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Studio Superstar: Chapter 71

Zhang Chengyu had a big scene tonight and several other people had to work early tomorrow morning. Thus, they left early after dinner ended at 9:30.

Before leaving, Zhang Chengyu threw his rental house key to Xue Xiao. Xue Xiao planned to stay here for two days. He would make do with Zhang Chengyu’s sofa at night.

In Nanhe County at night, there weren’t many people on the road.

There were no places suitable for night entertainment here. There wasn’t even a decent night market. Most tourists went back to their hotels after dinner.

Xue Xiao walked on the streets wearing a mask and hat. Almost no one noticed him.

He swayed slowly when the words Zhang Chengyu had just told him echoed in his head.

“…It seems that Jiang Ye was taught a lesson by Shen Tingyan more than a week ago. He was scared out of his mind by Shen Tingyan, and his forehead was swollen when he returned to the company.”

“…This matter seems to have something to do with you. No, it should be said to have a lot to do with you. Jiang Ye himself said that he was talking bad about you at the time. Shen Tingyan heard it, so…”

“So everyone in the industry is guessing whether it was because of you that Shen Tingyan acted against Wanyu this time.

“But you don’t have to worry too much. This matter has been taken care of very cleanly. It is just circulated within the circle. There shouldn’t be any problems on the Internet.”

“I just want to ask… what is your current relationship with Shen Tingyan?”

On the road, vehicles sped by from time to time.

The lights of the car went from far to near before disappearing suddenly. The light also disappeared from Xue Xiao’s eyes.

More than a week ago…

He suddenly remembered the small injury on the back of Shen Tingyan’s hand when he appeared in front of them the day after the variety show was recorded.

That man behaved particularly strangely that day. In addition, his words…

Xue Xiao’s Adam’s apple moved slightly.

…What was his current relationship with Shen Tingyan?

Of course, it was a very normal master-disciple relationship.

This was why he was shocked by these things that he had never heard of.

These… these things that Shen Tingyan had done in corners he didn’t know about.

Xue Xiao couldn’t believe that these things happened because of him.


Would Shen Tingyan really risk a public opinion storm to teach Jiang Ye a lesson and bring down Wanyu for him?

Xue Xiao even felt that Zhang Chengyu was overestimating his status in Shen Tingyan’s heart.

However, Zhang Chengyu was serious.

Zhang Chengyu’s face at that time was somewhat serious and solemn.

His master must have a certain degree of confidence to say such things to him.

So Xue Xiao had to believe it.

His throat was dry.

…So, why?

He could probably guess what Shen Tingyan heard from Jiang Ye. However, did Shen Tingyan do such things because of that?


At this moment, he wanted to take out his phone, send a WeChat message or call directly to ask.

He even had his phone in his hand.

He just didn’t know how to say it…

Xue Xiao took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. Once he raised his head, he found that he had arrived at the new scenic spot of ‘Secret Land of Immortal Palace’ that had been built in Nanhe County a year ago.

This was the filming location for many xianxia dramas. The crew of ‘There is a Dragon’ filmed here for more than half a month. At that time, Xue Xiao had also rushed here every day.

At the familiar entrance of the gate, the characters dancing on the plaque were dim in the night.

There was a tall figure standing in the open square at the entrance of the scenic spot. This made Xue Xiao’s pupils shrink, and his heart trembled slightly.

His footsteps stopped.

…His breathing was messed up.

The figure just stood there quietly, seemingly in a trance. It wasn’t known what he was thinking.

The night softened his outline, turning his coldness into gentleness. He looked so gently that it was like some type of hallucination was born in Xue Xiao’s brain.

But no.

It wasn’t an illusion.

The silhouette standing not far away was so vivid that it burned Xue Xiao’s eyes.

At this moment, Xue Xiao felt that he should rush up and ask—ask him why he appeared here and if the story about Jiang Ye and Wanyu was true.

The amazing thing was that the first thing to come to his mind was ‘Morning and Twilight.’

It was his favorite, and also the saddest, of the movies starring Shen Tingyan.

