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Studio Superstar: Chapter 81

No matter how turbulent it was outside the field, the finals continued in the field.

It was finally the turn of Gu Ling and Su Shijin’s team!

Xue Xiao was particularly looking forward to it.

Su Shijin wasn’t a conservative person. Every script she came up with had a completely different style. What type of role would she give Gu Ling this time?

With such curiosity, Xue Xiao waited for the behind-the-scenes footage of their group.

Then he was extremely surprised…

Everyone was surprised.

The role that Su Shijin gave to Gu Ling this time was unexpectedly… ordinary.

In the previous rounds of the competition, Gu Ling’s outstanding performances were all unique characters.

He seemed to be naturally more empathetic to people who were different, perhaps because his own personality was special enough.

He wasn’t very good at playing a role that seemed a bit ‘invisible to everyone.”

In the behind-the-scenes footage, Gu Ling frowned after receiving the script.

The rehearsal started, and the effect of the performance was even more disastrous. There were low voices in the studio.

Xue Xiao’s heart started to thump a bit.

Then he soon thought that Su Shijin wouldn’t cheat any participant on such an important occasion as the finals. There must be a reason for her to give him such a script…

She probably wanted to solve Gu Ling’s acting problems head-on.

As Gu Ling said before, all these problems were solved.

In the behind-the-scenes footage, Director Ye Rong, who was invited by Su Shijin, said to Gu Ling, “Do you think it is annoying to think rationally about a character?”

The gray-haired old lady laughed and shook her head. “It is because you can’t understand those people that you find them annoying.”

“You can’t understand and can’t figure them out. This makes you feel very annoyed in your heart, right? You can’t understand at all why those people are like this. But fortunately, you don’t care about them. So if you don’t understand, you don’t understand. In the worst-case scenario, you just won’t act in the future, right?”

Gu Ling paused slightly.

“Then the question is, what if you meet someone you care about in the future?”

“You care about them but you also can’t understand them.” The old lady asked with a smile, “Are you going to just give up on understanding them?”

Gu Ling seemed to be thinking of someone. His eyes kept changing, and he said hoarsely, “…The person isn’t that difficult to understand.”

“Are you sure?” The old lady said meaningfully. “If you think about it again, do you really understand that person’s every move, every expression, every word?”

Gu Ling’s expression gradually stiffened.

In the studio, at the mentor’s table.

Shen Tingyan narrowed his eyes slightly.

In the behind-the-scenes footage, Gu Ling was sitting in the corner, lips pursed as he looked at the script in his hand. No one knew what he was thinking.

Soon, he found Su Shijin and Director Ye and whispered, “I want to take half a day off.”

Su Shijin and Ye Rong looked at each other before nodding in agreement. “Okay, I won’t ask you where you plan to go or who you want to meet. I hope that when you come back, the problems in your heart have been solved.”

Seeing this, everyone started to become curious.

So, who did Gu Ling go to see?

…Was it to meet the ‘person he cares about?’

Subtitle: That night, Gu Ling returned to the set…

The live stream room’s barrage:


“Is it night time?”

“So who did Gu Ling go to see?!!”

“Oh, does Gu Ling have someone he likes?”

This huge doubt became a mystery.

Gu Ling didn’t say anything after returning to the set, but he was a bit depressed.

The next day, he suddenly found the motivation to understand the characters. Filming miraculously went smoothly.

Needless to say, Ye Rong was truly the Hua Tuo in the world of directors. She could easily eliminate any difficult or complicated diseases.

Xue Xiao couldn’t help turning his head to look at Gu Ling.

Dou Mingjian was gossiping about who Gu Ling had gone to see that day.

Gu Ling kept his mouth tight. He glanced at Xue Xiao while dealing with Dou Mingjian.

How to describe this look…

Xue Xiao’s heart skipped a beat.

The next second, Gu Ling pressed on Dou Mingjian’s face and said with a dark expression, “Brother Dou, you are too gossipy.”

Dou Mingjian: “@#¥%… It is live!”

Xue Xiao was startled before laughing. The doubts and strangeness in his heart immediately dissipated.

The live stream room’s barrage:

“Hahaha, what are Gu Ling and Dou Mingjian doing?”

“Dou Mingjian must be gossiping!”

“Brother Dou, charge! Come and find out for us!”

“Xue Xiao is going to die laughing, hahahaha!”

“You three, it is live. Restrain yourselves!”


If Gu Ling’s scenes went well, then his acting skills would be amazing.

This ordinary man was happy, sad, painful, and joyful, just as every ordinary viewer was.

When he successfully proposed to his girlfriend, he hugged her around the venue. He was so stupid and silly that he made the audience laugh.

When he was unshaven, drunk, and crying by the roadside, the mournful screams from his throat brought tears to his eyes.

Xue Xiao felt… Gu Ling had evolved.

This was definitely one of his best acting performances.

He induced the audience’s joy, anger and sorrow with the most ordinary gestures. This made people happy to watch him.

In his final speech, Gu Ling said, “When I first came to this show, I thought this was the beginning.”

“Then I realized my bottleneck and thought it was the end.”

“But just as it was almost over, I realized that now is the beginning.”

The audience laughed.

Gu Ling also laughed.

The man, who was always cold in front of others, said in a low voice, “There have been twists and turns. The story that happened here, related to me and to us, I think I will always remember them.”

There was a pause in the applause.

In the participant seats, Jin Xiaochen and the others clapped vigorously with tears in their eyes.

Up to now, the live stream had been going on for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The backstage voting was very fierce. Xue Xiao’s votes were close to catching up with Dou Mingjian’s. The two of them continued to struggle, but Gu Ling suddenly surpassed them with his superb performance and temporarily ranked first.

Xue Xiao took a deep breath.

Finally, the final moment came.

