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Studio Superstar: Chapter 47

Dou Mingjian and Chang Yun moved away…

The dressing room fell silent.

No, only one of the two people was quiet. Xiao Li’s talking never stopped.

“Oh, I have to scold the seller when I go back. It isn’t right that the clothes don’t fade while the label fades. I almost ruined such a beautiful dress!”

“Teacher Shen, wait a minute. I can’t find my scissors. It is so messy here~”

The sound of things being moved could be heard from time to time.

Xiao Li didn’t seem to notice that the atmosphere of the dressing room was a bit subtle.

Xue Xiao sat on the chair and could clearly feel that the sweat on his body was still coming out continuously.

It was so hot.

He was very uneasy. He was afraid that when Xiao Li turned around, she would find that his dress had been soaked with his sweat.

He wanted to move but didn’t dare to move.

The silence between him and Shen Tingyan brought him not only embarrassment but also shyness and panic.

“…Director Feng’s requirement is that this must be changed into quickly. This dress can be directly pulled over the head. Isn’t it great?” Xiao Li was still looking for the scissors. At the same time, her topic of conversation had already changed.

At this moment, Xue Xiao suddenly trembled.

Shen Tingyan’s fingertips touched the back of his neck.

It was cool and gentle.

The man seemed to gently lift a strand of hair sticking to his neck.

Then Shen Tingyan’s voice was heard.

“So he isn’t wearing women’s clothing from beginning to end?”

“Of course not. Hahaha, can I reveal this in advance? In any case, he will only change during the climatic scene!”

Shen Tingyan’s voice sounded normal except for being a bit hoarse.

He asked casually, “So what is the theme of Director Feng’s script?”

“Love! It is also a love between men!” Xiao Li was very excited.

Xue Xiao froze again.

He buried his head deeply.

Shen Tingyan paused before suddenly laughing with an unknown meaning. His voice became colder, and he gritted his teeth slightly. “…Director Feng has started to use queerbaiting?”

“How can this be called queerbaiting?” Xiao Li said. “It is a very sincere love! Xiao Xiao, don’t you think so?”

Xue Xiao: “……”

Xue Xiao held his breath and couldn’t answer.

In the next second, Shen Tingyan said coldly, “Are you shy?”

Xue Xiao: “!”

This sentence was obviously directed at him.

The man said calmly, “Once the time comes, you have to wear this dress to act in front of so many audience members. You are so shy now. What will you do at that time?”

Xue Xiao paused.

These calm words made his body relax.

After a moment, he lowered his head and whispered, “…I’m not shy.”

Shen Tingyan smiled and asked jokingly, “Are you starting to have a tough mouth as well?”

Xue Xiao: “………”

His head lowered. He was so ashamed that he wanted to burrow into the ground.

“So who is your rival actor?” Shen Tingyan asked in a normal tone again.

It would be bad if he didn’t answer this time.

Xue Xiao calmed down and said honestly, “Cheng Yang.”

Shen Tingyan’s voice sounded a bit suspicious. “Cheng Yang?”

Hearing this tone, Xue Xiao couldn’t help leaning back slightly to take a look.

He saw Shen Tingyan’s expression. Xue Xiao pursed his lips and smiled.

This person obviously didn’t remember who Cheng Yang was at all.

Xue Xiao patiently led him to call it. “He is the one who played the general in the last round of ‘The Death of a General.’”

Shen Tingyan suddenly remembered it. He inwardly sneered and said, “Yes, I remember.”

He felt extremely unhappy.

Xue Xiao sneaking away to Feng Wei’s crew was enough to make him unhappy. He hadn’t expected Feng Wei to do this.

It was a love between men, and there was women’s clothing as well.


That dead old fox was quite good at making topics.

If he had known it earlier…

The moment these gritted words came out in his heart, Shen Tingyan calmed down again.

…Never mind.

Nothing could’ve been known earlier.

If he had known earlier, he might as well have taken this little light bulb out of Nanhe Film and Television Studio. Why would Xue Xiao need to participate in this show?

Of course, this was impossible.

Shen Tingyan calmed down, and he felt a bit depressed.

He held Xue Xiao’s hair and asked, “Have you ever acted in a love scene before?”

Xue Xiao shook his head honestly.

Shen Tingyan: “……”

So it was still the ‘first love’ on screen. Heh…

Xue Xiao felt that Shen Tingyan’s reaction was different from what he thought.

As for why it was different, he couldn’t say.

He felt that the expressions on this man’s face were really varied.

Xue Xiao became bold and watched quietly.

It was strange to say.

He had always been able to look directly at his person and talk normally before. At that time, he also had the feeling of liking Shen Tingyan. Then after realizing that something wasn’t quite right with his liking, everything turned upside down.

