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Studio Superstar: Chapter 29 Part 1

The first episode was 150 minutes long. It was around the same length as a movie.

Just a few minutes after it went online, the number of ‘simultaneous viewers’ displayed in the upper left corner rose rapidly. It was from 10,000 when they first opened it to 20,000, 50,000, 70,000…

The real-time barrage was also slowly increasing.

Jin Xiaochen was shocked. “There are so many people watching at noon on a weekday? I thought there would be more people watching it at night.”

Zhao Dong told him, “Think about how many fans Teacher Shen has…”

This was a man with over 100 million Weibo followers.

There were also Guan Ruoying, Su Shijin, and Feng Wei. How many viewers would come for them?

The early stage of ‘Studio Superstar’ was completely based on the popularity of the four mentors.

Even if Fan Xue was popular? He was nothing at all in front of these four people.

Jin Xiaochen gulped fiercely.

It started with the concept video for the show. Then after the opening credits, it got to the point.

A hot summer day, an empty camp, a straight forest road, and the incoming young man was precisely… Jin Xiaochen!

Everyone looked at him in amazement.

Jin Xiaochen touched his nose and laughed. “You didn’t know that I was the first to arrive at the camp?”

Everyone shook their heads in unison.

Jin Xiaochen shouted, “I was embarrassed at that time. Apart from the cameraman brothers in the studio, I was alone. I didn’t know how to act!”

Everyone laughed.

Looking at the show again, Jin Xiaochen really did drag his suitcase into the studio alone. He sat in the corner cautiously, glanced at the cameraman brother, and then glanced around, fidgeting a lot.

At the same time, in the small theater studio on the other side, the four mentors also appeared.

The barrage quickly skyrocketed.

“Ahhhhh Shen Tingyan Shen Tingyan Shen Tingyan!”

“My man ahhhhh!”

“Teacher Shen is so good-looking!”

“Guan Guan is so beautiful. Help!”

“Teacher Su, I can do it!”

“Director Feng, Director Feng, Director Feng!”

The four mentors teased each other. Shen Tingyan looked ‘too lazy to deal with you’ and seemed quite unsociable.

After they sat down, the other side started playing Jin Xiaochen’s electronic resume.

As an amateur, Jin Xiaochen had no ‘past works’ to speak of.

His video material was a short video shot at home by himself with his mobile phone. He played the scumbag and mistress pulling each other’s hair in a famous dog-blooded drama.

Obviously, there was no actor to act against, but he acted vividly and was full of atmosphere. There was a trace of seriousness in the humor, and a trace of embarrassment in the seriousness…


“So cute!”

The audience in the barrage fell for this set, and Xue Xiao laughed as well.

Chang Yun rubbed Jin Xiaochen’s head. “Yes, no wonder why the show’s staff fancied you. You have some talent!”

Jin Xiaochen stuck out his tongue in an embarrassed manner.

After that, the participants appeared one by one…

Zhao Dong, Dou Mingjian, Chang Yun, Xue Xiao, Jiang Lianlian…

Xue Xiao had a wonderful feeling when it was his turn.

Seeing himself appear in a variety show compared to a film or television drama was a completely different feeling.

The roles in film and television dramas were played by him, but the him in the variety show was the real him.

He carried a heavy backpack and pulled a suitcase. He was unable to hide the expression of excitement on his face, as well as the solemnity before entering the studio…

Xue Xiao blinked, just as embarrassed as Jin Xiaochen.

Once his electronic resume appeared on the show, the four consecutive Shen Tingyan made the barrage laugh like crazy.

His target was Shen Tingyan, his idol was Shen Tingyan, his acting enlightenment was Shen Tingyan, and his favorite person was Shen Tingyan.

“Everyone, do we have someone on the inside of our fan base?”

“A good fool. He is just like me. Hehe.”


“Shen Tingyan is so calm!”

“Teacher Shen is used to seeing such brainless fans, hahahaha.”

Seeing this scene again, Chang Yun laughed and poked Xue Xiao with his elbow. “What did you think at that time? Why did you fill it out like this?”

Xue Xiao only remembered this matter at this time. His little fan was a bit tangled. “The answer to the first three questions is really Teacher Shen! But for the last question, I didn’t think much of it at the time… I thought that this was an actor’s resume sheet, so my ‘favorite person’ should also refer to my favorite person in the entertainment industry. That is Teacher Shen…”

Later, he saw other people’s resume sheets and found that the ‘favorite person’ column was filled with things like their parents or nephew or nieces. This made him feel stupid.

Everyone realized as they listened.

But even if they put aside the last question, filling in Shen Tingyan for the first three questions was already enough to be a diehard fan!

The moment Xue Xiao’s video played, many people on the barrage woke up.

“F*k, isn’t this my river demon lord?”

