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Studio Superstar: Chapter 83 Part 1

As the turning point began, the film’s soundtrack became lively.

Xie Jia was a person with a strong action ability. Whatever he decided to do, he would put it into practice immediately.

He took the initiative to communicate with the teacher, hoping to be transferred to the front row.

He also frankly told the class that his ears really couldn’t hear clearly. He hoped that everyone would speak to him as slowly as possible so he could read the shape of their mouths.

He started to learn to observe more carefully.

With this type of vision training, he became more and more sensitive to other people’s facial expressions. He could almost tell whether someone was happy or angry just by the way they moved their eyebrows.

Therefore, he got along more and more harmoniously with his teachers and classmates.

A positive attitude toward life could bring ‘good luck.’

Xie Jia’s results started to improve dramatically.

The English listening was still bad, but the increase in other scores fully compensated for this shortcoming.

He faced his illness calmly in exchange for the understanding and tolerance of others.

He also had more and more friends around him.

His mother and father started to realize that they were getting further and further away from their children…


The audience was thrilled.

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, Xie Jia took a graduation group photo with the whole class. He received an admission letter from a prestigious college.

Then in September, he stepped onto the college campus with his head held high.

At this time, Xie Jia was only 18 years old.

But his personal style had taken on distinct outlines.

In the first class meeting in college, he introduced himself and said, “My name is Xie Jia. I am from…”

“…I have some problems with my ears. I can’t hear very well. So sometimes when you talk to me, I might not be able to hear, or I might not hear clearly.”

He said slowly and in a joking manner, “I don’t mean to ignore you.”

His classmates were a bit surprised. Then in the next second, they laughed kindly.

The audience suddenly realized… Xia Jia started to swallow words a bit when he spoke!

He even didn’t speak like the people around him!

Many viewers covered their mouths, and their eyes were red.

This change wasn’t performed abruptly by Xue Xiao.

In the previous high school part, his lines became slower and slower.

At that time, people didn’t realize what this change meant until now…

At the mentor’s table, Feng Wei shook his head slightly.

Xue Xiao was so powerful that people were speechless.

Others couldn’t compare to him at all.

Dou Mingjian was experienced, and Gu Ling was talented. Both of them were very good.

But Xiao wasn’t as talented and experienced as those two. He had fought his way out of this bloody road with hard work. Now he was far ahead.

He was really too strong.


On the big screen, Xie Jia sat down. Then the classmate at the table in front of him turned around and suggested, “Why don’t you try hearing aids?”

[Hearing aids—yes, on my first day on campus, I set a short-term goal for myself.]

Xie Jia smiled.

[I’m going to save up to buy myself a hearing aid.]

[I’ve tried all types of part-time jobs and had been to some fast food restaurants.]

The background switched to a fried chicken restaurant.

Xie Jia stood behind the cashier in his staff uniform. The supervisor frowned and told him, “Do you want every customer to yell or open their mouths wide to make their mouth shape?”

[I also went to work as a tutor.]

The little boy shook his legs and said with a playful smile, “Why do you speak so strangely? It is so unpleasant.”

Xie Jia said seriously, “It is because I can’t hear my own voice clearly. My pronunciation might not be that accurate.”

The little boy replied, “I hear you very clearly!”

“Okay, let’s talk about the next question…”

The little boy whispered, “You are a big fool.”

“Here, we set the radius to 5 centimeters. The width of the rectangle is the radius of the circle…”

The little boy took advantage of Xie Jia’s hearing and continued to whisper, “Big fool, big fool, big…”

Xie Jia put down the book and looked at him calmly. “I can see it.”

The little boy froze.

The moment the scene changed, the boy was crying in his mother’s arms. “I don’t want him to be my tutor, I don’t want him, I don’t want him…”

The parents told Xie Jia in an embarrassed manner, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”


[It wasn’t easy to work part-time.]

Xie Jia’s rare complaint made the audience laugh, but the number of problems he faced in this society also made them feel sad.

[Later, I went to a convenience store where I found that I didn’t need much to get the job done.]

Xie Jia was wearing a convenience store employee uniform and stood behind the cash register.

The customer placed a bottle of yogurt in front of him. He said hello briskly, scanned the code, and said, ‘Three and a half yuan in total.’ The customer gave him the payment code.

