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Studio Superstar: Chapter 19

After two days of high-intensity recording, many people were exhausted. That night, the entire camp fell quiet early.

In a corner of the corridor of the dormitory building, Fan Xue was still on the phone with his agent.

The agent’s entire body felt numb when he first learned about the good things Fan Xue did yesterday.

He couldn’t figure out where Fan Xue’s idea came from and he couldn’t figure out how the artist under him could act stupid on a show with Shen Tingyan.

That man was notorious for not giving face to anyone. Everything he did depended on his own mood. The things he did when he was in a very bad mood and the things he did when he was in a very good mood…

Fan Xue was so wronged that he almost cried. He bit his lip and asked, “…How is the fan base now?”

The same audience had been watching the show for the past two days and there were at least a hundred of his fans present.

The agent said hoarsely, “They can’t talk about the recording content but a few people who are usually active in the super talk want to get rid of their fan status. Now many people are asking what happened.”

Brainless fans had brain damage but it depended on the level of brain damage. Some people usually had filters about Fan Xue’s ghostly acting skills and called it god-level acting skills, but as soon as they saw his attitude on stage, they were instantly disillusioned and ran away very quickly.

Fan Xue panicked in his heart. “Then what to do?”

“What to do? I will let Xiao Shi persuade those fans. If they can’t be persuaded, we have to let them go. Otherwise, can we tie them down?”

Fan Xue was getting annoyed. He scratched his head and asked, “What did the director say? Can it be cut? Can he cut all the words of Su Shijin and Shen Tingyan yesterday?”

“Do you think your status is big enough for the show to completely offend those two for you? In addition, cut it all out?” The agent was angry again. “If you are afraid of being like this now, why didn’t you act better yesterday? If you hadn’t deliberately acted badly, these things wouldn’t have happened!”

“I’ve already performed. What is the use of you saying this now? Do you know how depressed I am here? Now no one is paying attention to me at all!”

The agent cursed and the words ‘self-inflicted’ stimulated Fan Xue to almost roar on the spot.

“Okay.” The agent took a deep breath and said, “I will go and communicate with Director Zhang’s side. Su Shijin and Shen Tingyan’s part can’t be completely cut out but it depends on how it is cut.”

“President Lu’s side still can’t be contacted?” Fan Xue gnawed on his nails anxiously.


“What about Xue Xiao’s group?”

“How to cut is how to cut. But after you did such things, it is hard to see what the effect of the final cut will be. I can only do my best.”


Fan Xue hung up the phone and went back to the bedroom.

The other three people in the dormitory had already laid down. It wasn’t known if they were really asleep or didn’t want to pay attention to him at all.

That night, Fan Xue had a sleepless night.

The show’s class schedule came very quickly.

The total number of courses that the three classes of ABC was similar but the content was somewhat different. For example, Class C had the worst foundation and naturally had to start from the basics. The two actors, Shen Tingyan and Guan Ruoying, taught more courses.

Class B and Class A were more advanced and they could talk about some deeper topics. So the screenwriter Su Shijin and Director Feng Wei taught more courses.

Xue Xiao sighed.

Zhao Dong laughed when he heard this little sign and teased him, “Why? Are you envious of Class C having many classes with Teacher Shen?”

Xue Xiao was a bit embarrassed.

Chang Yun said, “What’s the matter? Maybe the teacher will be able to directly guide the rehearsal of the plays for the second round and you might meet Teacher Shen.”

Xue Xiao felt it made sense and nodded.

Gu Ling didn’t get too involved in the topic and kept lying on the bed playing mobile games. He waited until they finished chatting before saying to Xue Xiao, “Shall we go to class together tomorrow?”

“Uhuh. Brother Zhao, come with us tomorrow as well.”

During the two days of rehearsing for the play, everyone had tense hearts. Their bodies were tired and their hearts were tired.

But the days of pure classes were much easier.

Early the next morning, the 50 people got up in a refreshed manner, washed up and ate breakfast. Then they rushed to three classrooms in Building 3.

The first class of Class A that Xue Xiao, Zhao Dong and Gu Ling rushed to was scheduled at 501.

When all the 13 Class A students arrived at 8:30, Feng Wei came in slowly with a cup of tea and a stack of papers. He greeted them with a smile.

Everyone was very excited and shouted, “Yes, Director Feng!”

“Hello, everyone,” Feng Wei said after sitting down. “I don’t have experience in giving serious lectures and I can’t do PPTs. Let’s talk like this. Everyone, relax and raise your hand if you have any questions during the process.”

As a director, Feng Wei wasn’t very good at teaching them to act from a minutiae perspective.

