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Studio Superstar: Chapter 50

Regarding the copyright matter, Shen Tingyan finally asked Fang Lei to add Xue Xiao’s WeChat account to discuss it.

Before leaving the classroom that day, Xue Xiao said with a serious face, “Teacher Shen, if you like this story then just take it and film it. You don’t have to give me the copyright fee.”

Shen Tingyan laughed. “Isn’t that taking advantage of you?”

Xue Xiao blushed.

There was something he only mentioned now.

Previously, a small film and television came to him to talk about the copyright of this novel. Perhaps they saw that this novel was unpopular, but the price they gave was very cheap.

Xue Xiao didn’t sell it in the end, but it wasn’t because he didn’t think the money wasn’t enough.

He actually didn’t care about the money at all. The most important reason was that he went back to check the company on the Internet. They had only made two small online dramas in the past three years and the quality was very. They obviously didn’t take the film and television industry seriously at all.

Xue Xiao said that if his novel was going to be made into a film, he naturally wanted to give it to someone who was serious about filming.

He trusted Shen Tingyan very much. It would be really good if this novel could be handed over to Shen Tingyan for filming!

Xue Xiao was willing to give him the copyright directly as a gift!

Shen Tingyan heard these words and stared deeply at Xue Xiao. Finally, he gently pressed down on Xue Xiao’s head. “I will film this novel well. For the copyright fee, you can take it.”

At this moment, he still wasn’t sure whether Xue Xiao’s liking was simply the liking of a fan to an idol, or whether it was more ambiguous and complicated.

But this little light bulb almost cut out his heart for Shen Tingyan. Shen Tingyan understood it.

He thought that based on the stupid energy of this little light bulb, he should remind Fang Lei not to engage in any crooked bargaining tricks.

The person who wrote this story with all his heart had given his heart to the person in front of him—Shen Tingyan would give him everything he deserved.

After this day, Xue Xiao no longer hid from Shen Tingyan.

As for why he wanted to hide previously, the two of them tacitly didn’t talk about it for some reasons.

Meanwhile, the rehearsal for the third round of the competition began.

The third round was a big one.

The small studio had changed to the large studio and the number of live audience members increased from 1,000 to 2,000.

Xue Xiao said that the most fortunate thing this time was that Zhang Chengyu grabbed an on-site ticket and was coming to see him act!

At the end of the rehearsal on the first day, Xue Xiao informed the staff and left the camp.

He and Zhang Chengyu met at a landmark near the camp. The master and apprentice reunited after a month. Xue Xiao jumped over excitedly and gave the other person a big hug!

Zhang Chengyu laughed and patted him. “What’s the matter? You are so light. Is it so hard to shoot?”

Xue Xiao replied, “I was hungry for a few days due to the repertoire of the second round. I am slowly making up for it now!”

Zhang Chengyu couldn’t be clearer about how hard Xue Xiao could fight for every performance.

He rubbed Xue Xiao’s head and advised, “You should pay attention to your health. Don’t break your body for filming, otherwise it will be a shame if you can’t film when you become a big star in the future!”

Xue Xiao’s eyes curved and he replied obediently, “I understand, Master.”

The two of them found a small restaurant.

Xue Xiao ordered some special dishes from Hu City as a treat. Before the dishes were served, the two of them chatted.

Zhang Chengyu actually wanted to come to the scene for the first two rounds. Unfortunately, he couldn’t grab tickets. It was only once the show’s staff raised the number of tickets to 2,000 that he grabbed the opportunity.

“Your show seems to be popular now, and you are also popular, Xiao,” Zhang Chengyu said happily. “I see that your Weibo fans have risen to 300,000 and someone has built a super talk for you.”

Xue Xiao’s eyes instantly widened. “Really?”

He hadn’t known about this!

Zhang Chengyu immediately took out his phone and went to the super talk to show Xue Xiao.

There seemed to be more than 1,000 ‘school beauties’ in the super talk.’

‘School (Xiao)’ was the homophone of ‘Xiao (Laugh, which is the character for Xue Xiao’s name). ‘School beauties’ was the name that Xue Xiao’s fans gave themselves.

There was a host for the super talk but the support club hadn’t been established yet. The big reason was that Xue Xiao didn’t have a company now and no one would take the lead in contacting the big faces. Therefore, this super talk was lively but it was in a very ‘wild’ state.

Speaking of this, Zhang Chengyu hurriedly asked, “Has any entertainment company contacted you yet?”

