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Studio Superstar: Chapter 75 Part 1

Only half an hour had passed. Yang Liuyi and Shen Jingyang had gone back to the bedroom to rest.

The whole villa was dark.

The moonlight shone in through the window and fell down the stairs, staining the corner of the stairs with silver white.

Two figures descended one after another.

“Can you see clearly?”


The next second, a hand was held.

“Be gentle. Don’t let them hear it.” The deep male voice joked. “Otherwise, those two health experts will lecture us until the end of this filming.”

…Xue Xiao pursed his lips and chuckled.

He almost forgot that the entire villa had air conditioning. He only felt that his whole body was slightly hot, especially his right hand that was being held. The palm of his hand was sweating.

This was until Shen Tingyan led him to the movie theater on the first floor of the basement. He turned on the look and turned around.

The man’s gaze paused on his face for a second. Then he tilted his lips, and his lips curved.

Xue Xiao: “……”

He knew that his face must’ve turned red again…

The family theater space wasn’t small. The screen occupied almost an entire wall.

A leather sofa that could accommodate four or five people was placed in the center. A small coffee table was in front of the sofa.

There was a pool table in the open space behind them.

Shen Tingyan opened the refrigerator in the corner and asked, “What would you like to drink?”

Xue Xiao walked over to take a look and said, “Let’s have lychee soda.”

Shen Tingyan took out the drinks, two glasses from the sterilizer cabinet above the refrigerator, and ice cubes from the freezer layer at the bottom of the refrigerator.

The equipment was really complete.

The soda was in a can. Shen Tingyan hooked his fingers slightly and pulled the tab with a ‘click.’

Xue Xiao felt that he was really sick.

It was obviously such a simple action. Shen Tingyan just added ice cubes to his glass, poured the soda with his slender hands, and the transparent liquid fell into the glass, making a slight collision sound when it hit the ice cubes.

His gaze was still inseparable from Shen Tingyan. He felt that this picture was very good-looking.

Shen Tingyan didn’t look back. He just chuckled. “Don’t look at me. First, check your phone to decide what movie you want to watch.”

Xue Xiao blushed, took out his phone, and started to look through it.

He had a list of his favorite movies, but it could almost be called a Shen Tingyan collection.

Shen Tingyan scanned the list, raised an eyebrow, and said with a smile, “Let me watch my own movie?”

…It was a bit boring.

Xue Xiao thought for a while before asking, “Then do you want to watch Uncle’s movie?”

He also had a list of Shen Jingyang’s movies!

Shen Tingyan instantly turned into a smiling person.jpg.

“Let’s watch my movie.”

Xue Xiao liked every one of Shen Tingyan’s movies.

If he was really asked to choose his favorite, he would be struggling for an hour because he had difficulty in choosing.

But at this time, he felt somewhat nervous about the ‘first date in his life.’ He didn’t dare keep Shen Tingyan waiting for too long, so he quickly selected an action movie. The two of them started watching it.

The phone was connected to the device and appeared on the TV screen.

The lights were turned off by Shen Tingyan, and the theater dimmed again.

Soon, Xue Xiao felt that the position beside him slightly sank down.

His whole being was restless and absent-minded.

Since Shen Tingyan called him ‘Xiao Xiao’ just now, he had been in a dizzy, dream-like sense of suspension.

He could clearly hear Shen Tingyan’s every movement.

There was a rustle of fabric as the man picked up the glass.

there was the sound of the ice cubes hitting the wall of the cup when the liquid sloshed.

In addition, Shen Tingyan’s breathing.

The breath on him.

The sofa was huge, but they were just a stone’s throw apart.

Xue Xiao was worried that if his nervousness was too obvious, Shen Tingyan would laugh at him for sitting so seriously that he looked like he was in class.

But no.

Shen Tingyan just sat lazily like this. His relaxed posture made the silent atmosphere less awkward.

Soon, Xue Xiao also slowly relaxed.

This movie was filmed in Southeast Asia. There were many chase scenes and fighting scenes. Shen Tingyan appeared as the second male lead at 8 minutes and 6 seconds.

Once he appeared on stage, the man’s usual cold complexion became more wheat-colored. He had strong forearms, a tight waist, and broad shoulders. There was a ferocity in his stern brows. He was like a leopard, full of wildness.

Ten minutes later, Shen Tingyan was stabbed in the back by his subordinate.

Before that scene arrived, Xue Xiao had already frowned. He raised his hand and bit the back of his fingers.

When Shen Tingyan was really stabbed, Xue Xiao held his breath suddenly. After a second or two, he slowly exhaled…

Beside him, Shen Tingyan suddenly spoke up and asked, “Have you memorized all of the plot?”

Xue Xiao was startled. He nodded obediently and said, “I’ve watched this movie six or seven times.”

Shen Tingyan was a bit surprised. Then he said with a smile, “You have watched it six or seven times, but you still want to watch it?”

Xue Xiao said cautiously, “…I might’ve watched the others 11 or 12 times.”

Shen Tingyan: “………”

Xue Xiao’s ears became warm again.

He curled up on the sofa and whispered quickly, “I just like your movies.”

Shen Tingyan paused. Then his lips curved up, and he smiled again.

Even if Xue Xiao didn’t turn his head to look, he knew that Shen Tingyan was lazily leaning his head on his elbows and looking at Xue Xiao with a smile.