He came up to talk about how he made movies.

For example, he wasn’t like some directors who generally shot according to the order of the development of the story. He would occasionally disrupt the order of the plot and move up certain content for filming.

An actor had to be mentally prepared when filming with him. Maybe he would come up and do the ending of the movie. Then he would start from the beginning.

The shooting sequence was often very chaotic. It depended on what part of the plot he thought was suitable for filming.

“Actors often go crazy with me. Sometimes, I see that today’s moon is beautiful and it is most suitable for filming the climactic part of the scene. The actors were filming a happy scene ten minutes ago and then I directly wanted them to be sad. Some of the younger actors say they can’t be sad. They will cry and ask me what to do.” Feng Wei spread out his hands.

Everyone laughed and looked at him earnestly.

Feng Wei said, “This involves an actor’s comprehension of the main plotline of the entire story.”

The things that Feng Wei taught were difficult to write notes for.

Xue Xiao sat in the second row and listened very attentively.

He put his legs on the crossbar of the stool, wrapped his arms around his legs and didn’t blink.

He heard from Feng Wei that in order to forcibly change his emotions, there was one actor who ran out of the set and found a corner with no one present to vent his ghostly roars. However, the house next door that looked like an abandoned firewood house was actually a poorly built latrine and someone was using the toilet inside it. They were so scared that they ran out without lifting up their pants.

Xue Xiao was stunned and followed the group of participants who were laughing and crying.

Feng Wei also said there were actors who could change from happy laughter to sad crying in a second. They cried sincerely and it wasn’t false at all. They were very powerful.

Xue Xiao imagined it and felt that he was far from being able to do this.

Feng Wei taught them how to extrapolate the main plotline and theme of a story, how to combine the characters and story together to understand and how to switch freely between various plots.

He sent a simple little script to the 13 people. It was the stack of paper he brought with him when he entered the classroom.

The script was very simple. It had just ten pages and three characters.

He first explained the simple plot to everyone. Then he ordered Zhao Dong, Gu Ling and Dou Mingjian to play the three roles respectively. He let them play the beginning and then let them directly play the end.

In just a few minutes of the plot, the difference between the beginning and the end was very large.

Gu Ling and Dou Mingjian acted well while Zhao Dong encountered some small problems.

Feng Wei nodded and said, “Look, your understanding of the story and your character is a bit off.”

He explained it to Zhao Dong again. Zhao Dong finally knew what his problem was and said repeatedly, “Thank you, Director Feng!”

After dealing with Zhao Dong, Feng Wei suddenly said to Gu Ling, “You are really good at acting. Since you are participating in this show, you should’ve made up your mind to stay in this industry?”

Gu Ling was slightly stunned before calmly replying, “It depends on the situation. I am interested in acting but I have to read the script. I will act if there is a good script.”

Feng Wei smiled. “Ho, you are quite picky. So do you like my movie?’

The entire classroom gasped when he said this.

Was this an invitation?

Was he inviting Gu Ling to act in his movie?!

How many popular artists in the circle couldn’t get such an opportunity but Gu Ling, an amateur who just entered the industry, received it?!

Many people showed shock and envy. After Xue Xiao felt surprised, he calmed down.

He had to admit that he felt a small amount of jealousy yesterday.

It was really amazing. Xue Xiao once thought he wouldn’t be jealous of anyone because he understood early on that no matter what field he was in, there would always be someone far superior to him. Jealousy was the most useless emotion. Studying hard was the correct attitude.

But yesterday, he was jealous of Gu Ling.

He couldn’t say why. Perhaps it was because he really faced the gap in talent for the first time and was shocked by its height or perhaps it was because of Shen Tingyan’s eyes at that time…

Then when he closed his eyes and reviewed Gu Ling’s performance over and over again, those slight emotional ups and downs were smoothed out.

There was nothing to say. This person was powerful.

The jealousy was gone, the envy was gone and there was only loss. Then this loss later disappeared because of the small badge.

At this moment, Xue Xiao only felt that it was worthy of Gu Ling. If this guy had entered the industry earlier, perhaps he would be very popular now.

Ability was needed and he had the ability. Appearance was needed and he had the appearance.

Gu Ling wasn’t very excited when he heard Feng Wei’s words and said indifferently, “I still have to read the script to know.”

Everyone pinched another person in unison. F*k, this child was too brave! He still dared to put on airs in front of Feng Wei!

Director Feng laughed loudly. “You need to have this determination to be an actor. It is good.”

This invitation was gone.

Class A’s course was only taught for one morning and they were free to move around in the afternoon.

