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Studio Superstar: Chapter 31 Part 1

Regarding the matter of whether Xue Xiao’s group had been evil-edited or not, the Internet had been arguing about it from yesterday to today. The sunspots were sure that ‘the evil editing is the evil editing in your imagination.’ Some people had already made it a black entry and made up their minds to spread it across the Internet.

At this moment, some netizens found that some participants of ‘Studio Superstar’ had successively updated their daily vlogs of the show, including a cool brother…

This cool guy didn’t perform on stage in the first episode, but he attracted countless fans as soon as he appeared. It was for no other reason than that he was handsome and cool.

The vlog uploaded by this cool guy was completely different from the other participants.

The vlog contents of the other participants were temporarily prepared on the same day. Meanwhile, this cool brother’s vlog content started from the day he entered the camp. It was obvious that he had the habit of recording his life.

He recorded the studio on the first day of the camp, the starry sky that night, the camp’s cafeteria, the rehearsal the next morning, and… the fact that Xue Xiao and the group didn’t receive the notice from the show’s staff and there was no cameraman brother to follow them.

“You are looking for the classroom? You haven’t been notified yet? Is there no cameraman?”

“No.” The young man in the shot ran breathlessly, his cheeks crimson and sweat on his forehead. “Aren’t you rehearsing?”

“I have the same teacher as another student for a solo play. The teacher will pick the scene for him first, so I came out to shoot some vlogs.” Gu Ling reminded them, “Fan Xue’s group seems to be on the 4th floor. You can go up and ask.”

“Thank you!”

“Go back and add each other on WeChat. I was sleeping when you came back yesterday and didn’t add you.”

“Okay. Goodbye.”

The camera followed the trip away. The three of them ran up the stairs.

Then it wasn’t known what came to his mind, but the cool brother said casually to the camera, “The rest of us received a notice of the rehearsal classroom and rehearsal time at breakfast. As soon as we entered Building 3, there was a cameraman following to film us. Did the show forget about the three of them?”

This talking to himself without any emotions… it made the sunspots instantly fall silent.

This cool brother was Gu Ling.

His comment area was instantly flooded with countless netizens.

“???? So Xue Xiao’s group was late because of the show’s own negligence?”

“These three people are in a hurry… After entering the classroom, they must’ve explained it to the teacher as soon as possible. The show’s staff cut out this paragraph to put aside their own responsibilities in this matter?”

“F*k, this brother dared to post it like this. It must be intentional. Isn’t he afraid of the show’s staff acting against him?”

…Netizens must not be clear about it, but Xue Xiao was very clear.

All his vlog homework was handed over to Old Gao’s assistant. After the assistant reviewed it, he sent it back to them so they could post it today when they were free.

In other words, since Gu Ling dared to make such a move, it must be Old Gao who agreed.

Jin Xiaochen quickly stretched out his neck. “What about Gu Ling? Where has he gone?”

This guy didn’t eat with them today.

Dou Mingjian said in a stunned manner, “His rehearsal still didn’t go well today, and said he wouldn’t eat lunch with us. He wanted to go out for a walk.”

Unexpectedly, this guy did such a large thing in a quiet manner.

Xue Xiao was also very surprised. He vaguely remembered the situation this morning.

Gu Ling really liked to shoot daily vlogs, and he shot a little bit every day. It was just that the show’s staff hadn’t given the vlog assignments to the participants before, and there was a confidentiality agreement. They always thought that Gu Ling could only keep these videos as a souvenir for himself. He hadn’t expected that it would come in handy in this place!

Thinking about it now… When Gu Ling encouraged him on the balcony yesterday, had he already made up his mind to do this?

It was just that nothing was said to him.

Xue Xiao’s mood became complicated.

He suddenly realized that Gu Ling was a bit different from what he imagined.

However, it wasn’t just due to this incident that Jin Xiaochen said Old Gao was crazy.

At the time when Gu Ling’s vlog was making waves, the official platform of ‘Studio Superstar’, which was scheduled to release the tidbits of the first episode at 8 o’clock tonight, unexpectedly released five tidbits in advance.

Two of the tidbits made netizens explode.

The brief title of one tidbit was ‘Teacher Guan applauds like a seal.’

Guan Ruoying’s seal-style applause had always been a laughing point that fans couldn’t get tired of. This tidbit captured Guan Ruoying’s five seal-style applause in the first episode. The fifth action was the most exaggerated and happened… when Xue Xiao’s group finished performing and returned to the stage.

Guan Ruoying clapped her hands excitedly. The camera shifted and showed Zhao Dong, Xue Xiao, and Jin Xiaochen walking to the stage in a trance. The lights turned on, and all three of them raised their heads.

Was there anything special about this tidbit?

It seemed that it couldn’t be seen for a while. Then with another tidbit called ‘The reaction of the participants with Teacher Shen is commenting’, everything was revealed.

This tidbit was shot from the perspective of the participant seats toward the stage.

On the stage, Xue Xiao and the others were just accepting Shen Tingyan’s comments.

Shen Tingyan called Xue Xiao’s name. The nervous discussion of the participants sounded in the background of the tidbit.

“Why did it stop?”

“I’m so nervous.”

“Teacher Shen, say it quickly!”

The cameraman turned the camera. Everyone in the participant seats was sitting upright, looking very serious.

The camera shifted to the stage again. Shen Tingyan started to comment. Then when he said the word ‘boring’, there was the sound of inhalation in the background.

The camera turned again. Everyone in the participant seats was serious and expressionless, like stone statues.

Subtitle: I’ll catch you next time!

