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Studio Superstar: Chapter 79

On this day, Xue Xiao rushed back to the camp early in the morning and started rehearsing.

It wasn’t known if it was his misunderstanding, but when they met again after more than ten days, he always felt that Old Gao looked at him with strange eyes…

Well, maybe it wasn’t an illusion…

Xue Xiao could only bite the bullet and pretend not to notice anything.

The process of the finals wasn’t complicated. They didn’t need to perform on stage this time. They could just sit down and watch their films. However, they needed to rehearse how they appeared and how they would receive awards.

This was a live stream. No matter how simple the process, it would be a big joke if something went wrong!

The studio was still the same large theater, but the staff had made new decorations. This made the entire theater look magnificent.

After stepping onto the stage amidst the twinkling lights, Dou Mingjian whispered, “It really feels like winning a film award.”

Xue Xiao smiled and nodded slightly.

He looked down and saw that it was so dark he couldn’t see anything.

They were on a huge stage and seemed to be standing alone in a boundless world.

Xue Xiao suddenly remembered a sentence.

‘Actors must have the ability to be alone in public.’

This was an acting issue, but when applied to this moment, it seemed to be inexplicably appropriate.


The four mentors arrived at the studio at noon and joined them in the rehearsal.

Unfortunately, the whole process was so busy that Xue Xiao was never able to talk to Shen Tingyan. The two of them could only look at each other a few times without saying anything.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, they had a hasty dinner before starting to change clothes and do some styling.

On the stage of the awards ceremony, Xue Xiao could no longer wear his childish white t-shirts. Fortunately, now he had signed a contract with a company. Someone would be responsible for the styling. It was the same with Dou Mingjian!

Fang Lei directly brought them the clothes and stylist.

“This is Xiao Lin. She is in charge of your styling today.”

Xue Xiao and Dou Mingjian hurriedly got up and said hello.

Xiao Lin was a very tall girl with her hair in a high ponytail, a smooth and beautiful face, and a very sweet smile. “Let’s start now.”

Fang Lei took two steps back, loosened his collar due to the heat, and took a breath.

This Xiao Lin was the assistant of Shen Tingyan’s designer friend.

His designer friend never went out to serve celebrities. It was already very good for an A-grade star to be able to hire this Xiao Lin. Now Shen Tingyan called people to serve Xue Xiao and Dou Mingjian, two newcomers in the industry…

Xiao Lin worked on Xue Xiao first.

Her hands and feet were quick, and her techniques were neat.

30 minutes later, Xue Xiao walked out of the changing room. The whole dressing room let out a ‘wow’ sound. Everyone’s eyes were filled with surprise.

Xue Xiao was wearing a suit today. The contrast with his usual appearance was too great!

This suit wasn’t a particularly serious type. The designer added some European palace elements with clever tailoring, but it made Xue Xiao’s temperament particularly gentle and dignified.

Xiao Lin was giving Dou Mingjian a slicked-back hairstyle, but she gave Xue Xiao a side-parted look. His hairstyle modified the contours while the makeup lit up his bright eyes.

At this moment, Xue Xiao looked very dazzling, beautiful, confident and elegant. He was like a real little prince.

Dou Mingjian boasted, “You are good-looking, so good-looking!”

Gu Ling looked at Xue Xiao, slightly distracted.

Cheng Yang’s eyes were a bit subtle.

On the side, Fang Lei was really taken aback.

He knew that Xue Xiao was the type who got better and better the more one looked, but this outfit was so powerful that he could wear it directly to any dinner ceremony and would look more like a star than many big stars!

Fang Lei’s little heart was pounding. He quickly took a few photos and secretly sent them to someone.

Tsk. He used to laugh at Shen Tingyan and say Shen Tingyan would never fall in love due to his bad temper. Fang Lei never expected that this dog-tempered guy would be so lucky…

Once Dou Mingjian’s styling was finished, someone came to Fang Lei pretending to have something to do.

No matter where Shen Tingyan went, there was a lot of noise. It was mainly because there were many people around him.

Xue Xiao suddenly heard a lot of noise behind him and turned around.

The two of them looked at each other, and both froze instantly.


Xue Xiao was a bit stunned, and his heartbeat accelerated.

…Shen Tingyan also went to do styling just now. He had changed into a suit at the moment.

It also wasn’t a very serious suit. It didn’t feel heavy at all, but was very thin and slim. This made the man’s wide shoulders and narrow waist make people feel a bit… heated up.

It was amazing that a good designer could really magnify a person’s strengths.

Against the backdrop of a well-tailored suit, every line of Shen Tingyan’s wrists, Adam’s apple, and jawline became particularly eye-catching and full of temptation.

Elegant, sexy, and with the aura of a gentle scum lingering all over his body. Shen Tingyan was simply a humanoid killer. Xue Xiao couldn’t sit still.

