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Studio Superstar: Chapter 51 Part 2

Dou Mingjian and Chang Yun got off to a good start, so Xue Xiao was a lot more relieved.

However, there were always high and low rankings. The competition was cruel. It was impossible for all of them to successfully jump to high positions.

They had improved a lot compared to before, and they had done their best to perform but—

Jiang Lianlian acted in the second group and got 996 votes.

Jin Xiaochen and Huang Xiaolin were both in Guan Ruoying’s group this time. They acted in the third group, with the former getting 1,145 votes and the latter getting 786 votes.

Huang Xiaolin smiled bitterly.

He was currently at the bottom.

Xue Xiao’s face tensed up again.

Zhao Dong and Gu Ling were both in Su Shijin’s other group. The former acted steadily and got 1,789 votes. The latter… this time, he only got 1,002 points!

Xue Xiao was stunned.

He hadn’t felt any problems when Gu Ling performed, but the number 1,002 was ranked seventh from the bottom among the 16 participants who had appeared on the stage now. It was a very dangerous position.

If the distribution of votes in the afternoon half was similar to the current one, there was even a certain chance Gu Ling would be eliminated…

How could this be?

In the mentor seats, Su Shijin’s face was very calm. It was as if she had already expected this result.

At the end of the morning’s recording, everyone ate in the cafeteria.

They wanted to comfort Gu Ling, but Gu Ling was in a good state of mind and seemed to need no comfort at all.

Xue Xiao was a bit hesitant. Gu Ling saw it. Once he returned to the large studio, he took the initiative to say to Xue Xiao, “Do you want to ask why I acted like that?”

Xue Xiao didn’t want to ask so bluntly…

The mentors didn’t comment much on Gu Ling just now. Therefore, he never understood what Gu Ling’s problem was.

If the repertoire this time wasn’t suitable then perhaps Gu Ling could return to his normal level next time.

But if there was really a problem with Gu Ling’s acting then… the problem inside might be very serious.

Xue Xiao was really a bit worried.

Gu Ling looked at him and a warm color appeared in his eyes.

“Didn’t Teacher Guan say before that I am an instinctive actor? Once the role I choose isn’t suitable for me, it will be difficult to overcome obstacles. This time, she was completely right.”

He said calmly, “I tried to abandon the way of interpreting characters by intuition, but I couldn’t fully adapt to it. It didn’t feel comfortable acting. Rational thinking makes me unable to feel the characters. If I have to face this situation all the time in the future, acting might not seem so interesting.”

Xue Xiao was taken aback.

“Don’t be so surprised. Not everyone who can act is suitable for acting. It is also good to have an opportunity to recognize this.”

Xue Xiao was silent for a moment before asking, “Then in the future, you…”

“Let’s talk about it later.” Gu Ling looked down at him. “At least when I’m still on the show, I will do my best to give it another try to stay for one more round… just stay for one more round.”

Old Gao knew that Zhang Chengyu was Xue Xiao’s relative and friend, so he specially opened the back door for him so he could enter backstage.

The moment Zhang Chengyu entered backstage, he bumped into Shen Tingyan first.

The man was smoking a cigarette at the end of the deserted corridor. He seemed a bit surprised when he saw Zhang Chengyu before nodding slightly at him.

Zhang Chengyu was flattered.


When Xue Xiao found Zhang Chengyu, what he saw was the sight of the two men standing together outside the window and smoking.

Shen Tingyan turned around and saw Xue Xiao’s worried face. He frowned and asked, “What’s going on?”

“…I’m fine.” Xue Xiao shook his head, a bit listless.

Zhang Chengyu also frowned. “Your face has collapsed like this but you still say you are fine. You aren’t unwell, are you?”

Xue Xiao’s shoulders drooped and he shook his head.

Shen Tingyan stared at him with some understanding. He narrowed his eyes and asked, “Are you worried about your good friends?”

Xue Xiao pursed his lips.

“Xue Xiao, it is normal in competitions to be promoted and eliminated. They themselves must’ve been mentally prepared for a long time.” Seeing Xue Xiao’s little head hanging even lower, Shen Tingyan was stunned for a moment before forcibly changing his tone. “…Not to mention that half the people haven’t even performed yet. No one knows what the outcome will be.”

“You are so miserable right now. What about when you need to act later?”

Xue Xiao had been at the Nanhe Film and Television City for over a year. He watched so many people come and go. In fact, he had long been accustomed to, ‘there is no feast that lasts forever.’

It was just that at this time, his mood was inevitably melancholy.

Shen Tingyan smoked his cigarette and his voice softened. “Come here.”

Xue Xiao dragged his steps and walked over slowly.

Shen Tingyan raised a hand and put it on his head. “Act out your own story first, you know.”