It was going to be his turn.

Jiang Quan said, “Now we only have Xue Xiao and Teacher Shen left.”

“Teacher Shen, please introduce the film prepared by your group first.”

The camera hit Shen Tingyan’s body. The barrage of the live stream room immediately filled the screen.

The audience was looking at him, but Shen Tingyan was looking at someone else.

Shen Tingyan opened his lips and said, “The protagonist of this story is a hearing-impaired patient who developed a disease at a young age but failed to receive timely treatment. His hearing problems accompanied him as he grew up.”

“The theme of this story is ‘treatment’, but it doesn’t just mean medical treatment. It is about healing his own life.”

“Being sunny, cheerful and positive are his antidote.” Shen Tingyan paused and chuckled. “This is a role that is very suitable for our starring actor.”

In the waiting area of the finals, Xue Xiao couldn’t help turning his head. The two of them glanced at each other across the distance.

Jiang Quan’s tone was teasing. “Oh, Teacher Shen means that the three words of sunshine, cheerful, and positive are also words you use to compliment Xue Xiao?”

The audience screamed.

Shen Tingyan replied calmly, “Yes.”

“Then can Teacher Shen come up with other complimentary adjectives?”

“Complimenting the protagonist or complimenting Xue Xiao?”

Jiang Quan smiled meaningfully. “Any is okay.”

Shen Tingyan bent his elbows against the armrest, propped up his cheeks with his palms, and said lazily, “You can see the former for yourself later. There is no need for me to say anything. As for the latter—”

Shen Tingyan’s gaze drifted over Xue Xiao.

He pursed his lips and said, “There aren’t enough adjectives in the dictionary.”

The studio: “Ahhhhhh—!”

The barrage in the live stream room: “Ahhhhhhh—!”

Xue Xiao was frightened and quickly turned around, his ears red.

Jiang Quan finished energizing the audience and stopped. “Okay, okay. Everyone, calm down. Let’s quickly look at the behind-the-scenes of this group!”

The behind-the-scenes footage had to be condensed into approximately three minutes, so a lot of content had to be cut.

For example, the part where Teacher Shen and his cousin had a ‘gene mutation’ together, or the part where Teacher Shen was unhappy with the actor Shen Ling chose for Xue Xiao…

But even if a lot of content had been cut out, this footage could be said to be… full of sugar.

From the moment Shen Tingyan put Xue Xiao into the passenger seat of his luxury car, the barrage of the live stream room went crazy.

“What type of tyrant behavior is this?”

“I feel like he is snatching the bride home [covers face].”

“I said it in the last episode. Teacher Shen is obviously very excited after successfully forming a pair with Xue Xiao…”

“The speed is 70 miles, the mood is free, and I hope the end point is the sea of love~”

“The one in front, I will sing it as well.”

After arriving at the Shen house, the scene where Shen Tingyan put his arm around Xue Xiao’s shoulders and brought him into the house turned the barrage into screaming chickens.

Once all the online and offline viewers realized that Shen Tingyan wasn’t playing an ordinary supporting role for Xue Xiao like Guan Ruoying, but was going to play Xie Jia’s future lover…

The entire Internet was shocked and crazy…


“What did I hear??”

“Teacher Shen wants to play Xie Jia’s lover?!”

“Ahhhhh, Is this true? It is true! It is true!!!”

“Shen Tingyan’s first love scene after debuting is with Xue Xiao… I am stunned.”

“F*k,  I don’t believe that he is just partial to Xue Xiao! This is obviously serious love!”

“Ahhhhh, I don’t care, I don’t care. Everyone, I am so excited!!!”

“Teacher Shen wants to play a gay man ahhhhh!”

“Yanxiao Yanyan is real! It is real!!”

“What should I do if my heart is beating so fast right now?”

“I am the same…”

Even Guan Ruoying, Su Shijin, and Feng Wei all cast surprised glances at Shen Tingyan.

Shen Tingyan had never acted in a love scene. This had always been a topic in the entertainment industry.

Why didn’t he act? Was it because he had never been in love, his acting wasn’t good, or he was simply indifferent to love?

After all, this man was indifferent at first glance…

Over time, most people thought that Shen Tingyan would most likely be isolated from love scenes in the future.

Even though many people in this show had expressed their desire to see this man act in love scenes, when had Shen Tingyan ever paid attention to irrelevant people?

Unexpectedly, he would break everyone’s cognition like this.

He actually played a lover in a variety show, for a short film of 15-20 minutes, for Xue Xiao.

This was no longer the Shen Tingyan that the public knew!

But at this moment, even if everyone cast shocked looks at him, the man sat there calmly without moving.

It was as if everything he did for Xue Xiao was deserved.


After that, no matter whether it was Shen Tingyan acting for Xue Xiao or calling Xue Xiao behind the monitor to teach him various knowledge about film shooting, the audience and netizens on the Internet were fascinated…

At this point, no matter how different Shen Tingyan was from the usual Shen Tingyan, it seemed that no one would be surprised any longer…

It seemed that as long as he met Xue Xiao, it was normal for Shen Tingyan to become abnormal.

Xue Xiao involuntarily raised a hand to cover his cheeks.

Were he and Shen Tingyan so sticky…?

It felt so embarrassing to watch it like this…

He didn’t know if his parents saw anything…

He felt extremely guilty.

Fortunately, three minutes passed quickly.

Xue Xiao exhaled heavily and welcomed the main film together with the audience.

In the past, Xue Xiao was standing in the vast world with his back to the camera.

He raised his hands and put them to his ears as if listening to the voice of the world.

The words ‘Ordinary Noise’ were written behind him.

The pure white font and the chic pen strokes had a force that almost pierced the screen, shocking those who saw it.

Once this picture faded away, the last film of the finals kicked off.


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