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Studio Superstar: Chapter 67 Part 2

“You don’t have to kill them.”

“Killing will cause you too much trouble.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to catch them, tie them up, and lock them up in your territory?”

The whole studio was silent.

They stared blankly at the big screen. The young man spoke the words in a brisk tone, making their hairs stand on end and their hearts beat faster.

“Tie them up and gag their mouths with cloth.”

“Kick them in the head and whip their bodies with a belt.”

The young man’s breathing started to quicken, and he himself started to feel excitement.

“When the whip injuries bleed, pour wine on them. This was his favorite trick in the past, right?”

“Slap him and make him beg you for mercy like a dog.”

“Of course, don’t beat him to death. As I said before, you will be in trouble if he dies, not to mention that this game can be played for a long time.”

“As long as he played it, you can play it back for many years. You have to pay back what he did to you in the first place.”

In an instant, the camera suddenly zoomed out.

The two people’s faces appeared on the screen again.

Zhao Wenlei listened in a daze while Zheng Nian looked calm. His smile was elegant and cruel.

Her beautiful eyes had become a thick ink color. The swirling darkness in them was like a substance that rushed toward everyone in the studio.

“IF anyone comes to look for him, ask him to answer the phone. Put a knife to his left chest and say that if he doesn’t answer as you want, you will stab his heart with the knife.”

“Oh yes, there are no knives here.” Zheng Nian smiled and glanced in the direction of the cash register. “You can also use chopsticks. As long as you use force, you can pierce someone’s body.”

At this moment, many viewers covered their chests or mouths.

Wrong! Wrong!

What Zheng Nian said was no longer a way to deal with Zhao Wenlei’s hallucinations!

The ‘they’ in his mouth had become a ‘he.’

‘This was his favorite trick in the past’ and ‘As long as he played it, you can play it back for many years.’ These words were clearly full of pertinence.

What Zheng Nian was talking about was what he had done with his own hands!

He took revenge on someone. Who was that person?

The audience quickly thought of Zheng Nian, who committed domestic violence.

By the way, Zheng Nian said his father stopped beating him now. But would a domestic violence man really stop his violence just because the child grew up?

No, violence was the instinct of these people, something engraved in their bad genes.

There were only two possibilities for a domestic abuser to stop the violence.

First, the object of his violence became so powerful that he no longer dared to do it.

The second was that he lost the ability to commit violence.

Looking at the calm yet crazy eyes of Zheng NIan’s sub-personality at this moment, all the viewers realized that Zheng Nian’s domestically violent father might’ve encountered both situations…

Xue Xiao’s performance was too scary.

He was like a sharp blade cutting through the screen. The bloody smell and distortion covered all of them.

How could this young man perform such a dark aura with such an innocent smile?!

On the big screen, Zheng Nian was still instigating Zhao Wenlei.

“By the way, if he asks for water and food, don’t let your guard down. Everything will be in vain once he shouts.”

“Don’t imprison him in your room. ‘Your territory’ can be any place that isn’t easily discovered. There are surveillance cameras everywhere in paradise. You must investigate carefully before making a decision.”

“Also, remember to deal with him every day,” Zheng Nian said with a smile while pointing to his head. “His brain will change as long as he is stimulated enough.”

“There will be dizziness and headaches. If it is more serious, it can lead directly to amnesia. As long as he loses his memory, he will never remember you again.”

Zheng Nian supported his chin on his palm, blinked, and said, “Do you remember clearly, Lei Zi?”

Zhao Wenlei’s face was as white as a ghost.

He nodded absentmindedly.

Zheng Nian smiled and narrowed his eyes.

The next second, Zhao Wenlei said, “But Ah Nian… I have already killed someone.”

Zhang Nian started to feel a bit impatient. “I told you that you don’t have to worry about your parents’ affairs anymore.”

“No… I killed three people in total.”

Zheng Nian was stunned.

The audience in the studio was also shocked.

Three people?

“In addition to the two monsters who lied about my parents, I also killed a third monster,” Zhao Wenlei said.

Zheng Nian’s eyes became cold. “When did it happen?”

Something happened in the cafe.

Some of the people standing by the wall received a call. They all stood up straight and stopped talking and laughing. They looked in the direction of Zheng Nian and Zhao Wenlei.

Zhao Wenlei said dully, “…Just now, before I came here.”

“I couldn’t hold it back. I was too scared.” Zhao Wenlei looked at Zheng Nian and cried. “I was really too scared. Ah Nian, I made a mistake again, right?”

Zheng Nian closed his eyes forcefully and took a deep breath.

“Ah Nian, can you help me again? I will do as you say next time. I will never kill them again. However, what should I do now? I killed someone in paradise. Will I be arrested? Ah Nian…”

Zheng Nian rubbed his throbbing temples.

He said a lot of earnest words, but it all turned out to be in vain. His face was full of disappointment and boredom.

He glanced at the people in the corner who were staring closely and said, “No, I can’t help you. They should’ve discovered it on the way here.”

After saying that, he cursed in a low voice. “…If I had known, I might as well have let him press it.”

Zhao Wenlei didn’t hear it clearly and asked in a worried manner, “What did you say?”

