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Studio Superstar: Chapter 67 Part 1

Xue Xiao and Chang Yun worked really well together!

The two people spoke one sentence after another, bringing the rhythm to the best state. There was no need for any scary sound effects at all. Once the atmosphere was pushed to this point, it would naturally scare the entire audience.

Guan Ruoying was so frightened that she leaned back suddenly. Her eyes were stunned and curious. She was completely caught up in the plot.

Feng Wei glanced at Shen Tingyan beside him. Feng Wei’s expression contained a director’s scrutiny and sense of competition against another director.

Shen Tingyan remained motionless, his expression indifferent.

Su Shijin noticed Feng Wei’s small action and raised her eyebrow with interest. Then she returned her gaze to the big screen.

Chang Yun’s acting skills had improved a lot compared to before.

The interpretation pattern in this play was very clear. Presumably, the two actors wouldn’t be able to leave this table until the end.

They could only sit there, relying on dialogue, expressions, and emotions to drive the plot.

This placed extremely high demands on the actors. The cameraman would often give close-up shots. If the actor wasn’t in the right state for a moment, it would be noticed by the entire audience.

Chang Yun’s skills in the last round obviously weren’t enough to support such a performance, but he performed very well today.

There was no need to mention Xue Xiao. He had made rapid progress, and his performance was already natural

Put it out when it needed to be put out, restrain it when it needed to be restrained, and give enough details.

More importantly, he felt particularly relaxed today.

Su Shijin pressed her fingers to her lips while thinking that any director would rush to work with such a powerful actor.


On the big screen, the plot continued to unfold.

Zheng Nian turned his head to look, but the camera didn’t follow the direction he was looking at. This reservation made the audience more nervous and curious.

Zheng Nian was shocked, but when he turned around, he asked doubtfully, “…I didn’t see anything.”

There was a trace of despair on Zhao Wenlei’s face. “Yes, no one can see them except for me.”

Zheng Nian’s face was tense. He stared at Zhao Wenlei like there was a war between heaven and man in his heart.

Zhao Wenlei nervously recounted his experiences over the past month. The audience became more and more horrified as they listened, but there were also keen viewers who realized…

Was Zhao Wenlei hallucinating?

Aliens? Ghosts? Monsters? Wouldn’t any of these three be too exciting for this plot?

Zheng Nian’s reaction was more subtle and thought-provoking.

He seemed to know that Zhao Wenlei was hallucinating, but he also didn’t seem to know. His face looked so troubled at this moment. What was he hesitating about?

What did he want to do?

At this moment, the mumbling Zhao Wenlei suddenly grabbed Zheng Nian’s hand!

The man’s eyes were bloodshot. His wide-open, frightened eyes were extremely nervous. He said in a trembling voice, “…The key is, Ah Nian, I killed those two ‘me’ who pretended to be my parents!”

Zheng Nian was stunned.

Zhao Wenlei’s voice became lower, and he said almost breathlessly, “I hid them in my parents’ closet and didn’t dare to open the door again after hiding them. Then something stranger happened…”

“More than a month passed, and there was no smell at all from that closet.”

“It was as if the two bodies never decomposed at all. It was as if they suddenly disappeared from the closet.”

In the studio, the audience got goosebumps.

Zhao Wenlei looked at Zheng Nian with doubtful eyes. “That is impossible. It is completely unbelievable!”

“I put a seal on the outside of that closet. There were no traces of the seal being tampered with at all!”

Zheng Nian leaned back and calmly withdrew his hand.

Zhao Wenlei asked hopefully, “Ah Nian, can you go home with me and help me take a look?”

Zheng Nian took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and shook his head.

Zhao Wenlei paused, “You aren’t willing to help me?”

Once Zheng Nian opened his eyes again, his nose was red, and he said with a choked-up voice, “It isn’t that I don’t want to help you… Lei Zi, I’m sorry.”

There was a very special object on this dining table.

It was a bell.

The bell was set in the center of the right side of the table. It was a red hemisphere that was three centimeters in diameter.

Zheng Nian’s hand suddenly touched the bell. Zhao Wenlei looked over and asked blankly, “What is this?”

Zheng Nian said for the second time, “I’m sorry, Lei Zi.”

Tears fell from his eyes.

The moment when he was going to press down hard, the plot suddenly took a turn.

His phone suddenly buzzed and vibrated.

One after another, it attracted the attention of both people.

Zheng Nian’s movements stopped, and he instinctively glanced at it. The audience saw that the caller ID showed ‘Mom.’

Immediately afterwards… Xue Xiao’s performance made the audience hold their breath.

It was very weird.

Tears slid down his cheeks, but his eyes suddenly became trance-like.

He frowned deeply and suddenly withdrew the hand holding the bell. He pressed his hands hard against his temples and started rubbing them.

Zhao Wenlei asked in a worried manner, “What’s wrong with you?”

Zheng Nian said in a low voice, “…I suddenly felt a bit dizzy. It is okay. This is an old problem due to being beaten by my father. It happens often.”

Zhao Wenlei suddenly remembered the past. “Oh yes, you were like this in high school…”

Zheng Nian rubbed his temples a few times, and it seemed to have eased a bit. He picked up his phone and asked Zhao Wenlei, “Do you mind if I answer the phone?”