In that movie, Shen Tingyan portrayed the life of the protagonist, Mu Tinghuai. It was from a high-spirited teenager to a presumptuous and sharp youth, a steady and gentle adult, and a lonely and tired elderly man.

Back then, Xue Xiao hid in a corner of the movie theater and fell in love with Mu Tinghuai, who was so passionate and full of energy that everyone would admire him. He gritted his teeth and held back tears. He watched the boy turn into a man whose temples were stained with frost, and his eyes became chaotic.

He couldn’t bear to let Mu Tinghuai go through the reincarnation of life and death like a mortal. He didn’t even dare to imagine what Shen Tingyan would be like when he was old.

Would this handsome man, who was as lofty and beautiful as the sun and the clear sky, grow old like Mu Tinghuai, with his back stooped?

Xue Xiao was reluctant.

He was extremely reluctant.

He naively hoped that Shen Tingyan would live forever.

He became unable to distinguish the boundary between actor and role. He confused Mu Tinghuai and Shen Tingyan. He couldn’t tell whom he placed his love on.

Now that he thought about it, everything was actually predestined.

His admiration for Shen Tingyan was subtle and ambiguous from the beginning.

After he truly got to know Shen Tingyan and touched Shen Tingyan, the subtle and ambiguous emotions naturally transformed quickly into turbulent emotions. Then it became clear liking and love.

Xue Xiao even clearly remembered the last scene of that movie clearly.

The old Mu Tinghuai sat in the park, squinting and bathing in the morning light. He heard someone shouting.

“Grandpa Mu!”

“Mu Tinghuai!”

The audience saw—in the beautiful morning light- the young Mu Tinghuai stretching his legs and lazily sitting on the park chair, his hands in the pockets of his suit trousers.

He heard the call and turned his head.

His eyes met the camera, and it wasn’t known who he saw.

The handsome, high-spirited young man’s lips curved up, and he revealed a wanton smile.

Now, this moment seemed to be in line with the last shot of that movie—

In the night, Shen Tingyan stood not far away and seemed to notice something.

He turned sideways and stared diagonally behind him, his gaze like light.

Xue Xiao’s nose was extremely sore.

That’s right, such a Mu Tinghuai… such a Shen Tingyan.

It was Shen Tingyan, whom he liked the most.


Shen Tingyan passed by here by chance and stopped because of a little guy who had filmed here.

He was a bit stunned once he really saw Xue Xiao.

The evening breeze blew gently around them. He walked over quickly and asked, “Did you come back here to see your friends?”

“Yes.” Xue Xiao looked at Shen Tingyan and said hoarsely, “Teacher Shen… what a coincidence.”

Shen Tingyan paused.

He stared at Xue Xiao’s eyes, which were slightly red and had a clear layer of water. He said softly, “You look more like you are saying, ‘Teacher Shen, I want a hug.’”

The water in Xue Xiao’s eyes increased.

He looked at Shen Tingyan silently, with a bit of grievance. It was almost stubborn.

But there was no denial.

Shen Tingyan’s Adam’s apple moved.

He took a step closer.

Another step closer.

Until the toes of the two of them were very close, Xue Xiao still didn’t retreat.

Just because of the height difference, he had to tilt up his chin slightly to continue looking at Shen Tingyan.

It was still that pure, unreserved look that seemed to speak silently.

Shen Tingyan stared at the young man, and his eyes darkened.

He stretched out his hands and gently took this person into his arms.

He just hugged Xue Xiao.

There wasn’t the slightest bit of resistance.

The young man in his arms was like a bird returning to the nest. He leaned against Shen Tingyan’s chest softly and with attachment.

Shen Tingyan gently rubbed the back of Xue Xiao’s head. He listened to the young man sniffling and tightened his arms.

The night in Nanhe was too quiet.

It was so quiet that he wanted to sink into sleep.

During the drive back to the rental house Xue Xiao was staying at, the two of them didn’t talk much.

Xue Xiao’s mind was a bit confused from his emotions while Shen Tingyan was thinking about Xue Xiao’s look of wanting to cry just now.

In addition, both of them were thinking about the hug and their subtle reactions to each other.

