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Studio Superstar: Chapter 46 Part 1

The dinner before parting lasted until 2 o’clock at night.

By noon the next day, everyone woke up one after another. The eliminated students pulled their suitcases and left one after another.

There were 19 people less.

The dormitory building was much emptier. It became quieter than ever, and the rest of the people were sad.

Suddenly, someone suggested that the rooms with fewer people should be merged.

Therefore, there was a big dormitory move, and new roommate relationships emerged.

“Yes, but there will be even fewer people after a week…” It wasn’t known who sighed.

“Don’t say such depressing things now!”

The first episode was changed due to the bad editing incident. After discussing it, the show’s staff decided to postpone the subsequent update time. Starting from the second episode, the weekly update day would be Saturday at noon.

At noon on June 24th, the second episode was launched on time!

Regarding the popularity of the second episode, everyone was a bit worried in advance, including Old Gao himself.

Would there be too much of a difference from the first episode?

Would the audience lose interest in this show if there were no melons to eat?

However, their fears proved unwarranted.

It was because the number of online viewers exceeded 100,000 in only half an hour into the second episode!

“Let me come to learn the results of their group. The show’s staff should no longer reverse-edit them!”

“Don’t cut out the comments from Teacher Su and Teacher Shen. I want to see them swear!”

“The show’s staff responded that they learned well from this.”

Having said that, in the new edit of the first episode, Old Gao was kind enough and didn’t put back the terrible performance of Fan Xue’s group on the stairs.

However, he wasn’t soft-hearted in the second episode. He would now show the audience what happened at the scene.

In any case, now Zhang Luyang couldn’t accept that he was still in the show but was overpowered. Therefore, he asked to leave the show to work on a new project.

No one would meddle any longer, and no one could shake Old Gao’s principles.

His principle was—

Actors must be responsible for the audience. The same was true for variety shows!

So when Shen Tingyan’s evaluation of Fan Xue’s group came out, there was an explosive effect in the barrage.

[He was deliberately acting badly??]

“F*k , it was just to set up a counterattack persona?”

“Fan Xue’s face froze… what Teacher Shen said is true…”

“Oh my god, is this really a clip that can be shown in a variety show?”

“Is Zhang Luyang no longer in this show? I will die laughing.”

“There is a reasonable suspicion that Zhang Luyang has been gagged. Otherwise, this clip would never be released!”

“Old Gao is mighty!”

“Hahaha, it feels so cool. Teacher Shen’s eyes are so poisonous that Fan Xue is dumbfounded!”

Later, Jiang Quan and Fan Xue sang in harmony. Anyone could see at a glance that Jiang Quan was following the requirements of the staff backstage to smooth things over.

As for who wanted to smooth things over for Fan Xue, it must be Zhang Luyang!

However, the four mentors didn’t care about Zhang Luyang at all. They left one after another, slapping Fan Xue and Zhang Luyang in the face. Now that this section had been played out, it was completely whipping a corpse.

It was so cool, so cool.

When had they ever seen such a powerful variety show?

Netizens were all excited while Fan Xue and Zhang Luyang were ridiculed on the Internet.

“Fan Xue’s persona’, ‘mentors of Studio Superstar’ left the table’, ‘Shen Tingyan’s poisonous eyes’ and other hot search topics quickly climbed to the top.

Fan Xue’s fan count started to fall again. The speed made people wonder if all his dried out real fans were almost gone…

Of course, in addition to Fan Xue and Zhang Luyang’s melon, the second episode had other highlights.

For example, Gu Ling and Dou Mingjian naturally became popular with their strength.

For example, the badge that the show’s staff gave to the participants touched many viewers’ hearts.

There was also… Xue Xiao and Shen Tingyan.

That’s right, it wasn’t ‘Xue Xiao’ or ‘Shen Tingyan’ but ‘and’!

There was a group of netizens who suddenly started shipping their CP!

“Yes, didn’t anyone pay attention to the part where the mentors left the table? Teacher Shen was obviously ready to leave, but he stopped and specially told Xue Xiao to go back. Am I the only one who thinks this part is so subtle?”

“Sister, you aren’t alone! I inexplicably feel that this part is very sweet!”

“Yes yes, I can’t say why. After all, calling the other group off and leaving Fan Xue’s group to stay on the stage should actually be a type of disguised slap on the face. In addition, Teacher Shen might’ve only called out to Xue Xiao, but he let the whole group go down… Hey, I can’t tell. Anyway, I just feel sweet for no reason.”

“At that time, Zhao Dong and Xiao Jin didn’t dare to go down. Xue Xiao was the first to obediently leave, and Teacher Shen smiled. His smile is super sweet!”

“I think Shen Tingyan actually didn’t want to tear off Fan Xue and Zhang Luyang’s faces at the time. He just didn’t want Xue Xiao to stand on the stage and wait for Fan Xue’s ‘performance’ to end. If he sends Xue Xiao down, he can’t let Xiao Chen and Zhao Dong stay on stage. So that call happened… Putting aside CP, Shen Tingyan himself should have a good impression of Xue Xiao.”

