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Studio Superstar: Chapter 49

Five minutes later.

In the classroom, Shen Tingyan leaned against the podium while Xue Xiao sat upright in the first row. The atmosphere was very awkward.

Shen Tingyan worked hard to digest this huge amount of information and said slowly, “So you wrote that novel three years ago?”

“Yes,” Xue Xiao replied.

‘People on Earth’ was the first novel in his life that he started writing when he had nothing to do in his spare time after graduating from college. After finishing it, he randomly went to his favorite publishing house to submit the manuscript. He didn’t have much expectations. He hadn’t expected for the manuscript to be successfully passed in the end.

But Xue Xiao actually didn’t plan to develop on the road of writing. The sales of that book were neither good nor bad. So after this experience, he hadn’t written any other novels for the time being.

He hadn’t expected that… Shen Tingyan would come to him to buy the copyright…

When the editor told him that the person who contacted her was ‘Mr Fang Lei’ from Shen Tingyan’s studio, Xue Xiao was dumbfounded…

Shen Tingyan rubbed the corners of his eyes and suddenly laughed.

Before opening the novel, he never expected that this little-known novel would attract him to read it three times in a row.

When he read it for the third time and decided to ask Fang Lei to contact the author, he never thought that the author who made him curious and could write such a story would be the person he cared about most now.

Was there anything in the world more wonderful than this type of fate?

Xue Xiao couldn’t help asking curiously, “Teacher Shen, how did you know about this novel?”

“My cousin recommended it to me. He is a screenwriter and usually writes some novels.” Shen Tingyan lowered his hand and said, “He knows that I want to go behind the scenes now and plan to buy some IPs, so he is specifically helping me find suitable resources in this area.”

Before Xue Xiao had time to be surprised, he was slightly startled when he heard the second half of Shen Tingyan’s words. “Behind the scenes?”


Xue Xiao opened his mouth. “…You won’t make movies any longer?”

Seeing Xue Xiao’s expression, Shen Tingyan paused and said, “It isn’t that I won’t film it at all. I will see if there is any script I particularly like.”

In other words, the focus of his work had shifted to directing, and he would only film movies in his spare time.

Xue Xiao’s shoulder slumped slightly. He lowered his head and was a bit dazed.

Would there be very few opportunities to see movies starring Shen Tingyan in the future?

He hadn’t expected to hear such news suddenly. It was a bit hard to digest for a while.

Shen Tingyan saw Xue Xiao’s lost appearance and was silent for a moment.

He never wanted to reveal this to anyone on this show.

He came to Studio Superstar to change his mood and state. As for what he wanted to do and what difficulties he encountered, he had no intention of telling anyone, let alone seeking solutions from anyone.

But at this moment, he opened his mouth and tried to make Xue Xiao understand his decision. “Xue Xiao, people’s wishes and goals will change at different stages.”

“When I was young, I wanted to act. So when I was 9 years old, my mother satisfied me and took me to make a movie. But during that filming process, I realized that for me at that age, learning and growth were more important things. This was why I later refused all movie offers until I was admitted to drama school and felt that I was well prepared.”

Xue Xiao raised his head again and silently stared at the man in front of him.

Twilight smudged Shen Tingyan’s side. The man, who always felt cold and sharp, was extremely soft at this moment. His deep voice became gentler.

“After I fully entered the industry and stayed on the set for a long time, I discovered that just playing a role wasn’t enough.”

“I had different ideas for the characters, the direction of the story, the lens, the lighting, the rhythm, the style… I had different ideas for everything. If I wanted to get a movie that was completely interpreted by me, I have to make it myself.”

Xue Xiao’s Adam’s apple moved slightly.

Shen Tingyan chuckled. “You didn’t choose to be a full-time writer but chose to be an actor. Why?”

Xue Xiao said hoarsely, “…It is because I want a more three-dimensional world.”

Shen Tingyan said, “Then for me, becoming a director and producer is because in addition to wanting a three-dimensional world, I want to paint that world with my own hands.”

“Going behind the scenes doesn’t mean that I’m quitting the film and television industry. You might rarely see me on the screen in the future, but there is me in every one of my movies.”

Xue Xiao’s heart trembled.

He stared at Shen Tingyan for a long time. This was the man who planted a small seed in his heart when he was young, making him want to be an actor.

The desire of ‘wanting to act’ had run through Xue Xiao for over ten years. When he set off on this road and moved forward, it was Shen Tingyan who accompanied him.

As he walked and walked, the back of this person seemed to have disappeared. Just as Xue Xiao was panicking, the man turned around and told him personally that he would always be on this road.

