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Studio Superstar: Chapter 40 Part 2

At this moment, Gu Ling appeared at the front of the corridor.

He was probably looking for the toilet. His footsteps paused when he saw Shen Tingyan and Old Gao. He stopped and said, “Director Gao, Teacher Shen.”

Old Gao greeted him kindly.

Gu Ling went to the toilet and came out again. Shen Tingyan didn’t look up the whole time.

Gu Ling had just taken two steps before stopping and turning around. “Teacher Shen.”

Shen Tingyan finally looked up and glanced at him indifferently.

Gu Ling asked calmly, “Do you have an opinion about me?”

Old Gao was stunned.

What was the situation? It was strange all of a sudden…

Shen Tingyan replied nonchalantly, “Why do you think so?”

Gu Ling was silent.

Shen Tingyan’s lips curled up. “Because I didn’t give you a card?”

Gu Ling frowned. “That isn’t it.”

There was a pause before he asked again, “But since you mentioned it, can I ask what was wrong with my performance?”

In an instant, it changed from a formal to an informal tone.

Shen Tingyan sneered.

He blew out a puff of smoke and said, “Since you asked this question, it means you have felt it yourself.”

Today, except for Yu Shanhe, almost no one had mentioned Gu Ling’s problems.

Even Yu Shanhe’s opinions were just some innocuous words.

Then what about the praise that fell on Gu Ling?

It was also very little.

Almost everyone’s attention today was on Dou Mingjian and Xue Xiao. It was true that these two people had the most scenes, but Gu Ling was mentioned even less than Huang Xiaolin. This proved that there were some problems.

People didn’t mention it, perhaps because they didn’t see what the problem was.

They felt that it was good, but something seemed to be missing.

But overall, it was pretty good, and the performance was quite stable.

So except for Shen Tingyan, the three of them all issued cards to win over Gu Ling.

Gu Ling’s silence at this moment meant Shen Tingyan hadn’t guessed incorrectly.

He sensed that there was something wrong with the feedback from the mentors, but he didn’t know what was wrong.

Shen Tingyan took a puff of the cigarette. Then under the gaze of Gu Ling and Old Gao beside him, he said, “But why should I tell you?”

Gu Ling was slightly stunned.

Old Gao was about to listen attentively. He didn’t expect Shen Tingyan to say such a thing and was stunned. “…No, what are you trying to do? You are a mentor. Wake up.”

Shen Tingyan told him, “Now isn’t the recording time. Ask on the spot. Don’t wait until it is over. Since you waited, you can figure it out yourself.”

Old Gao: “???”

Gu Ling said coldly, “Oh.”

He turned and left.

Old Gao opened his mouth. “Hey, Shen Tingyan, what is wrong with you? Why not give a bit of advice? I see that you are really wrong today. You—”

Before Old Gao could finish speaking, a little light bulb suddenly appeared in front of them!

Xue Xiao had been very excited since getting the invitation cards from the four mentors. After going back to eat and taking off his makeup, he immediately ran back to the small theater and moved around the corridor energetically.

He didn’t know why he was circling. Perhaps he just wanted to vent the energy in his body that couldn’t find an outlet.

It was a complete surprise to meet Shen Tingyan!

He walked in without thinking. His steps were so brisk that Old Gao could only shut up after seeing him.

However, before Xue Xiao could say a word, he took a breath and choked on the smoke.

Shen Tingyan immediately put out the cigarette and opened the window. Hot air rushed in, blowing away the smoke in the corridor.

He frowned and asked, “Do you have a cold?”

“No. I roared a bit harder when acting against Brother Dou just now and hurt my throat. I’ll just take some throat lozenges tonight. It will be fine.” Xue Xiao cleared his throat and stepped forward nonchalantly.

At this time, he had removed his makeup and taken off his hair cover. He returned to a rosy complexion again.

His black hair was messed up due to the hair cover, but looked very vibrant. The ends of his hair were shaking, and he looked very cute.

After walking up to Shen Tingyan, he smiled sweetly with his hands behind his back. “Teacher Shen, I look much better now, right? There is no longer a sick feeling?”

Shen Tingyan’s lips curved up, and he smiled. “Yes. Did you have a good meal at noon?”

“I ate, I ate well.”

Xue Xiao felt sweet in his heart.

At noon, he thought about it and felt that Shen Tingyan was worried about him. This should mean he acted quite well this time, right? He looked too much like a seriously ill patient, so Shen Tingyan was worried?

This pleased him more than hundreds of blunt compliments.

Old Gao also said, “Gain some weight. You acted so well today that I am a bit worried about you. You are quite powerful. You must be very happy after receiving four invitation cards, right?”

Xue Xiao was a bit embarrassed, but he still smiled honestly and nodded.

It was really gratifying!

He didn’t have anything to say to Shen Tingyan. Then after chatting a few words, he remembered seeing Gu Ling’s back just now. He said casually, “By the way… Teacher Shen.”

Shen Tingyan replied lazily, “Huh?”

“I have something… I want to ask.” Xue Xiao was rarely so presumptuous. He hesitated for a moment before whispering, “Can I ask why you didn’t give Gu Ling an invitation card?”

Shen Tingyan paused.

Old Gao coughed violently.

One left and another one came?

