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Studio Superstar: Chapter 3 Part 2

Jiang Lianlian immediately closed her mouth.

The audience fell silent.

Fan Xue was 1.8 meters tall and wore a loose and casual white shirt and ripped jeans, he had a stud earring in his left ear and wore refreshing makeup. He looked particularly handsome.

Popular energy was a very metaphysical thing.

There were many people who believed that popularity would nourish people. So once an ordinary person became popular, his temperament and aura would be very different from the past. The gap with ordinary people would increase even further.

A celebrity stood with a bunch of Internet celebrities and many people could easily tell the difference.

Fan Xue already had a bit of this taste.

Obviously, many people wore makeup today. A rough guy like Chang Yun changed into a handsome outfit, let alone the young artists who had signed contracts. They had many accessories such as necklaces and rings.

However, Fan Xue looked different from everyone else in the audience.

This was the gap in aura.

The atmosphere that instantly quieted down didn’t affect Fan Xue in the slightest. He bowed calmly and said with a humble smile, “Hello everyone, I am Fan Xue.”

Then he walked past Xue Xiao without squinting. He walked to the front and sat down.

Chang Yun lowered his voice and said, “It is worthy of being a popular star. He feels different. The perfume on his body smells quite good. I don’t know what brand it is…”

Halfway through his words, he felt that the atmosphere was a bit wrong and glanced at Xue Xiao and Jiang Lianlian. “Why aren’t you talking?”

Jiang Lianlian glanced at Xue Xiao.

It was a coincidence that she had a friend who was an extreme black fan of Fan Xue. This friend had been lurking in Fan Xue’s super talk for a long time to get first-hand information. Through this friend’s mouth, Jiang Lianlian immediately knew about it when Fan Xue and Xue Xiao had a conflict on set.

This incident itself wasn’t a big deal. Only fans of Fan Xue jumped up and down in the super talk, saying that a little background actor dared to rob the male protagonist’s scene. They said that the little background actor called Xue Xiao had most likely climbed into the director’s bed and wanted to replace Fan Xue as the male protagonist.

It was outrageous.

Some fans these days didn’t just like to spread bad rumors about female stars. They also liked to do it with male stars, as if they couldn’t live without such rumors.

As an industry insider, Jiang Lianlian didn’t believe this type of rumor with no evidence.

The conflict between the two of them might be true and it was hard to say who bullied whom, but there was a high probability that Xue Xiao, a background actor, was more likely to be the one who ended up unlucky later.

So she was really surprised when she saw Xue Xiao in this studio.

But it was also at this time that her mind returned… the show chose Xue Xiao. Did they really fancy his potential or did they fancy the hype potential of the contradictions between him and Fan Xue?

It was hard to say.

Xue Xiao wasn’t famous. Even if he climbed to the tail of the hot search, he was forgotten by the public in two or three days. However, once he entered the same show, it didn’t matter who he was. As long as there was contradiction then there was traffic.

However, if the show really wanted to create hype then the one who would receive the script of the sacrifice was Xue Xiao.

Thinking of this, Jiang Lianlian glanced at Xue Xiao with worry.

Xue Xiao’s mentality was much better than Jiang Lianlian imagined.

Zhang Chengyu had always been worried about Fan Xue when he first received the email from the show team.

“Does Fan Xue know that the show chose you as a participant?”

At this time, an extras sister said, “I think he must know now. He is trying to ban Xiao Xiao. How can he let Xiao Xiao appear on such a big show?”

Another older brother said, “He doesn’t know now but he must know later. If he knows, will he kick Xiao Xiao off the list?”

“It is very possible…”

However, until the show was about to start recording, Xue Xiao never received any notice of changes from the show.

“Then there is only one possibility.” Zhang Chengyu analyzed it. “The person behind Fan Xue might be able to persuade the leaders of the guild to block Xiao Xiao but the other person’s connections aren’t enough to interfere with this show.”

“In any case, it is already a fact that he can’t stop you from being on this show.” Zhang Chengyu patted Xue Xiao’s shoulder. “Of course, the matter between the two of you might be dug up when the show is aired. It is difficult to say how the direction of public opinion will change, but everything in this world involves both risks and opportunities.”

Xue Xiao’s tone was very calm. “Don’t worry, Master. I know.”

Sitting in the back row, Xue Xiao just glanced at the back of Fan Xue’s head before turning his gaze to the stage in front.

Once all the participants arrived, the host finally appeared.

The audience shook and everyone became excited.

Jiang Quan was the ace host of Guantian. He was 44 years old this year. He was tall and straight and had a strong aura. He took the microphone on the stage, waved to everyone and said with a smile, “Hello everyone, welcome to the stage of Guantian’s self-made variety show, Studio Superstar.”

Jiang Quan’s hosting style was quite natural and friendly without the rigid recitation of the show’s promotional text. This alleviated the tension of many people.

“I can see that 50 participants have gathered and everyone has their suitcases. You are all ready for the next closed training, right?”

“Yes!” Everyone responded loudly.

Jiang Quan smiled. “Here are some more familiar faces—”

In the front row, the cameraman carried a machine to sweep over the faces of some contracted artists.

These people had signed with companies and had resources, so they all played some supporting roles.

