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Studio Superstar: Chapter 10 Part 2

Zhao Dong said with a smile, “We are now playing an important role in a classic scene. How can we act it out without details? Even if I play a passerby, I have to think carefully about how I want to act.”

Jin Xiaochen’s eyes widened.

Xue Xiao nodded with deep sympathy. “To play a corpse, you have to consider whether you have died a painful death or a peaceful one.”

Zhao Dong continued, “When playing a passerby, smile when walking the first time, be leisurely when walking the second time and quarrel when walking the third time.”

Xue Xiao added, “If playing an audience member, we have to consider whether they would be moved to tears or not!”

Zhao Dong turned his head, smiled at Jin Xiaochen and asked, “What is this called, do you know?”

Jin Xiaochen shook his head stupidly.

“It is called a lack of presence.” Zhao Dong laughed loudly after saying this.

Xue Xiao also laughed.

But it wasn’t just a lack of presence.

Any actor who craved a role would do this.

However, film and television dramas didn’t allow these background actors to steal the show too much.

So they could only suppress their inner longings and quietly enjoy a small amount of fun within the scope of what was allowed.

Jin Xiaochen was stunned.

He suddenly scratched his head and looked down. “Suddenly, I feel like I am quite lucky…”

He hadn’t walked the path of such group performances and came to a big stage like Studio Superstar.

Then after speaking, he stopped. He felt as if he had said the wrong thing.

Xue Xiao and Zhao Dong didn’t mind.

Xue Xiao screwed on the bottle cap and Zhao Dong rubbed Jin Xiaochen’s head.

“Good luck. It is a good thing.”


“Then have you ever considered that if you change the acting method taught to you by the teacher without authorization, this might lead to a poor performance on stage and affect the subsequent progress of the competition?”

“The stage of Studio Superstar should be a very precious opportunity for you.”

In front of the camera, the young man in the spotlight smiled softly and said, “Acting isn’t a science that can be easily answered. This is what a director once told me.”

“Don’t blindly follow other people’s ideas but use your own brains. Even if the director is fierce, if you feel that something is slightly wrong then you have to boldly bring it up. Actors must not be puppets.”

“Is this from the director you met on a set where you used to run as a background actor?”

“Yes.” The young man paused and lowered his eyes. “That director did teach me a lot.”

The next day, the assistant performers of each group arrived at the camp and participated in the rehearsals in full swing.

Before eating at noon, Zhao Dong and Jin Xiaochen were called to record and prepare. The assistant performers were also left behind. Xue Xiao was stopped as soon as he walked out of the teaching building alone.

“Assistant director?” Xue Xiao barely remembered the person in front of him. He quickly changed his tone and called out, “Director Gao.”

The assistant director of the show was called Old Gao. He was 30 years old this year and was a bit fat and amiable. Several of the students had a good relationship with him and liked to joke with him.

Old Gao came here in a hurry and was still panting. “Aren’t Zhao Dong and Jin Xiaochen here?”

“They went to record the interview.”

“Oh… Xue Xiao, I was looking for you. Your Weibo hasn’t been verified yet, right?”

After the show determined the list of students, they asked everyone for their accounts on major social platforms.

Xue Xiao was an actor but his Weibo account was ordinary, just like those commonly used by amateurs. No one knew that this was the actor Xue Xiao’s Weibo.

Of course, Old Gao understood that some people were low-key and didn’t like to do business. However, since they were on the show, they had to cooperate with the show to forward some promotional Weibo posts.

He discussed it. “If you really don’t want to affect your current account, why don’t you open a new one?”

Xue Xiao quickly said, “It’s fine. I’ll change the Weibo ID.”

This wasn’t a big deal for Xue Xiao. He hadn’t changed his Weibo account to ‘Actor Xue Xiao’ in the past because he felt it was unnecessary.

Xue Xiao saved Old Gao a lot of trouble by being so obedient. He wiped off the sweat from the heat and said, “Yes, okay. Then you can change it. After the change, you can occasionally cooperate with us to operate the Weibo posts.”

Xue Xiao lowered his head and started to operate it.

The sunlight fell on the young man’s black hair and spilled on his eyelashes, coating it with a layer of golden light. It made the young man look even more soft and harmless.

Old Gao remembered a matter he had only found out about this morning. He had just finished dealing with it and his brain hurt.

Of course, he didn’t come here just for Xue Xiao’s Weibo account.

After thinking about it, he said, “What happened yesterday won’t happen again.”

Xue Xiao was taken aback and abruptly raised his head.

Old Gao was silent for a while before saying, “I have changed the two contacts in charge of the three of you. Today, another colleague will come to add you as a friend on WeChat. You, Zhao Dong and Jin Xiaochen should all pass it. Yesterday, I also called the cameraman for the show yesterday and won’t let him participate in this show again. As for the rehearsal teacher…”

Old Gao scratched his head and sighed. “In any case, you won’t meet him after this part.”

Xue Xiao looked surprised.

