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Studio Superstar: Chapter 20

Outside the window.

Chang Yun, “F*k, did he see it?”

Jiang Lianlian, “I flashed fast. I don’t think he saw it.”

Jin Xiaochen, “I flashed slowly. I seem to have met his eyes.”

Chang Yun and Jiang Lianlian: “……”

Chang Yun exclaimed, “Will Teacher Shen call us in?!”

Zhao Dong said, “…I don’t think Teacher Shen is interested in teaching five more people.”

Xue Xiao agreed. “Hey… yes!”

The other four: ‘…What is your ‘hey’?’

Inside the classroom.

Shen Tingyan glanced at the cameraman, who was holding the camera steadily, and found nothing. Then he glanced out the window where there was nothing and was silent for a moment, feeling a bit funny.

They had to run over when they were idle and had nothing to do, but their guys were so small and hid when he found it.

Would he eat people?

After a while, the five people outside the window heard the usual reprimands in the classroom.

It was just that the reprimands weren’t as irritable as before. They were lazier, which made people’s hearts slightly relaxed.

The five people looked at each other and didn’t dare to poke their heads out again. So they hid under the windowsill and eavesdropped.

In summer, the sound of cicadas burst out.

The heat that didn’t go away was tormenting, and time seemed to pass very slowly.

At least for Shen Tingyan, he seemed to have exhausted his life’s patience in just three and a half hours.

At 4:30 p.m., the outdoor light was still warm. The students and cameramen left the classroom one after another.

Old Gao walked in with documents in his hand. He turned off several fixed cameras in the classroom and turned around. He saw Shen Tingyan leaning back against the podium, lowering his head and lighting a cigarette.

He was 1.89 meters tall, with broad shoulders and a thin waist. When he lowered his head to light a cigarette, his eyelashes drooped slightly, and a large shadow fell over those narrow eyes.

It was obviously a random action, but it looked like a pictorial. If the fans were present at this time, they would scream until they fainted.

It was a pith that Old Gao had long been desensitized. He had appreciated it in the beginning, but now that he saw this picture, the first thought that came to mind was—

This guy was absolutely annoyed.

Old Gao smiled. “Are you so unhappy? Don’t be like this. There are a few people in Class C who are actually quite good. They just didn’t perform well in the first round!”

Shen Tingyan exhaled smoke and squinted at him. “What is the percentage of your ‘few people’ out of all 15 people?”

Old Gao replied, “Uh, 33.33333%…”

Shen Tingyan pierced him with emotionless eyes.

Old Gao’s desire for survival came out. “It isn’t like I didn’t tell you that you would be teaching many newcomers when you took this job!”

Shen Tingyan said, “When you told me, you didn’t mention that there would be a group of artists who came from a professional school but whose basic abilities aren’t even as good as amateurs.”

Old Gao: “……”

Old Gao continued his efforts. “But you obviously had a lot of fun watching the play two days ago!”

Shen Tingyan killed him with one blow. “If they had cried in front of me just now, I might’ve been very happy.”

Old Gao: “……”

This devil, who would capture this S-grade devil!

Shen Tingyan saw Old Gao’s look of inwardly going crazy and sneered. “Watching a play and teaching are two different things.”

“After four years of college study, it is only to this extent. Don’t you think this type of person is really brainless? Why should I waste my time teaching them?”

Old Gao wiped his face, walked over, and persuaded seriously, “Our show is said to be a training and competition, but in the final analysis, it is an audition show. In an audition show, it is like finding a needle in a haystack. It takes some effort, but if you can really catch a few needles, cough, no, a few pearls, it is worth it!”

Old Gao turned to look at his friend, bumped him with an elbow, and laughed. “Aren’t you worrying about finding someone to make a movie?”

Shen Tingyan said casually, “There are really good seedlings who can’t play any role. Don’t play stupid with me.”

Old Gao acted foolishly. “I’m not pretending to be stupid. In any case, you have nothing to do recently, so you came here to change your mood. It can’t all be annoying, right?”

Shen Tingyan seemed to have thought of something and didn’t refute this sentence.

He changed the topic directly. “You came to find me for something?”

“Hey, the main thing is to come over and see how you are doing as a teacher. By the way, I will inform you of the recording content in the next few days.”

During the preparation period for the first round of the competition, the four mentors had nothing to do. Then after that, the recording of Shen Tingyan and the other mentors would be intensive.

In addition to them directly guiding some repertoire groups in the follow-up, the mentor tidbits also needed to be recorded, and there were a lot of trivial things.

After Old Gao finished speaking, he noticed Shen Tingyan’s face and remembered the air conditioner in Building 3, which was indeed a bit weak. He smiled weakly and reminded Shen Tingyan to go back early before hurrying away.

Shen Tingyan’s physique meant he only sweated after being extremely hot or exercising.

At a time like this, there was no sweat on him, and only people familiar with him could see that he was hot.