In the past, he had seen Shen Tingyan wearing a suit in videos, but once this man stood in front of him dressed like this, he felt like he was about to be killed!

Xue Xiao’s whole heart was on fire.

The moment Shen Tingyan saw Xue Xiao, his breathing became stagnant.

His eyes suddenly darkened and surged. His gaze was fixed on Xue Xiao’s body, and his Adam’s apple moved slightly.

On the side, a staff member joked. “Teacher Shen, the three of you are a suit army today.”

Shen Tingyan’s mind returned, and he replied casually, “If you work in a company, you must dress uniformly.”

As he spoke, he put one hand in his pocket and walked slowly behind Xue Xiao.

People behind him booed. “This is a challenge to the other three mentors.”

“Isn’t it embarrassing for Teacher Guan? She is in the same group as Brother Dou!”

Dou Mingjian joked. “You don’t know, but Teacher Guan is also wearing a suit today.”

“Hahaha, is she joining Teacher Shen’s studio as well?”

Xue Xiao turned around.

The dressing room was extremely noisy, but his corner was suddenly so quiet.

He felt the man’s fingertips touch the end of his hair and then gently… stroke the back of his neck.

The little piece of skin that was touched trembled and became hot.

Xue Xiao’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and he raised his eyes to look in the makeup mirror.

The man standing behind him was talking to others while… looking down at him.

After noticing his gaze, Shen Tingyan looked up and met his gaze in the mirror.

…Xue Xiao suddenly felt that it would be good if there were only the two of them here.

He wanted to… he wanted…

Xue Xiao couldn’t tell what he really wanted to do. He felt that at this moment, he had too many thoughts about Shen Tingyan. He was embarrassed to say it.

Shen Tingyan seemed to have noticed his thoughts and smiled slightly.

Someone called Shen Tingyan’s name from the door. The live stream was about to start. They still had preparations to do.

Shen Tingyan patted Dou Mingjian’s back and said, “Behave well later.”

Dou Mingjian smiled. “Definitely!”

Then Shen Tingyan touched Xue Xiao’s shoulder, leaned forward, and whispered in his ear, “I’ll come find you after the celebration party.”

Xue Xiao nodded quickly. He was afraid that other people would notice their whispers, so he nodded very quickly.

Shen Tingyan smiled and straightened up.

He suddenly felt a gaze and looked over.

Gu Ling was looking at them.

But he just looked at them very calmly for a few seconds. Then he turned his head slightly.

Shen Tingyan tapped the back of the chair with his finger in a thoughtful manner. Finally, he turned and left without saying anything.

At 6:30, the number of reservations in the live stream room had exceeded 90 million. The hot search on Weibo had reached the top, and the discussion was off the charts.

At the same time, the audience, professional jury, and former participants started to enter.

Xue Xiao received a WeChat message from his parents.

Their tickets were given directly by Old Gao. Fang Lei had arranged for someone to guide them into the venue.

At this moment, the two elders had already sat down in the theater. They were in the front row and could see Xue Xiao clearly later.

The ‘Acting Acting Acting to the End’ group and the internal group of the participants were still lively.

Here, Zhang Chengyu sent a photo of a group of people waiting for the live stream in front of the computer. They were each holding a mobile phone.

“We are always ready to vote. Be sure to send you to the championship today @Smile!”

Over there, Jin Xiaochen sent a group selfie of their group of participants. Jiang Lianlian, Chang Yun, and Zhao Dong were all crowded in the front row and making faces. The group of participants were dressed up like stars today.

“Everyone has arrived. We are waiting for you four!”

Xue Xiao also received Ye Xingxing’s WeChat message.

“To be honest, I am a person with a fanbase now. One person, one vote. No matter what, I can get you more than a thousand votes [charge].”

It was so lively that Xue Xiao had the feeling of the New Year!

Parents of students, whose contact information he added before, suddenly sent him a message. They said they were too embarrassed to bother him before, but today they officially came to cheer him up. Their entire family would vote for him…

Before going on stage, Xue Xiao felt a bit nervous for the first time in ages. In order to relieve his emotions, he focused all his attention on these cute friends who were familiar or not familiar. He patiently responded to them one by one.

By the time he finished replying to all of them, it was already 7 o’clock…

He handed the photo to his assistant Xiao Ye, and followed the staff member backstage.

The backstage was dark and busy.

However, Xue Xiao could only hear his own heartbeat as well as the intertwined breathing of Dou Mingjian, Gu Ling, and Cheng Yang.

Everyone was nervous.

This was the last game.

At 7 o’clock, the live stream of Studio Superstar’s award ceremony opened on time!

Nearly 100 million viewers poured in. There was a momentary lag in the live stream room.

Fortunately, the programmers were in good condition today. This slight lag didn’t affect the live stream.

Jiang Quan stood on the stage and spoke vigorously, “Welcome to the finals of Studio Superstar and the awards ceremony. Welcome the countless viewers who have come to the live stream room at this moment!”

