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Studio Superstar: Chapter 55

It was the first time that the studio of ‘Studio Superstar’ had ushered in such a warm atmosphere. The backstage director team was also stunned.

It took Jiang Quan two or three minutes to completely control the field.

Wang Hai and Jiang Xin glanced at each other. The two of them were excited.

They hadn’t expected the audience’s feedback to be so enthusiastic.

It was true that everyone’s focus was on Xue Xiao, but that was normal!

Xue Xiao was the protagonist and he acted so well. In the last two rehearsal days, he solved most of the problems and already made them feel secretly amazed. Today, Xue Xiao was definitely in the best condition and the acting effect was the best!

Even the two of them performed exceptionally well, largely due to Xue Xiao’s leadership!

A good leading actor could really lead the whole group of people.

Cheng Yang silently glanced at the young man beside him.

Xue Xiao hurriedly bowed. “Thank you!”

He raised his head slightly and couldn’t help looking at the person in the mentor seats.

The scene where the other person stood up first kept replaying in his mind, making his heart thump…

Xue Xiao thanked everyone. Wang Hai, Jiang Xin, and Cheng Yang also hurriedly followed.

Everyone sat back down. Guan Ruoying was the first to speak. Her voice was slightly hoarse due to excitement.

“You don’t need to say thank you. We are the ones who want to thank you for bringing us such a good performance!”

Guan Ruoying didn’t cry as hard as she did during the last round of Spring Garden. This time, only her nose and eyes were red, but her emotions were obviously more agitated than the previous round.

“Director Feng, if possible, I really hope that this story can be made into a normal movie. There should be a lot more content to tell!”

The audience shouted. “Yes!”

Su Shijin also nodded in agreement.

Feng Wei happily accepted this disguised compliment.

Guan Ruoying started to comment seriously. “Jiang Xin, Wang Hai, the two of you have very few scenes but your two roles are very interesting.”

“Jiang Xin’s character is a bit distorted. He hates robots but he works in a robot company. Just like 3214 exposed, he is actually a bit of a psychopath.”

“But I personally think that the reason why he is so disgusted is because he is subconsciously afraid of the possibility that a robot can learn to become a real human being. In other words, he actually believes that this possibility exists.”

Jiang Xin nodded. “Yes. Director Feng mentioned this when he instructed me. It was because of this subconscious instinct that he is so easily irritated by 3214.”

Guan Ruoying smiled. “You acted very well. The arrogance, contradictions, and distortions are just right!”

“In addition, Wang Hai. The repairman you played seems to be on the same team as the interviewer, but your heart is actually empathetic with robots. This might be because you have personally repaired one robot after another. Having watched their programs and data time and time again, you understand the inner world of robots better than anyone else.”

“At the end of the story, you said that ‘human beings won’t let things that are out of their control continue to exist.’ When you said this, you are actually out of the perspective of human beings. At that moment, your face was full of divine compassion. The performance was really wonderful!”

Guan Ruoying looked at Cheng Yan and Xue Xiao again.

“Cheng Yang, to be honest, your role is really unpleasant!”

Cheng Yang was stunned.

The next second, Guan Ruoying said playfully, “But who stipulates that the characters on the screen must be likable in order to be successful?”

Cheng Yang sighed with relief and wiped his sweat.

This startled appearance made the audience laugh.

“If your character was as perfect as the male protagonist in a romance novel, then it would become an idol drama which is wrong. In my opinion, the reason why 3214 fell in love with you is precisely because you are full of flaws.”

“Those flaws made 3214 curious about you and explore you. He will fall in love with you when he gets close to you. It is precisely because you dared to let go and act out such a terrible man that I am winning to believe 3214’s love. The two complement each other.”

“I’m confused. Why didn’t I notice you in the first two rounds? I will definitely pay close attention to you later. You have to keep working hard!”

Cheng Yang smiled and said, “Thank you, Teacher Guan!”

Guan Ruoying finally came to comment on Xue Xiao.

The moment she spoke, her eyes turned red. “Hey, Xue Xiao…”

Xue Xiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Teacher Guan, don’t cry…”

The audience laughed.

Guan Ruoying sniffed. “I really like you so much that I don’t know how to comment…”

“Xue Xiao, you aren’t an ‘emperor star’ or a ‘dark horse.’ You performed very well in the first round of the competition, but there were many participants who were better than you at the time. But now in the third round, you are the one I am most looking forward to in the rest of the competition.”

“Others take one step at a time, but you take three to five steps at a time. If you stand aside and look at it, you might think you can walk faster if you take a bigger step, but that isn’t the case. It is really incredible that you have such a big stride but you are still walking steadily…”

This wasn’t some exaggerated appreciation.

