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Studio Superstar: Chapter 46 Part 2

Xue Xiao was a bit stunned.

The robot setting in this script wasn’t even genderless. It was clearly a male robot.

The so-called love was naturally the love between him and the male owner.

Feng Wei smiled when he saw Xue Xiao’s expression. “Why? Do you think it isn’t possible?”

“……” Xue Xiao said calmly. “No, I can do it.”

He had a sense of weakness and panic that his heart was being spied on… but he could act!

Xue Xiao’s little fact became serious.

“It is good if you can.” Feng Wei laughed cheerfully. “Then in the ‘Puzzle’ group, 3124 is played by Xue Xiao. The male supporting protagonist Lu Ning—Cheng Yan, you will play him.”

Everyone’s eyes suddenly fell in the same direction.

The young man sat in the corner and nodded politely., “Okay. Thank you, Director Feng.”

He shifted his gaze to look at Xue Xiao and said, “Please give me more advice.’

It was Cheng Yang, who was 8th place in the first round and 6th place in the second round.

His results were excellent, and his appearance was handsome, but there was still no sense of existence.

Popularity was a type of metaphysics. Some people didn’t have bad strength, but no one remembered their names.

However, after acting in this original play, Cheng Yang’s situation would change…

The role of the male supporting protagonist Lu Ning was no less than that of 3124.

“For the other two roles, one is the robot sales company consultant. Jiang Xin, you will play it. The other is the robot repairer. Wang Hai, you will play it.”

The ‘Puzzle’ foursome was formed.

Feng Wei was fierce. He immediately formed the team and started to act with them.

Xue Xiao’s role was the most special. It wasn’t only because he was the only protagonist, but also because he was playing a robot.

Feng Wei came up to him to explain the feeling to him.

“It isn’t right for you to do this. Does a robot walk so fast or slow? Is it deeper or shallow? The inside of the robot is programmed. It is a machine and acts strictly according to the program setting. Therefore, its movements are very regular and smooth.”

“Similarly, would robots have so many expressions on their faces? The story begins, and 3214 has just come out of the box. He is in a state of no emotion and needs to learn. There will be no superfluous expression on his face, but it isn’t indifference. It is ‘calm.’

“Even if he later learns human feelings, his expression won’t suddenly become the same as humans.”

Xue Xiao probably understood what Feng Wei meant and took the initiative to answer, “The process of learning human emotions and expressions is actually a process of programming input. Once it displays emotions and expressions, it is essentially a program output. The feeling is different from that of real human beings.”

“Yes!” Feng Wei patted him on the shoulder. “You understand.”

It wasn’t until the very end of the script that 3214 really looked like a human being.

In this whole story, Xue Xiao didn’t only have to interpret 3214’s love for the male supporting protagonist. He also needed to show 3214’s slow-changing process. This was very difficult to perform.

But Xue Xiao loved challenges!

Once Feng Wei briefly explained the characters to him, Feng Wei added, “We can’t do special effects on site, but the plot requires that you have to show that you are a ‘robot’ in some places. You have to work hard and wear some iron when the time comes.”

Xue Xiao nodded quickly. “No problem!”

Feng Wei teased him. “There is also a part that requires you to wear female clothing. Go upstairs first and try on the clothes with the makeup artist.”

Xue Xiao said, “Yes, okay…”

Therefore, Xue Xiao was led to the top floor.

Coincidentally, the makeup artist in charge of the group this time happened to be Xiao Li, the makeup artist for the promotional photos before.

Xiao Li walked in on high heels and swung her hips. She led Xue Xiao into the dressing room while teasing him, “Director Feng asked for a red dress, and I chose it very carefully. This dress must look good on you. I will also give you big waves. It will look beautiful together!”

Xue Xiao smiled.

He was a man. No matter how he dressed, he couldn’t really look like a girl.

Fortunately, he had always been interested in a variety of roles. He had a high acceptance of female clothing.

After putting on the dress, Xue Xiao looked at himself in the full-length mirror in a novel manner.

This was a red silk skirt.

It was very thin and fluttery.

He didn’t have a plump chest, but fortunately, he didn’t have strong chest muscles like a fitness expert… Cough, so even though his chest was flat, the amazing thing was that there wasn’t a sense of strangeness.

It was just that his lower body was a bit cold, and his chest was also cold.

Xue Xiao couldn’t help covering his chest. Xiao Li turned around him with a smile.

He also looked at Xue Xiao’s legs with deep meaning. “Yes, I was still thinking about whether I wanted to take care of the hair for you, but you don’t have any. Hey, these legs are so beautiful.”

Xue Xiao: “………”

His ears turned red.