The QR code payment was completed, and the customer left.

Xie Jia silently clenched his fists and made a ‘yes’ gesture!

[Especially late at night.]

It was dark outside the glass door. There were almost no pedestrians on the roadside, only cars passing by from time to time.

In the brightly lit convenience store, Xie Jia was tallying goods in front of the shelves.

[There are very few customers, so I can do my work quietly.]

[Then, I met him.]

The moment the narrator finished speaking, the convenience store’s sensor door opened automatically, and a figure walked in.

Xie Jia didn’t see it at first.

It wasn’t until the other person walked toward him that he caught sight of the figure in his peripheral vision. He quickly stood up straight, shouted ‘welcome’, and gave way to the other party.

The two of them paused when they saw each other’s faces.

In the studio, the audience suddenly let out excited shouts.

It was Shen Tingyan!

Shen Tingyan appeared!

In the film, the season was already late autumn.

Shen Tingyan was wearing a white sweater and a pair of jeans. He was tall with handsome eyebrows. The coldness all over his body disappeared, and his temperament was gentle and mature.

Xie Jia saw the man’s face clearly, and his cheeks turned red almost instantly.

He averted his gaze in a panic, lowered his head, and said again, “…Welcome.”

The man nodded slightly at him, passed by him, and walked to the freezer.

…Xie Jia looked up and quietly stared at the other person’s back.

[…Sometimes I wonder if I am destined to go through all my life in hard mode.]

[A man? I actually like men? How can I be tempted by a man?]

The tone of Xue Xiao’s narration sounded very funny.

The audience laughed furtively.

On the big screen, Shen Tingyan appeared in the convenience store late the next night in a black sweater. The pure black color made his complexion look even colder.

Xie Jia had been secretly observing the other person.

[Okay, I admit that he is really good-looking.]

The man placed a sandwich and carton of milk on the cash register.

For the first time in history, Xie Jia said in a low voice, “Today’s special offer, you can buy a can of coffee with an extra two yuan. Do you want it?”

The man tilted his head slightly. “What?”

[His lips are also very beautiful, and his voice must be very pleasant. Unfortunately, I can’t hear it clearly.]

Xie Jia’s face turned redder.

He opened his mouth.

For the first time, I realized that my voice was strange and unpleasant.]

The camera shot toward the two people from the side.

Xie Jia’s embarrassment and uneasiness, as well as the man’s doubts and scrutiny, were all reflected in this picture.

The audience slowly restrained their sense of gossip and excitement. Their mood turned complicated.

Xie Jia obviously had low self-esteem.


[I have always told myself that I have to dare to open my mouth and speak. Even if the king of heaven is here, I will speak out loudly.”

Xie Jia suddenly raised his head and said loudly, “I said, today’s special offer, you can buy a can of coffee with an extra two yuan. Do you want it?”

The voice was so loud that the man was stunned for a moment.

But he didn’t show any strange expressions. He just smiled slightly and replied, “Okay, I will have a can.”

Xie Jia sighed with relief.

The man paid, looked at him again, and said, “…I saw you two days in a row. Are you responsible for the night shift?”

His speaking speed suddenly became very slow.

Xie Jia looked hard at his lips and replied with a blushing face, “…Yes.”

The lips were slightly raised in a beautiful curve.

The man told him, “My name is Mu Sheng. What is yours?”

Xie Jia gulped. “…My name is Xie Jia.”


“Xie Jia, I’ll see you tomorrow.”


The appearance of Mu Sheng was undoubtedly a turning point in Xie Jia’s life.

He was in an unprecedented worry.

For example, sometimes he felt the need to speak loudly and sometimes he felt ashamed of the strange pronunciation of the words he spoke.

Sometimes, he stared at the other person’s mouth in an effort to understand what the other person was saying, and sometimes he worried that his gaze would feel rude to the other person.

After all, it wasn’t like there hadn’t been people who shouted at him, “Don’t stare at other people’s mouths, you freak.”

Regarding the role of Mu Sheng, the audience was excited at first and then became confused.

Was it a bit strange that an inspirational drama suddenly turned into a romantic drama?

Then they saw more and more clearly that Mu Sheng had discovered Xie Jia’s hearing problem after first meeting him, and he had been quietly taking care of Xie Jia’s ears and encouraging Xie Jia to speak. They came to realize…

Xie Jia needed such a role.

