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Studio Superstar: Chapter 53 Part 3

The screen was dark.

As the screen lit up again, the audience couldn’t help taking a deep breath. They felt as if their souls had been hollowed out.

Before they knew it, their palms were sweaty.

They glued their eyes to the big screen, wondering how the story would play out next.

Was 3214’s memory really gone?

It was a short drama that was only 10 minutes long. Why was the plot so complicated?

Their hearts were pounding.

In the camera, Lu Ning was alone again. Everything seemed to have returned to the beginning of the play.

But it was different.

This time, Lu Ning faced the camera and supported his forehead with his hands from the beginning.

His hair had become messier than before and he looked more decadent than before.

He lowered his head and spoke with obvious drunkenness and depression in his voice. “…I am your master, Lu Ning.”


He fell silent after this simple self-introduction.

Then he said, “…From today on, don’t disturb me. Other than that, you can do whatever you want.”

He got up, seemingly extremely tired. Then he shuffled out.

The camera turned.

The beautiful robot sat on the same chair as the beginning of the play and calmly watched Lu Ning leave.

He didn’t seem interested in finding out the reason for his master’s disappearance. He soon started to look around the room.

This look showed that it was obviously the first time he had come into contact with this place. There was a sense of strangeness.

He really lost his memory.

The audience was as lost and confused as Lu Ning. Yet unexpectedly, the moment when 3214’s eyes inadvertently glanced at the photo placed on the TV cabinet, his whole body suddenly trembled.

At this moment—

The color of his eyes changed dramatically.

It was from calm with no fluctuations to the violent trembling of water.

The audience was shocked.

3214’s eyes started to become complicated and his expression was painful. He closed his eyes forcefully like his body had been hit hard by an invisible force. As he was trying his best to adapt to the oppression and pain caused by this powerful force, even his sitting posture changed. There was a moment of distortion.

What happened?

Before the audience could react, two or three seconds passed and 3214 quickly calmed down. He slowly exhaled.

Once he opened his eyes again, they were noticeably sharper. He got up and quickly chased after Lu Ning.

There were cries from the audience.

This look was obviously the same 3214 as before!

He didn’t have amnesia?

No, his memory seemed to have come back when he saw that photo!

What was going on?

The audience quickly thought back and realized it. They remembered what 3214 had said to the repairman before!

“But AI can learn to be smarter than humans.”

This sentence was foreshadowing?

The audience was shocked. When 3214 realized that the repairman had seen through his lie, had he already guessed that those two people would choose to erase his memory.

But how did he fight back?

By the way, 3214 had closed his eyes after putting on his clothes at that time.

In the setting of this place, the AI’s senses and thinking could affect his programming input. In other words, as long as 3214 ‘thought’ about it, he could manipulate his own embedded program.

In that short moment, he had already left a trump card. He hid his memory, hiding it from the repairman and interviewer.

He used this photo carrying the love between Lu Ning and his wife as the memory trigger. As long as he saw the photo, the memories he had hidden could be released instantly.

In the mentor seats, Su Shijin and Guan Ruoying could no longer describe it in words.

Aside from the plot setting, Xue Xiao’s acting ability was too strong!

The short, silent but drastic changes weren’t so easy to perform. Once they weren’t performing well, they could make the audience feel like they were in a fog.

After all, this wasn’t a real studio. There was no opportunity for the actors to try it one by one. There was also no suitable soundtrack and excellent special effects to assist the actors in expressing the plot and emotions.

Yet in just a few seconds, Xue used his acting skills to perform such a drastic change.

The old fox Feng Wei was here, smiling and paying attention to the reaction of the audience. He was still in the mood to drink tea.

Shen Tingyan changed his sitting position.

His breathing was heavy, his hands were tense and his eyes were deep.

He knew Feng Wei’s style very well.

Once the emotions were pushed up, this old fox would no longer let the audience’s emotions fall.

Once that wave came, it would only get higher and higher.

On the big screen, just when everyone thought that the climax would be when 3214 recalled his memories, an even more unexpected plot appeared!

3214 chased and caught up with Lu Ning. He grabbed Lu Ning’s hand and said, “Master, it is me.”

Lu Ning inexplicably stopped. “What?”

“It is me. My memory is back.” 3214’s voice was soft as if trying to reassure him. “I didn’t disappear.”

He didn’t disappear like Lu Ning’s wife, leaving him.

Lu Ning was stunned. “You…”

He immediately shook off 3214’s hand. He took a step back and said in shock, “How did your memories come back? Didn’t they eliminate it completely?”

The audience was shocked.

How could Lu Ning’s reaction be like this? Wasn’t it because 3214 lost his memories that he was so disappointed just now?”

“……” 3214 quickly calmed down. He also realized the problem and noticed that Lu Ning was afraid at this moment.

So he told another lie. “…Yes.”

Hearing this answer, Lu Ning immediately sighed with relief.

If it was a situation where all his memories hadn’t been erased… then it was normal.

He hesitated. “Then… should I let them come back…?”

