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Studio Superstar: Chapter 89

It was late at night.

The moment the door opened, Xue Xiao was pressed against the wall and kissed.

He reached out to turn on the light but was so dizzy from the kiss that he couldn’t see where the switch was. He could only reach out and touch the wall.

It was chaotic fumbling at first.

It gradually turned into holding onto the wall.

Then he was forced to leave.

He was picked up.


Xue Xiao sometimes wondered when his love for Shen Tingyan had completely changed.

This man took his career seriously. Xue Xiao had known this for a long time.

This man had a clear distinction between love and hate and wouldn’t hide his thoughts. Xue Xiao had known this for a long time.

Xue Xiao felt that these qualities were particularly sexy, and he liked it very much.

After getting to know each other, he also discovered a lot of sexy things about Shen Tingyan’s body.

They were slightly plain things.

For example, the way Shen Tingyan looked at him.

For example, Shen Tingyan’s Adam’s apple.

His long, well-joined fingers and broad shoulders.

For example, his breathing.

The way it went a bit deeper.

For example, Shen Tingyan could always guess his thoughts and answer his questions before he said them.

Sometimes, the man knew what he needed was not an answer, and he would gently rub his head and hug him.

For example, under this man’s calm and self-possessed appearance, there might occasionally be hidden undercurrents.


Xue Xiao gradually couldn’t understand it.

He felt that every part of Shen Tingyan’s body seemed to have a fatal attraction to him.

He hugged Shen Tingyan like hugging a jar of wine.

In the end, he could only drown in the night.

Zheng Yang’s movie was a martial arts movie. Before filming started, Yang Ying and the other actors had to spend a month training.

In the middle, Xue Xiao took the time to go back to his hometown.

Shen Tingyan was naturally taken back with him. He had been thinking about this for a long time.

That day, Xue Jiangshan rarely became shy and was particularly polite to Shen Tingyan, while Zhang Ning was so happy that her smile spread from ear to ear.

After lunch, Xue Xiao took Shen Tingyan to dress up and went to the school he worked at before. He took Shen Tingyan on the same path he had walked in elementary school.

In the evening, Zhang Ning dug out Xue Xiao’s photo album. Teacher Shen finally saw what Xue Xiao looked like in elementary school, middle school, and high school.

—Xue Xiao’s appearance had almost not changed since he was a child.

In elementary school, his eyes were big and beautiful. They were still the same now that he was 24.

His bedroom wall was still covered with various certificates from his student days, many of which were first-place prizes in various composition competitions.

Shen Tingyan looked at it for a long time.

When Zhang Ning walked out of the room and closed the door for them thoughtfully, Xue Xiao leaned over and asked, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m trying to get involved in your life.”

Xue Xiao was stunned for a moment before he laughed.

The more Shen Tingyan imagined Xue Xiao’s growth, the gladder he was that he agreed to Old Gao’s invitation and went to Studio Superstar.

If he missed this show, he didn’t know how many years of Xue Xiao’s life he would miss. He might even never meet Xue Xiao for the rest of his life.

Xue Xiao said, “In fact, I have thought about this problem. If there was no Studio Superstar, I might leave Nanhe Film and Television City to go to the film and television city in Lu City to play a small role. Then you will transition to become a director. One day, you will also go to the film and television city to film.”

“I like you so much. As long as your crew comes, I will definitely seize the opportunity to join your crew.”

There was no way they would never cross paths for the rest of their lives!

Shen Tingyan originally wanted to say that Xue Xiao had only one more year left to try. They might not be able to meet each other right away.

However, his thoughts changed. He suddenly remembered that if he hadn’t been able to find the ‘actor’ in his mind, he might put the movie he planned to make next year on hold and film another one first.

For that movie, he really would’ve had to go to Lu City’s film and television city.

Shen Tingyan’s heart moved slightly.

The mutual attraction between him and Xue Xiao didn’t require too many attempts. He couldn’t forget the little light bulb looking at him with bright eyes for a while.

Then as long as they met each other in reality, they would definitely embark on the path to the same future as they were now.

Shen Tingyan touched his chin and thought about it. Then he suddenly felt bored again.

What was there to think about?

There were no ifs in this world, only now.

Now, they were together.

Thus, Shen Tingyan stopped looking at the certificates. He turned around, sat on the bed, pulled Xue Xiao over, and kissed him.

Xue Xiao whispered, “My house isn’t well soundproofed…”

Shen Tingyan looked at him and smiled, “What are you thinking about? I just want a kiss.”

Xue Xiao blushed, a bit annoyed.

