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Studio Superstar: Chapter 31 Part 2

Fortunately, Guan Ruoying didn’t arrange a rehearsal for this afternoon. Xue Xiao and the others didn’t have the heart to rehearse at this time, so they scrambled back to their dormitory after lunch.

Chang Yun was still incredulous. “Why did Old Gao release these tidbits? Did he release them secretly? I hope he is okay now…”

Zhao Dong hesitated, “Do you want to ask Old Gao?”

Xue Xiao held his phone and hesitated.

He felt that Old Gao might not have the time to reply to them now.

Jin Xiaochen suddenly said, “Hey, the popularity of the hot search has dropped. Has Guantian started to act?”

Everyone refreshed Weibo and found that the terms related to the show were visibly sinking…

Everyone’s hearts also sank.

For Xue Xiao’s group, the truth had been exposed, and the black spots on their bodies had been whitewashed.

However, Old Gao caused losses for Guantian. It was almost impossible for him to not be held accountable in the future.

They originally thought that not being viciously edited in the follow-up episodes would be the best result. They didn’t expect that Old Gao would act to this level.

Xue Xiao’s brow furrowed.

At this moment, Chang Yun cursed from where he was leaning on the head of the bed. Then he handed the phone to Xue Xiao to show him.

Xue Xiao thought something had happened and quickly leaned over.

Then his eyes instantly widened.

Chang Yun’s phone screen showed Shen Tingyan’s Weibo homepage.

This man usually didn’t care about Weibo at all. Except for forwarding some of the crew’s promotional information, he usually didn’t necessarily appear for at least half a year.

Before today, the last time he posted on Weibo was five months ago.

He didn’t react when ‘Studio Superstar’ officially announced his participation.

He didn’t react when ‘Studio Superstar’ was warming up the publicity.

Now he reacted.

He sent a photo…

The photo was from a top-down perspective.

He shot the photo from a high place. The bright morning light spread to every corner of the camp. Downstairs, a group of trainees were passing by.

Each participant had a different posture.

Someone was holding a script and reading it while walking, someone had an arm around their friend’s shoulder and seemed to be chatting about something interesting, someone was dancing, and someone was walking alone and looking to the side, probably watching the lush flowers and plants growing in summer.

Another person looked up.

He looked at the camera and smiled softly.

The sunlight fell into his eyes and shattered into golden light.

Xue Xiao was stunned.

It was from that morning.

At that time… the man was holding the phone in his hand and had a casual expression. It turned out that he… took a photo of them?

However, this wasn’t an ordinary photo of the participants at all?

Xue Xiao, who raised his head, was completely the focus of this photo.

Xue Xiao’s heart beat wildly.

Shen Tingyan’s fans were stunned.

“F*k, the corpse is finally moving!”

“Teacher Shen, you posted this photo at this time… is it what I think it means?”

“Teacher Shen, don’t get involved in this type of thing ahhhhhhh!”

“I feel… Teacher Shen actually likes Xue Xiao quite a lot.”

“Shen Tingyan posted on Weibo. Hahahahaha, his meaning is obvious. Xue Xiao is innocent!”

“This is getting more and more exciting!”

The moment Shen Tingyan posted on Weibo, the popularity related to this incident skyrocketed again.

The six hot searches had been lowered due to Guantian spending money. Now they rose back up again. The whole process was mysterious, intense, and complicated. It was so that the majority of netizens had no intention of going back to work at all, and they were all excited.

By the way, did some people forget one thing?

Teacher Shen and Old Gao had been friends for many years!

Old Gao should play a role in Teacher Shen participating in the recording of the variety show for the first time, right?

In addition—

Shen Tingyan was a devilish man and liked to pour oil on things the most!

In the evening, Gu Ling went to the dormitory. He was thrown down by Chang Yun and Zhao Dong and rubbed for a long time.

He fixed his messy hairstyle in an expressionless manner. Then Xue Xiao walked up to him and said solemnly, “Thank you.”

Gu Ling looked at him, tone still very indifferent. “It is little effort.”

Then there was the slamming on the bedroom door, and they wondered how it was.

Chang Yun opened the door. Jin Xiaochen and Dou Mingjian quickly entered together.

Zhao Dong asked, “Old Dou, how come you have become a melon eater like Xiao Jin now?”

Dou Mingjian said, “Keep up with current affairs, keep up with current affairs.”

Chang Yun wondered, “So what is the news now?”

Jin Xiaochen frowned. “Go to the balcony and say it.”

The moment the six people entered the balcony, they closed the balcony door, isolating the several fixed cameras in the bedroom.

Jin Xiaochen said excitedly, “I originally wanted to go to the building where Old Gao’s office is to inquire about the news. As a result—guess what I heard in the coffee room?”

Five pairs of eyes widened in unison. “What?”

Jin Xiaochen described it vividly.

He heard two young ladies among the staff gossiping outside a certain coffee room.

They said that Old Gao went back to the office building at noon to do something big. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Zhang Luyang, who had been working outside today, rushed in and had a wild argument with Old Gao.

Guantian’s habit of doing variety shows was to send more tidbits when submitting materials for review. It was impossible to release all the tidbits, but they would choose according to the reactions of the audience.

Zhang Luyang probably felt that he had won after finishing the episode editing. The tidbits were edited and selected by a small employee that he could trust, and he didn’t pay too much attention to them.

As for that little employee… he was good at flattering, but he didn’t do things very carefully.

Old Gao guessed that there would be some ‘good things’ among the tidbits that could be used. He went back to watch through them for a long time and really found it.

He sent these tidbits out in advance without saying a word. He also linked the participants’ vlog and directly tore all pretenses of cordiality with Zhang Luyang.

