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Studio Superstar: Chapter 45

There is no need to look down. Just look up at the sky.

The moment he heard these words, Xue Xiao heard a sound in his heart.

It was the sound of something quietly breaking through the ground.

It stretched out its branches and bloomed wantonly, looking up at the moon in the sky that belonged to him with peace of mind and joy.


Shen Tingyan wasn’t only his sun but also his moon.

No matter whether it was day or night, this man always hung in his world, shining on him and giving him light.

How could there be such a good person like Shen Tingyan in this world?

Xue Xiao asked himself this.

They were on the edge of the grass, but they weren’t affected by the excitement in front of them at all. The area where they were was extremely deserted. He stood next to the extremely hot charcoal grill, and everything seemed to be roasted.

The environment was so bad.

But at this moment, Xue Xiao was extremely happy.

He lowered his eyes.

Shen Tingyan was wondering what reaction Xue Xiao was having when he heard Xue Xiao say gently, “Teacher Shen, you met with Director Yu yesterday, right?”

…The topic jumped quite fast.

Shen Tingyan didn’t care about it. He responded with a question, “Did he look for you?”

“Yes, he apologized to me.”

Shen Tingyan sneered. “Just listen to his apology. This is what he should do. However, don’t pay attention to him. If this person was really sincere, he wouldn’t have waited until now to apologize.”

At this point, he gave a reminder. Were you soft-hearted the moment he came to you?”

“Of course not.” Xue Xiao laughed.

It was also at this time that he raised his eyes again in a slow and gentle manner. He looked at Shen Tingyan like this and said softly, “I actually don’t care about his apology. I don’t think it is sincere, but I’m still very happy because…”

—Because of you.

It was amazing.

Before coming to tonight’s dinner party, he obviously wanted to ask Shen Tingyan what happened last night. But at this moment, he no longer felt that it mattered.

It was because just by hearing Shen Tingyan’s words, he was convinced that it was Shen Tingyan who did it intentionally to make Yu Shanhe come to him to apologize. It was even possible that Shen Tingyan forced him.

Xue Xiao couldn’t describe his feelings.

Obviously, he didn’t care any longer. However, there was such a person who was clearly still thinking about him and felt that he was owed an apology.

It wasn’t like Xue Xiao had never felt such kindness before, but what Shen Tingyan brought to him was a strong feeling that was completely different from the past.

Xue Xiao’s heart even gave birth to an impulse.

He didn’t know what he wanted to do, but this impulse ran rampant in his heart and turned into a desire to talk

Xue Xiao said in a hoarse voice, “Teacher Shen, in fact, I used to feel quite unlucky for a while.”

Shen Tingyan: ?

He didn’t know why Xue Xiao suddenly changed the topic again. It was strange that the topic changed twice in a row tonight, but he didn’t care. He just chuckled and hummed, indicating for Xue Xiao to continue.

“I didn’t go to Nanhe Film and Television City as soon as I left home. Before that, I was introduced by relatives and almost signed with a company.”

Shen Tingyan was hearing about this for the first time. “Which one?”

“It is called Playful Entertainment.”

“I haven’t heard of it.”

Xue Xiao smiled. “It is because it is a very small company. It has only been open for two or three years. There weren’t many signed artists and the most powerful ones had only filmed a few small online dramas.”

Shen Tingyan knew very well that Xue Xiao wasn’t the type of person who looked down on online dramas, so he asked, “Then why didn’t you sign it later?”

“I just felt it wasn’t a suitable place for me to act,” Xue Xiao said while skipping some past events. “Then I made up my mind to go to the film and television city to start as an extra. It was a bit awkward in the beginning. It was difficult, and I almost got defrauded of money—”

Shen Tingyan raised an eyebrow.

The young man in front of him started to honestly count the pits he almost stepped on back then. “…Later, I was admitted as a special actor, and things became smoother. Then I met Yu Shanhe and Fan Xue. I joined this show and couldn’t avoid them.

Xue Xiao rarely said negative words, and Shen Tingyan felt a bit strange.

But it was okay.

Everyone had negative energy in their body. It was just that some people chose to pour it out on others while some chose to digest it themselves.

The latter was reassuring, but in the end, they just didn’t want to treat others as emotional trash cans.

Shen Tingyan was usually too lazy to listen to others, but for Xue Xiao, he was willing to be this trash can.

He watched as Xue Xiao frowned and quietly talked. Then not long after Xue Xiao spoke, the conversation changed.

“The whole process sounds a bit bad, but I’m not without any gains.”

