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Studio Superstar: Chapter 30 Part 1

These days, netizens who liked to watch major variety shows were very sensitive to ‘evil editing.’ Editing that was too poorly edited and grafted together couldn’t escape their eyes.

For the first episode of ‘Studio Superstar’, it wasn’t known if it was too difficult to cut or if the show’s staff really wasn’t smart.

For example, in the rehearsal part, Xue Xiao’s group of three was gasping one second. The next second, they had calmed down and walked to the corner. It always felt like there was something missing in the middle.

What was missing? Could it be that they explained why they were late?

For example, in the end, Shen Tingyan commented on Xue Xiao. From beginning to end, the camera was mainly on Shen Tingyan’s side, and only two shots of nearly 0.3 seconds were given to Xue Xiao alone. Both times, he was in a daze. It was exactly the same and seemed to be copied and pasted.

Then why did the camera stay on the participants or gave a large shot of the entire stage when other groups received reviews?

Why was the camera so strange when it came to Xue Xiao?

Once someone in the discussion raised this point, the vast number of powerful netizens discovered other strange places with their microscope-scope eyes.

For example, parts of the performance of Fan Xue’s group seemed to have been deleted. Meanwhile, the performances of other groups were obviously presented to the audience in view.

Su Shijin’s comment was also very abrupt when it came to the review.

Could it be that Fan Xue’s group was also cut evilly?

No no no, they were bad enough. They still needed evil editing?

So what was cut out from their group? Based on Su Shijin’s extremely sarcastic expression and Fan Xue’s weak face… If their group was cut, it wouldn’t be something worse than what the audience had seen so far, right?

If the speculation of the netizens was really true, then the show’s team had evil-edited Xue Xiao’s group and reverse-edited Fan Xue’s group?

The direction of the discussion stunned Fan Xue’s fans.

They obviously came prepared, but they didn’t expect netizens to go in a different direction from what they wanted… so they fought with netizens, and the whole hot search entry was full of quarrels.

Now in the age of the Internet… the noisier it was, the clearer the trend…

Xue Xiao started to gain fans.

It was booming and soaring.

From the original more than 100 fans to 1,000, 2,000, 5,000…

After pouring in, all of them were personally attacked by Fan Xue’s fans, and they became more and more certain that Xue Xiao was targeted by the show. They even suspected that Xue Xiao was jointly bullied by the show’s staff and Fan Xue. The netizens started to feel pity for him.

Who acted the best in the first episode? Xue Xiao’s group.

Who was suspected of being criticized the worst in the first episode?

‘Studio Superstar’ used the banner of promoting a group of amateur actors. Then why did it need to suppress the potential of a small yet unknown actor for a strong, garbage star?

Didn’t the show’s staff know exactly what their audience came to see?

They noticed this show at the beginning due to the four mentors, but the four mentors couldn’t support them watching the whole episode. They sincerely hoped to see some new stars from this show. New stars who were strong and willing to work hard but who lacked opportunities!

This was rather than continuing to be blinded by vulgar traffic!

Along with this, Zhao Dong and Jin Xiaochen also started to rise rapidly.

At this moment, everyone in the dormitory: “……”

Things seemed a bit serious, but they also didn’t seem to be that serious.

Jin Xiaochen refreshed Xue Xiao’s Weibo again and said, “Ah, Brother Xue has 10,000 fans.”

Xue Xiao was a bit stunned.

At this time, Jiang Lianlian sent him a WeChat message from far away in the girls’ dormitory.

“That hot search term between you and Fan Xue must’ve been bought by Fan Xue himself.”

Jiang Lianlian was more aware of some hype methods in the entertainment industry than him. She reminded him, “It is good that netizens aren’t being led by the nose now. He sent the topic to the hot search but gave you a wave of popularity. Don’t respond. It might be annoying to be splashed with dirty water from the editing… But it is difficult for you to handle this matter yourself, unless you make up your mind to withdraw from the competition and completely break from the show’s team. However, the current situation is completely unusual!”

Xue Xiao knew very well what Jiang Lianlian was worried about.

He replied, “Don’t worry, I know. [Thank you.].”

Jiang Lianlian: “Ojbk.”

The people in the four dormitories dispersed, leaving only Jin Xiaochen and Dou Mingjian.

Xue Xiao sat on the bed and swiped on his phone for a while… then he felt a bit of pain in his eyes and put it down.

He just put it down when Old Gao suddenly sent him a WeChat message.

It wasn’t only Xue Xiao who received it. Zhao Dong and Jin Xiaochen also received it.

Old Gao: “Don’t respond. Rehearse for the second round with peace of mind. I’m trying to deal with this.”

Jin Xiaochen frowned. “What does this mean?”

Dou Mingjian leaned over to look at it and asked in surprise, “Could it be that Old Gao didn’t know the episode would be released like this?”

Jin Xiaochen was stunned. “Huh? Could it be that they made a mistake?”

Zhou Dong pondered on it before shaking his head. “This wasn’t a mistake. The episode was deliberately edited, so there must be someone among their staff who wants to edit it like this… But in this case, I feel that this person is standing on the opposite side of Old Gao and must be someone with a higher authority than him.”

Jin Xiaochen frowned again. “Old Gao said he would deal with it… how can he deal with it? Can he update this episode with a different version?”

No one answered this question.

