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Studio Superstar: Chapter 32 Part 1

Fan Xue’s fans realized that someone was wrong yesterday afternoon and quietly wanted to retreat.

However, they had jumped so much at the beginning of this matter. They had long been complaining everywhere. How could they slip away so easily?

After being repeatedly cued several times, some fans said in annoyance. “Isn’t Xue Xiao’s matter a problem with the show? Why bring up Senior? Our senior is just missing several paragraphs of content. How do you know it must be reverse editing by the show? Maybe it is also bad editing.”

Netizens laughed angrily.

The blame for Xue Xiao’s matter was all on the show. Then wasn’t it these fans who first laughed at Xue Xiao everywhere? Weren’t they the ones insulting Xue Xiao in the barrage? They were the ones who got involved in this matter, and now they were pretending to be innocent?

Also, evil editing? How many times had they said it? Did Fan Xue’s performance still need evil editing?

The fans couldn’t hear this and rushed forward to mess around. At this time, a private status posted by a certain netizen on another platform suddenly became popular…

“After holding back for so long, the first episode of a certain show has finally been released, and I can finally say it. It is really unpleasant. I went to see the performance. Why was the part of the stairs cut during FX’s performance? Of course, because it can’t be released. The two of them fell a few times when going up the stairs. You can’t imagine it. The one playing Li Xueming was stunned in place. This is completely a performance accident. If it was released, how could anyone slander XX? FX and the others would be scolded to death.

“In addition, why were Teacher Su’s words cut so abruptly? It is because the scolding was too cruel. It is said that this show should be prepared for more actors who are sincere and willing to work hard? Why does FX and the like forcibly appear in front of everyone to make everyone’s eyes spicy (I don’t remember the original words, but she probably meant something like this).”

“In any case, I’m really disappointed in FX. Some people asked me why I removed my fan status. It isn’t just because of his poor performance this time. It is also due to some content that hasn’t been released yet. This content might be aired in the second episode, or it might be cut by the show’s staff. In any case, it isn’t convenient for me to disclose it before the second episode airs. I can only advise everyone who is still FX’s fan to hurry and stop. It isn’t worth it.”

This sister didn’t have the habit of deleting the content of her homepage. Everyone scrolled through her homepage and found… She turned out to previously be Fan Xue’s big fan! It was the type of big fan that was especially rich and strong, the type of big fan that everyone in the fan circle knew!

She stopped being Fan Xue’s fan after going to see the first public performance of ‘Studio Superstar.’ Many fans didn’t know what happened and didn’t understand the reason until today…

At this time, public opinion was in an uproar again.

Oh my god, it was really reverse editing. Fan Xue acted so badly, but the show’s staff worked diligently to give him respect. On the other hand, Xue Xiao’s group acted so well, and the staff members racked their brains to blacken them…

Fan Xue’s fans were unsuccessful in blackening others and started to change their tune, saying that Fan Xue was viciously edited. They asked for evidence… now it was a former insider who gave evidence…

Fans were collectively dumbfounded.

This wasn’t all.

Perhaps it was because Fan Xue’s matter was going to die down, but an 18th tier artist who was in the same crew as him previously jumped out and broke the truth of the grudge between Xue Xiao and Fan Xue.

Xue Xiao didn’t flatter the director at all. He was just playing a background actor. It was the director who felt that he acted well and seriously, so he called Xue Xiao over to guide him a few times.

The director did say that he wanted to replace Fan Xue as the protagonist and let Xue Xiao act this role, but it was simply a radical method of provoking Fan Xue. How could he really replace Fan Xue? There was a certain wealthy person supporting him. It was just that he acted really badly, and his attitude wasn’t good. How could the director not be angry?

Xue Xiao wasn’t present at all when the director said this. He didn’t know anything. Later, he was hated by Fan Xue. Fan Xue’s wealthy backer came forward to find the leader of the film and television studio’s group actors union to get revenge for his lover. If it wasn’t for the show scooping him up, Xue Xiao might’ve had to pack his bags and go back to his hometown.

This 18th tier artist might be desperate for attention. He even dared to reveal the matter of the ‘wealthy backer.’ The amount of information really energized the netizens all night.

Netizens were shocked and indignant. After scouring the whole Internet, they found clues about the ‘wealthy backer.’ They found that this wealthy backer had already taken a fancy to another young model more than two months ago. It wasn’t known if he had already broken up with Fan Xue or if Fan Xue had been kept hanging until now…

Fans started to lose their fan status en masse.

Wealthy backer? Wealthy backer? A male wealthy backer??? In this modern era, it wasn’t like everyone couldn’t accept a gay person. The problem was that this was the unspoken rules? Fan Xue actually sold his body??


The first episode of ‘Studio Superstar’ could be said to be an asteroid hitting the surface of the earth. The vibration caused by it probably lasted for over half a month.

There were also some public opinions in the follow-up. For example, when Xue Xiao’s group was late, Fan Xue’s group knew that the two groups had the same rehearsal teacher but deliberately didn’t tell Xue Xiao’s group… For example, the rehearsal teacher targeted Xue Xiao’s group so much and Fan Xue’s expression at that time was so meaningful. Was it possible that he really joined the show to slander Xue Xiao… etc etc.

The content was too complicated and dazzling. Old Gao directly reminded them to disconnect from the internet recently and to stop paying attention to it. They should concentrate on rehearsals for the second round.

Everyone thought about it. Eating melons was exciting, but the competition was just around the corner!

So even the withdrawal of Fan Xue didn’t cause much discussion. After all, things were like this. Who would have the nerve to stay here any longer?

On this day in mid-June, it finally started raining after more than half a month of sunshine.

There were dark clouds and drizzle.

