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Studio Superstar: Chapter 59 Part 1

The impact of that man was always enormous.

What’s more, his own account and the official account of the newly registered film and television company made a post because of Xue Xiao…

For netizens, there was a sleepless night of passionately eating melons.

For Xue Xiao…

He woke up the next day and saw the bombardment from the editor of the publishing house in the middle of the night.

This editor was a girl who was addicted to the two-dimensional world and usually didn’t pay much attention to the entertainment industry.

Perhaps she called him ‘Yaozhu’ so much that she forgot the name on Yaozhu’s ID card was Xue Xiao. Therefore, she had no reaction when Xue Xiao was trending in the past. Xue Xiao guessed that she didn’t click in to take a look and didn’t know it was him…

Until last night, his pen name was exposed.


“You went to be an actor???”

“D*mn, our editor-in-chief called me in the middle of the night to confirm your information. I’m stupid!”

“Oh my god, you have changed so much from before!!”

“D*mn, are you so good at acting? Can I ask for your autograph with your real name??”


This series of passionate messages continued until 3 o’clock in the morning.

The last message was sent an hour ago. “…The inventory of your book with several partners was sold out in the middle of the night. The editor-in-chief wants to reprint it. Once you wake up and see this, reply back [teary eyes].”

The inventory being cleared wasn’t a particularly exaggerated thing, at least for Xue Xiao. After all, the print run of his novel was very low…

Xue Xiao replied after washing up.

The editor didn’t respond immediately. She was probably catching up on sleep.

After Shen Tingyan made his public statement last night, public opinion on the Internet completely changed.

Except for a few people who were discussing how subtle Shen Tingyan’s two titles for Xue Xiao were, the author and leading actor, most of them were discussing Xue Xiao’s book.

It wasn’t unprecedented for celebrities to publish books, but most celebrities published autobiographies or chicken soup novels. How many of them were written by themselves rather than ghostwritten?

It was the first time that someone published a science fiction novel in silence like Xue Xiao.

Some people doubted it. “Science fiction isn’t easy to write. Celebrities can only write autobiographies. Touching such advanced subjects will only expose their ignorance.”

However, some netizens bought the genuine electronic version of this novel overnight. They read it and said, “It is good, super good! It is simply a treasure novel!”

“I have been a bookworm for over ten years. I have read traditional literature on the Internet and also like science fiction novels. Xue Xiao’s novel isn’t really hard-core, but it is very imaginative. The worldview is really big. I was dumbfounded the whole time I was reading it.

I see some people saying that celebrities shouldn’t touch such advanced subjects. I really think it is a bit ridiculous. These days, you can really create a chain of contempt or anything. You can also create a sense of superiority in everything, right? I will state it here. I will definitely give Xue Xiao a perfect five points for this novel. His writing style is really good…”

This netizen usually liked to read and share it. He had accumulated more than 200,000 fans.

His Weibo post quickly became popular. More and more netizens switched from, ‘talking about the novel without reading it’ to ‘silently looking for the electronic version.’ Some netizens even complained after seeing a pirated version. After being discovered, there was a wave of criticism of piracy on the Internet. They promoted several genuine reading platforms…

As a result, more and more people were amazed by Xue Xiao’s literary skills.

“I usually see a lot of people who haven’t completed the ‘nine year compulsory education.’ Suddenly, I found that the actor I like is so educated. I am a bit confused.”

“Xiaoxiao won’t write novels any longer? What a pity QAQ.”

“It can be seen that Xue Xiao only regards writing as a hobby. It might be a pity to never see his other works again, but I think it is good to have such a bookish actor in domestic entertainment.”

Xue Xiao’s Weibo fans soared again, directly rushing to five million. It continued to soar and was unstoppable.

The next day, the eliminated participants packed their luggage and left the camp one after another. The dormitories with fewer people were merged again.

In the afternoon, 16 participants received the notice and ran to Building 3 to have meetings with their respective mentors.

In addition to Dou Mingjian and Chang Yun, Xue Xiao’s group had a man and a woman.

The man’s name was Xu Shen, and he was 27 years old. Like Xue Xiao and the others, he was an extra and his performance had been very stable before.

The girl’s name was You Qianqian. She was 21 years old and had just graduated from an acting school. Unlike those with working experience, her acting style was particularly open and she could handle almost any type of drama.

By the time Shen Tingyan came in, Xu Shen and You Qianqian were already familiar with Xue Xiao. They were teasing Xue Xiao about yesterday’s turmoil together with Chang Yun and Dou Mingjian. This made Xue Xiao’s face turn red.

Seeing the man, the four of them suddenly stopped talking.

Xue Xiao was in good spirits and was radiant.

It was finally time for this day…!

Shen Tingyan had become his mentor!

Shen Tingyan sat down in front of the podium and met Xue Xiao’s eyes, which were like light bulbs.

The little light bulb flickered, sending out mixed rays of expectation, excitement, admiration, etc.

A smile appeared in Shen Tingyan’s eyes.

Then he looked down and started to explain things.

The fourth round was a very special round.

Old Gao hadn’t revealed to any of them how people would advance from the fourth round to the fifth round, but it was certain that only four participants would advance to the fifth round, which was the finals.

You Qianqian was shocked. “Only four?”

Dou Mingjian was also a bit surprised. “Then will four people perform one play? Or…”

Shen Tingyan always called Old Gao by Director Gao when facing the participants.

“What Director Gao means is that the four selected participants will work one-on-one with the four mentors.”

“The final is a film and television creation. We will prepare original scripts and take our respective student out of the camp to film.”

Yan Qianqian and the others took a deep breath.

Xue Xiao clenched his hands. In other words, the four finalists would each have an original, film-based one-person play.

They would carry the whole story and have a head-on collision.