No matter how popular he was in the show, signing with a company was actually the first priority.

Otherwise, it didn’t matter how popular he was once the show ended. He would only slowly fade away until he withdrew from the audience’s field of view. Once again, there would be ‘no such person.’

Zhang Chengyu didn’t want Xue Xiao to return to Nanhe Film And Television City to be an extra like them.

He felt that Xue Xiao should be popular and deserved to be popular.

This hard-working little guy should be on a smooth path.

Xue Xiao was quite calm about this. He shook his head and explained, “Only two episodes have aired. Generally, no company will contact me so quickly. I have to wait and see. However, I heard from a brother in the dormitory that once the third round of the competition is over, a company under Guantian might come over and select a few people to discuss signing contracts.”

Zhao Dong and Jin Xiaochen had inadvertently inquired about this matter last night.

In fact, they knew that since Guantian was running this show, they would definitely eat the first wave of profits.

Zhang Chengyu’s eyes lit up. “That’s good, that’s good. If they want to sign people, they must pick the top few people to sign. You should be very promising?”

“No one can say for sure until that time. Ah, the dishes are here. Master, let’s eat!”


During the year when Xue Xiao was wandering around the Nanhe Film and Television City, it was Zhang Chengyu who took care of him and supported him.

This man who was 20 years older than him was like a father and a brother. Xue Xiao was really happy to have such a meal with Zhang Chengyu before the third round.

They drank a bit more wine. Xue Xiao’s drinking capacity wasn’t very good, so the two of them didn’t order much. Still, Xue Xiao was a bit drunk after a bottle of beer.

He listened to Zhang Chengyu talk about the brothers and sisters in the film and television city. Someone finally got a role with lines and was so excited that they couldn’t sleep at night. Someone else went to join a crew and wouldn’t be back until a week later. Another person gave up on this road completely, threw away his actor certificate, and planned to go back to his hometown in a few days.

Xue Xiao listened carefully, happy and sad.

“What about you? Is there anything happy on your side?”

Xue Xiao spoke with a smile. He talked about Chang Yun and Jiang Lianlian, and his other good friends. The assistant director Old Gao, oh, he was now the chief director, was cute and had no airs. The mentors Su Shijin, Feng Wei, and Guan Ruoying were also different from what he originally imagined. Su Shijin was super funny, Guan Ruoying had a cute personality, Director Feng was stern but very easygoing…

And Shen Tingyan.

His favorite Shen Tingyan.

The moment Xue Xiao started talking about this man, he opened his mouth and couldn’t say anything.

Zhang Chengyu asked jokingly, “Why are you silent when you get to your favorite Teacher Shen?”

Xue Xiao lowered his eyes. The ends of his eyes were smeared with a peach color.

It was because he liked Shen Tingyan. It was no longer the simple liking he used to have.

He suddenly became a bit unsure about what to say about this man. It was as if no amount of beautiful words were enough to describe the man.

Xue Xiao’s thoughts were triggered by alcohol, and they fluctuated a bit.

He was thinking hard when he suddenly remembered another thing. He said with some distress, “Master, my mother sent me a WeChat message yesterday to ask when I would be able to return to my hometown after the recording ends. I always feel that she wants to set up a blind date for me.”

Zhang Chengyu barely kept up with Xue Xiao’s brain circuits. He burst out laughing when he heard this. “Why? You just started to get a bit popular, and there are people in your hometown who can’t wait?”

“She said that her good sister watched the show and liked me very much…”

Zhang Chengyu shook his head. “Your career has just started. It isn’t good to fall in love at this time.”

Xue Xiao shook his head. “I don’t really care about this. I’m an actor. Love is just like friendship and family. After experiencing it, I can understand better things and play better roles. I think fans should be able to understand. But…”

Zhang Chengyu also thought it made sense when he heard it. Then Xue Xiao stopped talking, and he couldn’t help asking, “But what?”

The young man in front of him lowered his head and whispered, “…I already have someone I like.”

Zhang Chengyu was taken aback. “Who?”

He hadn’t heard this a month ago. Was it someone on the show? A female participant?

Xue Xiao stopped talking.

Zhang Chengyu was curious. “Xiao?”

Xue Xiao muttered drunkenly, “…It is a secret. I can’t say it yet, Master.”

Zhang Chengyu was stunned before smiling.

Yes, people who had spring in their hearts had their own little secrets. He wouldn’t explore it more.

“Hey, I just don’t know how to refuse my mother…”

“Just say that there is someone you like. What else is there to say?”

