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Studio Superstar: Chapter 85 Part 2

As for Gu Ling—

He said calmly, “I should try to take the postgraduate examination in drama and film.”

The crowd was shocked.

Xue Xiao couldn’t help asking, “Then are you still filming…?”

It wasn’t easy to finally solve his problem.

Gu Ling smiled at him. “If there is a good script then I will act in it.”

It was still the same sentence from the beginning.

Xue Xiao was stunned for a moment before suddenly feeling relieved.

Gu Ling had such a personality.

Some people chose to devote themselves and take root in this soil, but some people wanted to be high-flying birds. When the time came, they would swoop down and land on the ground.

There was nothing wrong with that.

Human beings were inherently capable of living in all sorts of ways.

After figuring it out, Xue Xiao lightly clinked glasses with Gu Ling and said briskly, “If there is a new movie filmed, you have to tell us.”

Gu Ling looked at him. “Yes, you have to work hard.”


After three rounds of drinking, everyone started to give out gifts.

They were the gifts that Old Gao suggested they prepare in the fourth round.

Most people left it until this time.

Xue Xiao received a lot of envelopes.

Some were thin and clearly contained letters. Perhaps they were wishes for his future.

Some of the envelopes contained small items.

Xue Xiao was already ready. He opened the backpack, took out a thick pile of envelopes, and started running all over the place.

As he ran, he heard someone shouting, “Wow, Teacher Shen gave me tickets to the premiere of his last movie!”

Xue Xiao immediately turned his head to look over.

It was a staff member of the show who distributed the envelopes for Shen Tingyan.

“When did Teacher Shen film this movie?”

“It was filmed at the end of last year. Doesn’t that mean it will be released this summer?”

“Don’t jinx it. Teacher Shen didn’t say that it was the last one. If there is a script he really likes, he will still film it!”

“Bah bah bah, I made a mistake.”

“By the way, where is Teacher Shen?”

Xue Xiao also hurriedly turned his head to look.

Yes, what about Shen Tingyan?

Only the letter for Shen Tingyan was left in his hand…

Suddenly, his phone vibrated.

Shen Tingyan sent him a message. “Come to the top floor.”

Xue Xiao gulped, and his heart was pounding.

He felt like a thief.

After receiving the news, he quietly looked around to make sure no one noticed him. Then he blushed and slipped out of the banquet hall, taking the elevator to the top floor.

The top floor was a garden-style terrace.

Several small night lights were scattered among the clusters of flowers.

On this breezy summer night, the lights emitted by the night lights were as dense as fog. The beautiful land was like a fairyland.

With a nervous heartbeat, Xue Xiao walked along a small path and saw Shen Tingyan’s figure.

The man was lazily leaning against a small wooden bar table.

He had taken off his suit jacket and placed it on the table. The cuffs were rolled up, revealing his strong forearms.

The moment he took a sip of wine, he saw Xue Xiao and tilted his head, staring straight at Xue Xiao.

He didn’t say anything, but the message of ‘come here’ was all over his body.

…It was like seducing people.

Xue Xiao walked over with a blushing face and a fast heartbeat.

He smelled the faint scent of perfume on Shen Tingyan’s body.

There was also the lighter aroma of a bouquet.

Shen Tingyan was no longer drinking beer but white wine.

He took Xue Xiao’s hand and asked, “Are you tired?”

“I’m fine.”

“You’re not drunk, are you?”

“……” Xue Xiao paused. “I really only drank a bit this time!”

Shen Tingyan laughed. “According to what your master said, your alcohol consumption dropped from four bottles to two bottles in a month. So now counting the time, isn’t it almost time for it to drop to zero?”

Xue Xiao flat-out denied it. “No, absolutely not!”

He decided to fight back and said solemnly, “You are more like the drunk…”

Shen Tingyan smiled. “If I was drunk, could I talk to you like this now?”

He shook Xue Xiao’s little hand. This meant that if he did something else wrong, would he still hold hands innocently like this?

Xue Xiao suddenly felt that the place where he was held was hot.

He lowered his head, his cheeks burning hot.

He could be shy, but he still stayed in front of Shen Tingyan obediently.

Every time Shen Tingyan saw Xue Xiao’s appearance, he…

He couldn’t say ‘just anything.’

He stared directly at Xue Xiao, feeling that this summer night was even hotter than he had imagined.

He decided to hurry up and get to the point.

A letter was stuffed into Xue Xiao’s hand.

Xue Xiao was stunned.

The letter that Shen Tingyan gave him was obviously different from the ones he gave to other participants.

The other participants received a thin ticket to the premiere, but the envelope Xue Xiao received this time was bulging. There was something inside.

Before he could open it, Shen Tingyan stretched out his hand and asked, “What about mine?”