The two people quarreled in the afternoon, and the amount of information revealed was large.

Zhang Luyang called Old Gao ’crazy,’ and Old Gao scolded him with the words, ‘You did this type of thing first.’

Zhang Luyang asked, “Do you want to ruin this show?” Then Old Gao replied, “I think you are going to ruin this show.”

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Guantian couldn’t suppress the popularity, and Shen Tingyan rebelled. The leader of Guantian couldn’t sit still and personally ran to find Old Gao and Zhang Luyang.

At that time, the two of them had already fought. The clothes of the two middle-aged men were torn, and a handful of hair pulled out. Both of them were panting and glaring at each other while collapsing on the sofa.

The leader scolded Old Gao the moment he arrived.

As for Old Gao…

Hehe, Old Gao still had some combat effectiveness.

He picked up a cup of strong tea, raised his head, and finished it. He gathered enough strength and started to output wildly.

“Zhang Luyang sent out his privately edited video for review without the consent of the entire team. The tidbits I sent out were sent for review by Zhang Luyang himself. Am I any worse in terms of morals than him?”

“Didn’t I come up with the idea for this show? Then after I invited Shen Tingyan, didn’t Zhang Luyang insist on grabbing the position of chief director? Oh, he kept saying he would make this show well. Then look at what the audience is saying?!”

It wasn’t known if Old Gao had long been ready for this battle, but he printed countless screenshots of what netizens said on Weibo in advance and threw them into the air.

Countless papers fell one after another, hitting the leader and Zhang Luyang on the head.

“Netizens said they came here for this show. Do you know what they want to see, do you know?” Old Gao frantically pointed at the leader.

“Don’t look for rotten traffic, and don’t play the old tricks that were used 800 years ago. Respect them, respect them, understand?” Old Gao pointed at Zhang Luyang again.

The leader was dumbfounded as he was scolded by Old Gao.

Old Gao had always been a soft bun who could be easily controlled by anyone. No one expected that he could be so crazy.

The leader’s mind returned, and he became angry. “Then can you save this show? Don’t you see how things are going now?”

“What? It has reached the top of Weibo. Six terms have occupied the top six on the hot search list, and there are ten terms climbing up from the bottom. Which variety show has this treatment? Didn’t the first episode’s views break the history of the Internet? Didn’t it explode? Isn’t it a hit? The views of the five tidbits are higher than Zhang Luyang’s most popular variety show. Don’t you want traffic? Isn’t this enough? Why aren’t you laughing?”

The leader and Zhang Luyang: “……”

The leader fell into confusion. He moved his lips and wanted to say something, but he was directly interrupted by Old Gao.

“Do you want to fire me? Haha, Shen Tingyan was invited by me. Su Shijin, Guan Ruoying, and Feng Wei were invited by Zhang Luyang using the barrier of Shen Tingyan. Do you want to guess that if I resign, will I take Shen Tingyan with me?”

“Yes, there is the breach of contract penalty fees, but does Shen Tingyan lack this money? I can afford to sell some cars and houses. If Shen Tingyan leaves and you continue to evil edit the participants, do you think Su Shijin won’t leave? What about Guan Ruoying?”

“Guess if anyone will come to watch this garbage show at that time?”

At this point, the leader and Zhang Luyang were completely shocked by the crazy Old Gao.

Old Gao finally took a breath and sat back on the sofa.

He brushed back his sweaty hair and asked, “Leader, do you still want to fire me?”


At this moment, Xue Xiao and the others were all dumbfounded.

Jin Xiaochen’s face was red with excitement. “Old Gao is so domineering. It is said that the leader of Guantian was in a trance when he stepped out of the office. Then just now, the secretary of the leader directly parachuted into the work group? He said that everyone shouldn’t start an internal dispute. The chief director was also doing it for the airing effect. Since this show was first thought of by Old Gao, his conception of the show must be the most far-reaching. Everyone can listen to his opinion more…”

Chang Yun couldn’t wait to ask, “What does this mean?”

“It means that the leader of Guantian has compromised!” Jin Xiaochen said. “In fact, think about it. The current reputation of this show isn’t good, but it is bad due to ‘Zhang Luyang.’ Leaving aside Zhang Luyang, the show itself is innocent.”

“Now the popularity is here. Netizens are so wary of evil editing. The sisters also said that this matter is too big and seems to have attracted the attention of the XX General Bureau. The show won’t be stopped, but it might be asked to be rectified. How to rectify it? It is to re-edit it!”

“Fortunately, it is just the beginning, and it isn’t too troublesome to change the released version. It won’t affect the recording and airing later.”

“In any case, they can’t do anything in the future. What else can Zhang Luyang do besides bad things? If you really want to talk about the serious recording of variety shows, it must be Old Gao who is good at this. Old Gao is there, and the lineup of mentors can’t change. No matter how you look at it, the best solution is to put aside Zhang Luyang and hand over the show to Old Gao.”

As for how to settle accounts after the filming of the show was over, this was a matter for later.

In the final analysis, there was Shen Tingyan as a resource, and Old Gao wouldn’t have any worries about where to go.

If ‘Studio Superstar’ could end perfectly, perhaps the leader of Guantian would act as if nothing happened.

Xue Xiao and the others were all shocked. They were speechless for a while after listening to it.

They were okay, Old Gao was okay, this show could continue to be recorded, and… it seemed that things were getting better and better.

Thinking about it this way, they couldn’t help sighing with relief.

However, this incident involved so many people that they forgot there was another person who played a subtle role in it.

It was Fan Xue.

They woke up the next day and heard that Fan Xue was going to quit the recording of the show.


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