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Studio Superstar: Chapter 56

There were still three groups of participants who hadn’t performed on stage. Their situation suddenly became very difficult.

‘Puzzle’ had raised the audience’s expectations to a certain extent. If the group that took the stage later fell short, it could create a huge gap in the audience’s minds.

Feng Wei’s other group unfortunately failed to withstand this pressure.

The four participants were too nervous and acted very stiffly. At the end of their performance, the average score was only 956 points. This was completely abnormal.

Feng Wei’s smug expression immediately disappeared from his face. Fortunately, he was experienced and knew how to control his expression in front of the camera. at the very least, he didn’t show it on his expression on the spot.

Guan Ruoying’s other performance was also mediocre.

The last group to appear was Shen Tingyan’s second group.

At this time, they had to talk about Shen Tingyan’s eye for picking people and his ability to train the students.

These four participants had a good mentality in the first two rounds of the competition. This time, they were even more stable.

They were focused, in excellent condition, and acted very devotedly. As the atmosphere in the audience dropped to freezing point, they turned the tide and made the audience very excited.

In the end, the average score of the group was 1450. This was a very good result.

So far, all eight groups had finished their performances.

It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

At the end of the day, both the audience and participants were already tired. Now they could finally sigh with relief.

However, it was also at this time that the low sighs started to be heard from the participant seats.

Everyone’s scores had come out. A total of 15 people would be eliminated in the first wave. Everyone already knew in their minds who these 15 people would be.

Xue Xiao’s mood was extremely complicated.

Gu Ling’s 1,002 votes was stuck in 13th position. He was lucky to be ahead of the elimination line.

Jiang Lianlian’s 996 votes was just stuck in 16th place.

Huang Xiaolin was destined to be eliminated.

He didn’t cry. The moment Dou Mingjian and Zhao Dong comforted him, he comforted them in turn. “I managed to make it to the middle of the competition. I enjoyed it enough. After this, there will be the fourth round and then the final. That is the time for you gods to fight!”

Dou Mingjian wondered, “What type of fight between gods? It is just rookies pecking at each other.”

Another eliminated participant wiped his tears and said incoherently, “D*mn, you are all rookies then we are little chicks!”

“We are just little chicks, okay? The gods are all in the mentor seats.”

“You’re right…”

Everyone burst out laughing.

Then they fell silent. They quietly listened to Jiang Quan’s speech on the stage and waited for him to call the 15 eliminated people to the stage.

As everyone got up one after another, Xue Xiao felt a strong sense of loss.

He looked at the participants who were named one by one with disappointment. Once Huang Xiaolin stood up, he met Xue Xiao’s eyes and smiled immediately.

He rubbed Xue Xiao’s head. “Don’t look at me like that, Xiao Xiao. I will be reluctant to leave.”

The participants next to him immediately came over to look into Xue Xiao’s eyes.

Xue Xiao quickly lowered his head and said shamefully, “…Don’t look at me like that!”


“Are our Xiao’s eyes watery?”

“Yes, these eyes really make people soft at first glance,” Huang Xiaolin said. “But this isn’t an occasion where I can stay if I am soft-hearted!”

Everyone was laughing to death.

Huang Xiaolin patted Xue Xiao’s head lightly and said with a smile, “Everyone will get together again after the show.”

Xue Xiao’s eyes were a bit sore.

He nodded heavily. “Hmm!”

As the eliminated participants on the stage took turns to say goodbye, Shen Tingyan’s gaze kept drifting to the participant seats.

A certain little guy sat upright, listening carefully. He didn’t wipe his eyes so he probably wasn’t crying any longer.

He absentmindedly retracted his gaze. He listened to Su Shijin beside him say casually, “The one with the highest average score is probably your group. Have you thought about who you want to resurrect with the resurrection card?”

This was the only hope left for the 15 participants on stage.

Shen Tingyan said calmly, “No. Are you sure that the show will give a resurrection card?”

Su Shijin was stunned for a moment. Then she thought about Shen Tingyan’s words and turned back to think about Jiang Quan’s reaction at the beginning of the day.

At that time, Feng Wei guessed that it was a resurrection card. Jiang Quan still had the style of ‘you will know when the time comes.’ Thinking about it this way, it seemed like it might really be something else.

But what else could it be?

Su Shijin became curious.

After the elimination speech session, Jiang Quan invited the 15 participants to return to their seats. He said, “Then next, we will enter the mentor selection process.”

HE started to sell suspense again, speaking one sentence and then pausing for a few seconds.

