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Studio Superstar: Chapter 10 Part 1

Zhao Dong wiped his face vigorously.

It was very good. At the very least, it wasn’t ‘good-looking’ but ‘attention. This kid was trying to be euphemistic…

Jin Xiaochen choked.

He actually felt that something was wrong when the teacher taught Zhao Dong just now, but he wasn’t a professional actor after all. It was hard to say if he was professionally qualified enough to understand elegant art…

Xue Xiao frowned and asked, “Brother Zhao, you felt it yourself, right?”

Before Zhao Dong could speak, Jin Xiaochen glanced at the cameraman behind them. He quickly turned around and lowered his voice. “It isn’t good for us to do this, right?”

It would be fine if they got rid of the cameraman but they had failed to get rid of him!

All of this was recorded by the camera. If they disobeyed the teacher then it would be very embarrassing when it came time to edit.

Xue Xiao pursed his lips.

He understood Jin Xiaochen’s concerns.

If it only involved himself then it would be okay. However, what he wanted to say and do now would involve the whole group. Xue Xiao inevitably had some worries.

However, it was obvious that this shot couldn’t be avoided. If he didn’t say it directly, did they have to waste a whole day and wait until night to turn off the microphone and secretly say it?

How were they going to show a performance like that to the audience?

Zhao Dong’s temperament was much more stable than the two of them. Jin Xiaochen subconsciously looked at him and wanted to see if this big brother had more secure ideas.

Zhao Dong glanced sideways at the camera.

The cameraman brother held the machine firmly. They couldn’t see the cameraman’s eyes. They could only see the black lens and feel the mechanical sight.

The success of an actor lay in the lens but their ruin also lay in it.

Zhao Dong couldn’t help sighing.

He turned around and said, “Xiao, tell me what you are thinking.”

Jin Xiaochen looked surprised.

Xue Xiao sighed with relief.

There was no one in the cafeteria at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Many groups had probably finished eating a long time ago.

Once the three of them gave up on the camera, they stopped worrying about speaking.

Xue Xiao said, “It isn’t good-looking, it really isn’t good-looking. According to Brother Zhao’s acting method just now, the audience would definitely laugh at that time.”

Jin Xiaochen also gave up hiding from the camera and said, “Hey, just now, the three people of Fan Xue’s group were laughing. They were laughing really happily.”

He paused like he was enduring it.

Seeing his appearance, Zhao Dong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He raised his chin toward the cameraman. “You’ve already said so much. What else are you afraid of? Just say it!”

The cameraman big brother: “……”

Jin Xiaochen said, “I don’t understand. Why can that group copy the performance of the original work while our group has to change it back and forth? Fan Xue and Teacher Shen’s temperament are very similar? Hah.”

Zhao Dong opened his mouth. “Um, well, this is…”

Xue Xiao laughed loudly. “Absolutely nothing!”

Jin Xiaochen told them, “I’m just saying!”

Zhao Dong: “……”

The cameraman big brother: “………”

He tried his best to support the heavy machine in his hand to show his presence.

Jin Xiaochen went to the dining table and asked for advice. “How about we change back to the original acting?”

Unexpectedly, Xue Xiao shook his head. “I don’t think that’s necessary.”

“It is necessary to make some adjustments but it isn’t because we don’t act as well as the other group or because we have to make the audience feel fresh. It is because the actors and characters are supposed to be close to each other.”

When film and television crews were casting, they always needed to keep the actors close to the characters.

Even in this carefully selected situation, once the actors were decided, the role needed to be brought closer to the actor.

It was like pinching a piece of plasticine. Pinch to the left and pinch to the right. Adjust up and down, before and after. It was in order to pinch a living character.

Admittedly, on the stage of recreating a classic scene, changes needed to be done carefully but they shouldn’t be afraid of it.

Zhao Dong nodded. “Indeed.”

Xue Xiao said objectively, “Regarding the change in Zhang Yang’s role, I think the teacher isn’t wrong.”

A lot of what the teacher taught today really helped the three of them.

Therefore, Xue Xiao always called the other person ‘Teacher.’

It was just that in the teaching process, there were a lot of strange private goods mixed in.

Jin Xiaochen looked at the two of them and was stunned. “Then how should we change it?”

“For the change, at least Brother Zhao’s classic scene has to be changed.” Xue Xiao got up while holding the plate. He still had his vigorous style. “You’ve finished eating, right? Let’s find a vacant space and rearrange it.”

In the summer, they would get heatstroke from rehearsing outdoors, but they didn’t want to go back to the classroom on the fourth floor to be with Fan Xue’s group. Instead, they randomly found an empty classroom.

Zhao Dong first acted it out the way the teacher taught him.

Jin Xiaochen couldn’t bear to look at it directly and finally expressed the truth. “Brother Zhao, if you really act like this, it will be the black history on your acting road. It is the type of black history that is truly black!”

Zhao Dong snorted.

He acted again according to the original work.

During today’s rehearsal, Fan Xue always had his back to the three of them and they couldn’t see his performance clearly. This meant they couldn’t compare Zhao Dong with him.

But if compared with Shen Tingyan in the original movie, Zhao Dong’s flaws were too obvious.

