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Studio Superstar: Chapter 72

The sixth episode of Studio Superstar was launched as scheduled!

In just one hour, the terms ‘Xue Xiao and Shen Tingyan’, ‘I want Xue Xiao’, and ‘Shen Tingyan’s directing ability’ quickly appeared in the front row of the hot search.

Netizens were all crazy, and CP fans were fascinated.

It was good, too good!!!

Who had ever seen Shen Tingyan so proactive and passionate?

Who would dare to think that Shen Tingyan would say something like ‘I want XX’ one day?


Shen Tingyan’s fans hadn’t and even Shen Tingyan’s parents hadn’t!!

Shen Tingyan, don’t love Xue Xiao too much!

The power brought by this wave of heat was huge. For three days after that, the names of the two people didn’t fall off the hot search.

Shen Tingyan’s fans might be wary of CP fans, but even they had to admit… Shen Tingyan visibly liked Xue Xiao.

Of course, this type of liking definitely wasn’t that type of liking QAQ. Definitely not…

Anyway, they could almost imagine that Shen Tingyan definitely wouldn’t be angry when he saw the celebration of these CP fans in the super talk. Maybe he would think it was quite interesting…

Once these fans rushed to Xue Xiao, Shen Tingyan’s reaction… they didn’t dare to think about it, they didn’t dare to think about it at all.

Thus, they didn’t dare to move, not even a little bit. They could only watch the entire Internet cheering as if they were celebrating the marriage of Xue Xiao and Shen Tingyan. They had to silently bite their handkerchiefs and shed tears.

The day after that, the variety show ‘Carnival Party’ recorded by Xue Xiao and Dou Mingjian was broadcasted on TV.

The old variety shows had a wide audience. In addition to the fans of the celebrities invited to appear on the show, there were naturally older brothers, older sisters, and grandparents who didn’t usually go online and only watched TV.

Xue Xiao’s performance in this episode also harvested this group of older audience members.

“Today, I watched Carnival Party with my mother. My mother said Xiao Xiao was so cute. Hahaha, I am so happy. [flower].”

“My father said that Xue Xiao’s cursive handwriting is very awesome [shocked]. I usually see him complaining about other people’s calligraphy. This is the first time I have seen him praising others… He even said it was a pity for Xue Xiao to become a star. I told him, ‘Dad, you haven’t seen him act. You wouldn’t say that if you see him [laughing and crying].”

“Xue Xiao is so versatile. Is there anything he can’t do?”

“Xue Xiao is indeed worthy of being a former Chinese language teacher. If I had such a teacher back then, my Chinese language score would’ve improved by 20 points…”

“My grandmother thought that Xiao Xiao could be hired as a tutor. She said she wanted him to give my useless nephew good guidance. She also asked me how to hire him [covers face].”

“Xue Xiao is really full of ink. It would be great if there were more artists like him.”


In order to catch up with the finals, two consecutive episodes of Studio Superstar were aired one week later on July 29th and July 30th. This set off unprecedented popularity.

Perhaps it was because the mentors and participants all tried their best in this round of the competition. This time, every group had a heated discussion on the Internet.

In Guan Ruoying’s group, Jin Xiaochen and Jiang Lianlian attracted all the attention.

Some netizens said, “In the last round of the competition, I was actually a bit confused when Guan Ruoying wanted Jiang Lianlian. It is because Gu Ling and Zhao Dong in Su Shijin’s group were more worthy of grabbing. Then after watching Jiang Lianlian’s performance in this episode, I changed my thoughts. Guan Ruoying has a really accurate eye for people. Jiang Lianlian is definitely capable.”

As for Su Shijin—her screenwriting made netizens feel that Su Shijin was still the same Su Shijin. She was awesome.

“When I watched the third round, I thought Gu Ling was going to be scrapped… I didn’t expect him to come back to life in this round. It seems that he is really tricky. I like him a lot, but I’m really worried about what lies ahead of him [sigh].”

“As long as the show gives Su Shijin a chance to write a script, she can make all her actors shine. In this round of the competition, both Gu Ling and Zhao Dong performed so well. These two roles are suitable for them…”

The Feng Wei group became the target of eating melons among netizens.

“Cheng Yang is ambitious but not capable. Last time he collaborated with Xue Xiao, in the behind-the-scenes video, it seemed he was a bit dissatisfied with Xue Xiao being the protagonist [eating melons].”

“Feng Wei seems to be quite optimistic about Cheng Yang, but it is a pity that Cheng Yang himself doesn’t live up to expectations…”

“Why do people say that Cheng Yang has strength but no luck? I think his strength is just like this [emmm].”

“Feng Wei’s dark face started from the middle of the performance xswl.”

As for Shen Tingyan’s group, his two groups were too outrageous!

“The two sets of The House of a Thousand Faces and Vertigo are amazing. The presentation of these two groups on the scene is almost no different from a finished film. The actors and cameramen cooperate too well. Of course, Shen Tingyan is really good as a mentor…

“These two groups are so good QAQ. I want to watch the full version. Is Teacher Shen really not considering making these two performances into full-length movies???”

