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Studio Superstar: Chapter 60 Part 1

Fang Lei estimated in his heart that Xue Xiao would definitely be willing to sign.

He sympathized that such an innocent and simple white rabbit would fall into the mouth of the big bad wolf, but after all, the big bad wolf wasn’t a real wolf, tiger, or leopard. He wouldn’t engage in any forcible seizing… Ahem, ahem.

Fang Lei had tested that man’s tone. Even if he really couldn’t get this person, he would just hold this person in his hands and vent his frustration in a corner.

As an agent, Fang Lei naturally welcomed artists like Xue Xiao.

He was also very optimistic about Dou Mingjian. Recently, a major director was preparing a drama and was worrying about who to find for the second male lead. Fang Lei was thinking that as long as Dou Mingjian was willing to sign, he could contact that director tomorrow…

However, these people had to think about it for one day or two—or so he thought.

Who would’ve thought that Xue Xiao and Dou Mingjian—

They looked at each other.

The next second, the two of them said seriously to Fang Lei, “Let’s sign!”

Fang Lei had just taken a sip of coffee. Now he almost choked. “Is it decided so soon?”

Dou Mingjian said boldly, “The boss is Teacher Shen. What do we have to worry about?”

This was more surprising than if Guanying asked him to sign a contract! From the moment he received the message from Fang Lei until now, he had been immersed in indescribable joy!

Xue Xiao smiled and nodded vigorously.

That man would always be the best choice in his heart.

As long as Shen Tingyan was around, Xue Xiao would never make any other choice.

Fang Lei was delighted. “Are you really not afraid of him at all?”

Dou Mingjian exclaimed, “A strict teacher raises great students!”

Now that it was decided, Fang Lei contacted his assistant and asked the other person to send over two contracts that had been prepared long ago. They were signed on the spot.

“Currently, I am in charge of both of you at the moment. Once the new agent comes in, I will assign one of you to him. Don’t worry, the new agent is an old friend of mine who used to work in Huale. He is also an ace agent in the industry.”

Xue Xiao and Dou Mingjian kept nodding.

They listened to whatever Fang Lei said and were extremely well-behaved.

Fang Lei had been looking after Shen Tingyan for so many years and was used to the other person’s strange sarcasm and rebelliousness. At this moment, he felt very happy in his heart.

He said, “Then I will contact Guantian and notify you of any extra activities you will have from now on. By the way, Xue Xiao, there is something I have to ask you first.”

Fang Lei took out his phone, brought up a certain Weibo post, and showed it to Xue Xiao.

“Do you know this artist called Jiang Ye?”

Xue Xiao heard this name and felt it was a bit familiar. Then when he brought the phone closer to take a look, he remembered it, and his expression became a bit subtle. “I know him.”

This artist posted on Weibo the night before yesterday when the Xue Xiao pen name incident was at its peak.

Jiang YeV: I didn’t expect that the little brother who was following me at the beginning would become so powerful. I wish I could’ve become a senior brother at that time [laughing] @Actor Xue Xiao.

He also sent a photo to show that he and Xue Xiao really knew each other.

The photo was taken on a set, and the focus was on Jiang Ye himself. He was wearing a low-quality costume and heavy makeup that made him look like a monster.

Then where was Xue Xiao?

Well, in the lower right corner of the photo, in the dark shadows, he was holding a pile of clothes, two bags of milk tea and an umbrella under his arm. He played a migrant worker who was about to be overwhelmed by ‘life.’

Some netizens in the comment area thought Xue Xiao looked cute, while others found it a bit strange. “…I feel that Xue Xiao is too miserable.”

Others were confused. “You almost became brothers? Then why didn’t he sign with the company later?”

“I searched for this company online. I can only say it is a good thing that Xue Xiao didn’t sign it at the beginning.”

Jiang Ye’s usual number of comments on Weibo wasn’t even 200, but this Weibo post had over 1,000 comments.

Xue Xiao had too many backend notifications in the past two days. He had no idea that Jiang Ye had @ him.

Fang Lei asked, “Are you familiar with him? Are you friends?”

Xue Xiao shook his head. “No.”

He briefly told Fang Lei how they met.

He had mentioned to Shen Tingyan before that he didn’t go to Nanhe Film and Television City immediately after leaving his hometown. Instead, he almost signed a contract with a small entertainment company called Wanyu.

That company was actually introduced by a friend of his relatives. Later, he found out that the other party wasn’t reliable at all. His parents had a falling out with the relative due to this. The company Wanyu was naturally unreliable as well.

It had no intention of developing well at all. It signed a bunch of Internet celebrities and filmed a few low-quality online dramas, unlike a big company in the industry.

