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Studio Superstar: Chapter 91

Extra Two

The incident happened just after Xue Xiao finished filming Shen Tingyan’s movie.

At that time, many people in the circle knew that he and Shen Tingyan were in a relationship, but he wasn’t sure that his group of friends knew clearly.

He always wanted to find an opportunity to talk frankly with everyone, but he had never been able to find the right time.

At this time, Chang Yun and the others organized another dinner party, and everyone was present.

This time, Xue Xiao didn’t take Shen Tingyan with him. After all, as soon as that guy sat there, everyone started to be cautious.

Jiang Lianlian had just finished filming a movie, and her salary had increased a lot. During the dinner, she kept asking about where to buy a house in the capital.

Zhao Dong said casually, “XX Garden is a nice place. It has good security and a good location. I recently met a buddy who lives there.”

Jiang Lianlian thought about it. “But I want to build a family movie theater. Isn’t it difficult to get that apartment type here?”

Huang Xiaolin asked curiously, “I also want to build a home theater. Do you have any equipment recommendations?”

Dou Mingjian instinctively said, “You should ask Xiao Xiao about this. He has experience.”

Huang Xiaolin was pleasantly surprised. “Xiao Xiao has already done it? Can I go to your place and take a look?”

Xue Xiao was gnawing on ribs when he heard this and choked. His neck immediately turned red.

Dou Mingjian’s mind returned. “Uh, it seems that Teacher Shen’s villa has a family movie theater…”

There was a sudden silence at the table. It was a deathly silence.

Xue Xiao lowered his head with a guilty conscience. He blushed, hesitated to speak, and felt restless.

Three seconds later.

Huang Xiaolin opened his mouth. “Hmm… Then I’ll just ask. I won’t go and see it. Hahaha, Xiao Xiao, do you know which brand of equipment that Teacher Shen uses?”

Xue Xiao raised his head hesitantly and found that everyone looked normal.

He hesitated. “I didn’t pay attention to this…”

Huang Xiaolin clasped his hands together. “Can you please help ask Teacher Shen for me? If it is too expensive, can you help ask if there is anything cheaper and more cost-effective?”

Zhao Dong smiled. “Do you think Teacher Shen is a salesperson?”

Jin Xiaochen said, “Hey, Brother Huang, it is better for me to help you check it online…”

Gu Ling gave the plate to Xue Xiao. “Eat.”


The second round.

Jiang Lianlian said, “I want to buy a slightly larger apartment. I finally made money. Why not buy a villa?!”

Chang Yun said, “Then it is better to go to the place where Teacher Shen bought the villa…”

Jin Xiaochen exclaimed, “A villa there can’t be bought casually, Brother Chang!”

Jiang Lianlian said, “Yes, there are differences between villas!!”

Huang Xiaolin wondered, “So how much is the housing price over there?”

Dou Mingjian said, “Maybe it isn’t enough…”

In the next second, everyone looked at Xue Xiao with curiosity. “Xiao Xiao, do you know how much Teacher Shen’s villa is per square meter?”

Xue Xiao was drinking Sprite, and he choked violently when he heard these words.

He said shamefully, “I-I don’t know, I didn’t ask…”

Jin Xiaochen took out his phone. “I’ll check it on the Internet…”

Gu Ling gave the plate to Xue Xiao. “Eat.”


The third round.

Jin Xiaochen opened his mouth. “Hiccup. I’m so full. I have work tomorrow. It is almost time to leave. How about you?”

Jian Lianlian said, “I’m leaving. Don’t stay up late.”

Dou Mingjian nodded. “Let’s go, let’s go. It is almost over. How are you going back?”

Chang Yun suggested, “I didn’t drink. I can drive you back.”

Zhao Dong said, “I don’t need you to send me. My assistant is waiting for me.”

Jin Xiaochen nodded. “My assistant too.”

Jiang Lianlian agreed. “Me too.”

In the next second, they all looked at Xue Xiao with a teasing expression. “Your ‘assistant’ too?”