“It is amazing. You can see how good Dou Mingjian and Xue Xiao are from the first round, but You Qianqian, Xu Shen, and Chang Yun’s performances in the first two rounds were very ordinary. When Shen Tingyan selected them, I thought he was very confused. The facts proved that Shen Tingyan is indeed Shen Tingyan…”

“D*mn, isn’t Chang Yun’s progress too much? He seems to be a different person!”

“From the perspective of the script, Su Shijin’s two teams are comparable to Shen Tingyan’s two teams. However, Su Shijin is unfortunately not as good at directing as Shen Tingyan. The most embarrassing thing is that she also hired a professional director, but the two of them combined still can’t beat Shen Tingyan alone…”

“In the Vertigo group, Chang Yun gave me goosebumps in the beginning. Then Xue Xiao’s switching of personalities later on made me crazy… I have to say that Xue Xiao is really suitable to be a crazy beauty, but Shen Tingyan is right. Just because Xue Xiao is suitable doesn’t mean we can decide his path… Shen Tingyan is really thinking about Xue Xiao’s future. He loves Xue Xiao so much…

“Xue Xiao’s evil appearance fascinated me to death [I don’t mean to respect the villain]. Xue Xiao’s evil appearance fascinated me to death [I don’t mean to respect the villain][vomit blood][vomit blood][vomit blood].”


The number of followers on Weibo of almost all the participants was skyrocketing. Those in the lead had recently become more popular than popular celebrities.

Xue Xiao learned from Fang Lei that during this period, the work appointments that flew over were almost like snowflakes. It was to the point where Fang Lei had a small headache.

Fang Lei said, “I took a rough look. There are quite a few good dramas among them. The time isn’t tight and it can wait. I will discuss the subsequent work with you after the competition is completely over.”

Xue Xiao naturally listened to Fang Lei’s arrangement.

The most important thing at the moment was the list of finalists to be announced.

At noon on July 31st, the backstage of Studio Superstar on the Guantian app opened the voting channel for the remaining 16 participants.

The voting time was 48 hours. Netizens could get a vote every six hours, for a total of eight rounds of voting.

The fans of all the participants were very enthusiastic.

At 12 o’clock sharp, the moment the voting channel opened, the Guantian app instantly froze and couldn’t be accessed. It became a hot search!

Fans were all scolding them, and Guantian’s programmers made urgent repairs. Finally, they made the app smooth again after 30 minutes.

The number of votes of all the participants started to skyrocket.

100, 2000, 10000, 50000…

Voting was open and transparent.

Some participants were so anxious that they had to look at the votes every hour. Some didn’t care at all, like Xue Xiao and those in his dormitory.

Regardless of whether they looked at it or not, the number of votes would continue to rise if it was supposed to rise. If it couldn’t rise, then it couldn’t rise. What was so good about looking?

Therefore, even though they knew the entire Internet was discussing them now and even though they knew that the fight in the voting channel was fierce, Xue Xiao and the others still ate, drank, watched movies, and made jokes every day.

Chang Yun sighed, “I haven’t been so leisurely in a long time. It isn’t that I didn’t have time before. It is just that I used to feel anxious when I was free. There was no appointment and no filming. Being free was equal to being in a mess.”

Zhao Dong agreed. “Me too. I feel really comfortable these days.”

There was no need to worry about the future, and there was nothing to worry about. Both of them had signed with Guantian. Their schedules after the show were already fully booked.

They could finally empty their brains and rest comfortably for a few days.

Gu Ling didn’t sign with any company. For him, acting was a matter of whether he was suitable or not. This meant he was very calm.

As for Xue Xiao… he also felt that resting these days had been really comfortable.

Before coming to Studio Superstar, he had been idle for a long time because he was banned. However, the idle time now was completely different from before.

In the past few days, all his energy had been restored.

If they were hungry, they would go to the cafeteria to borrow kitchen utensils to cook hot pot. If they were addicted to acting, they found scripts by themselves and acted against each other.

If unable to sleep, they all chattered together until dawn.

It wasn’t like this without any worries until the day when the voting ended.

Old Gao didn’t call them together to read out the voting results. After all, the voting results were displayed on the app, with those in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place clearly shown.

The top two hardly came as a surprise to anyone.

The 1st place Xue Xiao received 87,102,340 votes in two days.

The 2nd place Dou Mingjian received 62,319,023 votes.

The 3rd place Gu Ling received 44,217,891 votes.

The 4th place Cheng Yang received 11,236,786 votes.

The number of votes was intriguing.

The gap between each person was huge. The difference in votes between Xue Xiao and Cheng Yang was more than 75 million. It was staggering.

The most subtle thing was that the difference between Cheng Yang and the participant ranked after him was only a bit over 10,000 votes.

The participant behind him performed mediocre in the first three rounds and had a very low sense of presence. Then in the fourth round, he was paired with Gu Ling and burst into the audience’s field of view like a dark horse, receiving rave reviews.