Xue Xiao was watching the movie, and Shen Tingyan was watching him.

Don’t look… Xue Xiao’s face was so hot that he could only drink as hard as he could.

It was amazing.

It was obviously the same movie, but it felt so different from when he watched it before and when he watched it now.

In the past, when he came home from work and lay on the bed in his bedroom alone, he would take out his phone and play his movie when he couldn’t sleep.

Or in the rental house of the Nanhe Film and Television City, in that small room full of books, he watched it over and over again in order to appease his impetuous heart and calm himself.

At that time, he was a bit lonely and confused.

But at this moment, his future was clearly displayed in front of him while the person he longed for was next to him.

The glass in his hand was snatched away.

Shen Tingyan added a drink for him.

“If you drink so quickly, be careful that your stomach doesn’t bloat later.”

The words weren’t kind, but the voice was low and gentle.

Xue Xiao felt that what he drank wasn’t lychee soda but alcohol.

This was why he was so intoxicated.


The movie was 120 minutes long. It was already past 11:20 when they finished watching it.

Shen Tingyan asked him, “How do you feel about the picture and sound effects?”

Xue Xiao exclaimed, “It is very close to the effect in the theater! But is it true that sound here can’t be heard outside?”

“Of course. Otherwise, my parents will have to come down.” Shen Tingyan mentioned casually. “I bought a villa in Beijing. The equipment there is better than this one. I will take you to see it next time.”

Xue Xiao smiled. His little heart fluttered again.

Shen Tingyan lowered his eyes and looked at him. “When your movie is released in the future, we can watch it there.”

Xue Xiao lowered his eyes.

The corners of his eyes were stained with crimson. The corners of his lips slightly sank. He responded softly, “…Yes.”

That night, Xue Xiao slept very sweetly.

He had a very sweet dream. Once he woke up the next day, he was even a bit ashamed to remember it.

Then once he looked at the time, he realized… it was almost 11 o’clock.

The alarm went off, but he didn’t hear it!

Xue Xiao quickly changed his clothes and washed up. Once he went downstairs, the film crew in the living room had already arrived. More than a dozen people looked up at him at the same time. Xue Xiao felt numb…

The assistant director also said happily, “You finally woke up.”

Shen Tingyan was talking to a young man. Once he saw Xue Xiao coming down with messy black hair, he couldn’t help laughing. “You aren’t going to work today. What is the rush?”

Xue Xiao scratched his hair in embarrassment and said, “I’m sorry. I went to bed too late.”

He rarely overslept. He didn’t know how he could sleep for so long, so he was a bit annoyed.

Shen Tingyan said indifferently, “I would wake you up if the time was tight. If I don’t wake you up, then just sleep.”

The assistant director’s eyes flicked back and forth between the two of them. They thought in their hearts, ‘This is true love. Who else has Shen Tingyan been so gentle to?’

Xue Xiao felt the meaningful gazes of the film crew and was embarrassed to answer. He cast a puzzled glance at the young man beside Shen Tingyan.

The young man looked somewhat similar to Shen Tingyan, but the contours of his eyebrows and eyes were much softer. His eyes lit up when he saw Xue Xiao, but he politely kept silent.

It was only at this moment that he took the initiative to introduce himself. “Hello, Xiao Xiao. I am Shen Ling, Tingyan’s cousin.”

Xue Xiao suddenly realized.

It turned out that this was Shen Tingyan’s cousin who was a screenwriter.

Shen Ling’s pronunciation and tone were a bit strange.

He swallowed his words a bit, but Xue Xiao heard it clearly because he spoke very slowly.

Then he noticed that Shen Ling was wearing hearing aids in both ears, and was slightly startled.

Shen Ling pointed to his ears and said, “I have a hearing impairment. Even if I wear hearing aids, sometimes I might not be able to hear what you are saying clearly. I need you to speak slower. I hope you don’t mind.”

Xue Xiao shook his head again and again. “No!”

Shen Tingyan got up and said, “Let’s eat first. We will talk about it after eating.”

The aunt invited by the Shen family only appeared today. The breakfast she made was noodle soup with delicious chicken soup as the base. The noodles were soft and smooth, the vegetables were glutinous and slightly sweet, and the poached eggs were sweet!

Xue Xiao laughed loudly and ate all of the noodles and soup. The aunt was very happy.

After that, Xue Xiao sat next to Shen Tingyan.

Recording also officially began.

Shen Tingyan said to him, “The scripts of the two dramas, The House of a Thousand Faces and Vertigo were also written by Shen Ling. When I became a mentor, he was more excited than me. He wrote 17 or 18 short play scripts.”

Xue Xiao was surprised.

Shen Ling smiled at him. “Most of the scripts were written casually when inspiration came. They were very rough and couldn’t be used at all. There were only four or five that could really be used.”

“To be honest, if you weren’t paired with Brother Tingyan in the finals, I was planning to hand over only four scripts for Brother Tingyan to choose. But now that you are here, there is only one script—”

He took out two printed scripts and handed them to Xue Xiao and Shen Tingyan. “Xiao Xiao, I wrote this script specifically for you.”


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  3. Aiko Hitsuma says:

    The familial love in this book is so sweet and unconditional even I’m envious about it. Also Shen Ling being able to write 17 short play scripts and 2 of them being absolutely phenomenal is insane! How is he not as popular as Tingyuan??

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