“Have you all forgotten that when Xue Xiao was being torn apart online last week, Teacher Shen specially sent a photo of Xue Xiao? Everyone said that Teacher Shen loves to pour oil on the fire, but I feel that his protection of Xue Xiao is quite obvious.”

“It isn’t just this part. When the show’s staff gave out the badges later, Xue Xiao’s badge was given by Director Feng. Then Shen Tingyan seemed to stop him as he was wearing it while walking out. What did the two of them say?”

“Sisters, I also noticed this part. I was curious about what they said at that time. I felt that Xiao Xiao looked a bit disappointed at that time, but Teacher Shen said a few words, and his mood improved!”

“Oh my god, does Shen Tingyan pay so much attention to Shen Tingyan?”

“No matter what, I’m going to start shipping them!”

As a result, the banner of Yanxiao Yanyan’ was steadily raised.


Xue Xiao only learned about the existence of these CP fans when he was reminded by the gossiping Jiang Lianlian.

He was a bit stunned.

He usually didn’t surf the Internet very much. He heard of the popular Internet buzzwords, but he was only half-aware of them.

“So CP is…” He hesitated.

Jiang Lianlian laughed loudly. “CP means a couple. Xiao, you don’t even know this? A pair, sweethearts, a couple, you always understand this, right?”

Xue Xiao finally realized. Then—

His whole body seemed to have been blown up. He was stunned and dumbfounded and turned red.

He and Shen Tingyan were shipped as a couple?

Jiang Lianlian almost died of laughter. “Don’t be shy. In this day and age, it is really common for good brothers to get shipped when they appear on variety shows!”

Xue Xiao said sarcastically, “Yes, really…”

“Yes, Teacher Shen probably doesn’t care!” Jiang Lianlian teased him while scrolling through Weibo. “It looks like the two of you really have something. It is hard to explain when someone sees you!”

Xue Xiao: “………”

Xue Xiao gulped. He covered his chest where his little heart was beating and secretly ran to the corner!

Jiang Lianlian looked at him with narrowed eyes. Xue Xiao raised his phone and blocked his flushed face. He pretended to be calmly searching for keywords.

The moment he saw the speeches of these netizens, he was completely bluffed by their microscope-like perspective.

Huh? What was this feeling about that interaction at that time?

Ah, they even noticed that the two of them were talking? Obviously, no sound was recorded!

They said that Shen Tingyan liked him very much…

Xue Xiao stared straight at this line.

He started to look blank.

He could naturally feel that Shen Tingyan liked him.

It was just that Shen Tingyan’s liking for him was obviously the liking of a friend, or even simply a teacher’s liking for a student.

This was normal, or rather, it should be normal.

They were all men.

It was just that his liking for Shen Tingyan was too…

His mind suddenly got stuck here.

Xue Xiao’s hand holding the phone tightened slightly.

He found that his heart was beating wildly.

It was already jumping violently before, but now it was even better.

It was just because he suddenly seemed unable to answer this question, which he had categorically answered in his heart a few days ago.

Xue Xiao was stunned.

During this time, even he felt that his reaction when facing Shen Tingyan was becoming stranger.

It was just like yesterday. The moment the word ‘wife’ popped out of Shen Tingyan’s mouth, he was so flustered that it was abnormal.

Then once he learned that Shen Tingyan had a conversation with Yu Shanhe, and when Shen Tingyan encouraged him, the feelings that emerged in his heart were intense and unfamiliar.

But this type of feeling was just a matter of ignorance…

The moment when he saw their names placed together, a slight sweetness and joy clearly arose in his heart.

Now what should he do?

No one noticed Xue Xiao’s inner panic and confusion.

He carefully hid it well.

In other words, he didn’t have much energy to think about such things now.

Rehearsals for the third round were about to begin.

The afternoon of the same day, Feng Wei called all the participants of his team together and gathered them in Room 209 of Building 3.

There were a total of eight people. Feng Wei sat at the front of the classroom and said calmly, “Out of the eight of you, six of you voted for my first play, and two of you voted for my second play. I can see that you all want the original script.”

Everyone laughed.

Feng Wei’s next sentence was, “But the second play needs four actors, so I have to make adjustments here. Let’s be fair. According to the number of on-site votes, the two with the lowest votes among the six people will go to the second play. Do you have any objections?”

The two participants who were pushed sighed.

Of course, they didn’t have any objections. In fact, they knew it would be like this. They voted like this in the first place simply because he didn’t want to give up and wanted to give it a try.

Once the groups were evenly divided, Feng Wei distributed the scripts to both groups.

The original script written for Xue Xiao’s group was called ‘Puzzle.’

Xue Xiao opened the script in anticipation. He quickly browsed the whole story and was shocked after reading it.

This was the same as Shen Tingyan’s play. It was a science fiction script!

Xue Xiao played the only protagonist in the entire script, an intelligent bionic robot with the keyword ‘ice flower.’

The one who acted opposite him the most was the one who spent money to buy him, in other words, the owner of this bionic robot No. 3214. It was a human man who had lost his lover.

The theme of this script was… love.


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