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Studio Superstar: Chapter 26

In the end, the highlight of the second round of the competition became surprisingly similar to the first round—Xue Xiao and Fan Xue met again.

Of course, there were key differences.

The two of them entered the same group this time. In addition, Xue Xiao became the protagonist while Fan Xue became the supporting role.

The situation of the two of them had completely reversed from the beginning of the show.

At noon in the cafeteria, the actor Huang Xiaolin, who played Role No. 4, sat down with them shyly. Every group was taking the time to get acquainted with each other, but also turned their heads to look at Fan Xue.

This guy sat far away, found a corner seat by himself, and ate alone. He had no intention of getting acquainted with them at all.

There were a lot of people around him when the show first started.

But now, even the people of his dormitory were unwilling to eat with him.

Dou Mingjian started to have a headache after knowing it. “He won’t be like this all the time, right?”

Dou Mingjian was a real person. He felt that since they had entered the same crew, they should work together for the same goal.

Therefore, he might not understand Fan Xue’s cleverness in the first round, but he still wanted to cooperate with this person. When he walked into the cafeteria just now, he suggested to Fan Xue, “Why don’t we eat together later?” Fan Xue acted like he didn’t hear it and turned around to walk away.

Zhao Dong was a bit puzzled. “Why did the show give the setting of an 81 year old man? Could they really can’t remove this role?”

Jiang Lianlian analyzed it. “I suspect that this role is for some low-ranking players. No matter how much high-ranking players want to challenge their acting skills, they won’t take the initiative to choose this role. Meanwhile, some people who performed poorly in the first round and are afraid they won’t get the invitation card in the second round might choose to play this old man in order to impress the mentors.”

Everyone nodded.

However, in the end, no one took the initiative to choose it. This role ended up directly stuffed into Fan Xue’s hands.

Chang Yun spoke vaguely while stuffing rice into his mouth. “Didn’t you notice this character when you were choosing the play? It is a ticking time bomb!”

Dou Mingjian was embarrassed. “I was so happy when I saw this movie that I didn’t really notice.”

Xue Xiao agreed. “Me too.”

He was still in a delicate mood right now.

Gu Ling said calmly, “I noticed it.”

Everyone looked at him in unison.

He finished the second half of his sentence. “But my character doesn’t have many scenes with this old man. So I didn’t care who played this old man.”

It meant: No matter how bad this old man is played, it won’t affect my performance. I don’t care.

Awesome, awesome.

This was the confidence of the talented and strong!

Everyone was immediately envious, jealous, and hated him. Chang Yun shook his head violently until Gu Ling’s hair was a mess. Finally, he let Gu Ling go amid everyone’s laughter.

The four mentors were busy people. It wasn’t until after dinner that they had time to get together and record the meeting between the students and mentors.

In summer, at 5:30 in the afternoon, there was still some time before evening fell.

The sky was like a palette, dyed in colorful but harmonious color clusters.

By the time Xue Xiao and the others arrived at Room 302, Fan Xue was already inside, still in the corner.

Hearing their footsteps, he raised his head slightly. He didn’t look at them and just lowered his head again, playing with his phone.

Dou Mingjian had experienced that embarrassment at lunch and didn’t want to keep clinging to this cold person, so they pulled out chairs and sat down silently in the middle of the classroom.

Huang Xiaolin felt that the atmosphere was a bit awkward, so he searched for something to say. “I wonder who our group’s mentor will be.”

Dou Jingyang thought about it and teased Xue Xiao. “Maybe it is Teacher Shen? This is also a movie by Teacher Shen Jingyang, right?”

Xue Xiao’s guilt appeared on his face again.

Dou Mingjian was really amused. “Xiao, why does everything show on your face? Don’t try to hide anything for the rest of your life!”

Gu Ling and Huang Xiao looked over curiously when they heard this. Xue Xiao blushed, and he whispered forcefully, “…Don’t look at me!”

Speaking of mentors, Xue Xiao really was a bit nervous.

If he asked if he wanted his mentor to be Shen Tingyan? Of course, he hoped so.

Xue Xiao secretly looked at the door of the classroom, waiting for the figure to appear.

Of course, due to what happened in the morning, he was both looking forward to it and feeling anxious. He hoped that it was Shen Tingyan, but at the same time, he prayed that it wasn’t Shen Tingyan.

At 6 o’clock, the mentor of their group finally stepped into the classroom and greeted them. “Hi, how are you all?”

Guan Ruoying wore a simple and neat t-shirt and jeans. Her hair was tied in a big ponytail, and greeted them with a sweet smile.

At once—

Xue Xiao was greatly relieved.

Guan Ruoying immediately turned her head and shouted to the cameraman behind her. “Did you catch it? He is relieved!”

The cameraman nodded sharply with the machine on his shoulder.

Xue Xiao froze up. “……?”

Teacher Guan?!

Dou Mingjian and Huang Xiaolin laughed wildly. Guan Ruoying also bent over and laughed. Amidst their wild laughter, Xue Xiao finally couldn’t hold back and covered his face!

This time, there were a total of 15 players but only four mentors. This meant there would be three mentors guiding four groups and one mentor guiding three groups.

For the one in charge of three groups, it was naturally given to Su Shijin. After all, she was a screenwriter and had less experience putting together a play than the other three mentors.