To be honest, they had never seen a variety show change the edited episode to clarify for a guest. After all, the replacement version had to be reviewed again, and this wasn’t a very simple process.

Even if Xue Xiao and his group were really innocent… But was the capital in the entertainment industry filled with kind people who punished evil and promoted good?

How could Guantian’s leaders go to such lengths as slapping themselves on the face for the sake of three amateurs?

No matter how he thought about it, Jin Xiaochen’s guess was very whimsical.

Xue Xiao stared at this WeChat message for a long time before sighing and putting down his phone completely.

He went to the balcony and sat down.

Soon, the sound of scattered footsteps came. The five people in the dormitory actually rushed into the balcony and sat down on Xue Xiao’s left and right sides.

Xue Xiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “What are you all doing here?”

“Accompanying you,” Chang Yun stretched out his hand, grabbed Xue Xiao’s shoulder and shook it twice. “You accompanied me the day before yesterday, and I will accompany you today.”

Xue Xiao said, “My eyes hurt a bit when looking at the phone, so I came out to relax.”

Zhao Dong placed his hands behind his back to support himself and looked up at the sky outside. “I really feel like I have entered the entertainment circle now. It is really dark… We might’ve gained fans, but why is it so wrong?”

Dou Mingjian opened his mouth, “It is normal. Not everyone wants to be black and red.”

Jin Xiaochen was a bit nervous. “I’m just thinking right now. If Old Gao’s struggle is unsuccessful, then the three of us later… In particular, Brother Xue. Will you continue to be edited evilly? If that is the case, is it really interesting to stay on this show?”

Dou Mingjian patted him. Jin Xiaochen knew that he had said something wrong and was embarrassed.

Xue Xiao smiled.

He was silent for a while before saying, “When I knew I was going to meet Fan Xue on this show, my master told me that opportunities and risks always coexist.”

Zhao Dong and Jin Xiaochen were slightly startled.

Xue Xiao had also said this sentence on the day they conducted the live rehearsal for ‘Praying Mantis’.

Jin Xiaochen murmured, “Brother Xue, you said that the risk is just a stone that you accidentally stepped on while walking on the road. This stone might be small, or it might be so big that it blocks the way. However, our goal is never to step on the stone hard but to find a way to keep moving forward.”

“Yes.” Xue Xiao looked at the blue sky outside the balcony, his voice gentle and calm. “That is what I thought until now.”

The actors acted, and the audience watched.

How much effort the actor put in, and if they had any ulterior motives… He believed that the audience could see it.

His idea was ridiculed by many people as being naive. No matter how hard he tried, the editing would make it look bad. What could the audience see?

Still, Xue Xiao felt that as long as he persisted in working hard, to a certain extent… One day, there would be nothing that could hinder this hard work from being seen.

As long as this effort was seen by the world, they could continue to move forward.

The road would become wider and smoother.

Zhao Dong was slightly startled before saying, “…Indeed.”

He thought about it and said, “Actually, we didn’t lose in today’s matter.”

There were viewers who saw the truth and viewers who wanted to believe in them.

So what if the show planned to cut them out later?

Could all of their performances be cut? Could all their rehearsal tidbits be cut? Could the audience not see them at all?

It was impossible.

This was unless Guantian wanted the whole Internet to see their guilt and wanted their reputation to be overturned.

Or kick them out of the show? How to kick? Did they want the mentors to not issue them invitation cards or steal their votes to let them finish at the bottom in the public voting stage?

Forget the other three mentors. How could Shen Tingyan be so obedient? If there really was a popular vote and they could turn the tide to attract a large number of votes, how could Guantian steal it?

In the final analysis, since they could rely on sincerity and strength to break through the hand that tried to kill them once, they could break through a second or third time with sincerity and strength…

Xue Xiao turned his head and smiled at them. “In the matter of acting, I don’t like to admit defeat.”

Quitting the competition might seem chic, but it was actually admitting defeat.

Xue Xiao would never do such a thing. He was stubborn and liked to fight until the end.

“Brother Zhao, do you remember what you said on the night of the rehearsal?” Xue Xiao blinked.

Zhao Dong was stunned.

Jin Xiaochen had a good memory and immediately said, “No matter what this show will end up being made into, its starting point is actually sincere. For this, we must not let villains affect our mindset. We must focus on acting and stand up for those who give their sincerity behind this show!”

Xue Xiao nodded. “I was thinking. We have dreams. The person who first came up with the idea of this show also has dreams. But no one is a perfect person. Either their ability isn’t enough, or their personality is too weak. There are all types of shortcomings… so there will always be bumps on the road.”

“But I won’t give up easily, you won’t give up easily… that person won’t give up easily either.”

The wind raised Xue Xiao’s black hair.

“I would like to believe that everyone is trying to overcome their shortcomings and find a way to walk this path,” he said.


The vlog job given by the show still had to be completed.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, they took advantage of the fact that the sky wasn’t completely dark to find some materials.

Gu Ling was the last to go.

Before leaving, he told Xue Xiao, who had been silent for most of the day, “Your acting is very good.”

Xue Xiao raised his head with a bit of surprise.

Gu Ling said lightly, “You will be popular as long as you act well.”

Xue Xiao was a bit flattered. “…Thank you.”

Gu Ling nodded and left coolly.

Xue Xiao sat there in a slightly confused manner. After a long time, he scratched his head and got up to do his vlog homework.


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