The next second, the door of the private box opened with a bang.

Shen Tingyan walked in with one hand in his pocket. His eyes swept over the group of people who were frightened and coughing violently. Then they fell on Xue Xiao coolly. “Are you leaving?”

Xue Xiao was shocked. “Why are you here?”

Shen Tingyan glanced at Gu Ling and sneered. “It is because someone sent a message saying that many people here miss me very much.”

Chang Yun and the others: “Cough cough cough cough…”

They glared at Gu Ling while coughing.

Gu Ling just stood there calmly.

Xue Xiao was red from head to toe. He looked at Shen Tingyan eagerly and then at his friends who were reacting strangely. He struggled for a long time before mustering up the courage to say, “Actually, me and—”

Chang Yun stretched out a hand. “Needless to say, we all understand.”

Xue Xiao: “……”

Jiang Lianlian patted Xue Xiao’s shoulder. “If you get married, I will definitely be there.”

Xue Xiao: “…………”

Jin Xiaochen exclaimed, “Teacher Shen, I will hand my Brother Xue over to you!!”

Shen Tingyan said, “Yes, next time you prank him again, I will be there.”

Jin Xiaochen cried. “Woo woo woo, I have to go and see my family!”

Chang Yun said, “Wait for us!!!”

On this night, Xue Xiao doubted life.

Shen Tingyan snorted. “People who aren’t even close to us can see it. How can people who play with you all day long not see it?”

Xue Xiao carefully observed it and found that what Shen Tingyan said was really right…

For example, Zhang Chengyu was later introduced by him and joined the same crew as him for filming.

Once, Shen Tingyan came to visit the crew.

Many people came over to talk to them, but Zhang Chengyu blocked those people without leaving a trace and gave Xue Xiao a look.

Xue Xiao knew his master very well. What Zhang Chengyu’s eyes meant was: Don’t panic. I’m here. Hurry up and go to your two-person world.

But there were slower ones…

Ye Xingxing and his bandmates held a small concert. After it ended, Xue Xiao and Shen Tingyan were invited to their backstage dressing room.

As everyone was chatting, the drummer suddenly walked up to Xue Xiao and asked, “Xiao Xiao, are you gay?”

Xue Xiao was startled and raised his head with wide eyes.

Shen Tingyan, who was standing behind him, also raised his eyes to look calmly at the man.

The drummer didn’t notice anything. He lifted his bangs and smiled in a charming manner. “Don’t be surprised. Isn’t it common sense that gay people have a gay radar? Let’s add each other on WeChat. I actually like you very much—”

A sneaker flew over and slammed into his head.

Ye Xingxing stood a meter away and said angrily, “You are such a flirty guy, and you still want to hit on my childhood friend? Xiao Xiao is gay? Hah? And radar? Why don’t you say that I am gay too? Do you want me to hit you with my big stick?!”

He raised his arms and flexed his muscles viciously…

Xue Xiao was very moved, but he didn’t dare to move…

An arm wrapped around his shoulder.

The man standing behind him was handsome and tall. There was a strong aura that was hard to ignore no matter the occasion/

His movements immediately attracted the attention of the entire dressing room.

This included the drummer who tried to hook up with Xue Xiao just a moment ago.

The other party stared at Shen Tingyan’s arm in a daze.

Then Shen Tingyan chuckled lightly and said slowly, “Your radar is so sensitive. You didn’t realize there was a third gay person here?”

The drummer: “……”

“Your radar is so sensitive.” Shen Tingyan lightly rubbed Xue Xiao’s red cheeks, his eyes mocking. “Didn’t you find that two of the three gay men are a pair, and the one with the most sensitive radar is left over?”

The drummer: “……”

The others, “……”

Ye Xingxing: “……???”

On this night, Ye Xingxing burst into tears again after several years.

Xue Xiao comforted him for a long time. He promised that he would notify Ye Xingxing first when he married Shen Tingyan in the future…


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