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Studio Superstar: Chapter 82 Part 2

The audience forgot a premise.

If Xie Jia’s parents were really a reliable pair of parents, they wouldn’t have allowed Xie Jia’s ears to be so bad for so many years.

If they were really responsible enough, they wouldn’t treat Xie Jia’s problem as a funny thing when it first came up.

Therefore, with such weak hope, all of the audience members ushered in the crushing climax in the middle of the story…

Xie Jia only scored a few points in the English listening section of the mid-term exam. Looking at his answer sheet, he knew that he completely failed.

How could this work? The competition of the college entrance examination was so fierce. One point could mean a difference in ranking!

The teacher finally called Mother Xie to school and raised the problem of Xie Jia’s ears with her. The teacher suggested that they take him to the hospital for a checkup.

Unexpectedly, Mother Xie was very resistant.

On this night, Xie Jia had a big fight with his parents.

Mother Xie said, “Isn’t it embarrassing to wear a hearing aid? Do you want to be regarded as a disabled person?”

Father Xie lit a cigarette and asked, “How much do hearing aids cost? Where can we get that much money?”

Xie Jia had been taught since he was a child that his family had no money, so at an age when other children loved to eat, play, and were loved by their families, he couldn’t even ask his parents to buy him a popsicle in the summer.

The topic of money made Xie Jia, who had no concept of money and only a sense of fear, secretly startled.

However, the topic had already been brought up. He was unwilling to end it like this.

He clasped his hands together and plucked up the courage to ask, “Have you ever asked?”

…His courage was rewarded with even more intense curses.

Doctors were all liars.

The Internet was also full of lies.

How could their family have money? His father had just paid off a debt of over 20,000 yuan. There was no money left in their bank card!

Tears slowly accumulated in Xie Jia’s eyes. His tears reflected the opening and closing of his parents’ mouths, which kept spitting out saliva.

In fact, he always wanted to ask… why couldn’t his father quit gambling? Why did his father still gamble when his family didn’t have money?

But he could almost guess how his parents would argue against him.

For example, what did he, a child, care about what adults did?

They earned the money, and they could spend it as they wanted. Why did he, a child, need to interrupt?

For example, did he have a conscience? How come he only knew money, money, money at such a young age? Did he want them to die early so he could get their mother?

…Mother Xie couldn’t stand Father Xie’s gambling, but when it came to teaching their child, the couple always stood on the same side, no matter who was right or wrong.

Online and offline, all viewers felt aggrieved and angry.

Xie Jia was completely powerless in front of his parents!

Yes, children should be grateful to their parents for their upbringing. They shouldn’t take things from their parents as a matter of course.

But now Xie Jia was sick!

Children were human beings, not kittens or puppets. Besides, people should still raise kittens and puppies responsibly. They should bring their child to the doctor when sick. How could they be so casual about raising a child?

Better hearing aids were expensive. With Father and Mother Xie’s income, they might not be able to afford it even if Father Xie didn’t gamble. The problem was that they didn’t even plan to ask!

The audience’s anger level kept rising until Father Xie shouted, “It is better not to go to school. It is useless to go to school.” Then they were all shocked.

F*k! These parents!

The whole studio became noisy.

Before they could curse loudly, Xue Xiao’s next outburst turned their anger into ashes in an instant.

“I want to study!”

The young man shouted hoarsely with red eyes.

“—I don’t want to drop out of school! I want to study! I want to study!!”

“I won’t go to the hospital. I don’t need a hearing aid, and I won’t let you spend more money! But you can’t make me stop going to school. I can learn, and my grades can keep up!”

The roar echoed throughout the studio.

The young man’s tears kept falling.

His face was full of panic and grievance, but he puffed up and disguised himself as a lion in an attempt to increase his presence.

The audience was instantly speechless. Their throats became dry.

…Xie Jia had always been well-behaved and sensible.

Except for the time when he was still young and hadn’t adapted to this hearing impairment, he always subconsciously spoke loudly. At other times, he never raised his voice.

But at this moment, he shouted at the top of his lungs.

His voice was so hoarse that it was almost unpleasant, but his words were so loud that they seemed to overlap with the cry in his heart. They were deafening.

“I want to study!”