It was ridiculous.

What was the problem?

In this tidbit, Xue Xiao on the stage had been watching Shen Tingyan straight on and seriously, listening to the latter speak!

In the video that was three minutes long, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of evasion with his gaze!

After watching for three full minutes, how did the show’s staff pick out the 0.3 seconds when Xue Xiao wasn’t paying attention to put it in the main episode?

The netizens realized the mystery hidden in these five tidbits and re-examined the episode. Then they finally found the problem.

In the episode, in the shot where Xue Xiao lowered his eyes, the people on his left and right each had only one shoulder in the shot.

Judging from the clothing, Zhao Dong was on his right side, and Jin Xiaochen was on his left.

…However, before Shen Tingyan spoke, the staff had given them a large shot when Su Shijin commented on them.

The large shot covered the entire stage and clearly showed that the positions of these three people on the stage were Xue Xiao, Zhao Dong, and Jin Xiaochen.

This position wasn’t the same as the positions in the 0.3 second shot!

So where exactly did this 0.3 second shot come from?

Everyone went to see these five tidbits again and found the source!

In the ‘Teacher Guan applauds like a seal’ video, when the three of them first returned to the stage, Xue Xiao stood between Zhao Dong and Jin Xiaochen. Then Xue Xiao took the initiative to switch positions with Zhao Dong and stood next to him.

At 3 minutes and 01 second of this video, before Xue Xiao switched positions with Zhao Dong, he was pierced by the light that came over and lowered his eyes.

The netizens took a screenshot of this moment.

This picture was exactly the same as when Xue Xiao lowered his eyes in the episode. The shoulder and arm movements of Zhao Dong and Jin Xiaochen on his left and right sides were exactly the same!

Netizens were stunned.

Was there such editing?

Was there a reason to try so hard to blacken a small, unknown actor?

Show staff, it must be very painful for them to try and look for Xue Xiao’s flaws, right?

Did they originally want to casually find a random shot of Xue Xiao looking distracted to intercept it, but found that Xue Xiao only blinked during the whole process of receiving comments and instead listened carefully with wide eyes? They couldn’t find anything at all and had to repeatedly watch it back and forth several times before finding such a scene where Xue Xiao was blinded.

It was also copy-pasted twice, 0.3 seconds each time?

They were poisonous!

Netizens laughed angrily. The sunspots were also dumbfounded. Huge waves were set off in public opinion.

After realizing that they had been taken in by the editing of the show, many netizens reviewed the whole episode, and everything seemed different.

Why was Jin Xiaochen dissatisfied when Xue Xiao’s group was reprimanded when they came panting to the classroom on the first day of rehearsals? Of course, it was because it wasn’t their fault at all!

In this case, Xue Xiao and Zhao Dong’s temper was too stable!

The acting teacher had such a strange attitude when guiding Xue Xiao’s group. Was Xue Xiao’s rebuttal wrong?

It seemed to be right. Taking a close look at the main episode. Didn’t Su Shijin say that if Xue Xiao’s group hadn’t changed the ending by themselves, she would actually have doubts about the changes in the characters?

Xue Xiao listened so seriously when accepting the comments. The other participants stiffened when they saw Shen Tingyan. In comparison, how intently did he look at Shen Tingyan?!

This editing was terrible. Cutting out a small part of the content and grafting a small part of the content could change a serious and honest person into an arrogant and hypocritical person.

Netizens angrily started to denounce the ‘Studio Superstar’ staff.

At the same time, many people still had doubts. Was the show’s official release of these two tidbits accidental or intentional?

This type of doubt appeared firstly due to the participants’ vlog. Then the tidbits were released in advance, and they combined to instantly restore the innocence of Xue Xiao’s group. It didn’t seem like an accident.

Clever netizens looked through the staff information of ‘Studio Superstar’ and found clues.

The chief director was Zhang Luyang, and the deputy director was Gao Jianqi.

Zhang Luyang was a famous, garbage variety show director. His variety shows were full of gimmicks. The traffic was good, and the hot searches often reached the top. It was just that the content was always embarrassing, explosive, and vulgar. Malicious editing led the topic more than one or twice.

It was obvious that Xue Xiao’s group disaster this time was all his handiwork.

Then there was Gao Jianqi. Wasn’t Gao Jianqi the chief director of several conscientious variety shows? Why did he come here to be below Zhang Luyang?

Gao Jianqi’s variety show always focused on the parts that were easily overlooked in people’s daily life. They were intended to be full of positive energy, and their form was innovative. The style was warm and positive. The traffic flow wasn’t as good as Zhang Luyang’s shows, but some diehard audience members thought that he was the representative of conscience in the variety show.

After digging all of this out, netizens started to have a subtle feeling.

The show ‘Studio Superstar’ was obviously Gao Jianqi’s style, but the episode was edited messily by Zhang Luyang.

Now that the episode and the tidbits were fighting each other… wasn’t there a fight among the show’s staff?

Could it be that Zhang Luyang and Gao Jianqi were fighting??

F*k, they would absolutely support Gao Jianqi.

The Weibo traffic exploded.

Out of last night’s three entries, originally only Shen Tingyan’s related one was still hanging at the top of the hot search. Now the three entries climbed to the top five again.

In addition to this, three new entries were skyrocketing at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Not long after, ‘Studio Superstar’s Evil Editing’ directly reached the top and earned the ‘explosive’ word attached to it.

‘Zhang Luyang Gao Jianqi’ was ranked second, and ‘Xue Xiao’ was ranked third. This popularity was unique for the first episode of any variety show!


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