Xue Xiao couldn’t help rubbing his eyes.

‘Shen Tingyan, Shen Tingyan, Shen Tingyan.’ Xue Xiao shouted this name in his heart. He couldn’t tell what emotions were surging in his heart at this moment.

All he knew was that this emotion was rampant, and his heart was swollen.

Shen Tingyan stood up straight. He stared at Xue Xiao’s eyes and pretended to joke, “You aren’t going to cry, are you?”

Xue Xiao laughed through his tears. He shook his head, sniffed, and said, “Teacher Shen… the movie you make must be very good.”

Shen Tingyan paused.

Xue Xiao looked at him with red eyes and said softly, “I will definitely like your movie.”

Shen Tingyan’s eyes became complicated.

His lips curved up as he whispered, “Do you trust me so much?”

“Yes, because you take movies seriously.” Xue Xiao said seriously and solemnly. “You will never let down any story or character. No matter how much time or energy you spend, when you take out the work, it must be the best work.”

“I trust you.”

Xue Xiao’s few words were simple, but they caused waves in Shen Tingyan’s heart.

It wasn’t that no one had encouraged him since the decision was made. It was amazing that only at this moment, he clearly drew strength from the other person.

The person who said this might not have realized how important this was to Shen Tingyan at all.

Shen Tingyan suddenly felt a lot more relaxed. He looked at Xue Xiao and said with a smile, “Do you know why I came to this show in the first place?”

Xue Xiao shook his head in confusion.

“It is because I could never find the actor I wanted. After searching for so long, I didn’t even understand what type of person I wanted. Later, Old Gao said I would definitely get the answer here. I happened to have a break recently, so I came here.”

Xue Xiao was stunned for a moment and subconsciously tightened his hands.

A bit of anticipation and nervousness quietly rose in his heart. He asked, “…So have you found it now?”

“—If I look at it according to my old standards, of course, it wasn’t found.”

Shen Tingyan saw with his own eyes that Xue Xiao froze and lowered his head in disappointment. Shen Tingyan joked, “But now my standards have changed.”

Xue Xiao said in a wilted manner, “Teacher Shen, don’t lower your standards just because you can’t find someone who meets your expectations!’

“No, you misunderstood me. I didn’t lower the standards. I changed them. In the past, I thought that only actors who reached a certain scoreline were good actors. But in fact, if a person can’t improve, then they will stay in that position forever.”

Shen Tingyan looked at Xue Xiao with deep eyes. “Those who are greedy enough in their hearts and constantly climb up, and those who dare to ask for things and fight for them can easily surpass such actors.”

“Once I realized that I couldn’t even imagine how high he would end up, I knew this person was the one I had been looking for.”

“The desire for acting, the understanding of characters and stories, and the speed of absorbing emotions, skills, and everything else around them are more important than anything else—”

Some people looked ordinary, gentle, and harmless, but in fact, they were little monsters trying their best to swallow up the huge amounts of energy in their bodies.

Xue Xiao amazed him.

He would eventually amaze the world.

“Xue Xiao,” Shen Tingyan said bluntly at this moment. “Try to become a superstar in the studio.”

Xue Xiao suddenly looked up.

The classroom was silent at this moment.

But his world was making a loud noise.

[Xue Xiao’s preparation.]


“So now that you are about to have an original work starring you, do you feel like you’ve officially stepped into this world?”

The young man was slightly stunned before saying with a smile, “I have been in this world for a long time.”


“Even if I can only play extras and supporting roles in the past, I was still on set? I never felt isolated from this world just because I played a small role.”


The young man paused.

“But what?”

“…I have been walking on this road, but the road was too long. I couldn’t see how many turns and hurdles I had in front of me, so in the past, I couldn’t determine how long I could walk or how far I could go. The only thing I could do was not think about anything else and move forward without distractions.”

The young man’s eyes curved. “Then recently, I seem to be able to finally see a bit of the scenery ahead.”

“Why? Has anything changed?”

“Yes, someone told me that I could be a star.”

He seemed to be reminiscing. As he reminisced, he murmured softly, “The moment I heard those words, I felt as if I was no longer confused. The scenery on this road has never been so clearly displayed in front of me.”

“But more important—”

“I seem to finally fully understand 3214’s love.”

“Do you fully understand it now?”

“Yes, what Director Feng said is true. 3214 and I actually have a similar side. This type of love should be like when facing a dream.”

The young man paused and smiled. “…Open my arms and embrace it calmly.”

“This way, I won’t regret it in the future.”


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