Guan Ruoying’s words were an objective fact.

The participants in the audience couldn’t be clearer about this. Xue Xiao’s comprehension of acting was too strong. His hard work and steadfastness seemed simple, but in fact, not everyone could do it easily.

Thus, this all happened.

No one noticed him when he overtook one or two people in the back row.

By the time everyone was awakened, they were already far behind the other person.

It was hard for them to imagine how this young man would grow by the end of the competition…

At this moment, many participants looked at Xue Xiao on the stage with complicated eyes.

“In an 18 minute short film, 3214 was constantly changing. This change started as an undercurrent. In the second half, it turned into a storm and tsunami. Whether it is a subtle change or drastic change, you acted it too well. To be honest, if it was me, I don’t think I would’ve been able to act to your level.”

“Really. I’m not saying this for the show effect.” Guan Ruoying wiped her eyes with a tissue and said solemnly, “If there is a chance, I hope to act in a movie with you in the future.”

This sentence caused an uproar in the audience.

Guan Ruoying was a Best Actress winner. Xue Xiao could actually make her say these words!

Xue Xiao bowed deeply. “Thank you, Teacher Guan.”

Su Shijin was the second to comment.

As a screenwriter, her comments were based on the story itself.

“Director Feng, in the last part of the plot, what the repairman really wanted to remind 3214 about was actually a type of survival law that doesn’t conform to the rules, right?”

Feng Wei smiled and nodded.

Su Shijin received the confirmation and finished her words, “He seems to be reminding 3214 not to do anything beyond the bounds again, but in fact, he is reminding 3214 that if he wants to keep his precious memories, he must remember not to be discovered by humans again.”

The audience was shocked.

They thought about the last plot and the repairman’s profound words. Then they suddenly realized.

“3214 is very smart. Of course, he understood. But when he saw Lu Ning again 60 years later, he was no longer the same person he was at the beginning.”

“He had seen a broader world, and his inner world became broader. He still retained his first love, but he could be relieved about love. In the end, he truly did what he said. Love is an unspeakable treasure that can only be hidden in the heart.”

The audience sniffed again when they heard this.

Xue Xiao really evolved the role of 3214 in their hearts.

It was to the point where just remembering the character made their eyes sore.

“As for Lu Ning, I don’t think he really fell in love with 3214. At the end of the story, he forgot everyone else and only remembered his wife. So his love is actually consistent.”

“The greater significance of his pity for 3214 is that in that moment, he completely regarded 3214 as a human being.”

“The two of them reached a special bond that was almost like a brand in that final moment.”

“Lu Ning stopped drinking because of 3214. If he continued to drink heavily, it would’ve been impossible for him to live to the age of 90. 3214 continued to evolve because of Lu Ning. Not only did he become like a real person, but he also knows how to love someone better than many humans.”

“I really liked the last part of your performance, Xue Xiao and Cheng Yang.”

“Lu Ning forgot everyone and only remembered Yeye. But when he saw 3214, he was pulled out of his memories. He tried very hard to remember who the person in front of him was, but at that moment, I think he must’ve felt from the bottom of his heart that the person in front of him was special. He couldn’t mistake this person as his wife again.”

“In addition, Xue Xiao’s solo shot in the last few seconds echoed Cheng Yang’s solo shot at the beginning of the play. Your performance in those five seconds gave me goosebumps all over my body. Your last monologue further confirmed it. 3214 already knows how to better accompany his loved one through the last part of his life.”

“The title of Puzzle is very interesting. For All AI robots, the process of learning from humans and trying to become human is like a puzzle. They want to fill the blanks in themselves piece by piece. As for 3214, he even wanted to make himself into the appearance of Yeye.”

“The latter is twisted while the former carries the inner desires of countless robots. Therefore, the style of the entire play is just like the name. It is twisted and deformed, making people feel sad but also carrying some type of hope.”

Su Shijin finished her comments in one breath and applauded again. “I really applaud you. You acted very well.”

Jiang Quan looked at Feng Wei and Shen Tingyan, “Then Director Feng and Teacher Shen…”

Feng Wei smiled. “You have heard enough compliments. There is no need for me to say more. I have said enough criticisms during rehearsals. There is no need to say it now. Teacher Shen, it is better for you to come.”

Thus, everyone finally looked at the man at the mentor table.

Xue Xiao followed them and looked over.

He recalled the scene where Shen Tingyan stood up just now…

This scene gave him a really wonderful feeling. He couldn’t help reliving it over and over again.