Xue Xiao thought for a moment and corrected it. “I even gained a lot.”

The light in the distance reflected on his cheek as he smiled softly. “For example, if I hadn’t entered that agency, I wouldn’t have thought that going to the film and television city to be an extra could be a starting point. If I hadn’t met that liar, I wouldn’t have friends. Yu Shanhe might’ve cheated me, but he did teach me. Fan Xue hated me, but he also inspired my fighting spirit.”

Shen Tingyan’s lips curved up.

Xue Xiao’s words were full of vitality. “I feel that it isn’t just the good things. The bad things I encountered also pushed me forward for a long time. The things I learned and the people I met along the way are all my harvest.”

“I’m also very happy to meet so many friends here, including Director Gao, the brothers and sisters of the work team, the other three mentors and—”

Shen Tingyan narrowed his eyes and asked with a smile, “Putting me together with so many people?”

He explicitly asked for special treatment.

Xue Xiao smiled, his eyes curving. Then he changed his words. “I am very happy to meet you, Teacher Shen.”

Really happy.

The wind ruffled Xue Xiao’s forehead.

His forehead was covered with sweat, and his black hair stuck to his forehead. It seemed to make him a bit uncomfortable.

Shen Tingyan stared at him intently and reached out to tease this person.

Shen Tingyan hated heat and sweat. Naturally, he also hated being dirty and didn’t like to dirty his hands.

If it was usual, he would never choose to go near a sweaty person, let alone reach out and touch the other person.

However, he felt that Xue Xiao was very easy to touch.

The words ‘very easy to touch’ came to his mind, and he couldn’t help smiling.

Still, it was true.

The moment he reached out his hand to ruffle the other person’s hair, the young man squinted his eyes slightly, raised his chin, and subconsciously showed a slightly reassuring and affectionate look.

Shen Tingyan thought to himself that he was very glad he came to this show.

If he didn’t come… where would this little light bulb go?

Shen Tingyan narrowed his eyes slightly and thought about it. He ruffled Xue Xiao’s hair. Then his palms turned, and he wanted to…

“F*k, it took you so long to cook only this much?”

A complaint broke the mood.

Shen Tingyan: “……”

Xue Xiao quickly shrank back as if awakened.

He tidied his hair in embarrassment and said, “I will grill it, I will grill it right away!”

Shen Tingyan sneered at Old Gao. “Don’t you have any hands? You want to eat, but you don’t know how to cook it yourself?”

Old Gao choked up.

Xue Xiao persuaded him. “It’s okay. I am idle anyway.”

Shen Tingyan simply pulled him aside. “If you have nothing to do, sit next to me and drink Coke. Gao Jianqi, you come over.”

Old Gao confessed his guilt and obediently took Xue Xiao’s place.

Shen Tingyan also stopped. He crossed his arms over his chest and started to supervise the work, saying sarcastically, “Do you feel hot? Isn’t this idea yours? You should be responsible for the decisions you make.”

Old Gao was dissatisfied. “…You are too harsh!”

“How can I improve your memory without being strict? Add ten more skewers.”

Old Gao exclaimed, “You are thinking of me as an octopus!”

“So who came to urge us just now? Can’t you do it when it is your turn?”

Xue Xiao pursed his lips and smiled when he saw the two of them bickering.

Shen Tingyan raised his eyes and couldn’t help taking another look at this cute, smiling face. Suddenly, he saw Xue Xiao coming over and whispering a bit mischievously, “Teacher Shen, you will give me an invitation card in the next round, right?”

“?” He dared to say this?

Shen Tingyan snorted and was about to act pretentious.

Suddenly, someone called Xue Xiao on the other side. Xue Xiao responded, apologized to Shen Tingyan, and ran over. He was obviously in the mood for such a casual conversation.

Shen Tingyan: “……”

It didn’t look like Xue Xiao cared about his invitation card at all :)

Old Gao laughed loudly.

Shen Tingyan said coldly, “Add ten more skewers.”



The night was getting darker, but the bustle on the lawn hadn’t diminished.

The show’s staff obviously didn’t provide beer, but in the end, all the students lay down on the grass one by one. They cried and laughed as if they were drunk, talking about the future.

A small figure was squeezed among them.

He was happy, sad, full of fighting spirit, and other emotions.

It was very fresh.

Like the brightest star in the night sky, he shone brightly.

Old Gao flipped the skewers over and asked casually, “By the way, I heard that you started hoarding IPs?”