He had little body hair since he was a child but…

He still felt weird…

Xiao Li smiled evilly. She pressed Xue Xiao, who was finally starting to feel embarrassed, to the chair. She put on a hairnet and wig for him.

The big waves were scattered behind him. Then she applied red nail polish and finally a layer of lipstick to complete her makeup.

It was a bit rough and a bit weird.

But what the script wanted was this feeling of ‘a man poorly playing the role of a woman.’

Xue Xiao himself had a very soft appearance. Under this strange feeling, his body showed a unique beauty. It was a bit thrilling.

Xiao Li was amazed while desperately circling him to take photos. Suddenly, she noticed that something was wrong. She quickly walked behind Xue Xiao and raised his waves to take a look

“Ohh, you are sweating too much. Why is this skirt fading?”

Xue Xiao was taken aback. “It was done by my sweat?”

The air conditioning in Building 3 was too weak. The top floor was also the hottest place. Xue Xiao could feel that he was sweating, but he hadn’t expected to cause the costume to fade.

Xiao Li was wondering about it. “It is mainly because it is impossible. It is so expensive. How can it fade… D*mn, it turns out that it is the label inside that is fading!”

Xiao Li discovered the problem and immediately wanted to get the scissors.

Then another problem came. She didn’t dare to lower Xue Xiao’s wig.

It was because the color had rubbed onto Xue Xiao’s skin. Even if there was only a 1% possibility, Xiao Li didn’t want to let it rub onto the wig.

What’s more, Xue Xiao was sweating too much now. Xiao Li wanted to wipe it dry for him before lowering it.

Xue Xiao was extremely embarrassed. He quickly raised his hand and said, “Then let me carry the wig. You go and get the scissors.”

“Oh no, don’t touch it. Your nail polish isn’t dry yet!”

Xue Xiao: “?”

Did nail polish dry so slowly??

It was so slow. Then it wouldn’t be usable on site, right? This issue needed to be discussed with Director Feng. Removing the nail polish shouldn’t affect the show too much.

He turned his head and saw that he would let Xiao Li carry the wig while he got up to get the scissors himself.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Li suddenly noticed someone passing by the door. Her eyes lit up, and she called out without thinking, “Teacher Shen~~~”

The shout was like thunder.

Suddenly, Xue Xiao froze.

The man outside the door who was talking to someone also froze.


In the corridor, Shen Tingyan was talking to Dou Mingjian and Chang Yun about the makeup issue this time.

He heard this spiritual shout and paused. He stopped speaking and inexplicably turned his head.

Subsequently, his pupils constricted violently.

Xue Xiao remained sitting stiffly on the chair. He faced the doorway and met a stunned gaze.

He was dressed in a long dress and had black hair.

His lips were painted with a light layer of red, and his skin looked even fairer.

He just looked at Shen Tingyan blankly.

The next second, the skin all over his body… visibly turned red to the naked eye.

He wore less fabric and had more skin exposed than usual.

The crimson color was clearly visible from his fingertips and neck, quickly spreading to his shoulders and chest…

It was like a peach blossom blooming vigorously.

It was bright and eye-catching, exuding fragrance.

Shen Tingyan was caught off guard by this scene, and his brain was blank for a moment.

Dou Mingjian and Chang Yun gasped. “F*k…”

Once Xue Xiao finished staring, he was so ashamed that he didn’t know where to look.

How could they meet at this time?

How could they meet at this time?

His heart almost jumped out of his chest, but Xiao Li didn’t feel his panic at all. She still called out sweetly, “Teacher Shen, please help Xiao Xiao lift his hair~ I need to get some scissors~”

Xue Xiao: “?!”

He quickly said, “Let Brother Dou and the others—”

Footsteps interrupted him.

The man said nothing.

But he turned around and walked straight in.

Xue Xiao trembled. He quickly lowered his eyes and didn’t dare to look up.

He only saw those legs.

Those legs walked toward him step by step.

They passed him again.

They came behind him and stopped.

At this moment, Xue Xiao could almost smell the breath close behind him.

It was a bit like perfume, but not quite like it. It was light and very nice… It was a scent that belonged to Shen Tingyan.

Then he clearly felt his long hair being raised.

It was held up in a steady and gentle manner.

Outside the door, Dou Mingjian and Chang Yun hadn’t reacted.

Logically speaking, they should’ve teased Xue Xiao for actually wearing female clothing at this time… but they were a bit shocked by Xue Xiao’s appearance. They only had time to ask, “Uh, Teacher Shen, how about we come…”

“No need.”

Xue Xiao heard the cold and deep voice of the man come from above his head.

Only this time, it was a bit hoarse.

“You guys go to the third dressing room to try on makeup first. I’ll come over later.”


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