“D*mn, my river demon lord? Ahhhh! It turned out to be you!”

“They are two completely different people in the drama and in reality. I’m stunned.”

“What a surprise!”

“It is wonderful and beautiful. prprprprpr.”

Xue Xiao asked Jin Xiaochen beside him in a low voice, “What does ‘PR’ mean?”

Jin Xiaochen squeezed his eyebrows together. “It is the meaning of saliva dripping and wanting to lick.”

Xue Xiao: “………”

He silently shrunk back.

The camera switched to the small studio, and Xue Xiao froze.

Su Shijin was the only one among the four mentors who had seen Xue Xiao’s scene before. “I know this. It is from an ancient drama and was on the hot search before.”

Guan Ruoying’s eyes widened as she watched the screen in a motionless manner.

Feng Wei was thoughtful.

As for Shen Tingyan…

Xue Xiao couldn’t see any expression from the man’s face.

If Shen Tingyan had no intention of communicating with the outside world, no one could get any information from this man’s face.

He just watched calmly. Only the slightly upturned gaze could make Xue Xiao certain that this man was indeed looking at him on the big screen at that time.

Xue Xiao sighed.

Was he a bit disappointed?


Then thinking about it carefully, such a small piece of content might be enough to make many girls scream, but what was it to Shen Tingyan?

As a man, Shen Tingyan also had what Xue Xiao had. It was even more perfect than Xue Xiao.

As for acting? This short section of acting skills wasn’t enough for this man?

Therefore, Xue Xiao quickly put away this small disappointment in the back of his mind.

The participants gathered, Jiang Quan appeared, and everyone entered the selection room in turn. They selected the play, and the list of groups was announced…

It was also at this time that discordant comments appeared on the barrage.

“Xue Xiao deliberately picked Praying Mantis?”

“Hehe, he wants to take advantage of Senior’s popularity.”

“Bloodsucking worms are bloodsucking worms everywhere they go.”

‘Senior’ was what Fan Xue’s fans called him.

Seeing these barrages, Chang Yun, Jin Xiaochen, and Zhao Dong frowned because they knew the conflict between Xue Xiao and Fan Xue. The others who didn’t know were a bit puzzled.

In the first round, everyone blindly picked. Who knew what play the other person had selected? Why did they still think that Xue Xiao was trying to catch Fan Xue’s popularity?

However, this scene passed quickly. Before they could react, the plot had already continued.

Xue Xiao looked calm.

The show quickly entered the first public stage. Each group would have their rehearsal footage played before the formal performance.

Huang Xiaolin hit his chest. “I’m so nervous. I really acted too badly in the first round. I don’t want to see it!”

His roommate said, “I am the one who should be nervous, okay? Have you guys forgotten what I performed at that time?”

Everyone showed a pitying expression when they remembered.

This friend was one of the five friends who performed the crying scene at that time. He was the last one to appear.

Huang Xiaolin asked again, “Will all the performances be released in the first episode? It doesn’t seem like there is enough time?”

Another person hesitated. “I feel that they might cut some people’s performance process, such as some repetitive plays…”

Fortunately, the show did a good job in this matter.

Several worried people found that for the first theme of crying, not a single minute of the five participants’ performance was cut. It was completely retained.

In this way, there was no need to worry about what was fair and unfair. Of course, not cutting it for a minute meant that all of their acting problems were exposed to the audience one by one.

The five participants who performed the crying plays drove the audience crazy.


“He cried and I cried…”

“I’ve cut out Disneyland with my toes…”

The most terrible thing was that the show’s staff cut in the expressions of the four mentors and the participants.

Immediately, coughing was heard in the dormitory one after another. Huang Xiaolin’s roommate squinted at them. Everyone looked up at the sky in embarrassment and guilt.

They didn’t do a good job of managing their expressions that day…

The audience really found the wonderful scenery.

“Everyone is obviously holding back so hard…”

“Teacher Su can’t hold it hahaha!”

“Hahahaha, look at Xue Xiao’s expression!”

“Xue Xiao seems dumbfounded…”

“He keeps moving forward, backwards, forward and backwards. Does he feel that there is something wrong with his eyes?”

“Help, I’m laughing so hard that my stomach hurts!”

“Xue Xiao is simply my face replacement, my face replacement!”

Xue Xiao froze. He didn’t expect that his unintentional expression that day would be so conspicuous in the camera.

Huang Xiaolin’s roommate sneered. “Okay, Xue Xiao!”

“……” Xue Xiao muttered, “That, I…”

This friend said, “I should arrange you below when I am rehearsing. Isn’t it more certain to watch your reaction and adjust the performance directly rather than exploring it myself?”

Xue Xiao: “………???”

Everyone in the dormitory seemed to be awakened with these words. “…That’s right!”

Xue Xiao thought, ‘…Why are you saying ‘that’s right’?”


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