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Studio Superstar: Chapter 78

Teacher Shen used his official authority for private interests, but the results of his teachings were still outstanding.

After Xue Xiao came back, all the problems of his previous performance were gone. His emotional outburst stunned the audience, and all the subsequent scenes were a one-step process.

On this day, they were busy until midnight.

Early the next morning, they rushed to the filming location of the childhood scene and met the actor of the elementary school version of Xie Jia.

After filming officially started, Shen Tingyan pulled Xue Xiao behind the monitor and asked him to watch it together.

Many directors would call the starring actor over to watch the scene when there was a problem with the scene, but that was basically limited to ‘when there is a problem with the scene.’

For the most part, no director let the actors dictate the filming.

However, Shen Tingyan was different.

In other words, his expectations for Xue Xiao were different.

All day yesterday, no matter whether there was a problem with Xue Xiao’s scene or not, he would let Xue Xiao watch it again after filming.

But Xue Xiao had no scenes this morning. Shen Tingyan directly asked Xue Xiao to move a small bench and sit next to him. It seemed to have the meaning of directly letting Xue Xiao learn the work of a director.

All the staff members were shocked.

Shen Tingyan didn’t look like a person with such a strong desire to teach… but thinking about his preference for Xue Xiao, it seemed understandable…

Only the film crew of the show shed tears in their hearts. ‘You don’t understand. You don’t understand at all!!!’

Xue Xiao himself was also surprised.

He never mentioned the new goal he had set for himself to Shen Tingyan, but when their eyes met, Xue Xiao felt that Shen Tingyan really understood him…

Shen Tingyan not only taught him shooting techniques and lens usage but also raised post-production issues with him.

“I’ll take you to see the post-production team in the next few days. Being familiar with their work can also help actors learn a lot.”

Xue Xiao nodded excitedly. “Okay!”

He felt that he had learned a lot just by sitting here all morning.

Shen Tingyan glanced at him.

The young man’s eyes were fixed on the monitor as if he was focused on taking a high-level math class… He had such a studious energy toward everything about work. It wasn’t surprising that his progress was like a rocket.

He was such a person, and others would also be infected. Even if they couldn’t progress as quickly as this little guy, they would grit their teeth and try to keep up.

Shen Tingyan had never felt that ‘positive energy people’ were a treasure in the past. He didn’t even feel that he needed any positive energy.

But for Xue Xiao, he felt… that he was extremely thirsty.

The young man was like a sweet spring that made him feel relaxed and fascinated. He hoped that this spring water would always be full of vitality and spray under the scorching sun.

After looking at him for a long time, Xue Xiao felt this person’s gaze and his ears turned red.

Shen Tingyan’s gaze drifted to his ears.

Then Xue Xiao’s neck also turned red.

Shen Tingyan’s gaze shifted to his neck.

Xue Xiao: “……”

They were outside, and many onlookers were gathered in the distance.

Xue Xiao was so embarrassed that he didn’t dare to make any big moves. He could only repeat his old tricks and reminded in a low voice. “…After the show is over!”

Don’t forget this sentence!

He never expected that Shen Tingyan would find the correct way to answer this time.

The man said lazily, “I’m lighting a lantern. What does it have to do with whether the show is over or not?”

Xue Xiao: “…………”

Why light a lantern? How could a human being be a lantern?!!


Shen Tingyan immediately laughed.

The little light bulb was going to ‘explode’ in place, but it was ‘exploding’ in a different sense this time.

Before Xue Xiao could feel too embarrassed, he rubbed Xue Xiao’s head and said in a low voice, “Okay, I won’t bully you.”

Xue Xiao’s eyelashes trembled. The moisture in his eyes rippled.

A chicken crowed in the distance.

The two people: “……”

They didn’t know if these onlookers came to see them filming, or if they came to the scene to chase CP.

Shen Tingyan looked serious. He stood up and clapped his hands. “Everyone has rested enough. Get ready to shoot the last scene. Let’s fight to complete it at once.”


Xue Xiao blushed and scratched his head. He tried to return his attention to the monitor… It was also at this time that he noticed a gaze from behind.

He instinctively turned his head but only saw a crowd of people.

Shen Tingyan sat down and asked him, “What are you looking at?”

Xue Xiao hesitated before saying, “…Nothing.”

In the evening, Dou Mingjian chatted in their small group of seven or eight people. He said that things were going smoothly on his side and asked how Xue Xiao was doing.

Xue Xiao said that everything was okay on his side at the moment.

As they were chatting, Dou Mingjian @ Gu Ling and said, “I heard you weren’t on the set today? Are you okay?”

Xue Xiao was stunned for a moment. He suddenly remembered that Su Shijin seemed to have used You Qianqian as a supporting role this time. Gu Ling’s departure from the group might’ve been told to Dou Mingjian by You Qianqian.

Gu Ling hadn’t replied, but the others came forward first.

Chang Yun: “Huh? Gu Ling left the crew? What happened?”

Jin Xiaochen: “@Gu Ling. Where did Teacher Gu go?”

Gu Ling quickly replied: “I’m already ready to go back. I’m at the high-speed train station.”

“I encountered some problems during filming. I asked for leave from Director Ye and Teacher Su to relax. Now the problem has been solved.”

Director Ye’s full name was Ye Rong. He was a great director in the industry, with more experience and honors than Feng Wei.