“As for the rules by which the mentors and four finalists will be matched, Director Gao hasn’t disclosed it yet,” Shen Tingyan said calmly. “What I want to tell you is that for most of you, the fourth round will be the last round. I hope you will cherish the opportunity and go all out.”

The rules were very cold, and Shen Tingyan was also very straightforward.

The atmosphere calmed down. Xue Xiao nodded solemnly.

After talking about the finals, Shen Tingyan’s words returned to the fourth round that they were about to face.

“In the fourth round of the competition, the show also asked for originality. They didn’t limit the number of roles in each group, so I prepared two scripts at the beginning.”

Everyone was stunned.

Shen Tingyan said calmly, “One script has two roles, and one script has three roles. I won’t favor anyone. The five of you have equal roles and equal opportunities. Who can advance to the finals will depend on your own abilities.”

You Qianqian and the other’s hearts pounded.

To be honest, before Shen Tingyan stepped into the classroom today, they were mentally prepared for Xue Xiao to become the protagonist.

It wasn’t just because Shen Tingyan obviously admired Xue Xiao more. It was also because of Xue Xiao’s achievements and strength. No matter which group he joined, he should be the one that the mentor valued the most.

The entertainment industry was cruel, and this competition was also cruel. Everyone who wanted to participate in the competition should respect the rules.

However, Shen Tingyan stated so bluntly that he wouldn’t have any bias…

Xue Xiao was quite embarrassed when he heard Shen Tingyan’s words.

It wasn’t that he was embarrassed but… had the relationship between him and Shen Tingyan reached the point where it needed to be explained separately to show fairness…?

Chang Yun and Dou Mingjian on both sides laughed secretly. Xue Xiao lowered his head. The tips of his ears exposed through his black hair were bright red.

Shen Tingyan also laughed before asking, “You have no problem, right?”

“No problem!”

“Of course, we are fine!”

Xue Xiao quietly looked up and met Shen Tingyan’s eyes. He immediately shook his head like a rattle.

This was the last performance for most people. He also hoped that his friends could get full opportunities to show off.

Since the specific team members were only decided yesterday, Shen Tingyan’s two scripts still needed to be adjusted and modified by the screenwriter. As the show progressed, some participants started to receive notices that they would leave the camp in the next two days. The show’s staff specifically expanded the preparation time for the fourth round to two weeks. Therefore, Shen Tingyan simply scheduled the first rehearsal for five days later.

Once everything was explained, a group of them received the notice to record the interviews.

Xue Xiao asked the other four to go first. He took the initiative to stay and help reset the tables and chairs in the classroom.

In July, the temperatures of this southern city had further increased. The highest temperature in the last two days had exceeded 40 degrees.

Xue Xiao saw that Shen Tingyan was helping him and glanced at him with worry. “Teacher Shen, you had better sit down and let me do it..”

Shen Tingyan laughed when he heard it.

There were only the two of them left, so his tone became casual. “There are only a few chairs. Are you afraid I will faint from the heat if I move them? Xue Xiao, do you treat me like paper?”

…Of course not.

Not only was Shen Tingyan not a piece of paper, but he had an extremely good figure.

Xue Xiao’s eyes instinctively swept over the man’s solid shoulders and back. He felt that his face was getting hotter…

Obviously, he had never paid attention to the figure of the same sex before… Xue Xiao thought with shame that he was really gay now.

They closed the classroom door and walked into the corridor. Then Shen Tingyan suddenly mentioned something. “People from Guanying Entertainment might come to contact you in the next two days.”

Guanying Entertainment?

Xue Xiao suddenly remembered that this was the artist management company under Guantian.

That’s right. It was almost time to sign people.

He fell into deep thought. Then he heard Shen Tingyan say, “if they find you, don’t rush to agree first.”

Xue Xiao was slightly startled.

They walked to the elevator. Shen Tingyan pressed the down button, put his hands into his pockets, and said, “With your current personality, there won’t be only one agency that wants to sign with you.”

The man turned his face sideways, looked at him, and said softly, “Remember to choose carefully before making a decision.”

Xue Xiao didn’t think much about Shen Tingyan’s words. He nodded and said, “Okay, I understand. Thank you, Teacher Shen.”

After speaking, Shen Tingyan’s gaze was still on him.

This gaze was gentle and casual but long and focused.

Xue Xiao pretended not to feel it at first, but his gaze lingered for a long too long. He shyly cast a questioning look over.

Shen Tingyan remembered what he said to Fang Lei yesterday and rubbed his fingers together.

He wanted to chase Xue Xiao but couldn’t because the show was still in progress.

If there was no match in the horoscope, it was bound to be impossible to write that match.

He withdrew his gaze. He looked forward and remained silent for a moment. Then he said vaguely, “The competition has reached the final stage. Remember not to be distracted by other things and put all your attention on acting. Do you understand?”

Xue Xiao: “?”

He wondered. What did the other person mean by ‘other things’

Shen Tingyan felt that his words were hypocritical and scheming, but he couldn’t help it.

He glanced at Xue Xiao. “You don’t understand?”

Xue Xiao thought about it again. He felt that this sentence was difficult to understand but also not difficult to understand. ‘Other things’ should generally refer to everything that would distract him…?

So he nodded solemnly. “I understand. Don’t worry, I will never think about anything else!”

Shen Tingyan tried to induce it again. “Yes, including other people…”

Xue Xiao looked at Shen Tingyan, gritted his teeth, and said, “Yes, including other people!”

Teacher Shen was quite satisfied when he heard the reply. “Very good. Good.”


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    Is it me or was that reference to XX being ashamed that he’s attracted to another guy is OOC? I mean I do get a feeling that he is confused and hesitant about these new feelings and experiences but I do not feel that these sentiments brought him shame.

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