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Studio Superstar: Chapter 44

Xue Xiao slept until he woke up naturally the next day. Then he found a message on WeChat.

The message came at 2:30 in the morning. The person who sent the message was ‘Assistant Zhang (Director Yu).’

This long-lost nickname made him feel like he was in a trance.

It had only been three months, but he had almost forgotten that he had added the WeChat of Yu Shanhe’s assistant.

At that time, Yu Shanhe said he would like to film with Xue Xiao if there was a chance.

Later, Fan Xue’s incident happened, and Xue Xiao acquiesced that there would be no more contact between them.

The weather was fine today. The sun was shining in the morning, and the temperature skyrocketed.

The air conditioner was turned on in the bedroom. Chang Yun was shirtless and went to take a shower as soon as he woke up. Zhao Dong yawned, got out of bed, and asked, “Let’s have breakfast together?”

Gu Ling responded positively.

Xue Xiao walked to the balcony and sat down. In the relaxing morning light, he carefully read the message.

The beginning was a sentence. “Hello, Xue Xiao. I am Yu Shanhe. I’m sorry for disturbing you late at night.’

“Regarding what happened in the crew before, I want to apologize to you in private. This apology might come a bit late, but…”

It was a very long text.

It said that when he used Xue Xiao to provoke Fan Xue, he didn’t do it intentionally. At the moment, he didn’t consider the consequences. He was just really angry with Fan Xue. His mind was full of thinking about using more cruel methods to stimulate the other person to act well.

He actually realized it was inappropriate when he said the words, but it was hard to stop the fire. He couldn’t afford to offend the person behind Fan Xue, so when Fan Xue went to find Xue Xiao and made trouble later, he chose to sit back and watch. He pretended that he knew nothing.

It was a very spineless and cowardly approach. He admitted it.

It was also hypocritical to delay his apology until now, but he had to solemnly say ‘I’m sorry’ to Xue Xiao once.

Xue Xiao read it very slowly.

In fact, he never felt that Yu Shanhe had deliberately framed him. After all, the two of them had no hatred.

It was Fan Xue who hated him due to this little thing and tormented him everywhere.

If Xue Xiao attributed all the suffering that he experienced to Yu Shanhe, it was a bit like bullying.

However, Xue Xiao felt it was a bit strange that Yu Shanhe sent the apology in the middle of the night.

It was quite… baffling.

He thought for a while. He typed a few words in the input box before deleting them. After going back and forth several times, he wanted to give up.

There seemed to be nothing to say, so why not pretend that he didn’t see it…?

He was just about to exit the chat box when a new message suddenly appeared from the other person.

“Xue Xiao, are you here now?”

Xue Xiao frowned doubtfully.

Had Yu Shanhe been staring at his chat box?

Xue Xiao didn’t reply, but Yu Shanhe’s messages came one by one.

“Please accept my apology.”

“If you still have any dissatisfaction or confusion, then we can communicate.”

“I hope we can get to know each other again and be friends.”

“I was serious when I said I wanted to film with you. I’m currently preparing a new movie. There is a role in it that is perfect for you.”


The slight sense of sincerity brought about by the long apology was instantly shattered by this urgency.

Xue Xiao waited patiently while Yu Shanhe became more and more impatient. Finally, the other person seemed unable to bear it any longer and revealed his true purpose.

“Can I take the liberty to ask about your relationship with Teacher Shen?”

Xue Xiao was surprised.

Teacher Shen, Shen Tingyan?

Was Yu Shanhe’s series of strange actions due to Shen Tingyan?

Xue Xiao instantly realized that something might’ve happened between the two of them in the small theater studio last night.

His heart started beating faster.

He waited again, but Yu Shanhe disappeared. He wanted to ask but immediately held back.

…It felt like Yu Shanhe was just waiting for him to take the bait.

Before today, putting aside that incident, he was still a bit grateful to this man. Then at this moment, even the gratitude was gone.

Xue Xiao didn’t want to have any contact with this person any longer.

He pursed his lips.

If anything happened, he could just ask Shen Tingyan directly during the dinner party in the evening.

Therefore, Xue Xiao solemnly blacklisted this assistant’s WeChat account.

There was no heavy recording task today, and everyone was relaxed.

After the eliminated group returned to the dormitory yesterday, they cried a lot and suffered from insomnia. Then they all woke up this morning with full energy.

Xue Xiaow was called to film an interview in the morning. In the afternoon, he rarely lay on the bed and read a book for half a day.

Night fell, and the grand barbecue dinner before the farewell officially began.

The dinner took place on the lawn at the back of the camp.

This place was large and had a vast view, but the bare lawn wasn’t interesting. So except for a few students who insisted on daily running and fitness, no one usually came here.

The show’s staff put charcoal grills on the path in front of the lawn. Several tables were filled with skewers of meat and vegetables.

The sense of atmosphere was focused on the lawn, where a dozen long tables formed a circular venue. Various drinks and desserts were placed on the long table. The skewers would be moved there later.