“Then my mother will definitely try to get to the bottom of it…”

“Just deal with it and say that once you are really in a relationship, you will definitely take the girl home to meet her,” Zhang Chengyu said indifferently. “You aren’t in a relationship yet. What is the use of your mother knowing who it is now? She can’t chase the girl for you from such a long distance.”

Xue Xiao stared blankly. After a while, he nodded and said, “Yes, that’s right!”

Although it wasn’t a ‘girl’ at all, and it was impossible for Xue Xiao to really catch the other person, he would use this method to deal with his mother first!

Shen Tingyan’s rehearsal time for his two groups was still arranged in the evening.

At 7 o’clock in the evening, he arrived at the large studio. He pretended to glance around casually but didn’t see Xue Xiao.

Once he got to the group with Dou Mingjian and Chang Yun, he heard that this little guy’s master had arrived here tonight, and the two of them went out to eat.


Shen Tingyan thought on this word. He felt a bit amused, but it didn’t seem that surprising.

Based on the personality of the little light bulb, he would indeed be very active in apprenticeship.

At nearly midnight, the rehearsal ended, and he strode alone to the parking lot at the entrance of the camp. The moment he took out his car keys, he saw two people crossing the main street and couldn’t help raising an eyebrow.

…It was just that the state of these two people was really quite distorted.

The young man in a white t-shirt and jeans looked like a sack. It seemed he wanted to lie on the ground as soon as he walked.

The middle-aged man who was holding him struggled to grab his arm and lift him up, but the other person refused to cooperate. He only half-crossed the road, so he anxiously paid attention to the vehicles in front of and behind. He kept wiping his sweat.

Shen Tingyan changed his direction and walked over.


Zhang Chengyu was almost desperate. He never expected that Xue Xiao could get so drunk after just two bottles after not drinking for a month.

He had crossed half the road and couldn’t go back. He sighed. “Xiao, don’t drink with unfamiliar people in the future or you won’t know when they sell you while drunk!”

Xue Xiao was dizzy, but he could still answer, “…How could I not know? I know, Master. You are taking me back… back to the camp! I can go!”

He jerked to his feet.

Zhang Chengyu was about to witness a miracle in the world. In the next second, Xue Xiao couldn’t hold himself any longer and fell forward softly.

Zhang Chengyu had a headache. He sighed again and stretched out his hand, ready to help. However, a figure walked over quickly at this time and grabbed the person for him.

He looked up and saw the person clearly. His eyes instantly widened. He was stunned and turned into a stone statue.

Shen Tingyan didn’t care about his gaze at all.

He grabbed Xue Xiao’s waist and lifted the person up.

Xue Xiao collapsed limply in his arms. It wasn’t known if he saw clearly that it was Shen Tingyan. In any case, after being picked up, he pressed his face to Shen Tingyan’s chest. He was obedient, well-behaved, and very quiet.

Shen Tingyan’s eyes softened.

He raised his eyes to look at Zhang Chengyu, “Are you his master?”

Zhang Chengyu said stupidly, “H-H-Hello, my name is Zhang Chengyu…”

“Hello.” Shen Tingyan asked, “How much did he have to drink?”

Zhang Chengyu was still sluggish. “Not much. He didn’t drink well before, but he used to be able to drink four bottles of beer. Today, he just drank two bottles and was like this…”

Shen Tingyan was surprised and laughed after hearing this.

Only two bottles? Of beer?

With this drinking capacity, the little light bulb dared to drink?

“Xue Xiao,” he said in a low voice. “Aren’t you too bold? Aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to attend the rehearsal tomorrow?”

The young man buried in his arms didn’t look up. It wasn’t known if he heard the words clearly, but Xue Xiao only slightly scratched at his shirt.

The moment Zhang Chengyu heard this, he quickly explained to Xue Xiao, “No no, although this guy easily gets drunk, he wakes up very quickly! Tomorrow’s rehearsal definitely won’t be delayed. Hey, blame me. I shouldn’t have let him drink. He really can’t stand it. I caused you trouble!”

Shen Tingyan was just talking casually. He didn’t really mean to accuse him. Seeing Zhang Chengyu so panicked, he said calmly, “It’s okay. There is no need to apologize.”

Zhang Chengyu said angrily, “T-Then how about I help him in…? C-Can I go in?”

“The program team has strict management on personnel entering and exiting. I will help him in.”

“Is this too much trouble…?”