His parents were like decorations.

Xie Jia might have many friends, but how many friends could accompany him in the lonely night?


Meticulous care and closeness to each other’s hearts could only be achieved when two people cared about each other very much.


[I started to become a bit anxious.]

[I wanted to hear his voice more clearly and hear his gentle laughter.]

On the big screen, Mu Sheng lowered his eyes, his chest shaking slightly.

[Yes, that’s how he laughed. He must’ve made a nice sound.]

Xie Jia worked tirelessly.

[In addition, his breathing.]

[How long has it been since I heard someone else’s breathing?]

[I can’t even hear my own breathing.]

Xie Jia lowered his head and sorted the shelves.

He stared at his hands.

He gently held the puffed food packaging bag with both hands and stuffed it into the shelf.

As he pulled away, the back of his hand touched the disposable towel hanging nearby.

The disposable towel was lifted slightly and fell down, hitting the second pack of towels behind it.

They were all supposed to make a sound.

But he couldn’t hear it.

Suddenly, a hand touched his shoulder lightly.

He was startled and turned around.

Mu Sheng said slowly, “I’ve finished eating. See you tomorrow?”

Xie Jia stared at the man’s lips but suddenly became confused about the shape of his mouth.

It was just like that night in high school when he had an argument with his parents.

Perhaps it was because tears blurred his vision.

Or perhaps it was because his mind was too chaotic.

Mu Sheng paused, looked at him seriously, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Then his expression changed. He knelt down, held Xie Jia’s face, wiped his cheek, and frowned. “What happened?”

He thought of something and started to sign, asking as he signed, “What is going on?”

Xie Jia finally opened his mouth.

He asked in a nasally voice, “…Do you know sign language?”

Mu Sheng’s voice was stagnant.

“I have never learned sign language, and I can’t understand it.” Xie Jia asked with tears in his eyes, “How do you know sign language?”

“…Did you always know that my ears had difficulty hearing?”

The audience was surprised.

Did the character Mu Sheng have a hidden plot?

Mu Sheng was dumbfounded. Then after a moment, he sighed softly.


Once the screen turned on again, a strange room appeared on the big screen.

A little girl stood on the stool and did her homework seriously.

She wore hearing aids in her ears. The moment the door opened, she turned her head, jumped off the stool, and ran toward Mu Sheng.

Mu Sheng said that this was his brother’s daughter. The couple was very busy at work and often left his niece with him.

His niece was pre-verbally deaf. Even though she was given a hearing aid in time, she still had a serious speech impediment.

Their whole family knew sign language and was used to getting along with their niece. Mu Sheng had also become very familiar with the behavior of the hearing-impaired, so he discovered Xie Jia’s problem when they met for the second time.

The audience suddenly realized that it was like this. There was indeed a reason why these two people were tied together…

The little niece looked at Xie Jia curiously. Then she took off the hearing aid from her ear and handed it to him.

Xie Jia was startled.

Mu Sheng knelt down and said, “Everyone’s hearing aid must be specially adjusted. Your hearing aid is only suitable for you.”

The little niece started signing.

Xie Jia said hoarsely, “What is she saying?”

Mu Sheng turned around and said, “She said she just wanted you to try it.”

Xie Jia gulped.

The audience held their breaths.

…Xue Xiao’s interpretation of this scene was particularly delicate.

There was something res homesickness on his face.

The audience could clearly feel that at this moment, his heart was definitely beating fast.

He knelt down and stretched out his hand hesitantly. His fingers were trembling slightly.

The little girl stepped forward and took the initiative to put it on for him.

Xie Jia hurriedly held onto the small hearing aid with a cautious expression.

The next second, the harsh sound made the audience whisper softly.

—This wasn’t a pleasant sound!

The noises were mixed together, sometimes rumbling and sometimes buzzing. The strange sounds were amplified but the human voice was still unclear.

In such a disturbing noise, all the audience members covered their ears and were in agony. But Xie Jia on the screen—

His eyes were filled with water.

He was motionless and staring into the voice. His hands were clasped over his ears as if listening to some beautiful sound. The expression on his face bordered on enjoyment and addiction.

The audience was stunned.


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