Shen Tingyan kissed his ear while holding back a smile. “We’ll talk about it when we go back.”

The man’s nose gently rubbed his neck.

“Time is running out.”

‘Time is running out,’ Xue Xiao muttered in his heart. He would go to film in half a month, and filming would take three months.

He found that Shen Tingyan was particularly lustful, which was different from his appearance!

After the first time, this man was like someone who had been hungry for over 20 years…

Xue Xiao’s ears turned red when he thought of those things.

…If it hadn’t been for that, he wouldn’t have misunderstood what Shen Tingyan was doing just now!

Shen Tingyan: ?

Why did the pufferfish suddenly inflate?


Before Xue Xiao could turn on his phone, Ye Xingxing finally arrived in the capital.

The changes in Ye Xingxing were too great!

The last time he recorded Xue Xiao’s relatives and friends video, this guy still had silver hair. Now it had turned into a head of blue hair!

Xue Xiao saw it and felt it was a bit like a trendy male idol!

Ye Xingxing was so excited to see Shen Tingyan that he revealed everything about Xue Xiao’s past.

“Xiao Xiao used to drag me to watch your movies together. Every movie would be re-watched at least three times in the theater. He would pay every time, so I was happy as soon as you released a movie…”

Xue Xiao coughed violently.

Shen Tingyan glanced at him playfully.

Ye Xingxing sighed. “I didn’t expect him to be able to succeed in chasing stars. Teacher Shen, I leave Xiao Xiao to you!”

This guy didn’t know that Xue Xiao was already in love with Shen Tingyan.

Xue Xiao hadn’t figured out how to tell him yet…

Shen Tingyan seriously accepted the little light bulb that was packed and sent to his hand. “Okay, I will.”


Late September.

Shen Tingyan flew abroad due to work.

Xue Xiao set off for a small city in the north.

After meeting up with the rest of the crew there, everyone changed cars and drove for a while before stopping in a very remote town.

They were going to stay here for three months.

The filming rhythm was very tight. Sometimes, Xue Xiao even forgot to change out of his costume after leaving the set, and he fell asleep in the residential house rented by the crew.

Shen Tingyan complained about Zheng Yang’s Spartan-style filming as always.

Xue Xiao said that Director Zheng was in a hurry, but he was very efficient and taught him a lot.

Shen Tingyan asked him to pay attention to rest. If he couldn’t hold it any longer then don’t be too obedient.

Xue Xiao obediently agreed.

Then he asked, ‘When will you come back?’

Shen Tingyan replied, ‘Soon. When I get back to the country, I will go and see you.’


In mid-October, the first snow fell early in this northern town.

On this day, Xue Xiao rarely had free time. He lay on the bed and read the script. He stared blankly at the snowflakes outside the window for a while before suddenly becoming interested.

He got out of bed and took out the diary from his suitcase that he had brought over, but never had time to write in. He sat down at the desk.

Growing up, he had written in a bunch of diaries.

The book he had on hand was used by him since he started his career as an actor. It was very thick.

The first diary entry was written on the day he left his hometown.

In the past two years, he had written intermittently in it. Now there were only a few blank pages left in this diary.

Soon, it would be time to use a new notebook again.

Xue Xiao took off the cap of the pen and wrote the date in beautiful font on the front line.

“The climate in the north is really different from that in the south. When the temperature drops to 15 degrees in the south, just a bit of rain will make you feel cold to the bone. But in the north, the temperature is about 10 degrees, and there is snow, but you don’t feel cold at all.

Shen Tingyan is coming soon.

Hopefully, he will get here before the snow melts.”


“Director Zheng’s shooting rhythm is the fastest among the directors I have met. I haven’t met many directors, but Yang Ying also said the same. Director Zheng said that this rhythm was inherited from his family. His mother’s meeting rhythm is also so fast.

Today, we went up the mountain. The snow that fell the day before yesterday still remains in the mountains. The scenery was particularly beautiful.

Hanging from a wire in the white snow, I feel as if I really have become a flying hero. This can be considered a childhood dream come true.”


“When is he coming? I miss him so much.”


“Today, I was scratched by a tree while hanging from the wire. A piece of skin on my forearm was rubbed off. It isn’t very painful, but it looks a bit exaggerated.

I hope he will come in a few days when my skin grows back.”


“He came.

My skin hasn’t grown back yet QAQ.

Everyone seemed afraid to speak. Director Zheng was also very embarrassed, but the scratch was really an accident.

Now he is sitting silently on the bed behind him. I feel like he is staring at me, waiting for me to pass. How can I comfort him?

…He came over by himself, holding gauze and iodophor. His brow is furrowed so tightly. So cute.