Guan Ruoying complained. “Teacher Jiang, don’t keep us in suspense. Finish the recording early so we can go to dinner early!”

The audience burst out laughing.

Jiang Quan also laughed and said humorously, “Then Director Gao will disagree.”

The old fox Feng Wei said, “Let him use editing to create effects.”

Everyone laughed again.

Jiang Quan controlled the field and said, “Okay. Now the average score of the four mentors has been calculated and the answer is in my hands.”

He lowered his head to glance at the note that the staff handed over just now. He stated, “We won’t report all the scores. I will just say that first place among the four mentors today is Teacher Shen. The average score of the two groups is 1,497.38!”

The audience cheered!

Shen Tingyan’s two groups performed the most stably today. The average score of the first group was 1,544.75 and the second group was 1450. There was very little difference.

Xue Xiao’s Puzzle group might be ranked first with an average score of 1,630.25, but Feng Wei’s other group didn’t live up to expectations. The two groups were averaged and the average score was only 1,293.13!

Feng Wei had also expected this result and had already calmed down. He was still in the mood to drink tea now.

Jiang Quan motioned to a female staff member to hand a white envelope to Shen Tingyan. “Teacher Shen, please accept the special rights card.”

The attention of the audience was immediately focused on the small envelope.

They were just as curious as Su Shijin. The 15 eliminated participants were so nervous that their legs shook.

Would it be a resurrection card?

They watched nervously as Shen Tingyan took it.

The man sat in his seat. He moved his long and beautiful fingers, calmly opened the envelope, and took out the card inside to take a look.

In 0.5 seconds, this special rights card was placed face down on the desk.

He nodded to Jiang Quan and signaled for the process to continue.

Everyone: “……”

F*k, why wasn’t he speaking?

Su Shijin couldn’t help it any longer. “Teacher Shen, is this a resurrection card?”

Feng Wei added, “Teacher Shen has started to imitate the bad behavior of the show’s staff. Is he selling suspense?”

Guan Ruoying agreed. “That’s right. What is it, Teacher Shen?”

Shen Tingyan still looked calm as he sneered, “Why are you so anxious? We will find out later.”

The audience wailed.

In the participant seats, Xue Xiao’s heart was also tickled.

But once this man made up his mind to keep them in suspense, no one could shake him.

Xue Xiao sighed softly.

Jiang Quan smiled and controlled the situation. “Okay. Since Teacher Shen still wants to keep it in suspense, let’s continue first.”

“In this round of mentor selection, we have the ‘mentor priority.’ Therefore, the card issuance method is different from the previous round. It will be in groups this time. Let’s start with Teacher Guan’s group.”

“Let me ask first. Are there any participants in Teacher Guan’s group that the other three mentors want?”

Su Shijin understood. “Oh, that’s how it is.”

She glanced at Feng Wei and Shen Tingyan playfully. Then she said, “I don’t have it. Do you two have it?”

In the audience, the participants in Guan Ruoying’s group became a bit nervous.

After the first wave of 15 people was eliminated, their two groups originally had eight people but now there were four people left.

If no other mentors came to steal them now, their only hope of advancement lay with Guan Ruoying.

However, Guan Ruoying had only four cards in total. Would she use them all?

They gulped.

In the next second, Feng Wei raised his hand. “I have one.”

The audience cheered. Feng Wei was coming to make trouble!

Feng Wei reported the name of a participant. The participant sat in the audience, his face flushed with excitement.

Feng Wei asked jokingly, “I don’t know if Teacher Guan is willing to give up her love?”

Guan Ruoying chose to ask the opinion of the participants.

The participant stood up in a slightly distracted manner.

Guan Ruoying encouraged him, “It’s okay. Just say whatever you want. Don’t feel embarrassed. This is a competitive variety show, but it is also a learning-oriented variety show. It is a normal mentality to want to try it with different mentors.”

Guan Ruoying was very gentle and the participant calmed down. He bowed and replied, “Thank you, Teacher Guan, for your guidance in this round. In the following round of the competition, I want to go to Director Feng’s group to study.”

Everyone gave him a round of applause for encouragement.

As a result, Feng Wei harvested one member of Guan Ruoying’s group. There were still three invitation cards left in his hand.

Xue Xiao could feel that Cheng Yang was quite calm. However, Jiang Xin and Wang Hai, who were sitting beside him, were both tense.

The four of them were the only remaining participants under Feng Wei.

That’s right. The other group was unfortunately eliminated just now.