After finishing his smooth opening remarks, he started to introduce the mentors one by one.

Today, Guan Ruoying wore a neat female suit and dressed up very stylishly. Su Shijin wore a rare, long dress and painted her lips red. She showed off her glamorous side.

The dressing styles of the two of them were completely flipped from the beginning of the show. This caused a lot of discussion.

The live stream room’s barrage:

“Oh my god, oh my god, Teacher Su is wearing a dress. So beautiful!”

‘Guan Guan is so handsome ahhhh!”

“Two big beauties are locked up with me!”

Feng Wei’s clothing was as steady as ever, while Shen Tingyan…

Today, he was bound to ignite the entire Internet.

“Shen Tingyan put on a suit again. His man is going to kill people again…”

“I am pinching people in anger. How can Shen Tingyan be so sexy…?”

“Stunning is stunning, really stunning!!!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I’m dead [slobber][slobber][slobber].”

“I’m crying at Teacher Shen’s handsomeness QAQ.”

On the stage, Jiang Quan finished introducing the mentors. He paused before saying, “Studio Superstar is a stage that starts from zero.”

The entire studio fell silent.

Four mentors, 2,000 live audience members, and 46 participants stared at the big stage.

“The participants who came to participate in this show include amateurs, extras, supporting actors, and new actors who have officially debuted but encountered difficulties.”

“There are young people in their early 20s, and there are also middle-aged people who have been struggling for over ten years and still haven’t gotten a chance.”

Backstage, the four people were arranged in order of appearance.

Xue Xiao stood at the end, holding his breath and concentrating.

“We hope that this show can be a starting point for these actors.”

“Here, we learn together and compete with each other.”

“We learned a lot, but we also kept saying goodbye to friends.”

“Now, we finally have this final round.”

Jiang Quan took a step back, raised his arms, and said, “Let us welcome the four finalists.”

“Cheng Yang!”

Chang Yang was the first to step on stage.

In the midst of the applause, he bowed, turned around, walked to the table set up by the show’s staff for the four of them, and sat down.

“Gu Ling!”

Gu Ling didn’t sign with the company. His appearance today was the responsibility of the show’s staff.

However, he was born with very good conditions. He was handsome, regardless of his acting ability. The screams of his female fans were simply overwhelming.

“Dou Mingjian!”

Dou Mingjian smiled shyly and came on stage. He had slicked-back hair, but he wasn’t intimidating at all. He was quite elegant.

He also had many fans at the venue. The audience responded enthusiastically.

“Xue Xiao!”

The figure of the young man appeared on stage.

Even though he had rehearsed it before, Xue Xiao still narrowed his eyes slightly when he stepped from the darkness into the dazzling light.

Once his eyes got used to the light, he raised his eyebrow, waved to everyone, and said hello in a sweet manner.

In the audience, Father Xue and Mother Xue couldn’t believe that the confident and handsome young man on the stage was their child.

Obviously, yesterday, the child accompanied them to visit the scenic spots of Hu City for a whole day. However, now they had a strange yet familiar feeling.

Mother Xue was so excited that her eyes filled with tears. Father Xue was a bit shocked.

Xue Xiao quickly captured the location of his parents with his peripheral vision. He looked over and smiled even sweeter.

The audience immediately screamed. “Ahhhhhh!!!’

Father Xue and Mother Xue were shocked by this huge noise.

Xue Xiao coughed lightly and quickly looked away. Otherwise, his parents’ ears would be deafened by fans…

At the mentor’s table, Guan Ruoying, Su Shijin, and Feng Wei laughed.

A smile also appeared in Shen Tingyan’s eyes.

The live stream room was filled with the barrage.

“Xue Xiao is so cute!!”

“Xue Xiao feels different when wearing a suit!”

“He was looking at the audience just now. Did his relatives or friends show up?”

“It seems like his parents?”

“Whoa whoa whoa, Teacher Shen’s eyes are so doting!”

“In any case, I heard that their interaction was very sweet when filming. Is it true?”

“The rehearsal footage should be shown later, right? The show’s staff has to show it to us!”

“It is said that Teacher Shen personally acted as Xue Xiao’s partner. Woo woo woo, I’m also looking forward to it!!”


Xue Xiao sat down in his seat. All the people on site were in place.

Jiang Quan briefly introduced the 50 professional judges. Then he started to explain the rules of the finals.

“Later, from the moment I say that ‘voting starts’, the final voting channel will officially open.”

“Onsite viewers and the live stream room viewers can open the Guantian app, enter the backstage of Studio Superstar, and vote for your favorite actor.”

“Each person is limited to one vote. It can’t be changed once cast. Please make your choice carefully.”

“The data in the backstage will be publicized until ten minutes before the deadline. For the last ten minutes, we will hide the votes. Finally, we will announce the results on the stage.”

“Now, I declare—”

Jiang Quan smiled and continued, “Voting has begun!”


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