“Old Gao, do we just have to wait and enjoy it?”

“Fart. Grill it yourself. The skewers are delicious only if you grill them yourselves!”

“I can’t do it. I tried charcoal grilling before, and everything burned!”

“Don’t think I didn’t see that the cameramen are here. It is the last trip before leaving. Why don’t you show off quickly?”

“You want me to look ugly again in front of the entire audience?”


Xue Xiao liked to cook. Once he heard this, he said, “I’ll grill it.”

The moment these words came out, the participants howled in unison. “Ahhhh, I love you to death!”

Zhao Dong said, “Can you do it alone? I’ll join you.”

Therefore, the other participants started to eat, drink, and make jokes. Xue Xiao and Zhao Dong each took ten skewers and started to grill patiently.

The cameraman moved over, and the camera focused on the two of them.

The charcoal was just right. Once the skewers were grilled, the meat sizzled and smoked.

Xue Xiao’s technique was extremely skillful.

He put the skewers down and waited until the sizzling sound and aroma were enough to make people restless. Then he turned them over.

Once both sides changed color lightly, he started to sprinkle various seasoning powders. Then the aroma doubled.

The cameraman was filming the faces of the two people at first. But then the camera unknowingly focused on the food. The eyes behind the machine were full of longing.

Zhao Dong was surprised. “Xiao, why are you so skilled? Did you sell barbecue before?”

“Of course not.” Xue Xiao couldn’t help laughing. “My mother taught me how to cook since I was a child. Over time, I have made everything, so I have experience in everything.”

Zhao Dong joked. “Then your future wife is blessed. Her husband is gentle, considerate and a great chef.”

Xue Xiao suddenly blushed. “Brother Zhao, don’t joke with me…”

“Tsk tsk, you are blushing. Could it be that you have never been in love?”

Xue Xiao shook his head slightly.

“Really? Come on, come on, the cameraman is here. Look at how handsome our big baby is. Look at how good he is at barbecue. This beef—”

Xue Xiao was ridiculed by Zhao Dong so much that he blushed. Then suddenly, a hand was inserted between the two of them.

A casual and cold voice was heard.

“Is it cooked? Let me try it.”

Zhao Dong was frightened, but Xue Xiao saw the strong and slender arms and felt the familiar breath behind him. His body reacted before his brain, and he quickly handed over a skewer that was grilled the best. It also had the most chili powder sprinkled on it. “Eat this skewer!”

The man behind him chuckled. “Okay.”

Xue Xiao only turned around at this time.

Shen Tingyan was standing one step behind him, tall as if to envelop him entirely.

The man with one hand in his pocket was casual and elegant. Today, he was wearing a foggy blue shirt. The low-key and luxurious color made him look like a noble son from a famous family.

No. Xue Xiao pursed his lips and corrected it with a smile. It wasn’t ‘like.’

This man originally came from a celebrity family. His noble temperament was cultivated from an early age, and his ability to remain calm was also cultivated from an early age.

‘Luxury’ was something engraved in his bones.

Shen Tingyan’s posture when eating the skewers was very elegant. Others had their mouths full of powder and always sprinkled it all over, but Shen Tingyan could eat it cleanly. This was very eye-catching.

Zhao Dong saw the blood-red skewers and thought that Xue Xiao was being bold and playing tricks. The corners of his mouth twitched, and he asked, “Teacher Shen, are you okay?”

“It’s okay.” Shen Tingyan finished eating slowly, took out a tissue, and wiped his mouth. He said, “I like spicy food. He knows this.”

He glanced at Xue Xiao when he said these last words.

Xue Xiao’s ears instantly burned.

He really knew it before handing this skewer over…

Although Shen Tingyan never told him…

Zhao Dong understood. “Yes, Xiao Xiao is Teacher Shen’s brainless fan.”

Xue Xiao forced out a low voice, “I’m not a brainless fan…”

“Yes yes yes.” Zhao Dong and Shen Tingyan were both laughing.

Xue Xiao was forced to turn around and continue to grill the skewers seriously. He pretended that he didn’t hear anything.

He really wasn’t a brainless fan before!

He was Shen Tingyan’s career fan, the type who only paid attention to his works and not his life.

It was only recently that he started to abnormally search the Internet for things about Shen Tingyan, wanting to know more and get closer.

Xue Xiao always felt that he was in a bad state, but every time he wanted to wake up, Shen Tingyan’s indulgent attitude made him dizzy again and fall back into the pit of a brainless fan.

Then he learned more and more and liked this person more and more.

For Xue Xiao, the word ‘like’ seemed to mean less and less than what it originally meant.

Shen Tingyan arrived with Su Shijin and the others. The four mentors and a group of staff rushed into the venue, making the place even more crowded.

Unknowingly, Zhao Dong was pulled away. It became Shen Tingyan who was grilling skewers with Xue Xiao.

Xue Xiao paid attention to Shen Tingyan’s face and said worriedly, “Teacher Shen, do you want to go play with them? It is too hot here.”