Xue Xiao pursed his lips and smiled. Then he handed over his envelope.

His envelope was thin.

Shen Tingyan rolled his eyes and looked at him. “Did you give it to others like this?”

Xue Xiao shook his head. “The ones I gave others are a bit thicker.”

Shen Tingyan: “……”

Xue Xiao’s smile deepened. Then he opened Shen Tingyan’s envelope and was stunned.

…In the space of a few seconds, he had made a lot of guesses.

Could it be that Shen Tingyan had given him some type of small pendant?

Or decorate? Men’s jewelry? A ring?

It was actually hard for him to imagine what type of gift Shen Tingyan would give him. After all, no one had ever seen Shen Tingyan in love.

Xue Xiao felt that this man was very talented in film and television creation, but when it came to love, he might be a bit clumsy.

Still, it didn’t matter. He liked even the clumsy Shen Tingyan.

However, what Shen Tingyan put in the envelope was a bunch of keys and a small origami star.

The paper for the little star had a black background printed with little gold stars. It was folded into a shape with a clear five corners.

Xue Xiao’s eyelashes trembled slightly as he raised his eyes to look at Shen Tingyan.

Shen Tingyan paused, coughed softly, and said, “I came up with it suddenly at this time. What I really want to give to you is the bunch of keys.”

Xue Xiao gently held the little star in the palm of his hand.

He felt as if the little star was glowing.

So cute.

He took out the keys again.

There were a total of four keys strung on the metal ring. Xue Xiao asked softly, “…What are these keys?”

Shen Tingyan said, “I have two apartments in the capital and an apartment in X City where I used to go while filming. I also have a villa in Y City. Every time I have a holiday, I will go there to live for a while.”

Y City was a seaside city.

He looked down at Xue Xiao and said, “The four keys open four doors respectively. When you go there, I will record your fingerprints, and you won’t need the keys in the future.”

…Xue Xiao was shocked.

This gift was too straightforward, but this straightforwardness seemed to be Shen Tingyan’s style.

He was moved and amused.

He couldn’t help raising his head to look at the man.

Shen Tingyan’s eyes were also smiling as he said, “Our home—I mean, my parents’ home. You have already been there. My mother asked me to record your fingerprints the next time I take you home.”

Xue Xiao said in an embarrassed manner, “Your parents must’ve known about it a long time ago…”

The last time they met, Shen Jingyang and Yang Liuyi’s reactions had been subtle.

Shen Tingyan said bluntly, “I told them both when I made up my mind to pursue you.”

Xue Xiao blushed again and asked while his heart was beating quickly, “…When did you make up your mind to pursue me?”

Shen Tingyan didn’t say the answer. He just raised an eyebrow and said, “You guess?”

Xue Xiao: “……”

Teasing him again!

Shen Tingyan’s lips curled up. “I’ll see what you gave me first.”

The slender fingers opened the envelope and took out… a Polaroid photo.

Xue Xiao had a small Polaroid camera, but he didn’t usually use it.

In the last part of the competition, he took photos everywhere. He took photos of the scenery in every corner of the camp and the participants during rehearsals.

He gave all the participants and mentors five Polaroid photos.

Only Shen Tingyan only got one photo.

The protagonist of this photo was only Shen Tingyan.

In the photo, the man was leaning against a classroom window on the third floor of Building 3, smoking lazily.

The smoke floated into the distance. Under the blue sky, bright sunshine poured over a large area on the side of Building 3, so the entire picture became golden.

It was very beautiful.

Shen Tingyan’s heart moved slightly as if pulled by something. He turned the photo over.

On the back of the Polaroid, there was a beautiful line of writing.

“If the wind has kissed your cheek, I wonder if it has carried my heartbeat to your ears.”

Shen Tingyan paused.

This sentence was a line from a classic romance movie.

There was an original work for that movie. The original book stood quietly on the bookshelf in Shen Tingyan’s room in the Shen family.

It was the only romance novel in Shen Tingyan’s collection.

That day, Xue Xiao noticed it.

Obviously, he had read that novel as well.

Behind this unfinished line, there was another sentence.

“—I don’t know if it told you.”

“I love you.”

Shen Tingyan slowly looked up.

The young man’s cheeks were red. His breathing became a bit rapid because of nervousness and shyness.

The beautiful eyes contained swaying water.

He moved his lips, but before he could utter a word, Shen Tingyan knew what he was going to say and spoke first.

“Xue Xiao.”

“Xiao Xiao, I love you.”

Xue Xiao froze.

Shen Tingyan raised his hand, stroked the side of Xue Xiao’s face, and whispered while smiling, “You have already said this. Now it is up to me to say it now.”

“So, I still want to ask.”

“Stay with me, okay?”


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