Zheng Nian ignored him, stretched out a hand, and touched the red button for the second time.

Zhao Wenlei also asked for a second time, “Ah Nian, what is this?”

Zheng Nian’s tone became colder. “Don’t worry. You won’t be arrested for killing someone in paradise. But if the person really dies, you will never leave here for the rest of your life.”

He pressed the button.

The alarm suddenly sounded!

The sound resounded throughout the entire room and outside, echoing through the ‘paradise.’ This made Zhao Wenlei even more frightened.

He stood up suddenly. “What on earth did you press?”

Messy footsteps approached from behind. A group of people broke into the cafe.

The moment Zhao Wenlei turned around, he was controlled by four men.

The four men were all wearing men’s medical uniforms. Two doctors in white coats walked forward quickly. They glanced at Zhao Wenlei and Zheng Nian.

One of the doctors wearing glasses said in an indiscernible tone, “You are right on time. We arrived, and you just rang the emergency bell.”

…Zheng Nian stood up. His eyes were red as he said in a hoarse voice, “Lei Zi… is ill again.”

Xue Xiao’s sudden change of expression shocked the audience in the studio again.

Zheng Nian changed back to his main personality?!

This change was too quick. Also, what was going on with this story?

Where did these medical personnel come from? What did the emergency bell mean?

It was so weird. This whole story was so weird!

Zhao Wenlei was as dazed as the audience.

He struggled frantically, panting and yelling. “What is going on? Who are you?! You aren’t a policeman. Why are you arresting me—”

The doctor wearing glasses said, “Zhao Wenlei, take a closer look. Where is this place?!”

Zhao Wenlei froze.

At this moment, the picture was still.

His breathing was ragged, and his eyes were wide open.

His dark eyes reflected Zheng Nian’s ace. The latter’s eyes looking at him were full of sadness again.

At a certain moment, Zhao Wenlei seemed to suddenly recall something. His fingers trembled.

Then he twisted his neck little by little and looked out the window.

The camera also followed his gaze and slowly turned to the window.

In the studio, the audience was stunned.

The sunny outdoor street outside the window had disappeared.

Instead, it was a leaden gray.

The music started at this time.

The low and tight melody oppressed everyone’s nerves. The camera continued to zoom in. Outside the window, the audience could clearly see in the enlarged field of view—

This was a concrete wall.

It was actually a concrete wall!

The camera suddenly turned and fell on Zhao Wenlei.

He was restrained by four male nurses, and his face was as white as a ghost.

The camera turned again. Zheng Nian sniffed and reached out to smooth back his hair. The ‘cafe’ behind him had long lost its sunny look. The indoor lights were on, giving it a dim light.

The people standing against the wall had all turned into male nurses wearing uniforms. They were all watching this place vigilantly!

The camera panned sharply for the third time. The girl at the cashier looked at them uneasily.

The price list above her head changed back to the Chinese food price list with black characters on a floral background!

The camera turned for a fourth time and returned to the dining table.

Zhao Wenlei looked at Zheng Nian blankly. It was as if he wanted to seek an answer from his friend.

Zheng Nian said in a hoarse voice, “Lei Zi… This is a private psychiatric hospital. You and I are both patients here.”

In the studio, the audience was instantly in an uproar.

Was this the truth behind this play?!

This was a mental hospital, and the cafe and outdoor street just now were all hallucinations seen through Zhao Wenlei’s eyes?!

Except for the shaky camera perspective at the beginning of the player, later one, the audience had been seeing the world of this story from Zhao Wenlei’s perspective!

No wonder—

Thinking about it this way, all the contradictions foreshadowed by the previous parts of the play had been explained!

At this moment, the audience was even more amazed by the amount of information in this play.

Twists, turns, and reversals. The story of more than ten minutes was packed with so much plot that it was astonishing!

It was true that mental hospitals in reality were definitely not like this. The background of the story had been made up to a certain extent, but this didn’t affect the excitement and joy that the story itself brought to the audience!

On the big screen, the doctor said, “Zhao Wenlei, you suddenly fell ill three years ago and hurt your parents. Fortunately, the rescue was timely, and they weren’t seriously injured. You were later sent to us for treatment and have been hospitalized until now.”

Zheng Nian said, “Lei Zi, it has been three years. You have improved a lot. You were about to be discharged from the hospital…”

Zhao Wenlei was completely stunned when he heard these words.

Someone came over and asked with a frown, “How was the nurse who was injured by Zhao Wenlei?”

The doctor wearing glasses said, “He’s okay. He was bitten on the neck, and there was blood. The person fainted, but it isn’t a big problem. But you—you were here just now. Didn’t you notice he was sick again?”

“…The two of them were chatting normally.”

The doctor looked at Zheng Nian.

Zheng Nian turned his head and said in a nasally voice, “…I didn’t want to call you over at first. Lei Zi never told me what happened before he came here. I didn’t know if he almost killed someone. I just thought… he could be discharged.”

Another doctor answered, “So you want to hide it for him? Zhang Nian, if you do this, you will kill him and others.”

Zheng Nian stopped talking.

Zhao Wenlei was taken away. Before leaving, his eyes were filled with despair.


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