On the other hand, what about Cheng Yang?

He made a mistake with his performance in the fourth round, and his popularity with the audience had never been very good.

Now this result made some viewers wonder. How did Cheng Yang surpass the player behind him to reach the finals?

Did the audience buy votes, or did Cheng Yang really have many ‘silent viewers?’

Unfortunately, Old Gao and the others could only screen out some obvious methods through existing technical means. They were still researching various means.

If someone really wanted to manipulate the votes, they could still do it.

Of course, because Old Gao and the others were very strict, the scope of what these people could manipulate was very limited.

For the player who was blocked from the finals, it would be really unfair if someone really tampered with the situation… However, the reality was that it was difficult to have absolute fairness in this society.

But from the perspective of life, luck, hard work, and feedback—fairness seemed to exist.

Old Gao did his best to give these unknown actors the opportunity to show themselves. Those who seized the opportunity would naturally get the rewards they deserved for their efforts.

This participant who narrowly missed out was invited to audition for a great director!

It might be a small supporting role, but this was a unique opportunity for many seniors in the entertainment industry!

It was said that the director had been struggling with the casting of this supporting role for a long time. Not long ago, he watched the fourth round of Studio Superstar, and his eyes lit up. He felt that this role should belong to this participant!

Cheng Yang’s expression was very subtle when he learned the news.

In fact, this participant’s success was enviable, but the other participants who received good quality drama offers mostly congratulated him and wished him well.

Cheng Yang was probably showing this performance because… he hadn’t received any high-quality film offers at all.

Then he obviously had only one last chance to make a comeback—the finals.


At noon on August 3rd, the 24 hour vote for the mentor-participant combination officially began.

Each of the four mentors occupied a channel, and each person’s channel had four options: Xue Xiao, Dou Mingjian, Gu Ling, and Cheng Yang.

This vote was later jokingly called ‘the most powerful melee in history’ by netizens all over the Internet.

Fans of the participants, mentors, and CP fans all joined the battle. The fight was so intense that it was extremely exciting.

“Wouldn’t it be better if Gu Ling is handed over to Su Shijin? Only Su Shijin can give Gu Ling the most suitable script! The two of them are the best match!”

“Don’t give Dou Mingjian to Feng Wei! Don’t give Dou Mingjian to Feng Wei!”

“Some people dislike Feng Wei so much… but his directing ability is really good. Chang Yang is pulled to this point because of him…”

“Even if Gu Ling is given to Su Shijin, will Gu Ling rely solely on Su Shijin to make a living in the entertainment industry from now on? Won’t he still have to film with other directors?”

“It doesn’t seem right to vote for Cheng Yang for any mentor…”

“Xiao Xiao belongs to Teacher Shen! No one can steal him!”

“Shen Tingyan is the one who likes Xue Xiao the most. There is absolutely nothing wrong with leaving Xue Xiao to Shen Tingyan!”

“I want to say, hasn’t Xue Xiao already signed a contract with Shen Tingyan’s studio? Aren’t these two people in a relationship between boss and employee? Is it appropriate to put the two of them together like this?”

“What type of brain circuits do some people have? Are black fans deliberately making trouble? In the fourth round, Shen Tingyan was visibly fair to everyone. Now the fifth round is one-on-one. Each mentor only needs to be responsible for one participant. There is no need for fairness at all. So isn’t it the most suitable choice to hand Xue Xiao over to his boss?”

“That’s right. No matter whether it is out of personal preference or studio interests, Shen Tingyan will do his best to help Xue Xiao win the championship. Thus, Xue Xiao and Shen Tingyan are definitely the most suitable match.”

“I’ve already voted. Charge for Boss Shen and Xiao Xiao!”

“But Xue Xiao and Su Shijin have never worked together. I kind of want to see Su Shijin’s tailor-made script for Xue Xiao. I am troubled.”

“I am also looking forward to the cooperation between Xue Xiao and Su Shijin. Su Shijin’s screenwriting ability is really strong.”

“I voted for Su Shijin and Xue Xiao.”

“Didn’t Teacher Su say it in the fourth round? I hope to give her and Xue Xiao a chance.”


For this last round of voting, Xue Xiao was a bit nervous.

He secretly kept looking at the votes.

In the beginning, he had the highest number of votes with Shen Tingyan. Then later, Su Shijin caught up.

After that, the votes between the two sides were in a stalemate. His heart went up and down.

When it came to which mentor he hoped to work with in the finals… Xue Xiao himself couldn’t tell.

He hadn’t collaborated with Su Shijin, and he still hoped to learn something from different mentors, but…

Xue Xiao thought about it, sighed, put down his phone, and went to bed early.

The next morning, the fierce voting came to an end.

At 10 o’clock, the show’s staff locked the votes on the front end. No one except the staff could see the change in the votes.

—They always had to create some suspense.

At 12 o’clock, the voting ended completely.

All the mentors and participants were invited to the studio to get the final voting results.


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