Still, there were four of them and Feng Wei had only three cards left.

They also didn’t know if Feng Wei had anyone he wanted in Shen Tingyan and Su Shijin’s teams. Once it was their turn, how many cards would Feng Wei have left in his hands?

Four mentors had 16 cards in total, and there were 16 participants waiting to be selected. In theory, it could be one-to-one.

However, once there was a situation like the last round where several mentors competed for the same participant, the invitation card would inevitably be invalidated.

Even if only one card was invalidated, it meant that one participant would be eliminated at this stage.

Who knows… it could be them?

Many of the participants started to take deep breaths.

Guan Ruoying used three invitation cards to scoop up her remaining three participants, including Jin Xiaochen.

For her last remaining invitation card, she asked Su Shijin, “Teacher Su, I like Lianlian in your group very much. Would you like to give her to me?”

Jiang Lianlian covered her mouth excitedly. She hadn’t expected Guan Ruoying to choose her!

Su Shijin shook her head helplessly. “I only have three participants left, but Teacher Guan still refuses to let me go.”

Guan Ruoying acted coquettish on the spot. As the audience was very excited, Su Shijin said in a doting tone, “Okay, okay. If Lianlian is willing, I will give her to you.”

Guan Ruoying’s four invitation cards had been used up so far.

The atmosphere was raised. Next, it was the turn of Su Shijin’s group.

Zhao Dong and Gu Ling were left in Su Shijin’s group. It could be seen that Feng Wei was a bit tempted. His hand even touched his invitation card. Then he probably gave up after thinking about it for a long time. He lifted up his hand again.

Jiang Xin and Wang Hai sighed with relief.

Su Shijin accepted Zhao Dong and Gu Ling.

For her remaining two invitation cards, one was sent to one of Shen Tingyan’s participants. Shen Tingyan was very casual, and the participant was very happy. The transfer was successfully completed.

For the other, she said slowly, “I wonder if Director Feng is willing to let Xue Xiao out?”

“Wow—” The audience cheered.

Xue Xiao! Finally, a mentor went after him!

This was normal. Who didn’t want Xue Xiao? Even Guan Ruoying’s eyes clearly drifted to Xue Xiao just now!

If it wasn’t for the fact that Feng Wei wouldn’t easily let him go, Guan Ruoying would’ve definitely taken a tentative step just now!

After all, Teacher Su was still the bold one!

As the person involved, Xue Xiao straightened his back and gulped.

Jiang Quan was very good at creating trouble. He asked with a smile, “Okay, besides Teacher Su… are there any other mentors who want to compete for Xue Xiao?”

Chang Yun shouted, “What other mentor is there? The only mentor left is Teacher Shen!”

“Teacher Shen must also want Xue Xiao…”


Chatter rang out.

After getting along during this time, almost everyone could see Shen Tingyan’s preference for Xue Xiao.

It was enviable, but also understandable.

It was normal for a mentor to have their favorite student. Xue Xiao’s strength was worthy of any mentor’s appreciation.

It was just that the situation now…

Jin Xiaochen gossiped behind Xue Xiao. “This is a shura field, a shura field!”

Jiang Lianlian teased. “You are very excited, Xiao Jin!”

Jin Xiaochen wondered, “Aren’t you excited?”

Jiang Lianlian laughed. “Hehehehe.”

Xue Xiao’s heart was pounding. He carefully looked at Shen Tingyan at the mentor table with a hint of anxiety…

Everyone looked at the man.

Would he also want to steal Xue Xiao?

Shen Tingyan sat under the light. At this moment, his expression was still calm despite the whole audience being heated up at this climactic development. No one could tell what he was thinking.

To be honest, it was hard to imagine him trying to fight for something.

In the eyes of the public, Shen Tingyan always had a very cold image. The things that this man wanted would always fall into his hands easily without him having to fight for them. Almost everything that didn’t fall into his hands were things he didn’t need.

He was like a piece of ice, so cold that it was hard to imagine him burning.

But he really liked Xue Xiao, right?

He just praised Xue Xiao.

Would he fight for this person? Would he… break that solid and cold shell for Xue Xiao?

Everyone was seriously looking forward to it.

Under the attention of the whole audience, along with Xue Xiao’s beating heart, Shen Tingyan moved his lips.

He said in a casual tone, “I don’t need to. Please continue.”

Even Jiang Quan was stunned. Then he thought of something, and his expression became meaningful.

