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Studio Superstar: Chapter 23

That night, Dou Mingjian came to Xue Xiao’s dormitory with an embarrassed expression.

He came to ask Xue Xiao to borrow books.

After a week of getting along, everyone knew that Xue Xiao had a lot of books here. The cameraman had come to take shots of the bottom of his bed.

It was just that before Su Shijin praised Xue Xiao today, few people realized these seemingly ordinary books could play such a big role.

“I haven’t read many books. I haven’t liked to read since I was a child.” Dou Mingjian sighed. “But Teacher Su is right. Actors require a lot of insight and experience.”

Chang Yun poked his head out from the upper bunk. “Hey, the extracurricular books that I have read since I was a child can also be counted on one hand. I borrowed a book before and only read ten pages in a week.”

Zhao Dong laughed at him. “You still have the nerve to say this. How many books has Teacher Gu read in such a short time?”

Gu Ling, who was still half-leaning on the bed and reading a book, gave this person a look.

He read quickly. What he was reading now was the fourth book he borrowed from Xue Xiao.

Before Dou Mingjian came in, Xue Xiao was writing in his diary.

He put the cap on the pen, closed the diary, and rolled over to sit up. He sat cross-legged and said, “Do you usually force yourself to read more serious literature? In fact, it isn’t necessary. My master didn’t like to read before but wanted to read more. He tried to read some online novels first and even flipped through recipes when he had nothing to do. First, he developed a reading habit. Then he slowly became interested in books in more fields.”

“Recipes?” Zhao Dong was a bit surprised.

“Yes,” Xue Xiao said with a smile. “My master said that if you can read the recipe and learn one or two dishes, this will also supplement your knowledge.”

Chang Yun nodded. “Yes. Maybe it will be used for acting one day.”

Zhao Dong also thought about it. “In fact, there are quite a few film and television companies buying various online novel IPs now. Read more online novels now, and maybe one day, you can really act in it.”

Chang Yun laughed. “Hahahaha, Brother Zhao also thinks quite long-term!”

Zhao Dong told him, “I’m just thinking about it, thinking about it. Don’t you kinda want to read a book now?”

“……” Chang Yu thought about it. “That seems to be true.”

Xue Xiao smiled and withdrew his gaze from the two. He said to Dou Mingjian, “Brother Dou, what type do you want to see first? Do you want me to recommend one to you?”

Dou Mingjian touched his head. “Yes, I feel that I have to assign myself some tasks at the beginning. I should read at least 50 pages a day or something, or else I will put it on hold after two days.”

Xue Xiao suggested, “You can make a daily task list for yourself and tick it off when you complete it. I used to practice calligraphy using this method.”


After borrowing the book, Dou Mingjian weighed the heavy weight in his hand. Then he looked at Zhao Dong and Chang Yun, who had been writing the observation diary on their beds, and Gu Ling, who was reading quietly. Then he sighed to Xue Xiao. “It is good to come to this show. I feel that there is something to learn every day, and I can improve every day.”

Xue Xiao was stunned. Then he looked over, and his lips curled up. He said, “I think so too.”

Dou Mingjian patted him on the shoulder. “We must work hard in the second round of the competition.”

The show only gave them the schedule for one week.

The 50 participants didn’t know what was waiting for them.

All they knew was that on the last day of the learning week, they were going to take promotional photos for the show!

Starting from the afternoon, the first to be called were the people from Xue Xiao and Jin Xiaochen’s dormitories.

At that time, Gu Ling and Zhao Dong were doing observation homework outside the camp while Xue Xiao and Chang Yun were wandering around the camp and chatting.

Xue Xiao held a small electric fan in his hand. The small fan blew loudly, causing Xue Xiao’s forehead hair to float up for a while and revealing his sunburned face.

The moment Chang Yun heard that he was going to take photos and that the participants had to prepare their clothes themselves, he immediately decided to go back to the bedroom to change into his most handsome clothes.

Xue Xiao thought about it and gave up. His clothes and pants were basically the same style. It was the same even if he changed, so he went directly to the studio like this.

