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About Me

Welcome to White Moonlight Novels! I am White Lily and I have been an avid reader of translated novels, especially danmei novels, for the last few years. I have been translating for a few months before posting to check the quality and ensure that I have a sufficient stockpile of chapters.


Are you MTL:

Yes, I am using machine translation to translate. I am not one of the ones who quickly put it through a machine translation engine and do a few edits to pump out chapters. I do it line by line and put time into it. I might not guarantee 100% accuracy but I can promise that it will read well without the common mtl mistakes like constant switching of pronouns/names.

This novel already has a translation: 

I don’t pick novels to translate based on whether they already have a translation or not. I pick it based on my love for it. I believe that there can always be alternate version of novels and readers can pick the one they prefer or even read both. In the same way, anyone is free to pick up the novels I am translating as well.

What is your schedule: 

No set schedule but I am aiming for one chapter of each novel once every two or three days.

Do you allow retranslations?

I can’t stop retranslations. However, if someone specifically asks me for permission to retranslate then I will say, “No.” The main reason is that my translation is already machine translation and I don’t want someone to retranslate to another language based on my version.

Can I upload it to Wattpad for offline reading?

Please don’t upload to Wattpad, even if it is for offline reading. In most cases, it is made public for other Wattpad readers to find and it can be really discouraging to see the number of views over there.

Why isn’t my comment appearing?

To prevent spam, all users making their first comment on the site will need to be pending and will need to be approved by me first before appearing. After that, your comments won’t need to go through the approval process and should automatically appear.