The audience was also in an uproar. The participants couldn’t believe it. Shen Tingyan just quit the competition?!

He… didn’t even try?

They looked at Xue Xiao in embarrassment.

Xue Xiao was startled.

…Then he hung his head.

It was impossible to say that he wasn’t disappointed, but…

But what? Xue Xiao couldn’t think of anything.

He only felt that his heart was filled with disappointment. Jiang Lianlian and Jin Xiaochen immediately stopped their gossipy expressions and patted his shoulders in a comforting manner.

In the mentor seats, Su Shijin reacted quickly after feeling surprised.

She said provocatively, “Director Feng, what to say? Now it is a competition between the two of us. I really want Xue Xiao. Why don’t you ask Xue Xiao’s opinion?”

This was said very arrogantly, and it was also somewhat deliberately cheering for Xue Xiao.

Feng Wei replied very bluntly, “The premise for competition is that both sides are qualified to enter. Did Teacher Su forget that if the mentor wants one of his students to stay in this round, there is no need to ask the other person’s opinion?”

Su Shijin froze and tried to use the agitation method. “…Director Feng isn’t afraid of appearing to be not generous?”

Feng Wei took out an invitation card like an old fox. “Can I eat generosity?”

This sentence made everyone laugh.

Feng Wei smiled at Xue Xiao. “Xue Xiao, this invitation card is yours.”

Xue Xiao took a deep breath and stood up.

He wouldn’t let himself fall into depression. He quickly adjusted his mentality and calmed down.

He wouldn’t explore whether Shen Tingyan’s refusal to fight was because he was certain that Feng Wei wouldn’t let Xue Xiao go or not, or if Shen Tingyan wanted to use the invitation card to protect the existing participants in the group, or if it was because Shen Tingyan felt that Xue Xiao wasn’t good enough to let Shen Tingyan fight for him.

None of that mattered. What mattered now was that he had taken another step toward the next round of the competition.

He bowed to Feng Wei from afar.

For this round of card distribution, participants didn’t have to go up to the stage to receive them one by one. He said, “Thank you, Director Feng!”


The process continued.

The speed after that was very fast.

Su Shijin’s card shouldn’t be wasted. She asked Feng Wei again for Jiang Xin. This time, Feng Wei agreed. Jiang Xin was also willing.

Su Shijin ran out of four cards.

Feng Wei had two cards left, so he naturally accepted both Cheng Yang and Wang Hai. The latter two completely relaxed.

Then it came to Shen Tingyan…

Shen Tingyan’s two groups originally had a total of eight people. After 15 people were eliminated and another participant selected by Su Shijin, there were only four participants left.

Four cards were all used up like this.

It wasn’t hard to understand.

In the second round of the competition, except for Xue Xiao, all the other participants who received his invitation card went to his group.

This also meant that in this show, all the people Shen Tingyan liked were already under his control. He didn’t need to pick from the other mentors.

All 16 participants had a group to belong to. Everyone had a happy ending.

Just when everyone thought that today’s recording was over, Shen Tingyan stood up…

Guan Ruoying and Feng Wei, who were chatting, stopped talking.

Su Shijin looked over in confusion while stretching.

The audience stopped as they were about to pack up their belongings.

The participants also stopped chattering.

They suddenly noticed the card in Shen Tingyan’s hand, and their eyes widened… it was the special rights card!

Yes, Shen Tingyan still had the special rights card in his hand!

The most important mystery was yet to be revealed!

Was it resurrection?

Was he going to resurrect one of the eliminated participants?

Shen Tingyan said casually, “Unfortunately, this isn’t a resurrection card.”

He twisted his slender fingers and showed the card side to the camera.

The cameraman approached. Everyone craned their necks to read the words on the card.

Su Shijin was stunned when she read it. “Steal someone card?”

The moment these three words came out, the audience was shocked.

Shen Tingyan grabbed the card between his index finger and middle finger. He shook it slightly and said, “I have the right to snatch any participant from the other three mentors.”

Feng Wei suddenly leaned back in his chair. He let out a long sigh and shook his head helplessly.

Guan Ruoying and Su Shijin paused. Then they instinctively looked at a corner of the participant seats.

Almost everyone had a premonition in their hearts. It was a strong premonition that came a few minutes late, but finally fell on the scene.

Xue Xiao instantly received the attention of the audience and couldn’t react for a moment.

In the distant mentor seats, under the shooting of countless cameras, in the midst of countless excited eyes, the man spoke clearly and emphasized every word. “I want Xue Xiao.”


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