Shen Tingyan’s eyes narrowed. “Why? Did he ask you to help him ask? Did you guys exchange brainwaves?”

Xue Xiao quickly shook his head. “No, I wanted to ask myself. Did Gu Ling ask you just now?”

In fact, Xue Xiao had some doubts when he was on stage before.

In the first round of the competition, Shen Tingyan obviously looked at Gu Ling differently. Xue Xiao always thought that Shen Tingyan should be very optimistic about Gu Ling… but this time, he was the only one who didn’t give Gu Ling an invitation card.

Xue Xiao had long forgotten all his small jealousies and envy toward Gu Ling. He just looked at it purely from a student’s perspective and was a bit puzzled.

He felt that Gu Ling acted quite well this time.

He hesitated before saying, “If it isn’t convenient to say, forget it. Pretend I didn’t ask.”

Shen Tingyan suddenly wanted to smoke again.

Still, he held back. He stared at Xue Xiao and asked thoughtfully, “Why do you want to know?”

Xue Xiao said honestly, “I think he acted very well…”

Shen Tingyan’s face started to look unhappy. “Did he?”

Xue Xiao looked at him carefully. ‘…Isn’t it?’

Old Gao finished coughing and gloated. He said deliberately, “I also think that Gu Ling’s performance today is very good. I want to know the reason why you didn’t give him a card.”

Shen Tingyan sneered. “If you can’t see this, do you really need some eye drops?”

“?” Old Gao scolded him, “Why are you still attacking me? Speak well!”

Xue Xiao hung his head in shame.

Was it that his eyes were too dull?

Shen Tingyan’s eyes darkened.

Old Gao’s words today were right. There was something wrong with him.

At first, his mind was full of thoughts about whether this little guy liked him or not, and didn’t have the heart to pay attention to other things.

As a result, he had obviously come up with an answer and clarified his thoughts, but he was still abnormal.

Just like now.

He was very unhappy in his heart.

He wasn’t happy when Xue Xiao spoke for Gu Ling. He also wasn’t happy when Xue Xiao was stunned by his words.

Shen Tingyan had a feeling that he couldn’t let out a breath, but he also couldn’t hold it back. He had never been so uncomfortable before.

He stared at Xue Xiao for a moment before saying in a stiff tone, “The problem is with the last scene.”

Xue Xiao raised his head, eyes flashing with doubt and curiosity.

Shen Tingyan: “……”

He said coldly, “He became himself and didn’t realize it.”

During that scene in the corridor, was it Lu Yu that Gu Ling was looking at at the end?

Not at all.

Luo Sheng would never look at Lu Yu with that type of look.

At that time, Gu Ling was clearly looking at Xue Xiao with his own eyes.

Absurdly, he didn’t even discover it himself.

Then why did Shen Tingyan not remind him and wake him up? Did he, a great mentor, have to help his students have a dormitory romance?

Xue Xiao listened to Shen Tingyan’s explanation. He seemed to understand but also not understand.

He still wanted to ask but was ruthlessly interrupted by Shen Tingyan. “You can think about the rest yourself. Don’t come to ask me again, and don’t tell me how his usual acting skills are. If his stage performance collapses, then it is all in vain.”

“…Oh,” Xue Xiao said. Then he mustered up the courage to ask, “Teacher Shen, are you in a bad mood today?”

“Oh, I’m in a good mood.”


“If you say something else for Gu Ling now, I will be in a better mood.”


Xue Xiao didn’t understand anything, but his radar was very sharp!

He immediately said obediently, “Okay, Teacher Shen. Then I won’t disturb your rest!”

“?” Shen Tingyan’s tone was dangerous. “You’re just leaving like this?”

Xue Xiao was confused. “Teacher Shen, do you have anything else?”

Shen Tingyan took out the cigarette again but held back!

He gritted his teeth before saying, “…No, you can go and rest.”

“Oh, okay!’ The little light bulb exited immediately. He hesitated for a moment before leaving. Then he said with concern, “Teacher Shen, no matter what happens, you must be happy.”

Shen Tingyan put the cigarette directly into his mouth this time and said with a dark expression, “You had better leave quickly.”

The little lightbulb left in a worried manner.

Shen Tingyan stared in the direction where his back disappeared. Then he lit the cigarette and suddenly said, “Gao Jianqi.”

Old Gao was shocked. “Why are you calling me by my first name?”

“…Why are you so surprised with your name being called? Isn’t the point of a name for it to be called?”

Old Gao wiped his sweat. “Every time you call me by your full name, you never have any good words. I have a psychological shadow due to you. It is a conditioned reflex!”

Shen Tingyan was speechless.

He bit the end of the cigarette, lowered his eyes, and asked, “…Do you think I look gay?”

Old Gao looked shocked again.

Shen Tingyan interrupted him irritably. “Don’t ask me why I asked you that. Don’t ask me what happened. Just tell me your opinion. Do you think I look like it?”

Old Gao held back for a long time before shaking his head. “You don’t look like it.”

Before Shen Tingyan could speak, Old Gao said the second half.

“My eldest brother, who lived across from me in elementary school, was as strong as a bull and looks even straighter than you. Now more than 20 years later, he wears women’s clothing and looks for gay people everywhere. Gay or not gay, is this something I can tell with my eyes?!”

Shen Tingyan: “……”


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