It was the first time he saw Shen Tingyan’s almost uncontrollable reaction…

Of course, he wouldn’t become arrogant, and he wouldn’t think that since Shen Tingyan behaved like this, he could wait for the other person’s praise with peace of mind.

On the contrary, Shen Tingyan often saw some problems that others couldn’t see.

This man’s eyes were sharper than anyone else’s.

Xue Xiao was mentally prepared. He concentrated and was ready to accept criticism.

Unexpectedly, Shen Tingyan opened his mouth and said, “I can’t find any fault with this performance.”

Xue Xiao was stunned.

Everyone in the audience was surprised. Even Feng Wei and Su Shijin raised their eyebrows.

Shen Tingyan was very calm.

His evaluation was undoubtedly directed at Xue Xiao, and he didn’t want to hide it.

“Xue Xiao.”

The man’s lips spat out his name, voice still full of coldness.

“In the first round of performances, my assessment of you was that you acted in a mess except for the opening and the ending.”

Shen Tingyan’s criticism at that time seemed to still be in his ears. Xue Xiao tightened his hands slightly.

“In the second round of performances, you acted emotionally, but the problems were still everywhere.”

“The rhythm of the performance, the tone of the lines, the depths of the characters, etc. But the flaws could be concealed, so I didn’t hesitate to give you the invitation card at that time.”

The audience started to feel the familiar pressure, and their backs started sweating.

“But this performance—” Shen Tingyan paused. “There are no problems.”

Xue Xiao’s eyes trembled slightly.

“If there are no problems then there are no problems. If there was a problem then I would tell you directly. “Shen Tingyan clearly saw what Xue Xiao was thinking. He chuckled. “What? Are you surprised?”

He spoke in the playful tone that Xue Xiao was most familiar with. “Do I seem like such a picky person?”

Xue Xiao’s cheeks flushed slightly. He shook his head again and again like a rattle.

Su Shijin complained. “You are!”

The audience laughed again.

Shen Tingyan said lazily, “If I want to find faults then there needs to be faults.”

In other words, Xue Xiao’s performance this time had no ‘faults’ at all.

The whole place was in an uproar.

This was really the highest evaluation.

“Of course, this doesn’t mean there won’t be any problems with your acting in the future. It means that so far, your efforts have allowed you to make the biggest leap that a person can achieve in such a short period of time.”

Shen Tingyan looked at Xue Xiao and said in a low voice, “At least for me, you have become a very good actor now.”

Xue Xiao’s eyes became hot.

“I look forward to seeing your movies in theaters in the future.”

“I also look forward to you climbing higher until the moment when you reach the star-studded podium.”

The audience fell silent at the end of this speech.

Afterward, everyone cheered enthusiastically.

In the audience, Zhang Chengyu applauded desperately, his eyes red with excitement.

In the participant seats, Zhao Dong and Chang Yun shouted Xue Xiao’s name. They were even more excited than him.

How could they hear Shen Tingyan praise an actor like this?

It had never happened inside or outside the show!

In addition, Xue Xiao’s performance in this round was completely worthy of such appreciation!

Wang Hai and Jiang Xin happily patted Xue Xiao’s shoulder. Xue Xiao was shaken and looked at Shen Tingyan with a fluctuating heart.

Shen Tingyan had been looking at him all the time.

That gaze never strayed from him.

Xue Xiao faintly felt something, but at this moment, he was too excited and happy to discover anything clearly.

He only felt that his heart was extremely hot and numb. He said in a hoarse voice, “Thank you… Teacher Shen.”

There was also the special guest.

The special guest was a director specializing in movies. He had two award-winning movies.

After briefly commenting on the other three, he said to Xue Xiao, “I really understand why Teacher Shen praised you so much. For this short play directed by Director Feng, the story span is large, there are many character changes and a huge world view. I guarantee that many mature actors would collapse when playing your role, but you held on steadily.”

“I can’t even imagine that you have only been in the industry for a bit over a year and you have been playing an extra before. I hope you can wait for me backstage after the recording is over, and we can add each other on WeChat.”

The audience screamed. The director continued, “I have a movie in the works. There is a role that I think would be perfect for you. We can talk about it.”

Xue Xiao bowed. “Thank you, Director!”

The audience’s voting ended. The show announced the votes of the four people on the spot.

Jiang Xin was the lowest with 1,234 votes.

Wang Hai followed with 1,426 votes.

Cheng Yang had 1,866 votes.

Meanwhile, Xue Xiao got—1,995 votes.

It was a staggering number.

He was by far the number one person in this round. Even before the official end of the round, everyone expected that… this number couldn’t be surpassed by anyone.


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