The studio was very busy with staff members walking around.

Xue Xiao, as the first participant to arrive, fumbled around inside for a long time before finding the location to take photos.

When he saw the figure surrounded by many people not far away, he was slightly taken aback. Then his eyes lit up.


On the other end, Fang Lei stood beside Shen Tingyan. He fanned himself with a folder while complaining in a low voice, “Can Guantian still operate? Why don’t they repair the air conditioners if there is a problem?”

The air conditioning was seriously insufficient. In addition, there were so many people walking around here, and the light used for filming was turned up to the fiercest setting. The three factors added together, and Fang Lei felt it was close to 32 degrees.

Even a heat-tolerant person like him couldn’t stay here for a long time, let alone—

He looked down. The man who was sitting on the chair, eyes closed as he let the makeup artist touch up his makeup, calmly said, “Maybe they are going bankrupt.”

Fang Lei and the makeup artist: “……”

They didn’t hear anything.

After setting the makeup, the makeup brush left his cheeks.

Shen Tingyan opened his eyes. They lowered expressionlessly, and it wasn’t known what he was thinking.

However, with Fang Lei’s understanding of this man, it was estimated that he was so hot he probably wanted to curse at this moment. He was trying to calm down.

Originally, the mentors’ promotional photo shoot was arranged the day after tomorrow. It was just that Shen Tingyan said he couldn’t come that day because of something. Old Gao directly moved his photoshoot to today with the participants.

At this time, the studio was already so hot. When the participants arrived one by one later, there would be more people. This place would become even hotter.

Fang Lei saw the photographer and hurriedly urged him. It was better to finish things early and leave here early.

At a certain moment, Shen Tingyan sensed something and glanced to the right.

Seeing a pair of small light bulbs in the crowd, he suddenly laughed. “What are you doing so far away? Come here.”

The deep voice passed through the crowd, and many people were slightly taken aback.

Even Fang Lei was stunned. He didn’t know who Shen Tingyan was talking to.

He turned around to follow Shen Tingyan’s gaze. Then he saw a gentle and beautiful-looking young man approach with a red face, obediently calling out, “Teacher Shen.”

Shen Tingyan asked in a normal tone, “You came so early. Are you the first one among the participants?”

Xue Xiao replied obediently, “I came directly after receiving the notice. Gu Ling and the others are still outside, so they are slower…”

Fang Lei was secretly a bit surprised when he saw Shen Tingyan chatting with Xue Xiao with such a relaxed demeanor.

Shen Tingyan’s temper wasn’t good. If the surrounding environment made him uncomfortable, maintaining politeness was already the limit of this man.

Fang Lei had been his agent for so many years. It seemed that this was the first time he saw Shen Tingyan talking and laughing with others when he was so hot.

Xue Xiao stopped after exchanging a few sentences.

After putting on makeup and styling, Shen Tingyan was a humanoid killer. He was handsome to the extreme. Any person of the same sex had to worship him when seeing it.

His hair was randomly ruffled. Under the warm light, his face was still cold and stern to the point of being chilly.

A casual glance by this man would cause a person’s heart to chill.

It was precisely because this face was clearly visible at this time that under close observation, the slightest change in expression became particularly obvious to Xue Xiao.

He took out his small fan, turned it on again, and handed it to Shen Tingyan, asking in a low voice, “Teacher Shen, do you need it?”

The small fan whizzed and sent small gusts of wind straight toward Shen Tingyan’s face. Shen Tingyan: “……”

He hadn’t expected the fact that he was afraid of heat to be seen by Xue Xiao. As for this fan…

He stared thoughtfully at this rather pink fan for a moment.

Fang Lei coughed lightly. He was just about to refuse for this man when Shen Tingyan reached out and took the fan. He comfortably blew the wind toward him and asked in a strange manner, “You chose this color yourself?”

So pink.

Xue Xiao’s face turned even redder. “No, my mother bought it for me a long time ago. I have used it for two or three years.”

Shen Tingyan glanced at him with a smile. “I thought you were hiding in the corner every day and thought you weren’t afraid of the heat at all.”