“No.” Shen Tingyan nodded at him. “You stay in a hotel. Go back and rest early. I’ll take care of him.”

Shen Tingyan said so. Zhang Chengyu had no choice but to nod stupidly. “Oh, okay…”

The man in front of him didn’t say a word. He turned around with Xue Xiao in his arms, crossed the remaining half of the road, and walked toward the camp.

It wasn’t known if it was because Xue Xiao ran out of strength and couldn’t struggle any longer, or if it was some other reason, but they crossed the road very smoothly.

Zhang Chengyu stood in place, and his mind didn’t return for a long time.

He always had a subtle feeling.

…Was the posture of these two people too intimate?

He supported Xue Xiao with an arm around his shoulder, but Shen Tingyan almost… carried Xue Xiao across the road.

Xue Xiao was drunk but Shen Tingyan…

It was possible that this man didn’t have any airs.

Zhang Chengyu was still slightly shocked.

He originally thought that Shen Tingyan would be the most difficult person to get close to among the four mentors. He hadn’t expected the other person to be so arrogant.

No matter how he looked at it, Xue Xiao and Shen Tingyan seemed to have become very close…

Why didn’t Xue Xiao mention it at all when they were eating just now?

It was amazing.

Xiao… successfully chased a star?


The night breeze was blowing.

It was almost July, and the temperature had reached the point where it didn’t even drop at night.

It was obviously midnight, but it was still 35 degrees.

Shen Tingyan didn’t feel hot at all.

He didn’t have the slightest impatience. His heart was surprisingly calm and peaceful as he walked to the participants’ dormitory.

They passed by a street lamp, and the shadows of the two of them skipped the light, walked into the darkness, and then walked from the darkness into the light.

The young man in his arms dragged his feet. It wasn’t known if he was walking by himself or if he was simply dragged by Shen Tingyan. Xue Xiao was silent, without saying a word.

“Xue Xiao, drink less in the future, do you know?”

“You usually look pretty smart. Why are you so stupid when drunk?”

Shen Tingyan muttered to himself.

He sneered. “If you are sold, you have to count the money of the other person.”

Xue Xiao’s footsteps staggered, and he fell forward.

Shen Tingyan picked him up again and asked with a smile, “Why? Are you not satisfied with me saying this about you?”

The young man still lowered his head and leaned into Shen Tingyan’s arms.

Shen Tingyan suddenly had the feeling that he was fiddling with a large doll.

He looked down at Xue Xiao and asked softly, “Are you so happy to see your master?”

“You actually found someone to become your master,” Shen Tingyan whispered, “Why are you so cute?”

The young man with his head lowered was silent, as if he hadn’t heard anything. He had fallen into a half-asleep and half-awake state.

Shen Tingyan continued to lead him forward.

It took nearly 20 minutes to walk this short path.

After receiving the news, Old Gao rushed to the bottom of the participants’ dormitory. He took Xue Xiao and said in shock, “Why is he so drunk? He isn’t such a senseless person—”

“Okay, don’t criticize him. He was just happy to see his master. Their group’s rehearsal is tomorrow in the evening, so nothing will hinder it.” Shen Tingyan put his hands in his pocket. “Take him up. Don’t throw him to the ground.”

“Don’t worry, I can still hold such a light person.” Old Gao immediately grabbed Xue Xiao’s arm.

Shen Tingyan said again, “Remember to put him in bed before leaving.”

“I know.” Old Gao looked at him strangely. “Why are you so verbose all of a sudden?”

Shen Tingyan’s eyes narrowed.

Old Gao immediately turned around and walked inside without saying a word.

Shen Tingyan didn’t leave immediately.

He stood quietly in the night, tilting his head. He waited and waited until a light came on in one of the bedrooms.

He thought that he never had such good patience in his life.

It seemed like it could never run out.

However, it felt surprisingly good.


In the dormitory, Old Gao put the person on the bed and left.

Once the door closed, Zhao Dong, Gu Long, and Chang Yun confirmed that Xue Xiao was asleep. Then they turned off the lights and went back to their beds.

In the darkness, the bedroom was silent. Soon, snoring sounds were heard.

Xue Xiao finally moved.

He slowly rolled over and lay on his side facing the wall. He closed his eyes and quietly hugged the quilt.

No one noticed the red color on his face, and no one heard his violent heartbeat.


Once the last day of rehearsal ended tomorrow, they would usher in the middle and late stages of the competition.

They were all looking forward to the arrival of that grand show.

On July 1st, the third round officially began.


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