Su Shijin invited Ye Rong to direct the film for her this time. Ye Rong was said to be the best director in the industry when it came to training actors. She was simply the Hua Tuo (famous doctor) of the directing world. No matter what stubborn diseases an actor had, Ye Rong could ‘cure them with medicine.’

Xue Xiao’s heart moved, and he asked: “Have all the problems been solved?”

Gu Ling replied: “Yes.”

Xue Xiao sighed with relief. “Jiayou, jiayou, jiayou!”

Gu Ling: “Thank you. You have to work hard too.”

It seemed that he could see Gu Ling smiling from the text message.

Dou Mingjian was immediately dissatisfied. “Me, me, me!”

Gu Ling: “…Let’s do our best together.”

Everyone in the group laughed.

Finally, Dou Mingjian said, “There are only a few days left. See you all in the finals!”

Everyone: “Yes!”

The next few days could be described as ‘time flying.’

Xue Xiao opened his eyes every day to film and closed his eyes to film in his dreams.

When it came to the college section, Shen Tingyan officially came on stage.

This was Xue Xiao’s first time watching Shen Tingyan act live. It was also his first time acting with Shen Tingyan… the two firsts combined made him a bit nervous.

But Shen Tingyan was very good at comforting him and made him relax with just a few words.

Mu Sheng was seven years older than Xie Jia and was a very mature and handsome man.

The first time he met Mu Sheng, Xie Jia realized that he was in love.

However, he was a man and had bad ears. No matter how sunny and cheerful he was, there was a trace of inferiority in his heart.

What he didn’t expect was that Mu Sheng had actually noticed him a long time ago. Later, the man took the initiative to talk to him and gently expressed affection for him.

For the first time in Xie Jia’s life, there was someone who was willing to slow down for him, who was clumsy. No matter how hard it was for him to listen or speak, Mu Sheng was willing to wait for him, respond to him, take pity on him, and want to take care of him.

This part might be a bit like a fairy tale, but Xue Xiao also felt that Xie Jia’s shining points were so dazzling. As long as the sexual orientation was right, there would be outstanding people who fell in love with him.

Shen Tingyan smiled and said, “Yes, so Shen Ling originally used you as the prototype for this character.”

Xue Xiao: “……” After hearing this, it seemed like he had been bragging just now.

Shen Tingyan said, “Don’t be shy. You and I are just stating objective facts.”

Xue Xiao chose to hold up the script to cover his face and recite his lines silently…

After the two of them started acting opposite each other, Shen Ling rushed over and watched on the set for a whole day. Suddenly, he got inspiration and said he wanted to change the script.

The moment Shen Tingyan raised an eyebrow, he raised his hands and promised, “It isn’t a big change. It is just a small change!”

He originally wrote the emotional scenes between Mu sheng and Xie Jia in a very obscure way. It was because he was afraid that these scenes would have too much presence and would affect the main plot.

Then after thinking about it, what type of story did he want to write?

What type of person was Xie Jia from the moment he was born?

—He was a person who had faced many difficulties in life due to hearing loss. Finally, he discovered that even his own sexual orientation was a hard mode in this society. It was as if he was born unlucky.

Xie Jia had chosen to face all difficulties in life with a smile and a positive attitude since he was young. As he grew up, he followed his own style to the end. Finally, he gained happiness.

After Shen Ling watched Xue Xiao and Shen Tingyan acting and felt the emotional tension between the two of them, he suddenly realized that the emotional line between Xie Jia and Mu Sheng was definitely not something that existed independently of the main plotline. It was entangled with the main plotline.

When Xie Jia faced his own sexuality and gained love, he should be as open-minded as he was when he faced his hearing problem and finally solved it.

These were all treasures he gained after pursuing his own principles of doing things.

Shen Ling decided to highlight this relationship line and not let the audience guess or figure it out. He would directly tell them, ‘Yes, these two are in love!’

After getting the script again and reading the changed parts, Xue Xiao was moved in his heart. He raised his head and told Shen Ling, “I like the changed version!”


On the seventh day, filming was finally completed.

The eighth and ninth days were spent on post-production. Shen Tingyan and Xue Xiao participated in the entire process.

On the tenth day, the two of them watched the finished film in the Shen family’s home theater. Xue Xiao sniffed, and Shen Tingyan quietly held Xue Xiao in his arms.

That night, the finished film was handed over to the show’s staff. AT the same time, the filming crew retreated.

On the eleventh day, the show’s staff collected all the finished films of the four groups and started to work overtime to edit the rehearsal highlights.

On the twelfth day, Xue Xiao returned to Hu City first. His parents flew over from their hometown. Xue Xiao arranged a hotel for them, and Fang Lei sent an assistant to drive them around the city.

On the thirteenth day, Dou Mingjian, Gu Ling, Cheng Yang, and the many eliminated participants came back to be the audience. They started to arrive one after another.

On the fourteenth day—

Since this morning, the topic ‘Superstar Studio’s Awards Ceremony’ had been hanging hot on the hot search list.

The show’s staff didn’t buy the hot search. This hot search was created by netizens spontaneously.

“Starting at 7 o’clock tonight, it is finally coming. Ahhhhh!”

“Xiao Xiao, go!”

“Gu Ling, Gu Ling, Gu Ling!”

“Looking forward to Dou Mingjian!”

“The final is finally here!”

“Looking forward to Xiao Xiao and Teacher Shen’s cooperation again!”

“Peanuts and beer are ready, let’s start!”

The number of reservations for the live stream of the finals had exceeded 80 million.


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