Xue Xiao paused. He pinched his fingers behind his back and smiled obediently. He said, “I am definitely still hot in the heat.”

Every summer, Xue Xiao would take out this small fan once the temperature exceeded 35 degrees.

The reason why this little artifact was used in less than 35-degree weather this year was naturally because of… his small selfishness.

At this time, he saw Shen Tingyan standing in front of the wind, and his brow relaxed slightly. Xue Xiao pursed his lips and smiled.

It was still right to bring a small fan with him these days.

He just thought, ‘Maybe we will meet again.’

That evening, Shen Tingyan’s move to loosen his collar didn’t escape his eyes. He realized that this man might not be heat tolerant.

Soon, Old Gao saw Xue Xiao and walked over quickly.

He was stunned when he saw Xue Xiao’s outfit. “Are you going to wear this set of clothes for the promotional photos?”

Xue Xiao was also stunned. “Can’t I?”

Shen Tingyan glanced over lazily.

Old Gao scratched his head. “It isn’t impossible… but this is too simple. Didn’t you bring some other good-looking clothes? These are promotional photos, Xue Xiao!”

Xue Xiao said, “But the clothes I brought with me… they are all this style.”

He looked down at the white t-shirt on his body. “At most, the print on the T-shirt is changed from piglets to birds or dogs.”

Xue Xiao raised his head and asked blankly, “Should I go change?”

Old Gao, Shen Tingyan, and Fang Lei: “……”

The three of them looked at the print on Xue Xiao’s t-shirt in silence again.

The round piglet head laughed stupidly at him: Haha.

Old Gao said, “It seems so, it seems so. There is no point in changing.”

The makeup artist in charge of applying makeup for the participants came over and took a look. “Oh my, my 70 year old grandfather isn’t as rough as you.”

Xue Xiao: “………”

He blushed and wondered if he should buy some new clothes.

He really didn’t pay much attention to his appearance. When he was still a teacher, he rotated between pigs, birds, and dogs all summer.

His mother always said that he wouldn’t be able to find a girlfriend in his life, but Xue Xiao didn’t seem to want a girlfriend. This was why he never took it seriously.

Old Gao wiped his face. “Come on. Xiao Li, you can tidy him up later. His clothes… so be it.”

The makeup artist Xiao Li replied positively. Then he winked at Shen Tingyan. “Then Teacher Shen, I’ll take him away for makeup.”

“……” Shen Tingyan said, “Go.”

Xue Xiao said goodbye to Shen Tingyan and was led by Xiao Li to the other end of the studio.

Xiao Li’s makeup technique was fast and ruthless. The brush swept over Xue Xiao’s face like it was sweeping the battlefield. Xue Xiao didn’t have a chance to open his eyes in the process and could only wrinkle his small face.

Once the eye makeup was finished, he heard Xiao Li make a sound and opened his eyes in confusion.

Fang Lei was walking over.

He carried a well-known personal designer brand gift bag in his hand and smiled at Xue Xiao. “Oh, Tingyan asked me to bring some clothes to see if you can wear them.”

Xue Xiao’s mind was confused. “…These are Teacher Shen’s clothes?”

“These pieces are all new. He hasn’t worn them yet. The designer is his friend and will give him clothes every season. It is just that these pieces aren’t his style, so the chances of wearing them are very small.” Fang Lei looked at Xue Xiao carefully while talking. Then he said naturally, “It just happened to be in the car today. What a coincidence. You take it.”

Xue Xiao quickly stood up, but he was a bit hesitant. He didn’t dare to reach out and take it.

He was really confused. How could Shen Tingyan give him clothes? Was it really good to take things like this?

Fang Lei saw through him instantly. “It isn’t a gift for you, so don’t feel a psychological burden. Just borrow it to wear. Go back and wash it. Then return it to him the next time you meet him.”

“Oh!” Xue Xiao was slightly relieved at this. He hesitated but still took the gift bag. His heart was beating wildly. “Thank you… Teacher!”