Even this secret gaze had a hint of frightened sweetness.

Shen Tingyan noticed his peeking and lowered his eyes.

The man’s eyes were very light but very deep. The shape of his long and narrow eyes was extremely beautiful. If he looked down at people, they couldn’t help feeling a slight tremor in their hearts.

Xue Xiao subconsciously wanted to hide but felt that such a reaction was too sensitive and strange. He tried to hold it back.

Xue Xiao calmed down his breathing. His eyelashes fluttered, and he slowly looked up again.

There was a thin layer of water in his trembling eyes.

Shen Tingyan couldn’t help his Adam’s apple moving.

“Xue Xiao,” he said in a low voice that only the two of them could hear. “Have you ever been in love before?”

Xue Xiao shook his head silently.

Shen Tingyan paused.

Then he whispered something indiscernible as if talking to himself. “I don’t know if I should tell you to enter the act or not enter the act.”

Xue Xiao looked puzzled.

At this moment, Xiao Li finally found her pair of scissors and rushed over. “Here it is, here it is.”

Her appearance broke the ambiguous atmosphere between the two of them.

Shen Tingyan straightened up and took a step back.

Xiao Li lowered her head and carefully cut the label on Xue Xiao’s dress.

After cutting it, she wiped Xue Xiao’s sweat with a clean towel. Then she suddenly said, “The fragrant sweat of a beauty.”

Xue Xiao: “!!!”


His face turned red.

Shen Tingyan was also choked up by Xiao Li’s sudden words. Then he saw Xue Xiao’s shy look and suddenly felt…

“…Yes.” He couldn’t help laughing in response.

Xue Xiao looked ashamed. “…Teacher Shen!”

Don’t tease him along with Xiao Li!

Xiao Li was happy, and her mouth said something surprising, “Xiao Xiao, do you know that the more ashamed and angry you are, the easier it is to get people excited~~”

Shen Tingyan continued to laugh. “…Yes.”

“…Teacher Shen.”

The tone of the little light bulb started to become dangerous.

Well, it was the soft type of danger.

Xiao Li said, “By the way, Teacher Shen. You don’t know, but Xiao Xiao doesn’t have any body hair on his body. I was shocked when he changed his clothes. His whole body was white and tender…”

Shen Tingyan asked, “Did you change clothes for him?”

Xiao Li: “?”

It wasn’t a ‘yes’ this time?

Xue Xiao couldn’t bear it any longer. He stood up and said, “Teacher Shen… why aren’t you leaving? Brother Dou and Brother Chang should be waiting for you.”

He blushed and glared at Shen Tingyan.

He couldn’t stand it any longer and had to drive this person away, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to stay in this dressing room any longer.

However, he had never driven anyone away before, let alone Shen Tingyan. Therefore, this sentence was very unimpressive.

Shen Tingyan glanced at Xiao Li and said, “Yes, I’m leaving.”

As he spoke, he looked at Xue Xiao for the last time.

His eyes darkened.

It was amazing how this little guy looked when standing up in this dress.

Xue Xiao was definitely tall for a woman. Even in the largest size, the hem of the long skirt barely reached his knees. His two calves stood straight, slender, and white.

It wouldn’t make people mistake him for a woman.

But it was also true…

“So beautiful,” Shen Tingyan said softly.


Xue Xiao trembled.

He lowered his head.

Then he spoke as if begging for mercy, “Teacher Shen, go quickly.”

“…Yes.” Shen Tingyan responded in a low voice.

Xue Xiao could only see his long legs again.

The two legs came toward him.

The moment they passed each other, a hand gently pressed on his head. “Come on, act well.”

Soon, footsteps left the dressing room.


Xue Xiao raised his hand and touched the top of his head silently.

His heart was beating so fast.

Teacher Shen, Shen Tingyan.

Xue Xiao took a deep breath.

If he stayed there for just one more second, it seemed like he was going to explode on the spot.


In the corridor, the steps were slow at first and then faster and faster.

After pushing open the door of the No. 3 dressing room, Dou Mingjian, Chang Yun, and the makeup artist inside looked up. “Teacher Shen!”

“Yes.” Shen Tingyan walked straight past them to a corner of the room. “Don’t worry about me. Finish the styling first.”


Shen Tingyan walked to the window, opened it, lit a cigarette, and bit it in his mouth.

The hot wind from outside slowly poured in. But at this moment, he no longer paid attention to the heat or cold.

He bent his elbows against the window edge. He supported his forehead with the back of his hands, lowered his head, and closed his eyes.


The little light bulb even chased him away…

Could it be that what Gao Jianqi said was true?


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