“There are also some participants carrying folding chairs on their backs. Where are you from?”

“Someone shouted, “We are all extras!”

Perhaps it was due to the excitement but the last sound was particularly exaggerated and this amused the audience.

“There are also some participants who seem a bit nervous and tense.”

Jiang Quan’s eyes shifted to a certain trainee on a seat.

The participant said, “I-I haven’t acted seriously. I only acted in dramas in elementary school but I am very interested in acting!”

“It is a participant with zero foundation.” Jiang Quan nodded. “So here we have amateurs, extras, background actors and some newcomers who have signed with companies to debut but have encountered difficulties.”

“Everyone is different but everyone is united by their love of acting.”

“From now on, no matter your previous identity, your identity at this moment is all ‘zero’.”

The big screen behind Jiang Quan suddenly turned into a blank sheet of paper. The center of the white paper was a huge, black and solemn ‘0.’

Everyone quietly held their breaths while their hearts were stirring in their chests.

Jiang Quan raised an index finger and said forcefully, “Studio Superstar provides a stage for everyone who wants to act starting from zero. As long as you work hard, you might become 1, 10, 100 or even infinity!”

“Do you have confidence in yourself?”


“What is your goal?”


Jiang Quan took two steps back and said with a smile, “Did the four mentors hear the shouts of the participants?”

Everyone was stunned.

Once the big screen changed and four figures that everyone knew appeared, the audience was in an uproar.

Xue Xiao, who was sitting in the back row, extended his neck sharply. His eyes widened and shone.

The hands resting on his knees couldn’t help curling up.

It was obviously another studio.

It was a much bigger, theatrical studio than theirs.

The camera was facing the four mentor seats at the front of the studio.

On the first left was the beautiful Best Actress winner, Guan Ruoying. She had wavy, black hair and a beautiful appearance. She wore a well-designed black dress and had a graceful figure.

Perhaps she also saw the participants on the screen on their side. Then she greeted them with a smile, “Hello everyone, I am Guan Ruoying.”

The participants screamed. Guan Ruoying was a well-known killer of both men and women. All the gays and lesbians present were extremely excited on the spot!

The woman on the far right was around 27 years old. She had handsome, short hair and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose. She was slim and upright in a women’s suit.

“Hello everyone, I am Su Shijin.”

Su Shijin was a famous screenwriter of suspense themes. In an environment where domestic screenwriters couldn’t intervene in the crew, she was able to fight her way out and lead the entire crew.

In the studio, Chang Yun was so excited that he shook Xue Xiao hard. “Su Shijin, if I can be seen by her and become her royal actor then I will be truly invincible!”

Xue Xiao’s facial features flew wildly. “Brother Chang, don’t shake, don’t shake!”

The two people sitting in the middle were even more heavyweight.

One of them was in his 30s and was elegant and stable. He nodded toward the camera. “Hello everyone, I am Feng Wei.”


“Director Feng, ahhhh!”

‘Director Feng, I want to act in your movie!”

Feng Wei was a genius director who won an award for his first movie in his 29s. Now he was just in his 30s and had already secured the position of a famous director in China.

Among the people here, forget the amateurs. How many among the signed artists dreamed of acting in Feng Wei’s movies?

But even Fan Xue, who had the highest position among the participants in the audience, might not be qualified to interview for a role in Feng Wei’s movie!

Fan Xue gulped and tried to maintain his composure, but his quietly clenched fists already revealed his nervousness and excitement.

The last one—


“Teacher Shen ahhhhhhh!”

“My male god. Help, I’m going to faint!”

“Teacher Shen, I love you. Ahhhhh!”

In the midst of the crazy screaming of the audience—or under the close-range attacks of Jiang Lianlian and Chang Yun on his left and right sides—Xue Xiao covered his ears in pain.

He heard the sound of his heart beating faster.

He held his breath and stared in a motionless manner at the man on the screen.

When submitting his resume to the show, Xue Xiao never expected that… this person would be among the mentor group invited by the show!

His handsome and impeccable eyebrows, his pair of long and narrow pair of eyes with a natural light color and a bit of coldness, the straight nose bridge, the thin lips and the elegant and sexy jawline—everything seemed to be carefully outlined and was perfect to the point of being indescribable.

He had broad shoulders, a narrow waist, a tall figure and a pair of long legs wrapped in suit pants that had nowhere to rest behind the mentor’s desk. Every part of his body was a full score.

There was once a marketing account who engaged in a selection of stunning male stars in internal entertainment. The results were undoubtedly that Shen Tingyan was in first place and the gap with second place was like the difference between heaven and earth.

To have such a male artist in this century was a blessing for internal entertainment, a passerby once said.

It was exaggerated but it was recognized by countless people.

Xue Xiao liked Shen Tingyan and longed for Shen Tingyan not because of his appearance but because of his ability and acting skills.

This man was a three-time Best Actor and his acting ability was unique in domestic entertainment.

On the screen, a slender and bony hand closed the roster of participants.

Shen Tingyan leaned lazily against the chair and raised his eyes slightly. His lips opened and his voice was cold and low. “Hello everyone, I am Shen Tingyan.”

Xue Xiao’s palms were sweating.

Shen Tingyan was his goal on the road of acting.


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