After shouting like crazy, he stood opposite his parents. He stared at the other side, crying and panting.

The audience desperately took deep breaths.

Xue Xiao’s performance made them feel so immersed that they could almost feel that Xie Jia’s world was completely shattered that night.

He was shocked that his parents would rather have him drop out of school than face up to his hearing problem.

In his despair, he finally realized that no one could help him in his predicament. The only one he could rely on was himself.

Xue Xiao’s narration became lonely.

[On this day, I still didn’t know what to do, but I wanted…]

[There had to be a way.]

The noisy Xie family made neighbors come and knock on the door.

Father and Mother Xie were so shocked by Xie Jia’s crying and yelling that they couldn’t speak for a while. Mother Xie slowly recovered and went to open the door.

Xie Jia raised his arm and wiped his tears. He turned around and ran into his room without saying a word, locking the door behind him.

Mother Xie looked back. The neighbor outside the door said, “Oh, stop making noise. We all heard it.”

Several neighbors were gathered outside.

“Don’t be so angry. How can you prevent your child from studying?”

“That’s right. Your Jia Jia really wants to learn, right? There are very few children who want to learn so much these days.”

“If you have any difficulties, just tell us.”

Father and Mother Xie’s expressions became embarrassed.

They didn’t have any money, but they wanted to save face. They couldn’t do something like asking their neighbors to lend them money for their child to study.

Of course, the fact is that they did have the money for the child’s education.

After all, the nine-year compulsory education system didn’t require parents to spend any money.

In the room, Xie Jia’s eyes were still red, and tears were falling.

But his expression was more determined than ever.

He gritted his teeth, stared at his homework book, and wrote his homework vigorously and quickly.

[There had to be a way.]

[There had to be a way.]

The two repeated sighs, one shallower than the other, made the audience feel pity.


Xue Xiao looked at himself in an energetic manner.

He was different from the audience, which didn’t know about follow-up development. He wouldn’t follow the plot in a state of excitement.

However, seeing himself performing on such a big screen felt novel.

He was completely unaware that the rest of the audience was completely speechless.

At the mentor’s table, the other three looked at Shen Tingyan and Xue Xiao, who was sitting not far away.

Xue Xiao’s progress was so astonishingly fast that they were already tired…

However, when the young man’s performance was separated from the scene and moved to a carefully edited and soundtracked film, the effect presented made them feel another level of shock.

No matter whether it was a big or small emotion, Xue Xiao handled them all stably.

It was like he was playing with a thread. The other end of the thread was holding the audience’s heart.

If he wanted the audience to laugh, the audience would laugh. If he wanted the audience to be angry, the audience would be angry. If he wanted the audience to be sad, the audience would be sad.

The perfection of this type of acting… it was wrong to describe him as an acting robot because a robot had no soul.

It should be said that Xue Xiao seemed to have fully transformed into the character.

He made the audience believe that somewhere in the world, the characters he played really existed.

On the big screen, Xie Jia stopped writing after finishing his homework.

He finally calmed down but could only stare at his homework in a daze.

Shen Tingyan used an extremely wonderful filming technique.

At this moment, the audience could clearly hear his breathing.

The breath gently blew the slightly tilted homework paper.

Also, the wind outside the window was whistling.

The wind shook the trees, the shadows of the trees outside the window were dancing, and the leaves made a rustling sound.

In the next second, the camera cut back to Xie Jia’s side.

All sounds disappeared in an instant.

Outside the window, the shadows of the trees were still swaying.

On the table, the paper was still rising and falling.

Xie Jia’s world was silent.

[Life is a linear change.]

[I think this doesn’t just refer to changes in certain illnesses.]

[Everything people do, every decision a person makes, whether big or small, will have a long-term impact on their future.]

[I didn’t know what my future would be like on that night.]

[But I plan to work hard toward the direction I want.]

Xie Jia stood up, turned around, and moved a lot of notes and correction books to his desk.

The heavy books hit the table, but Xie Jia couldn’t hear the sounds.

He sat down on a stool and started to flip through the books from the beginning.

At this moment, the perseverance and concentration on his face made the audience realize that nothing would affect this boy any longer.

He could control his own future.

And his life story would soon usher in a turning point.


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