In order to prevent the slanting rain from sweeping into the corridor, all the windows were closed. But even this didn’t seem to be able to block the sound of falling rain outside.

The whole building was particularly quiet against the small sounds of nature.

Xue Xiao was called to record an interview and bumped into Fan Xue on the way back.

It wasn’t known if it was because he hadn’t been able to sleep well in the past two days, but his eye bags were very heavy. His face was pale, and his eyes were dark. He had completely lost his usual arrogance.

Their steps paused the moment the two people met.

After a second, they raised their legs and started walking as if they hadn’t seen each other.

Yet the moment they passed each other, Fan Xue finally couldn’t help it. He said with a sneer, “You are very proud now, right?”

Xue Xiao’s footsteps stopped.

“How much has your number of fans increased in the past two days? It has reached 100,000, right? After leaving this show, you probably won’t have to worry about not being able to sign with a company. Congratulations, you finally don’t have to run around playing background roles.” Fan Xue’s tone was particularly sarcastic. “Speaking of which, how many fans do I have? Oh, the day before yesterday, it should be almost 10 million. Today, it seems to be less than nine million?”

Xue Xiao couldn’t help glancing at this guy.

Fan Xue sneered. “You only have 100,000 fans now. Don’t you think the future is bright? I’m telling you. There is no one behind you to continue to support you. No one in this circle can guarantee that you will continue to be popular. Right now, you are pretending to be so noble. Your fans think you are so innocent. But will you sell your body in the future? No one knows, right?”

Fan Xue seemed to want to continue attacking him verbally, but Xue Xiao interrupted him.

“Is acting well and being appreciated finding someone to support me?”

Fan Xue frowned.

Xue Xiao thought about it and said, “Or seize every opportunity to perform well and let fans know that I won’t disappoint them, letting passersby know that they can have expectations for me, that I will drive the box office and make money. Then won’t someone take the initiative to find me to cooperate with me, and invest in me? Does this count as someone supporting me?”

“When I grow to a certain extent and accumulate strength, I won’t need others to support me at all. I can support myself to stand in this circle.”

Xue Xiao said calmly. Then he asked, “There are so many ways to survive… Why do I have to find a wealthy backer?”

Fan Xue froze.

He laughed angrily. “Your thoughts are so naive. How can things go according to your expectations?”

Xue Xiao asked rhetorically, “Then are things now going according to your expectations?”

“No, so it is all uncertain. Why can’t I try it according to my thoughts?”

Xue Xiao didn’t want to have such a boring conversation with this person any longer. After speaking, he raised his legs and wanted to leave. Then before leaving, he thought of something and couldn’t help saying to Fan Xue, “Also, I don’t know why you come to me to vent every time you feel unhappy with others, but—”

Xue Xiao looked directly at him and said slowly, “Doing this won’t bring you anything.”

By now, you have already understood it, right?

Fan Xue completely froze in place, unable to move.

Why did he go to make trouble with Xue Xiao every time?

It was because every time there was something that made him irritable and angry, there was Xue Xiao’s existence. Xue Xiao was the weakest, the most vulnerable, and the easiest to be manipulated by him.

He didn’t want to think about why things turned out like this or think of a way to solve it. He just wanted to vent. He had nearly 10 million fans and his wealthy backer. What was there to panic about?!

However, he only discovered now that the person he thought was the most vulnerable was actually a piece of wood that looked simple and inconspicuous but was actually strong and unbreakable.

What about himself?

Fan Xue was dumbfounded to find that he seemed to be thin chopsticks. He had nothing and no companion who was really standing by his side. Once a force struck, he was easily broken.

On the way back to his dormitory, Xue Xiao’s mood was exceptionally calm.

There was nothing to gloat about. After all, the most important thing for him was that everything returned to normal.

He didn’t think about anything, or perhaps he did think about something, but what he was thinking about was when the rain outside would stop and whether he should call Dou Mingjian, Gu Ling, and Huang Xiaolin to rehearse in the classroom in the afternoon.

Suddenly, he received a message from Zhang Chengyu.

“Xiao, you are really popular.”

Zhang Chengyu sent a screenshot.

Xue Xiao took a closer look. He was surprised to find that picture was a Weibo post that Zhang Chengyu made a few months ago.

The Weibo post had a photo taken by another extra on the set at that time.

At that time, Xue Xiao was in the crew of ‘There are Dragons’ starring Fan Xue. He was wearing a blue costume and sitting on a small bench, staring straight ahead with wide eyes.

He looked silly…

Zhang Chengyu had complained on Weibo: According to my brother, a certain child is stealing a lesson from teachers again. Every time, he is like this. He is like a little pervert [covers mouth and laughs].

Zhang Chengyu’s Weibo didn’t have many fans. Naturally, no one commented on this Weibo post at the time.

In the past few days, their group of people had come out to defend Xue Xiao, which attracted the attention of many netizens. Zhang Chengyu’s Weibo had also become popular.

The top few comments in the comment section of the screenshot were very excited.

“What little pervert? He is obviously a cutie!”

“Xiao is so cute. It is just like a clear blue sky…”

“His eyes are as wide as copper bells~~”

“From today on, Lord River Demon is no longer Lord River Demon, but Little~River~Demon~”

Xue Xiao: “……”


He was a bit unconvinced in his heart but was stunned when he saw the bottom comment.

“There are always many people who feel that hard work is useless, and that hard work is no match for other people’s talents or various external forces… But I’m still willing to believe that hard work pays off. Come on, you must continue to work hard. I look forward to the day when the little river demon will transform completely!”

Through the row of glass windows, the sound of drizzle subsided unknowingly.

The dark clouds parted a bit, and the summer sun poured through the gaps. The golden light slowly illuminated a corner.

Xue Xiao pursed his lips and smiled. He put down his phone and strode forward.


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