and Su Shijin the most enthusiastic people competing for Xue Xiao?

Neither of these two people grabbed Xue Xiao, but Feng Wei did?

It was really weird.

It wasn’t until Jiang Quan announced Su Shijin and called Xue Xiao’s name again that everyone understood.

It wasn’t that Feng Wei succeeded in grabbing the person, but that Xue Xiao had too many fans now. He was the participant with the leading number of votes in the voting channels of several mentors!

Feng Wei was so calm because he had long expected that he wouldn’t be able to keep Xue Xiao.

Xue Xiao awkwardly moved to Su Shijin’s side. Su Shijin’s expression immediately became comfortable.

Jiang Quan said, “Then the cooperative student of Director Feng will be pushed.”

“The next one is Dou Mingjian. Since Dou Mingjian has a higher number of votes with Teacher Guan, it will be pushed to the third student—Gu Ling! Gu Ling, please come to the stage!”

Gu Ling stood beside Feng Wei.

So far, the only student and mentor whose pairings hadn’t been announced were Cheng Yang and Shen Tingyan.

Many people were trying to remember.

How many votes did Cheng Yang have on Shen Tingyan’s side?

…It seemed to be at the bottom, right?”

During the entire voting process, Cheng Yang seemed to have no sense of presence. He was at the bottom of the votes among all the mentors.

Unless the top three in Shen Tingyan’s channel couldn’t beat the other mentors, there was no way Cheng Yang would be paired with Shen Tingyan.

However, based on Shen Tingyan’s popularity, it was impossible for him to not beat the other three.

So if this was the case…

Shen Tingyan’s final cooperative student would definitely be snatched from one of the other three mentors on the field.

The mentor’s participant would be pushed to the next student, which may affect the matching of another mentor…

Just moving one small part would affect the overall situation.

…It was exciting!

Jiang Quan was also very good. He deliberately said slowly, “So, who will Teacher Shen’s matching student be? Let me take a look.”

He pretended to look at the prompt card in his hand.

A participant shouted from below, “Is it Brother Dou?”

“It is Xiao Xiao!”

“Gu Ling, Gu Ling!”

Jiang Quan laughed. “You have guessed everyone, right?

Xue Xiao took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

Su Shijin put her arm around his shoulder and looked at Shen Tingyan beside her provocatively.

Shen Tingyan glanced over coolly.

The two of them were full of gunpowder.

Jiang Quan left enough suspense before belatedly announcing the answer, “In Teacher Shen’s channel, the student with the highest number of votes is—”

In the midst of his violent heartbeat, Xue Xiao heard Jiang Quan say loudly,

“—Xue Xiao!”

At this moment, all sounds faded away.

Xue Xiao only heard the sound of his heart gently falling to the ground.

At this moment, he had to admit it.

He might be eager to cooperate with different mentors, learning different knowledge and skills from different professionals, but in this competition, he hoped that he could go to the end hand in hand with Shen Tingyan.

If he had the chance to compete for the championship, the person he hoped to accompany him to the podium was Shen Tingyan.

Xue Xiao let out a long breath and finally calmed down completely.

He heard Su Shijin sigh and say, “It isn’t like I didn’t guess this result. Forget it. Xue Xiao, let’s work together after the competition.”

Xue Xiao smiled and said gratefully, “Yes, Teacher Su.”

Under everyone’s teasing eyes, he looked at Shen Tingyan.

Shen Tingyan curled his lips slightly and placed a hand lazily in his pocket, waiting for him to walk over.

Xue Xiao came closer. The man grabbed his wrist and pulled Xue Xiao to his side.

There was a slightly staggering step.

The moment he lowered his head, Xue Xiao’s eyes filled with a smile.

Once he raised his head, he coughed slightly. His little face was already tense and looked very serious.

Shen Tingyan chuckled and said, “You are pretty good at pretending.”

Xue Xiao whispered, “…It is still being recorded.”

Shen Tingyan asked, “You can’t show too much joy in front of others, or it will appear disrespectful to other mentors, right?”

Su Shijin exclaimed, “Hey, we are still listening!”

The whole crowd laughed.

Xue Xiao’s cheeks were hot. He lowered his head in a slightly embarrassed manner.

Shen Tingyan kept holding his wrist gently.

In the midst of the commotion, he said in a voice so soft that only the two of them could hear, “What is there to be embarrassed about? This is the result of the audience’s vote.”

This time, it was the entire audience who tied them together.

They could stand side by side in this arena and do their best for each other.

Shen Tingyan asked softly, “Xue Xiao, do you want to win the championship?”

Xue Xiao’s eyes calmed down. “I want to.”

Shen Tingyan’s lips curved up. “I think so as well.”

“I’ve never thought otherwise.”

Jiang Quan said, “Then Teacher Su’s cooperative student will be pushed to the next person—Gu Ling! Director Feng’s cooperative student will be pushed to the next one—Cheng Yang!”

“The final combinations have been announced. Let’s congratulate the four students!”

“Next, you need to complete the filming of a 15-20 minute short film within 10 days. Submit the film to the show’s staff on time on the 11th day!”

“In these ten days, the show’s staff won’t interfere with your filming. We will only send a team of cameramen to create and record.”

“On the 12th day, in other words, 7 p.m. on August 16th, all of us will gather here again for a live stream of the awards ceremony!”

“Now, I will ask the four mentors to take their respective students away!”

The whole camp was finally going to disperse completely.

Chang Yun and Zhao Dong were going to move to Guantian’s artist apartment today. They had to rush to Guantian’s headquarters tomorrow.

Jin Xiaochen signed with another company and had to fly to another city to record something tonight.

Jiang Lianlian was picked up by her agent and was going to meet a director later.

Everyone was heading for a different future.

Before leaving, they made an appointment to meet on August 16th. They wouldn’t return until after they got drunk at the celebration party in the evening.

The show assigned a camera team of over a dozen people to each mentor-student group.

Shen Tingyan pulled Xue Xiao into his luxury car and pressed him into the passenger seat.

The cameraman and assistant director carefully got into the back seats of the luxury car. The assistant director asked, “Teacher Shen, where are we going next?”

“My home.”


Xue Xiao had just fastened his seat belt when he heard Shen Tingyan’s answer and was stunned for a moment. His eyes widened, and he turned his head.

Shen Tingyan’s home seemed to be in… a neighboring province!

It would take at least half a day to drive from here!

Seeing his surprised look, Shen Tingyan couldn’t help laughing. “Why? Do you think I will just drag you to some wilderness to start filming?”

“It isn’t that urgent. The screenwriter is still making final adjustments to the script,” Shen Tingyan explained lazily. “First, go to my house to rest for a night and meet my parents by the way. My mother finished filming and came back early just to see you.”

Xue Xiao: “!!!”

Was it so serious?!

The assistant director: “!!”

They were going to Shen Tingyan’s house!

Which variety show had ever filmed the Shen family?!

Who had ever seen Shen Tingyan and his parents, two veterans of the entertainment industry, getting along in daily life?

This was simply a unique variety show material!

Why was Shen Tingyan suddenly so generous?

Shoot shoot shoot!

He wouldn’t be human if he didn’t shoot!


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