Shen Tingyan said calmly, “Can you handle this group of people alone? All of them have appetites as big as pigs.”

Xue Xiao choked up and glanced at the cameraman. The cameraman took two steps back, gave a thumbs up, and said, “Don’t worry. What should be cut off will be cut off!”

Xue Xiao sighed with relief.

Then he started looking around.

A person’s physique couldn’t change overnight. Shen Tingyan stayed here out of kindness to help him with the barbecue task. Xue Xiao felt very sweet in his heart. However, he was really afraid that this place would heat this man to death.

After seeing a small fan, he took it and started to send wind to Shen Tingyan.

The fan shook and shook.

The smoke was immediately driven in the other direction. The breeze brought some refreshment.

Shen Tingyan’s irritability was dispelled a bit. He narrowed his eyes slightly in comfort.

Then he turned his face sideways and looked at the young man beside him with dark eyes.

It was clear that he was already hot, and his face was red, but Xue Xiao only cared about him.

It was always so.

Shen Tingyan had seen people who were gentle by nature in the past, but the feeling that Xue Xiao gave him was always particularly special.

This person’s gentleness wasn’t a blind, foolish tenderness.

Be polite to bad people when he should be polite, and stay away when he should stay away. His tenderness was only given to certain people. Once he confirmed that this person was worthy, he had no reservations. He opened his heart and was pure without any impurities.

This gentleness, even quietness, was difficult to detect if one didn’t take the initiative to pay attention.

At the very least, he should ask for something in return.

Shen Tingyan thought to himself.

Xue Xiao had just finished cooking a round of skewers when the fan was unexpectedly taken from his hand.

Looking back, Shen Tingyan had already started fanning himself.

He fanned toward Xue Xiao’s place. The wind blew away Xue Xiao’s forehead hair.

“Teacher Shen, let me do it!”Xue Xiao said quickly.

“Cook your own. Don’t come and grab it.” Shen Tingyan stared at him and stopped Xue Xiao in his tracks with just one sentence.

Xue Xiao stopped talking.

“Xue Xiao, do you take care of me as your son?” Shen Tingyan started talking to him. “What role are you? My mother? My father?”

Xue Xiao: “!”

He was about to talk back.

Shen Tingyan smiled and wondered, “Or my wife?”

Xue Xiao was stunned.

He hadn’t expected these words to pop out of Shen Tingyan’s mouth. His face instantly turned red, and he shouted in panic and shame, “…Teacher Shen!”

What ‘wife’?

The cameraman was so frightened that he retreated four to five meters.

He didn’t hear anything. He shouldn’t record the stuff that couldn’t be broadcasted, or he would have to go back and edit it!

On the other side, Shen Tingyan felt a bit itchy in his heart. His eyes darkened when he saw Xue Xiao’s reaction, who was so embarrassed that he couldn’t move his hands and feet.

How could he have not realized it before?

There was a reason why he liked to tease this little light bulb.

It was only at this moment that he had to admit that the comments made by the people around him since he was a child were indeed correct.

He was terrible.

He tilted his head and curled up his lips. “Xue Xiao, the next time you really want to scold someone, remember not to shout ‘Teacher’. It sounds more spoiled.”

Xue Xiao’s eyes widened.

Shen Tingyan’s words were clearly transmitted to his ears. “If you really want to scold me, call my name directly next time.”

“Call me Shen Tingyan.”

Xue Xiao froze in place and watched him in a motionless manner.

Shen Tingyan ‘kindly’ finished the suggestion. He fanned the wind all at once, waiting for Xue Xiao in a good mood.

He waited and waited until Xue Xiao seemed to slowly come to his senses and opened his mouth. Shen Tingyan was ready, only to hear, “…I won’t call it.”

The fan stopped.

Shen Tingyan stared at him.

Xue Xiao blushed and went back to the barbecue. “You just want me to call you like this.”

The little light bulb understood Shen Tingyan’s routine very well, and he muttered, “In any case, even if I have to call you that, I won’t call you it now.”

Shen Tingyan: “……”

He asked coolly, “Oh, when will you call it?”

Xue Xiao thought for a while. “In the future.”

“When will it be in the future?”

Xue Xiao found that Shen Tingyan was quite good at pestering people.

He pursed his lips and smiled. “Maybe in the future when I play a small role and run into you in your crew, Teacher Shen?”

He didn’t think much when he said this. It was just to quarrel with Shen Tingyan.

Shen Tingyan spoke without restraint, and Xue Xiao gradually became like this.

But Shen Tingyan, who was standing beside him, said calmly, “Do you think you will go back to playing a small role in the future?”

“Xue Xiao, you have already thought about encountering my crew. Why don’t you think about the possibility of meeting me in the crew as the protagonist in the future?”

Xue Xiao stopped.

He looked at Shen Tingyan again in a daze.

The man leaned back and said, “Your life won’t go downwards any longer.”

“So there is no need to look down. Just look up at the sky.”


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