Old Gao originally thought that Xue Xiao would definitely ask him a lot of questions. For example, who did such things, how did he know, was there any punishment for the culprit besides driving out the staff of the show…

The last question made Old Gao a bit embarrassed.

However, Xue Xiao didn’t ask anything in the end.

He was only surprised for a moment before suppressing his expression.

Then he lowered his eyes and his lips curved up. “Okay, thank you, Director Gao.”

Now it was Old Gao’s turn to be surprised.

He was even a bit embarrassed. “You… have nothing to ask?”

Xue Xiao continued to lower his head to change his Weibo account. He shook his head and said, “Some things were just guesses yesterday. If you tell me so now then I can be sure of the answer. As for how to deal with it, this isn’t for you alone to decide. So I have nothing else to ask. I probably burdened Brother Zhao and Xiao Jin over this matter. I have to apologize to them when I get back.”

Then he raised his phone. “I’ve corrected it. Can you see if this works?”

This look seemed like he wasn’t entangled over it.

At this moment, Old Gao really…

Guilt gushed out like a fountain!

Xue Xiao was originally selected by him to be included in the list of participants. He wanted to do this show well, but when he failed to win the position of chief director of the show, he knew that someone would use the show he put a lot of heart and soul into to be a demon!

It was just that he hadn’t expected this demon to come so quickly!

That Fan Xue’s agent was really…!

Old Gao said with complicated emotions, “It’s okay… Hey, Xue Xiao!”

Xue Xiao smiled. “Director Gao, why are you sighing?”

Old Gao knew that what he said next wasn’t what he should say. At the very least, he shouldn’t reveal so much. It was just that he couldn’t help it in the face of such a Xue Xiao.

“It actually isn’t that you put a burden on Zhao Dong and Jin Xiaochen. I can only say that your group happened to run into it…”

Xue Xiao was surprised again.

It turned out that this wave wasn’t explicitly aimed at him?

Old Gao continued, “In any case, it is fine as long as you understand. I will control it more closely in the follow-up, no matter whether it is the show’s process or editing. I will apologize to you on behalf of the show team.”

“What about you? Go back and talk to Zhao Dong and Jin Xiaochen later. Let them come to the office to find me after the interview. Hey, it is really a coincidence. I originally wanted to tell you all at once. I didn’t expect them to…”

Old Gao was thinking about it. Xue Xiao thought for a moment and nodded. “I understand, Director Gao.”

Seeing that Xue Xiao was so obedient, Old Gao couldn’t help advising him, “Also, Xue Xiao, once this account ID is changed, there will definitely be a lot of people paying attention to you. Don’t always look at Weibo and it is best to turn off any comment notifications and forwarding notifications.”

Fan Xue’s wave wasn’t specifically aimed at Xue Xiao but he had heard about the contradiction between the two of them today.

Once Xue Xiao verified his Weibo, Fan Xue’s fans would find the right target.

The fans of traffic stars couldn’t be underestimated. If it wasn’t for the work tasks of the show, Old Gao wouldn’t want Xue Xiao to face these things.

Of course, Xue Xiao knew what Old Gao meant.

He blinked and said, “Don’t worry, I have an idea in my heart. The comments area should still be read. After all, for the people who pay attention to me, it isn’t just those wanting to scold me. There will also be people who like me. I can’t ignore those who like me because of those who hate me.”

The eyes of Old Gao became even more complicated.

Hey, this good boy.

“Okay, as long as you have an idea in your heart…” He paused before asking, “Your idol is Shen Tingyan, right?”

Hearing the words ‘Shen Tingyan,’ Xue Xiao’s ears visibly turned red.

He raised his eyes.

Perhaps it was because he thought of that person but his eyes rippled with light, shattering the reflection of the green leaves cast in his eyes. These waves in his eyes looked extremely beautiful.

He nodded honestly.

Old Gao encouraged him. “Then work hard. His vision is very high.”

Xue Xiao showed a big smile and nodded. “I will, Director Gao!”

Once Xue Xiao left, Old Gao’s heart, which had been clouded by Fan Xue’s incident, became proud again.

He thought about it and took a photo of Xue Xiao’s back.

Then he walked around all of Building 3.

The sound of practicing lines coming from empty classrooms, the figures that flashed in front of the window or walked in the shade of the outdoor trees, the sweat forced out by the heat, then forced out again…

Old Gao acted like a madman and took a lot of photos. Then he sent them to his friend of many years one by one under the sun.

Shen Tingyan: ?

Old Gao: Old Shen, I was thinking today, in this circle, any wish that wants to be transformed into a result needs to find ways to get attention. It needs to be commercialized and it needs to be profitable. This means some sludge will inevitably be mixed in.

Old Gao: But the light of the stars must not be hidden!

Old Gao: I bet you will find the person you want among these participants.

Old Gan: If you can’t find it, I will chop off my head and kick it to you as a ball!

Shen Tingyan: “.”

Shen Tingyan: I can’t kick such a heavy ball.

Old Gao: Rage.gif, murderous.gif, you are dead.gif.

Old Gao: Tomorrow is the first round of the competition. Let’s wait and see!


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