Xue Xiao’s eyelashes fluttered and he nodded slowly.

“This show isn’t all you have. It is definitely better to stay as long as possible, but if you really leave the show, you can still reunite in other crews,” Shen Tingyan said. “Xue Xiao, as long as you are willing, the feast won’t end.”

Xue Xiao trembled.

He raised his eyes and looked at the man with mixed feelings.

Then he took a deep breath and nodded heavily. “Yes.”

The truth was understood, but sometimes emotions needed to be buffered.

Shen Tingyan’s words smashed into his heart, paving a place for him to settle down.

On the side, Zhang Chengyu was shocked again. He watched the interaction between the two people quietly like a chicken…

After that, Xue Xiao stayed for a while before being called away. Feng Wei wanted to check their makeup again.

He hurriedly left with a sentence to Zhang Chengyu, “Master, see you in the evening.” Then he turned to leave.

Zhang Chengyu smoked a cigarette and sighed. “I really didn’t expect this child to be so familiar with you, Teacher Shen.”

To this day, he found it incredible.

Shen Tingyan smiled slightly and lit another cigarette.

He had an easy-going attitude. Zhang Chengyu was also bold and dared to chatter a little bit,” He has a cheerful personality, but he isn’t the type who dares to go in front of other people casually. I thought before that he might be a bit shy when seeing you on the show. That is why I am really surprised to see you so close now.”

Shen Tingyan said, “He should have a lot of friends.”

“Yes, but everyone is attracted to him. How to say, there is an attraction in his kid. Everyone likes to make friends with him.”

Shen Tingyan agreed with this.

The little light bulb was like a little sun. There were many people in the show who liked to spin around him.

He wanted to know more about Xue Xiao’s past. He had called Zhang Chengyu over just now for this. Therefore, he casually started a conversation. “You have known him for over a year?”

Zhang Chengyu took the opportunity to open up the conversation. “Yes, he met me as soon as he went to Nanhe Film and Television City. We lived upstairs and downstairs in the same building.”

“At that time, he didn’t understand anything. He was confused but he dared to come to me directly.”

Shen Tingyan also smiled. “It is his style.”

He could almost imagine the innocent and rampant look on that guy’s face.

“The first time we acted as a corpse, I told him that it was very unlucky. He said he would get a red envelope to play a corpse. I said it was only one yuan. He said that he still wanted to take it.”

“Don’t look at his blushing face. He is really thick-skinned. At that time, some people laughed at him for acting as an extra and studying how to act for a long time. But he didn’t care. He wasn’t affected at all. He studied what he needed to study and when he needed to study it.”

“It is just like when he took the red envelope of one yuan. He doesn’t care what others think of him.”

“Someone poured cold water on him, saying that among the 10,000 extras, only one or two can rise up in the end. How could it be his turn? Hey, he just wondered why couldn’t that person be him.”

“Some people think he is arrogant but he actually doesn’t like to deny himself easily. His mentality is really super positive. I’ve never seen anyone sunnier than him.”

“So at that time, in our group of non-professional extras, he was the fastest to be admitted to a special actor.”

Zhang Chengyu chattered a lot, and Shen Tingyan listened quietly.

How did Xue Xiao steal a lesson on the set? The first time he received a role with lines, he was so happy that he pulled me to act with him until dawn. He was a bit ashamed to be criticized by the director, but his attitude was very serious. Since he was so serious, the director later favored him…

One after another, piece by piece.

One wasn’t too tired to speak, and the other wasn’t too tired to listen.

“…I am already 45 years old this year. I’m not married, and I don’t have any children. I treat him as my own child. I’m really happy to see that he is out now.”

“—His career has improved and his relationship has also settled.”

Shen Tingyan had originally lowered his eyes and smoked while listening. There was a soft color in his eyes that wasn’t easily detected by others.

Hearing the latter sentence, his movement stopped abruptly.

Zhang Chengyu felt that what he said wasn’t quite right, so he hurriedly corrected himself. “Haha, it isn’t that it is settled. In any case, at least this kid has finally opened his heart. This is a good thing.”

“—Does he have someone he likes?”

The man next to him suddenly spoke, voice very hoarse.

Zhang Chengyu was slightly stunned. His heart jumped and he subconsciously turned his head.

He didn’t know when but Shen Tingyan was staring at him. The cigarette in his hand was about to burn out without him noticing.

Shen Tingyan asked slowly, “What did he tell you?”

Zhang Chengyu didn’t understand why Shen Tingyan’s attitude was suddenly a bit strange.

He hesitated. “…Well, he told me yesterday that he has a girl he likes, but he didn’t tell me who she was.”

He has a girl he likes.

The scorching soot silently fell on his fingers.

Shen Tingyan didn’t seem to feel anything.


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