“It’s okay. You can take it.”

During this call, the audience couldn’t hear what the person on the other end said. They could only hear Zheng Nian’s one-sided response.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“It will be soon. I just need to go through the formalities, and I will be home soon.”

“Don’t worry. Nothing will go wrong.”


During the phone call, Zheng Nian slowly leaned back and crossed his legs.

The dizziness lasted only briefly. Now, he seemed much more comfortable and relaxed.

He took out a watch from his trouser pocket. It was an ordinary steel watch.

He held the phone between his shoulder and his ear. As he talked to his mother, he put the watch on his left hand. After putting it on, he stroked it appreciatively.

Zhao Wenlei looked at him with a puzzled gaze.

Zheng Nian noticed it and gave him a friendly smile.

In the studio, the hearts of many viewers were pounding.

Xue Xiao’s performance had changed.

The transition of this change was performed very naturally by him. The audience didn’t notice the change in his character’s temperament at first. They only vaguely felt the strangeness one after another.

—Until now, when this Zheng Nian showed such a smile to Zhao Wenlei.

This wasn’t Zheng Nian at all!

What was this?

At the mentor seats, Su Shijin quickly realized. Multiple personalities!

Zheng Nian’s personality had changed!

The play ‘Vertigo’ told the story of two mentally ill people?

But it seemed that there were more hidden clues in this story.

For example, the button on the table, the people standing by the wall of the restaurant, the weird price list…

In the play, the moment Zheng Nian finished the phone call, Zhao Wenlei smiled stupidly and said, “This watch is so beautiful.”

Zheng Nian smiled. “Ah Yang gave it to me.”

“Ah Yang?”

“A friend.” Zheng Nian said in a regretful tone, “It is a pity that he died.”

There was a small love sticker on the buckle of the steel watch. Zheng Nian’s fingers stroked it. “This is a gift from Nannan.”

“It is a pity that she died too.”

“I am the only one left…”

Zheng Nian’s voice was soft, and he was a bit lost in thought.

Zhao Wenlei was stunned.

Zheng Nian suddenly looked up, clasped his hands together, and placed them on the dining table. He said, “By the way, you said that you hid your parents’ bodies in the closet?”

Zheng Nian’s sudden change of attitude seemed to make Zhao Wenlei a bit unable to react. Once he heard these words, Zhao Wenlei froze before saying, “They aren’t my parents! They are monsters who look exactly like me!”

Zheng Nian smiled casually. “Yes, it doesn’t matter. Since they are dead, why care about their bodies?”

“Without the smell, no one will find out that you have bodies hidden at home.”

“As long as you don’t touch that closet, it is just an ordinary closet that will never be opened again.”

Zheng Nian smiled.

He was like a lawyer giving the best advice to his clients.

This smile was elegant and trustworthy, but this elegance was like a demon climbing from the depths of hell. The evil rolled into a vortex and would suck everyone who looked into these eyes into the bottom of the abyss.

Zhao Wenlei gulped.

Zheng Nian approached him and whispered, “Wouldn’t it be better if the bodies disappeared? No one would ever find out what you did.”


Zheng Nian stared into his eyes. Zhao Wenlei suddenly became afraid to look at him and avoided his gaze.

He kept repeating the word ‘but’ but couldn’t say anything else.

Zheng Nian interrupted him. “Don’t you think this is okay? There are other things that will expose what you did, but you can’t remember all these things at once?”

“Lei Zi.” Zhang Nian sighed. “Your brain has been corroded for too long.”

“Yes. If your parents are dead, won’t the people in your father’s company find out that their boss has suddenly disappeared? If your parents are dead, won’t your neighbors realize one day that they have never seen your parents?”

Zhao Wenlei suddenly panicked.

“But you also forgot—the place we are in now is very safe.”

“Here, no one will know what you have done, and no one will expose you and send you to the police station. This is the ‘paradise.’ You don’t need to be afraid at all.”

Zhao Wenlei was stunned.

Following Zheng Nian’s words, he carefully looked around.

Outside the window was a sunny street with two or three pedestrians.

The cafe was quiet. Even though there were many people standing by the wall, they didn’t make any noise.

At first glance, it really had a tranquil air.

Zhao Wenlei repeated Zheng Nian’s words in a dull manner, “This is… paradise…”

“Yes.” Zheng NIan looked at him with interest. “Here, you can let go of everything in the past and start over.”

Zhao Wenlei murmured, “Start again…”

“Wait until your soul is cleansed here. In the future, you can leave here openly and return to your home without anyone disturbing your life.”

Zhao Wenlei wondered, “…When will it be cleansed?”

Zheng Nian stared at him. “Then it depends on when you can learn to deal with those demons and monsters who look exactly like you.”

Zhao Wenlei held his breath.

Zheng Nian suddenly hooked his finger.

Zhao Wenlei hurriedly leaned over and put his ear to Zheng Nian’s lips.

The lens zoomed in.

At this moment, all the audience members could see Chang Yun’s ears and Xue Xiao’s mouth.

The beautiful lips opened and closed. The young man’s lips curled up, and he spoke words that were as bewitching as a devil.


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