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Studio Superstar: Chapter 90

Extra One

During the period from the end of the New Year to the start of Shen Tingyan’s first movie, Xue Xiao was particularly busy.

He was busy with trivial things.

He would sometimes be on a variety show, promoting Zheng Yang’s upcoming movie. Sometimes, he would make a guest appearance on another crew. Due to his performance in Studio Superstar, many people came to him to film.

Gradually, Teacher Shen became unhappy.

Fang Lei said in a gloating manner, “This isn’t comparable to the level of your hottest time in the past. Have you forgotten? At that time, you didn’t have a day off for almost half a year, and you didn’t go home even once. I guess once Zheng Yang’s movie is released, Xue Xiao can almost advance to that stage.”

“Let’s get used to the feeling of being alone in the empty boudoir first, Teacher Shen.”

Teacher Shen’s mouth tensed into a line.

…Then on the 61st day when Xue Xiao was too busy to return to the apartment…

Shen Tingyan suddenly appeared in his crew!

It was cold in spring.

Except for the actors on set, all the other staff members were wrapped in down jackets and holding thermos cups.

Teacher Shen was elegantly dressed in a black coat that was slightly open, with a white turtleneck sweater underneath.

He was tall and broad-shouldered. He wore seemingly ordinary clothes as if they were a new style from the runway.

With one hand in his pocket, he stood there coolly, holding his suitcase. The eyes of everyone in the audience were attracted, and his sense of presence was full.

The director was very familiar with Shen Jingyang, and knew what was going on as soon as he saw Shen Tingyan appear.

He glanced at Xue Xiao, who was concentrating on acting on the set and shook his head helplessly. “I only borrowed him for five days!”

“You borrow him for five days, someone else borrows him for five days, and he is gone for 500 days,” Shen Tingyan said expressionlessly.

The director was helpless. “Why don’t you say 5,000 days or 50,000 days? I say, why didn’t I know you were so clingy before? Who did you inherit this from? How could your parents be like this?”

Shen Tingyan sneered. “Didn’t you see the way my father clings to my mother?”

The director: “……”

At this time, the scene on the set finally passed.

Xue Xiao took the water handed by the assistant and took a sip. Then he looked up and saw Shen Tingyan. As if he was hallucinating, he rubbed his eyes hard in a stunned manner.

Shen Tingyan saw the little light bulb running toward him with a look of surprise and smiled. “What’s more, he likes me to cling to him like this.”

“……” The director said, “I will allow you to rest in our crew’s hotel, but you aren’t allowed to abuse me like a single dog again.”

He was hit by dog food, and it really hurt!

The industry gradually knew that the relationship between Shen Tingyan and Xue Xiao was really unusual. It took around half a year.

Mainly, these two really didn’t want to hide it.

Xue Xiao didn’t care.

He didn’t care about other people’s eyes. No matter what, it was fine as long as Shen Tingyan was happy.

Shen Tingyan said it was fine as long as everyone knew that they were together.

Fans took many photos of the two of them going out together. There were more and more speculations about their relationship on the Internet.

On the day when Xue Xiao won the Best Actor Award, Shen Tingyan handed him the trophy. The screenshot of the two of them smiling at each other was captured and circulated wildly through the hot search topic.

“Aren’t these two really in love? They don’t look like a master and apprentice at all?”

“I heard before that everyone in the industry knows that these two people are in a relationship. Can anyone confirm it? I really ship them…”

“It is true that those two are in love. The industry knows [doge].”

“Isn’t it said that they both live in the same apartment building?”

“It is normal for those from the same company to live in the same apartment building, right?”

“Dou Mingjian doesn’t live there!!!”

“These two people are really in love. My friend used to work on the crew of ‘XXX.’ He said that Xue Xiao only stayed in the crew for five days. Shen Tingyan couldn’t help feeling lonely and came to see him. He stayed with Xue Xiao until Xue Xiao finished filming, sharing a room with Xue Xiao…”

“D*mn, is this true or fake?”

“Nonsense. How can Shen Tingyan be so clingy…”

“In fact, the fans of the two know it internally… QAQ.”