Well, he told me to stop writing. Then that’s it for today ^^”


“The snow half a month ago has melted away, but there was another heavy snowfall last night before he left.

He fell asleep peacefully. Should I build a snowman now and surprise him when he wakes up?

Forget it. Let’s wait until he wakes up and build it with him.”


“Today, he is gone.

I have always felt that I’m not a very clingy person, but today, I am a bit reluctant to let go.

But I will never let him see it, or he will find time to come back over again.

The journey is too long, and it is tiring to go back and forth. I would rather he rest at home for a few more days.

There are two months left. Finish filming seriously and go back to see him!”


“I got home today. It is snowing in the capital!

It was raining when I got home, and was still raining when I woke up at 12 o’clock. This should be considered heavy snow, right?

My parents will fly over from their hometown the day after tomorrow. I hope the weather forecast is accurate and the snow only lasts until tomorrow.

But when Mom and Dad are here, if it wants to continue playing then it can continue ^^”


“It is the New Year. Tingyan’s parents went back to my hometown with us. I never thought we would be celebrating the New Year with so many people this year.

It hasn’t been this lively in years. So happy.

Teacher Guan will be participating in the Spring Festival Gala this year. I want to watch it later!”


“Teacher Shen finally officially became Director Shen. We are going to film together again!

My previous dream was to become an actor like him. If I did well, I might be able to get a glimpse of him from afar in the same workplace. At that time, I never thought I would be able to work with him as a director and actor.

Occasionally, I still feel that everything is like a dream. But who can say it isn’t?

After all, dreams are dreams.

I am now living in the future I once dreamed of. I will continue to work hard tomorrow to move forward to the next dream!”


“The first starring movie in my life is officially released!

After following Director Zheng and the others for more than two months of promotion, it was all worth it. The box office exceeded 100 million on the opening day!

Wait for tomorrow. There will be more audience reviews on the Internet, right?

A bit nervous.

…Halfway through writing, he called me over. I know that he wants to help me relax ^^ Okay, I won’t write anymore.”


“I was nominated for the Best Actor Award, but I didn’t win.

I originally thought I might be a bit disappointed, but it turned out to be okay. I feel like I am getting closer and closer to where he once was. As long as I keep working hard, I will be able to get there one day. Life is long-term, and career is also a long-term thing ^^

Today, I met Brother Dou, Brother Chang, and Lianlian at the venue. We had a late night meal together after the event.

Tingyan was also present. They seemed a bit unable to relax…

Brother Zhao is still filming. Xiao Jin has temporarily transitioned to the idol drama market after his idol drama became a hit at the start of the year. He recently took on an ancient costume drama. Gu Ling seems to have also taken on a script recently. He is going to film! Xiao Lin has been on the hot search several times since being an assistant on the second season of Studio Superstar. He is probably also busy picking out scripts recently.

When everyone is free, let’s find another opportunity to have a meal ^^”


“The first movie directed by Tingyan is finally released! The box office on the opening day was 150 million!

I am a bit nervous. Last time, both Yang Ying and I were the male protagonists. This time, I am the male protagonist in the real sense. I hope the audience will like my performance and this story I created with Tingyan.

The most outrageous thing is that he kept saying he wanted to relieve my nervousness, but in the end, he actually asked me to call him Director Shen in bed!

I won’t call him Director Shen any longer!!!”


“After a year, I came to this venue again. This time, I finally stood on the podium.

The trophy was handed to me by Tingyan. Brother Dou, Brother Chang, Brother Zhao, Lianlian, Gu Ling, and Xiao Lin were all in the audience. Xiao Jin sent me a WeChat message before the awards started to tell me that he will definitely come with us to this place next year.

I said I felt like I was still in the competition, and everyone laughed.

I used to think that a dream is a long-distance run. Since the distance is far, I can run slowly, but I must run patiently.

Now, I feel like the dream, or rather, life is more like a hurdle sport. People will naturally sense it before reaching the first target and then accelerate and jump over it at this moment.

But landing with your feet doesn’t mean you have reached the finish line. On the contrary, it is time to set off and rush to the next goal.

Tingyan asked me what I want to do most now.

Before going to the award ceremony today, he asked me this question. He asked me what gift I would like most if I won the award.

At that time, I told him that I wanted to think about it again. Now I will tell him that I have already gotten everything I wanted.

I would rather know what gift he, the best director, wants.

I want to hold the star in my hands now.

↑The above sentence, he just grabbed the pen and wrote it himself…

Well, I won’t write any more ^^

It is late. I’m going to sleep with my star.”


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