“Your eyes aren’t sufficient.” Jin Xiaochen smacked his lips together. “I remember that when I was watching the movie, the camera turned and Teacher Shen’s eyes immediately exploded my brain. Then he rolled his eyes and looked at the camera i.e. Zhang Yang, and I got goosebumps.”

If he saw that look from a close distance then he would’ve been scared enough to crawl away on the ground.

Meanwhile, Zhao Dong’s eyes didn’t achieve such an effect.

It could even be said to be a bit boring.

Zhao Dong sat up, scratched his head and sighed with worry.

In the beginning, he chose the role of Shen Tingyan. It was naturally because Zhao Dong had ambitions. On the other hand, it was also because he liked this role and felt he could try to control it.

His imagination was full but reality was skinny.

Studio Superstar provided them with an opportunity that invisible, unknown actors dreamed of but it also really allowed them to see the gap between themselves and superstars.

Just then, a slender and beautiful hand suddenly touched Zhao Dong’s ankle.

Zhao Dong subconsciously trembled.

Xue Xiao knelt beside him, put his palms there and muttered, “Trembling non-stop is actually a wonderful change but you must not smile like that from beginning to end. That type of acting has no rhythm.”

“I’m untying the rope for you. During this process, my gaze and the camera are always on your feet and your feet are always trembling slightly.”

Xue Xiao started to make the action of untying the rope.

Zhao Dong was stunned. After reacting, he quickly cooperated and lay back on the ground on his side. He quickly entered the role.

“At first, there is silent trembling…” Xue Xiao said and paused.

He seemed to be thinking. He paused for several seconds, tilted his head slightly and said softly, “From a certain moment, a breath suddenly leaks from your throat, a bit like choking.”

There was a moment of silence.

Soon, something resembling a rapid gasp sounded in the classroom. It was breathing, like the whimpering sound of a little beast.

“This voice makes me feel a bit funny.” Xue Xiao had a funny expression on his face as he said the changed line. “Still trembling. I see that you are usually so bold but in fact, you aren’t very good.”

With these words, Xue Xiao turned his head.

Zhao Dong seemed to have finally found the feeling.

He stared straight into the void, smiling slightly with his mouth open. It was as if he was looking at the backs of Li Xueming and his subordinates. It was also as if he had witnessed the climactic scene of the game he designed with his own eyes.

The heartfelt, childlike joy and excitement mixed into the black, cold vortex in his eyes. It seemed strange and absurd.

In the next second, his angry laughter suddenly stopped.

His eyeballs rolled.

He kept this strange smiling face and met Xue Xiao’s eyes.

The fear and panic couldn’t be seen through.

The man’s eyes and the corners of his mouth curved into a more exaggerated and presumptuous arc.

This was no longer a human face. It was more like a mask.

Jin Xiaochen covered his eyes like someone had punched him in the eye and shouted, “Oh my god!”

He hurriedly took a step back.

He was mentally polluted!

Xue Xiao smiled and said pleasantly, “Brother Zhao, this can work!”

Jin Xiaochen shouted, “Brother Zhao, how did you make such an expression? It is too perverted! Your face is too malleable!”

Zhao Dong was out of the act. He hadn’t expected Jin Xiaochen to react so fiercely and touched his head in an embarrassed manner. “Is it so exaggerated? I didn’t see it myself. I don’t know…”

“Don’t look at it or you won’t be able to sleep tonight!”

Zhao Dong said, “Hey, I am curious now that you said this. Xiao, let’s do it again. Xiao Jin, you are next to me. Help me record it with your phone. I’ll take a look when I go back.”

Jin Xiaochen exclaimed, “Help!”


They didn’t stop rehearsing in the classroom all afternoon.

By the time he came back to his senses, the sun was setting and twilight was everywhere.

Jin Xiaochen was so tired that he lay on the spot and couldn’t get up.

He sighed. “It is so cool to rehearse. I feel like I’ve learned a lot in just one day today.”

“You can do it, child.” Zhao Dong wiped his sweat with the towel he carried. “You really haven’t acted before? I see that your foundation is much better than mine. I wasn’t as good as you when I first came into contact with acting.”

Jin Xiaochen was just nervous when facing the teacher this morning. His performance later could be called rapid progress.

Jin Xiaochen told him, “I really haven’t acted before. But since I was a child, I have loved to imitate the characters in TV series, especially the big generals, policemen and soldiers!”

From this perspective, his choice of the role of Li Xueming could be said to have fulfilled his wish.

Zhao Dong said, “Then me too.”

Xue Xiao was drinking water on the side. Once he heard this, he smiled and his eyes curved.

“Xiao too?” Zhao Dong wondered. “People who like acting are mostly like this.”

“Haha, it is a great feeling to find someone like you.” Jin Xiaochen rolled over and sat up. “But I really didn’t think that in order to play a role well, you could pick up the details to this extent.”

Xue Xiao and Zhao Dong’s attention to detail could be called terrifying.

From the seriousness of the tone, the size of the expression, the foreshadowing of small actions, etc. Seeing that these two people were so dedicated, Jin Xiaochen’s confidence also rose.

What was defying the teacher and what was a bad image in front of the camera?

He didn’t believe that after achieving this level, the performance effect of their group wouldn’t be good!

For actors, they still had to talk with the play in the end!


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