“Isn’t it said that people who appear abstinent will become hungrier after they eat meat… cough cough cough cough!”

“Let these two people get married. I will pay for the marriage certificate, okay?”

“If nothing else, the trophy Xue Xiao received when he won the first season of Studio Superstar was given to him by Shen Tingyan. The trophy when he won the first Best Actor Award was also awarded to him by Shen Tingyan. His idol witnessed him growing up all the way, accompanying him in every glory… This friendship is so beautiful. I don’t blame everyone for shipping them [laughing and crying].”


It was already 2 o’clock at night when Xue Xiao saw these netizens’ comments.

In the room, clothes were scattered on the floor, and the quilt fell halfway.

Xue Xiao couldn’t sleep for a while, so he lay on the bed and swiped through Weibo.

His heart moved slightly when he saw the last Weibo post. In the next second, his fingers trembled slightly, and his breathing was chaotic.

Shen Tingyan kissed the back of his neck, and his voice was hoarse. “Do you still have the energy to play with your phone?”

“I’m out of energy…” Xue Xiao begged for mercy. “I was just going to sleep…”

“Since you are going to sleep, what are you looking at?” Shen Tingyan leaned on him and lazily came over to take a look. “The first Best Actor Award?”

He smiled.

The fans knew that this was just the beginning of Xue Xiao.

Shen Tingyan’s focus was on this, and Xue Xiao’s focus was on the other side.

His two honors so far had been awarded to him by Shen Tingyan as a witness. If—

“It would be great if you only gave me the trophies in the future,” he muttered.

Shen Tingyan looked down at him. “The others are easy to say, but if you win the Best Director Award, I’m not qualified to award it to you unless the organizer deliberately arranges it so.”

He won the Best Director Award tonight.

He had seniority in the actor circle but was a newcomer in the director circle.

‘People on Earth’ would be launched next year. If Xue Xiao could really win Best Director in one go, Shen Tingyan might not have the qualifications to give him the award—unless the organizer deliberately matched them together.

If only the organizers were so discerning.

Xue Xiao laughed when he heard this. “The movie hasn’t even been filmed yet. Do you think I will win an award?”

Shen Tingyan bent his elbows against the bed, supported his cheeks with his palms, looked at Xue Xiao with a smile and raised an eyebrow. “I think you can win it.”

Xue Xiao turned over, smiled, and said, “If I can really win it, I still want you to give me the award.”

Shen Tingyan stretched out his hand, pinched his cheek, and said jokingly, “It isn’t enough to be together in reality. Do you still have to accompany me all the way in your career?”

Xue Xiao closed his eyes.

Shen Tingyan instantly stretched out his palm.

Xue Xiao rubbed against him and said softly, “It is because of you that I entered this circle…”

Shen Tingyan looked at him quietly.

After a moment, he whispered, “Xiao Xiao, even if one day I can’t present you the award on the podium, I will definitely watch you from the audience.”

I will never miss any important moments in your future life.

Xue Xiao stopped talking, moved over, and hugged him in an attached manner.

Shen Tingyan turned his hand to intertwine their fingers. Then he chuckled. “Did you see another netizen’s Weibo just now?”

Xue Xiao wondered, “What is it?”

Then he felt the man’s fingers gently sliding over the base of his ring finger under the quilt.

Xue Xiao suddenly recalled… Just now, there was a Weibo post urging them to get married…

His heart was beating faster.

Shen Tingyan rubbed his chin against the top of Xue Xiao’s head.

A lazy voice came from above him. “It is impossible for me to give you awards every time, but I must give you a wedding ring.”

Xue Xiao couldn’t help laughing. He raised his head and asked, “How did you get to this from the topic just now?”

Shen Tingyan’s expression didn’t change. “Because I want to.”

Xue Xiao laughed until his shoulders trembled.

Shen Tingyan clasped his hand, lowered his head, and kissed his forehead. “I’m free these days. Let’s go and see the ring together.”

Xue Xiao finished laughing and closed his eyes.

He held Shen Tingyan’s hand back.



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