Xue Xiao originally wanted to practice the script given by Feng Wei with Zhao Dong and the others. Then he suddenly remembered during lunch—Class C still had lessons in the afternoon! Shen Tingyan was teaching them!

The moment they heard that Xue Xiao was going to learn from others secretly, Zhao Dong, Chang Yun, Jiang Lianlian and Jin Xiaochen immediately abandoned their mobile games, TV dramas, naps and other leisure and entertainment activities and the five of them ran back in a hurry to Building 3.

Class C’s afternoon class was at 104 and Xue Xiao led the group to sneak to the window of 104.

The classroom windows were closed but they could clearly hear the unceremonious reprimands coming from inside.

“Are you playing a beautiful man in a costume idol drama? Tell me, how are you beautiful when you are hunched over like that? Or is it very cool in your imagination?”

“Yes, I’m sorry!”

“And you, have you ever looked in the mirror to see how you look? Could it be that you practiced blindly in school before?”

“I’m sorry, Teacher Shen. Wuu.”

“I won’t turn into a mirror even if you cry at me. Turn left and look at the reflective window over there. Practice against that.”



Outside the window, the five people squatting down with their backs against the wall: “……”

Jiang Lianlian patted her chest. “The atmosphere here is too terrifying.”

Chang Yun was sweating. “F*k, fortunately I didn’t fall to Class C. My mental quality isn’t very good!”

Jin Xiaochen said, “I’m so afraid. I kind of want to pee now.”

The other four: “……”

Zhao Dong opened his mouth. “Cough. Teacher Shen is so strict and harsh, but what he teaches is indeed some basic and practical things.”

Xue Xiao agreed. “Yes!”

The other four thought, ‘What do you know ‘yes?’!’

In Classroom 104, Shen Tingyan was irritable.

He was sitting on the edge of the podium with a cold face. His legs were folded and there was a rolled-up lesson plan in his hand. It was carefully made by his agent Fang Lei. His posture was very elegant but his aura was terrifying. None of the 15 students in Class C dared to touch him. They all worked hard to practice their basic body shapes.

In the corner, Fan Xue glanced at Shen Tingyan several times in confusion and did several rounds of psychological construction.

He felt that he should improve his image in Shen Tingyan’s mind so he took a deep breath. He plucked up his courage and pretended to be studious. He leaned over and asked, “Teacher Sheng, you asked me to practice ‘suddenly hearing a singing voice from above when in my bedroom.’ Do you think it is right for me to act like this?”

Fan Xue sat on the stool seriously and pretended to be reading. Suddenly, he raised his eyes and leaned closer, getting very close to Shen Tingyan.

Shen Tingyan coldly asked his ear piercing, “Does your family know you do this at home?

Fan Xue froze. “Huh?”

“The singing is coming from upstairs. Why are your eyes looking to the right?”

Fan Xue muttered, “Uh…”

Just now, a man on the right hit the wall while walking.

Shen Tingyan scoffed. “Fan Xue, do you know what you are practicing?”

Fan Xue looked confused.

“Everyone else is practicing their body and posture. You are the only one I had practice the more basic ‘concentration’. Do you know why?”

Shen Tingyan’s voice wasn’t loud or small. The 15 people in the classroom could hear it.

Fan Xue suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart but he couldn’t stop Shen Tingyan from finishing the rest of the words.

Shen Tingyan said with a smile, “Because you couldn’t pay full attention on such a big stage two days ago and still had the mind to do clever things. Now the 14 other people know that they are still far from being able to hand in their homework so they are practicing seriously. Yet after only 10 minutes of practice, you came to me and asked me if you are acting correctly.”

“Don’t you have an idea in your heart about whether you are acting well or not?”

Fan Xue: “……”

The other 14 people thought, ‘Help, there is someone here who is carrying a bomb and threw it on himself. Ah, if you want to die, stay away from us. Ahhhhh!’

Fan Xue slipped back to the corner with an ashamed face.

Shen Tingyan changed his sitting position and his expression became colder.

He hated summer.

Every time it was summer, his patience would plummet as long as he stayed in a room with insufficient air conditioning for more than an hour.

Unfortunately, the cooling capacity of the air conditioners in all classrooms of Building 3 was rubbish.

Shen Tingyan felt as if there were a few ants crawling around in his blood vessels. They crawled slowly but they kept crawling non-stop. Then looking at the trainees who couldn’t even straighten their backs, those few ants turned into dozens of ants.


Shen Tingyan tugged at his neckline and turned his head to look out the window in annoyance.

With a snap, five little heads quickly shrank back under the window. Among them, a small light bulb shrank down the fastest.

Shen Tingyan: “……”

He almost thought his eyes were dazzled from the heat.


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