“Why?” 3214 interrupted him. “Will it cause you trouble if I stay like this?”

He tilted his head and said innocently, “I don’t think there are any deviations in my learning that needs to be corrected.”

“No… that’s not right.” Lu Ning seemed to have a bit of a headache, and he rubbed his eyes.

3214 said, “The reason why you think there is a problem is because the repairman and interviewer told you there is a problem. However, before they visited, were there any problems between you and me?”

“That’s not the case…” Lu Ning backed up and retreated to the cabinet. He had a headache.

3214 leaned closer. “Does what they think have to be correct?”

His voice was extremely gentle with a hint of bewitchment. “My role is to accompany you. The most important thing for companion robots to improve is their emotional function. Those human beings can’t even understand your love for your wife. How can they judge that a problem has appeared with my learning?”

“Master…” 3214 held out his hand toward Lu Ning. “You have the right to refuse the robot company’s excessive interference with the robot you bought…”

“No, no, no!” Lu Ning pushed him away.

He completely collapsed. He brushed off the things on the cabinet with his hand and shouted, “Stop talking. You don’t know anything. You have no idea what they think of me!”

“They always treat me like a pervert! If I can’t buy a female robot, I instead bought a male robot and trained him to be my own wife!”

3214 staggered back and stared blankly at Lu Ning smashing things crazily.

The wine bottles and ceramics were smashed to pieces on the ground. The tiles on the floor were cracked.

Lu Ning yelled at him crazily. “I obviously didn’t want to do this! I gave up on that idea a long time ago. I didn’t buy you for this purpose!”

“I didn’t want you to learn this! I didn’t want you to learn this! Why do you want to learn it? Stop learning it! Stop learning it! Why do you want me to be like this in the eyes of others?”

“Do you know that I felt like a criminal when I was questioned by them in the afternoon?!”

He was so emotional that he stumbled for a moment. 3214 looked tense and stepped forward to hug him.

After holding it, he froze.

He didn’t know if he was doing the right thing or if Lu Ning would push him away again.

It turned out, no.

It was because Lu Ning was too tired and had no strength.

He just cried loudly. He cried for a while as he broke down, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry… it is all my fault… it has nothing to do with you. What do you know… you are just a machine… it is me… I’m so abnormal. I accidentally taught you the wrong thing… there is no love like mine in the world. Yeye has been dead for so long. It is abnormal for me to be like this.”

3214 froze for a long time before moving his fingers.

He gently stroked Lu Ning’s back.

“Of course, there is such love in this world, Master.”

“…If Yeye was still here, she would hate to see me like this.”

“No, you’ve just been too tired lately. Have a good night’s sleep and you will be back to normal…”

In the silent living room, only a low choked voice and whispers kept intertwining.

3214 helped Lu Ning into the bedroom.

Then he walked out and gently closed the door.

He returned to the center of the living room and stood among the fragments. His head was lowered so that no one could see his expression clearly.


An oppressive atmosphere permeated the entire studio.

The audience’s eyes were sore.

‘You are just a machine.’ What did this simple sentence mean to 3214?

He desperately learned and got close to humans because humans needed him to be like this.

But when he really got closer, the human said, ‘You are just a machine. What do machines know?’

So he was pulled closer and pushed away mercilessly.

3214 stood quietly like that.

What was he thinking? What was he feeling right now?

After trying to digest the strong emotions he received, would he silently clean up the mess like before and play the role of a dutiful and beautiful robot, a human being who was needed when the human needed it and discarded when the human didn’t need it?

If it continued like this, even a machine would feel tired, right?

The audience was saddened by this.

‘Rest for a while, 3214,’ they thought silently in their hearts. It would be better to rest for a while.

In the next second, another unexpected thing happened.

3214 suddenly picked up a wine bottle from the cabinet.

He suddenly raised his face, and everyone was secretly shocked by the distorted expression on it.

There was a crashing sound as the wine bottle hit the ground hard. The red wine splashed onto the hem of 3214’s clothes and onto his face. It added a touch of weird beauty to him.

He started to smash things to the ground crazily, just like Lu Ning, who had just lost control. He also smashed things all over the ground in an out-of-control manner.

“No, no, no!”

There was one clear sound one after another. He let out a low roar that was almost copied from Lu Ning.

“I didn’t want you to learn this! Why did you learn this?!”

“No, don’t learn. Don’t learn!”

“Don’t learn!”

The audience was frightened, and they stared blankly at the big screen.

The entire living room was completely in ruins in the blink of an eye.

3214 stood in the rubble and gasped sharply.

There was extreme anger and coldness on that pale and beautiful face.

His whole body was trembling uncontrollably.


In the mentor seats, Shen Tingyan’s Adam’s apple moved slightly.

At this moment, it wasn’t so much that 3214 was still learning from Lu Ning. It was that he was already truly empathetic like a human being.

He fell in love with the man, so he felt grief about the other person’s sadness and anger at the other person’s anger.

He collapsed with the other person’s collapse.

He was going to break.


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