From top to bottom, the class division was very clear. Several ‘main artists’ were very arrogant. Newcomers like Xue Xiao, regardless of whether they were assistants or artists, were treated as assistants and ordered around.

Forget it. Xue Xiao went there with the attitude of studying hard, but the artist seemed to think it was ridiculous that Xue Xiao was so serious. He deliberately ordered Xue Xiao not to come near the set. He told Xue Xiao to stay away and just take care of his belongings.

He also said that if Xue Xiao couldn’t even do this well, he should never think about acting in the future. He wouldn’t let ‘Brother Zhang’ work for Xue Xiao.

‘Brother Zhang’ was the only agent in that company.

“Then something happened…” Xue Xiao paused before subtly passing over it. “In any case, I left without signing a contract. Jiang Ye is an artist of that company.”

He was also one of the artists who teased Xue Xiao at that time.

Dou Mingjian was shocked. “Fortunately, you didn’t sign with them, or it would be difficult to leave even if you wanted to.”

Xue Xiao smiled. “In fact, that company operates very informally. Many people in assistant positions haven’t signed contracts. Employees come and go very frequently.

To put it bluntly, this type of company had the idea of trying to deceive as many people as possible from the beginning.

It was unpleasant to be in this type of company, but people with a clear mind could leave quickly and neatly.

Fang Lei listened to Xue Xiao’s past and calmly took a sip of coffee.

He had been in the industry for many years and had seen entertainment companies like Wanyu. He just hadn’t expected Xue Xiao to almost be tricked into it…

If Shen Tingyan knew these details, that man would probably…


Fang Lei took a deep breath and said, “I understand. You don’t need to pay attention to this person. You don’t have to respond. If there is anything going on later, you should ask me first.”

Xue Xiao said obediently, “I understand, Brother Fang.”

Superstar Studio was a hit, and many variety shows wanted to strike while the iron was hot.

On the third day after signing the contract, Xue Xiao, Dou Mingjian, Gu Ling, Cheng Yang, and two other participants were informed that they would appear on a well-established domestic variety show.

Fang Lei arranged an assistant for Xue Xiao and Dou Mingjian. They flew to the recording location the next day.

As they waited backstage, the assistant Xiao Ye arranged Xue Xiao’s clothes and encouraged him. “Don’t be nervous. Generally, unless you are a newcomer in a big drama, it is your first time on such a show and the staff won’t make too many demands of you. Just cooperate with the host and keep smiling.”

To put it bluntly, be a qualified background board.

Xiao Ye spoke bluntly, but it could really make people relax.

Xue Xiao pursed his lips and smiled. “Yes!”

Xiao Ye also muttered, “Originally, Brother Fang should’ve accompanied you this time. However, the boss had something to do and needed him to come over.”

Xue Xiao’s heart moved slightly, and he asked, “Is it Teacher Shen’s side?”


On the other side, a hotel in a certain city.

The moment Shen Tingyan stepped through the door of the box, he paused when he saw the scene inside.

The other party insisted on inviting him over for this dinner. Shen Tingyan was always impatient to deal with such occasions, but Fang Lei felt there was no harm in accepting this meal.

Having a good relationship with the organizer of this dinner wouldn’t harm Shen Tingyan’s future career plans.

However, the relationship between the two of them had always been like this. Since this matter was strongly suggested by Fang Lei, if Shen Tingyan didn’t want to deal with it midway then Fang Lei would have to take care of things at that time.

As for today’s situation…

Fang Lei looked at the middle-aged people at the table, plus the several young boys and girls around them, and realized with a headache that he would have to take action today…

Shen Tingyan glanced at him expressionlessly, and Fang Lei signed.

Why couldn’t these old men change their habits?!

The organizer of the dinner stood up and said enthusiastically, “Teacher Shen, come in and teach a seat. The seat has been reserved for you, and we have been waiting for you.”

Fang lei gestured with his eyes for Shen Tingyan to give them some face.

Shen Tingyan walked in with an indifferent expression. Fang Lei sighed with relief.

Once he sat down next to Shen Tingyan, he immediately felt a very warm gaze from the side.

Fang Lei looked over and became stunned.

It was a young man, obviously an entertainer. He was dressed in fancy clothes with lipstick on his mouth. He seemed a bit familiar. Who was he?

Oh yes—he remembered it and immediately looked at Shen Tingyan in horror.

Shen Tingyan frowned. “Why are you looking at me?”

“N-Nothing…” Fang Lei gulped.

‘We shouldn’t have come! We shouldn’t have come to this dinner!’ Fang Lei screamed in his heart.


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