Guan Ruoying finished greeting the four groups she was in charge of and gathered them together.

Xue Xiao took a look. Hey, Jiang Lianlian and Chang Yun were here too. They waved desperately to say hello in a childish manner after seeing each other.

One of them had entered the three-person group, and the other had entered the four-person group.

The remaining group present was a two-person group, so the total number of students that Guan Ruoying needed to be responsible for was 14.

Everyone sat in the middle of the classroom, forming a circle. Guan Ruoying was in the center of the circle.

She sent the scripts to the group groups and said, “Today, we are tight on time, so there will be no rehearsal today. First, take a general look at the script and see if there are any problems with the plot arrangement. If not, go back early today to rest.”

“By the way, the first episode of our show will be aired tomorrow, do you know?”

Xue Xiao was stunned.

Many students reacted quickly. “So it is tomorrow? So fast!”

“We only knew it might be around the time of the second round. We didn’t know the exact time.”

“You are stupid. Old Gao already said it. Were you too busy rehearsing the play for the first round and forgot?”

“Oh, it seems to be the case…”

“Yes, I’m a bit nervous!”

“Me too…”

Guan Ruoying said, “It will be tomorrow at 12 o’clock. I guess that you won’t have the heart to rehearse tomorrow, so come over early in the morning to go through the script. In the afternoon, go back and watch the show yourselves. However, the day after tomorrow, you must start becoming serious.”

“Teacher Guan, I love you to death!”

At 7 o’clock in the evening, the show finally took some action before the airing that was a bit belated. They had the students post their own promotional photos, edit a unified format on Weibo and send it out.

Xue Xiao gently exhaled after this Weibo was sent out.


After tomorrow, what would happen to everyone in their camp?

He couldn’t think of it.

The reaction of the audience was often the most difficult to guess. Xue Xiao thought for a moment before shaking his head and letting go of this matter.

After Guan Ruoying left, their group also went back.

Xue Xiao suddenly found that he had left something behind halfway back. He mentioned it to Gu Ling and returned to Building 3 alone.

At this time, only one classroom on the second floor of Building 3 was lit.

Xue Xiao paid attention as he went up the stairs.

During the meeting just now, Jin Xiaochen had secretly sent a WeChat message to tell him that the mentor of his group was Shen Tingyan, and all four groups were on the second floor.

Jin Xiaochen should’ve gone back to the dormitory by now. Then who would be left in the lit up classroom at this time…?

As he thought this, Xue Xiao quickly returned to the large classroom on the third floor. He found what he had left behind and went down to the second floor.

The lights in this classroom were still on.

Xue Xiao’s heart fluttered.

He felt that he was really a contradictory person, at least when he encountered things related to Shen Tingyan.

He felt embarrassed to see the other person, but couldn’t help wanting to get closer.

Xue Xiao hesitated for a moment before still walking over.

He walked to the classroom window and poked his head in to take a look.

Um? No one?

Xue Xiao walked to the main entrance doubtfully. There was indeed no one.

The classroom was lit up, but it was empty.

Could it be that the last person forgot to turn off the lights before leaving?

Xue Xiao sighed. The small expectations that had risen in his heart just now disappeared in an instant.

He found the light switch on the wall. Just as he wanted to be a good person and turn off the lights, saving power for the show, a warm breath suddenly came from behind his ears. A familiar deep voice was heard.

“Why are you here?”

Xue Xiao was so frightened that his hairs stood up, and he quickly turned around.

Shen Tingyan had already straightened up.

As always, he wore a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up on both sides, revealing sturdy forearms. He casually inserted his hands in his pockets and looked handsome.

“…Teacher Shen!”

Why was there no sound when walking…?

Shen Tingyan looked down at him. “Didn’t Guan Ruoying leave a long time ago? Everyone in your group should’ve gone back to the dormitory. Did they leave you here alone?”

As he spoke, he walked into the classroom, bypassing Xue Xiao to pick up a stack of scripts on the podium.

Xue Xiao realized that Shen Tingyan should’ve gone to the bathroom just now.

From his words, it was clear that he asked the question knowingly.

Xue Xiao’s ears were hot as he whispered, “I dropped something. I came back to get it.”

Shen Tingyan turned sideways to look at him.

Xue Xiao’s voice became even smaller. “I wondered if you were still here, Teacher. So I came to take a look.”

Shen Tingyan’s lips curved, and he smiled. There was a hint of teasing in the smile. “Oh, did you sigh with relief this time?”

Xue Xiao: “………”

How did the news spread so far? Why couldn’t he pass over this matter?

Xue Xiao’s little face instantly became a bit worried.

Shen Tingyan was probably really going to leave this time. After taking the script, he walked to the door and turned off the light.

Xue Xiao was a bit caught off guard as the classroom suddenly darkened.

The entire corridor, all of Building 3, was completely darkened.

In the darkness, Xue Xiao could feel Shen Tingyan approach.

When the man walked to his side, Xue Xiao’s arm seemed to rub against the soft shirt fabric. His nose smelled the unique and good smell of Shen Tingyan’s body.

The rolled-up script lightly touched his head, and the man’s laughing voice fell from above his head.

“Your face is so tightly wrinkled. Didn’t you come to bump into me yourself?”


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