“My surname is Fang and I’m his agent. You can just call me Brother,” Fang Lei said. “You have his WeChat. Just thank him directly on WeChat. I’ll leave first.”

Xue Xiao immediately changed his words. “Thank you, Brother Fang!”

Once Fang Lei left, Xue Xiao was still a bit dizzy.

He looked down and saw that there were four or five clothes stuffed in the gift bag. They should be tops and were brand new.

He didn’t know if it was his illusion, but he always felt that this bag had a bit of Shen Tingyan’s unique perfume scent. It was cold and indifferent but a bit sultry… it was a very mature and attractive fragrance.

On the side, Xiao Li said, “Teacher Shen really likes you.”

Xue Xiao’s heart thumped.

He didn’t know what this inexplicable palpitation was.

It was probably the same as when he saw Shen Tingyan before. He couldn’t help being nervous, excited, and happy.

This should be the natural reaction of fans when they got a response from their idol, right?

What’s more, Shen Tingyan’s response had far exceeded his imagination…

This thumb rubbed over the surface of the gift bag. Xue Xiao exhaled a bit. Once the enthusiasm on his face subsided, he thought of a question and worried over it. “But Teacher Shen’s clothes… I shouldn’t fit in them, right?”

Shen Tingyan was 1.89 meters. He was tall and big. It was estimated that he was one size larger than Xue Xiao.

Xiao Li took out a top, looked at it, and said clearly, “I just said that Teacher Shen wouldn’t be able to give you clothes casually. This is a trendy design, and it doesn’t matter if it is bigger. Come on, wear this. This one will definitely look best on you. Go and change. I’ll help you tidy it up later, and you will look 10 degrees more handsome!”

Xue Xiao was rushed over. He took two steps before instinctively looking into the distance.

Shen Tingyan’s seat was already empty.

Everyone crowded into the filming place. This man should’ve started taking photos under the lights.

Let’s go when filming was over.

Xue Xiao’s heart was indescribably floating.

He silently took out his phone and opened WeChat.

After adding each other as friends that day, the two of them never talked.

Xue Xiao didn’t bother to disturb the other party. He shouldn’t have time to randomly find someone to chat with on his WeChat friend list.

Xue Xiao didn’t know how many participants Shen Tingyan added later. He hadn’t asked the others.

He hesitated for a long time before lowering his head to type a few words. He deleted it, typed a few words, and deleted it again.

He hadn’t struggled so much when writing essays or novels.

In the end, Xue Xiao carefully chose the simplest way to thank him.

“Thank you, Teacher Shen. I will return the clothes to you next time.”

After he came back and finished the styling thoroughly, the shooting venue was empty. Chang Yun and Gu Ling had arrived, and Xue Xiao received Shen Tingyan’s belated reply.

It was also very simple, like his usual style.


“The fan will be returned to you next time.”

The promotional photo shoot of the trainees was in full swing.

As Xue Xiao was taking photos, the chief director, Director Zhang came over to take a look.

The young man under the lights wore a loose t-shirt with a trendy design and posed according to the photographer’s requirements.

His black hair was neatened, and his beautiful page was completely exposed. This made his big eyes look extraordinarily energetic. The outfit made the young man’s slender and powerful figure stand out.

He had an elongated neck and a thin waist, shoulders, and back. His calm and focused gaze looked at the camera. The young man’s body revealed a touch of indescribable sexiness that was different from his usual cuteness and warmth.

Old Gao pondered that without the top that Shen Tingyan lent out in the end, this feeling definitely wouldn’t have been able to stand out in this simple environment.

The words ‘clothes make a person’ were absolutely true. The hidden qualities of many people needed to be tapped to be revealed.

He heard someone next to him whisper, “Don’t say it, Xue Xiao really looks better the more and more you look at him.”

“Yes, it feels much better than many stars.”

Old Gao glanced at Director Zhang again. He was looking at Xue Xiao thoughtfully.

Old Gao seemed to mention it inadvertently. “How to say? Do you want to bet on a treasure and give Xue Xiao an advertisement?”

He knew that this was one of the permissions given to Director Zhang by the leaders at the top.


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