He had to drive back to the apartment quickly, but he had to finish a cigarette or he would be upset the whole trip home.

In the quiet classroom, the evening light slanted in, and the smoke swirled in the orange light.

Shen Tingyan was quiet for a while before getting up and walking to the window.

He just wanted to open it a slit to let in some air, but he didn’t expect to see the dull hair under the windowsill. Shen Tingyan suddenly raised an eyebrow.

He hadn’t left yet?

Chang Yun’s group of four had already slipped away one after another. In the 34 degree hot weather, they really couldn’t stand the heat.

Xue Xiao wasn’t afraid of the heat and had been left alone until now without knowing it.

He didn’t notice when the classroom fell silent and was looking at the notes he took while eavesdropping.

Shen Tingyan’s teaching style was harsh, but as Zhao Dong said, he taught very practical things.

In addition to what posture should be paid attention to for what type of character, in the next three hours, he talked about how to shape characters from different angles, such as habits, small movements, vocal methods, speaking speed, and intonation.

It was true that many film and television works now used dubbing, but Xue Xiao believed that actors must not rely on these techniques.

Shen Tingyan had acted in so many movies, and each role gave people a completely different feeling. Each role would shock the audience. This was the sensory impact brought about by the powerful and multi-dimensional acting strength.

It was very remarkable.

Xue Xiao wanted to become such an actor.

He swiped his fingers across the script that Feng Wei had handed out in the morning and tried to pronounce one of the lines. “So that’s how you see me?”

Xue Xiao turned his head and glared angrily at a small wildflower growing wildly by the wall. “So that’s how you see me?”

There was a ‘bang’, and the sound of the window being opened was suddenly heard above him.

In the next second, a familiar voice fell, and he gave a two-word evaluation without mercy.

“Too exaggerated.”

Xue Xiao was startled and raised his head in shock.

The man leaned casually against the windowsill, holding a cigarette between his index and middle fingers. Smoke overflowed from his lips.

With his palm against his cheek, he tilted his head slightly and looked at Xue Xiao with lowered eyes.

Xue Xiao’s ears warmed up. “T-Teacher Shen!”

He wanted to get up, but Shen Tingyan said, “Do it again.”

Xue Xiao: “……”

Shen Tingyan’s slender fingers pointed at the small wildflower beside him. His lips curved up as he smiled playfully. “Facing it.”

Xue Xiao: “………”

He slowly looked at the script in his hand again before slowly raising his head, eyes looking at Shen Tingyan.

Shen Tingyan took a puff of the cigarette and waited leisurely, looking ready to watch a play.

Xue Xiao’s ears became even hotter, so hot that it seemed to drip blood.

He gulped and looked awkwardly at the innocent little wildflower.

After brewing emotions, he spoke in a low voice, “…So that’s how you see me?”

The little wildflower was blown twice by the hot wind, as if mockingly saying, ‘Yes yes yes!’

The script in Xue Xiao’s hand was taken away.

He didn’t know why, but Shen Tingyan wasn’t too surprised when he saw the script full of notes.

What surprised him was the correct and beautiful font. The person who wrote it definitely practiced calligraphy in the past. Now in the entertainment industry, except for the older generation of entertainers, few people took the time to cultivate themselves like this.

Shen Tingyan glanced at Xue Xiao again. The latter looked at him nervously, eyes shaking with a watery light. It was as if Xue Xiao was always nervous in front of him.


When he was on stage or in front of him, this guy was focused to the point of calmness.

In that short moment, Shen Tingyan saw some type of sharp edge revealed through the cracks.

He blew out the smoke lightly, scanned the simple script, and asked, “You are playing this type of grumpy man? Do you usually talk like this when you are angry?”

Xue Xiao thought for a while, pursed his lips, and shook his head.

“If you argue, do you speak as unhurriedly as you did just now, with clear articulation like performing a drama?”

Xue Xiao blushed and shook his head.

“Can this type of person be so emotionally stable at such a time? The attitude is still a bit coquettish?”


Xue Xiao blushed and shook his head.

Shen Tingyan put down the script and looked at Xue Xiao again. “You—”

Xue Xiao lowered his head in shame.

In addition to the tips of the ears that came out of the black hair, even the slender and flexible back of his neck was completely red-pink, the color of peach blossoms.

This guy crouched down silently in place like this, without saying a word. Looking at it from Shen Tingyan’s perspective, he could still see the slightly bulging baby fat on his cheeks that made him feel aggrieved for no reason.

But even the aggrieved baby fat was red at this moment.

The hot summer breeze blew and whistled, bringing an unknown, sweet floral scent.

The floral scent might come from afar or it might come from the small wildflower leaning in the corner nearby.

Shen Tingyan paused and suddenly didn’t want to continue.

He chuckled and said, “Xue Xiao.”

“Are you so well-behaved?”


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