The driver stopped once the navigation indicated that they had arrived at the destination.

Shen Tingyan looked out the window.

The small rental house in front of him was a bit old. It had been built for at least 15 years.

He looked back at Xue Xiao, who was leaning against him like a little quail. He asked in a low voice, “Are you sure you want to stay here? I can ask Fang Lei to help book you a better hotel.”

Xue Xiao shook his head, his tone somewhat nasally. “No, I can just squeeze in with Master.”

After saying that, he was speechless again.

The air was quiet.

The driver said in an embarrassed manner, “How about… I go down and smoke a cigarette?”

Shen Tingyan and Xue Xiao: “……”

Xue Xiao sat up straight and whispered, “I’m getting off. Thank you for sending me back.”

Shen Tingyan grabbed him and asked, “Why were you crying just now?”

Xue Xiao lowered his head. “…I didn’t cry.”

Shen Tingyan said, “Don’t be stubborn.”

Xue Xiao: “………”

He looked away in shame and paused. Then he summoned up the courage to say, “Teacher Shen, what were you doing there just now?”

Shen Tingyan wanted to casually say, ‘I was just passing by.’

Then recalling the hug and looking at Xue Xiao’s appearance at this moment, his heart moved slightly, and he changed his words. “…What do you think I went there to do?”

“……” Xue Xiao wondered, “Then why do you think I was crying just now?”

Shen Tingyan: “……”

Xue Xiao: “……”

Shen Tingyan: “………”

The little light bulb learned the good things, but he learned the bad things too!

Xue Xiao saw Shen Tingyan gritting his teeth. Finally, he burst out laughing while tearful.

He pursed his lips and said softly, “Teacher Shen, I heard about Wanyu.”

Shen Tingyan paused.

Xue Xiao lowered his eyes.

His fingers dug into the chair for a while. Then he whispered with a rapidly beating heart, “…Is it… because of me?”

It took him a lot of courage to ask this question.

No matter how brave Xue Xiao was, he was afraid he was imagining things with Shen Tingyan.

However, the man in front of him was silent for only a second before answering.


Xue Xiao’s hands clenched suddenly.

He slowly looked up.

Shen Tingyan’s eyes were very quiet as they looked at him.

The eyes were very light but seemed bottomless.

Xue Xiao gulped.

He didn’t dare to ask the next words.

Zhang Chengyu could bluntly ask him what his relationship with Shen Tingyan was now, but how could he ask Shen Tingyan such a thing?

Despite this moment, he had a very strong premonition in his heart.

However, the recording of the show wasn’t over yet. Once this question was asked, it would be hard for Xue Xiao to imagine how they would face each other in the final round if the answer was different from what he imagined.

He was silent for a moment before saying, “…Thank you, Shen Tingyan.”

Shen Tingyan paused.

This was the first time Xue Xiao officially called his name.

Shen Tingyan’s eyes changed. He slowly said, “Don’t thank me. These things are what I want to do. I didn’t want you to know about it.”

He didn’t do those things to show off to the little guy.

It was just because he wanted to do it.

Xue Xiao heard this, and his mind became even more confused.

He nodded and said in a hoarse voice, “But I still have to say it.”

“…Are you going to stay here for one night, or are you going to leave now?”

“I will go now. I have to take a flight tomorrow morning.”

“Oh…” Xue Xiao was silent before saying, “Then Teacher Shen, I’ll see you in the finals.”

Shen Tingyan replied in a low voice, “…Yes.”


The car door closed.

Xue Xiao waved at him again from outside the car before turning around and walking slowly into the residential building.

Shen Tingyan didn’t let the driver leave immediately.

It wasn’t until one of the windows on the fifth floor lit up that the car slowly started.

Shen Tingyan took out his phone and sent a message without hesitation.

“What did Xue Xiao tell you?”

It took three minutes for the other person to reply.


“I just ran into him. He was very strange.”


“Do you want me to drive directly to your apartment now?”


“Forget it, I’ll tell you.”

“Xue Xiao told me that he doesn’t like girls.”

“The person he has a crush on is a man…”


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