Shen Tingyan looked at Xue Xiao not far away and said absentmindedly, “It isn’t hoarding. I’ll film it as soon as I buy it.”

“Is the copyright finalized?”

“No, I just asked Fang Lei to contact the author two days ago, but there is no reply yet.” Shen Tingyan wasn’t in the mood to talk about this matter at the moment. He said thoughtfully, “Gao Jianqi, do you think that if a person likes you and you are basically sure that you also like them, can you expose each other and fall in love at this step?”

The words ‘expose each other’ made Old Gao raise his head in confusion. “The person confessed to you?”

“No, but they definitely like me,” Shen Tingyan said with certainty.

He didn’t take this question as a problem at all. He didn’t expect Old Gao to look him up and down and smile in disbelief.

“Shen Tingyan, I admit that you are tall and handsome. You have such a handsome face that even a dog can’t control it. But being unable to control it and being really moved are different things. What do you mean by that person definitely likes you? They haven’t confessed their love to you at all?”

Shen Tingyan was speechless by this metaphor about a dog. “They blush every time they see me.”

“D*mn, isn’t it possible that this person is born introverted and is naturally shy?”

“Oh, you don’t understand. They aren’t that shy toward others. They blush even more when they see me now compared to before.”

Old Gao wondered, “? That is what you are basing it on?”

Shen Tingyan: ?

Old Gao explained, “Don’t you remember that when we first met, I often blushed because of you? Then have I ever blushed toward other men? Isn’t it just toward you?”

“Later, you smiled at me once, and didn’t I blush even more at that time? When I came home, my mother asked me if I was allergic to pollen. Does this mean I like you? Isn’t it just because your face is too lethal?”

Shen Tingyan was suddenly struck by memory. He recalled that something like this did happen in the past, and he couldn’t help stiffening. An alarm bell rang in his head.

In order to prove he was right, he said coldly, “They are different from you. They used to say they like me.”

Old Gao was suspicious. “Listening to the meaning of your words just now, it shouldn’t be that type of liking, right?”

Shen Tingyan continued to look cold. “It definitely wasn’t the case before, but it is definitely the case now.”

“So when they said that they liked you, you knew that they didn’t mean that. Now you think they like you, but they never actually said they liked you again.”

Shen Tingyan: “……”

He suddenly felt that this logic seemed a bit wrong. He quietly tensed the corners of his lips.

Old Gao gloated and laughed. “Just watch their reaction and guess if they like you too. Then the two of you can start falling in love.”

“Shen Tingyan, Shen Tingyan, when did you become so trusting?”

“Oh, you aren’t ordinary either. You just believe it, you believe it so much. Have you ever thought that this person might not really mean that?”

Shen Tingyan was about to refute it with a black face but Old Gao interrupted him.

“Do you know the only thing you can be sure about in this situation?”

Old Gao coolly sprinkled a handful of seasonings. “The only thing that is certain is that you have indeed been staring at this person for a long time.”

Shen Tingyan paused.

This unexpected sentence seemed to suddenly wake up his head.

“How does this person react to others, how do they react to you, how do they blush at first, how they blush later, what does it mean when they said they liked you initially, and what was the look in their eyes when they looked at you? Yes, you have actually been paying attention to it for a long time, right?”

“As you watched and pondered on it, your mind was full of thoughts.”

“You might as well go back and think about it. Why is it the same blush, but you think completely different things when you see me and see that person? Didn’t you treat me more harshly than my mother at that time? Didn’t you ask me if I was covered by the cafeteria’s oil pot at noon and asked me to hurry up and apply some scalding cream? So what about you now?”

“Do you think the other person likes you or do you want that person to like you?”

Shen Tingyan completely froze at this time.

In the distance, the young man spoke to the people around him.

He smiled softly, the blush on his cheeks never fading. It was as if he had a love for life itself. He treated everything gently and cheerfully.

In the cold corner here, Old Gao glanced at the expression of the man next to him and smiled.

“Yes, it seems that our Teacher Shen, who has always had a smooth ride, has finally encountered the first problem in his life.”


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  3. SunBao says:

    Woah Old Gao is wise! But actually this is pretty good. ML is definitely the arrogant type and while he does have the capital to be proud, it’s always a little annoying when powerful ML’s also convince themselves that the other person must like them and think themselves superior.

    Usually they get face slapped by the narrative as the MC isn’t in love (yet). But it’s nice to see someone tell ML to his face that his thinking was backward from the start.

    “Do you think the other person likes you or do you want that person to like you?”

    Well said!

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