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Studio Superstar: Chapter 74

The drive lasted until 7 o’clock in the evening.

The vehicle drove into the villa area and circled around the place where housing prices were terribly high.

The greenery in the community was extremely beautiful. The single-family villas along the road were quiet and elegant. Some had flowers and plants planted in their years, while some grew vegetables in a leisurely manner.

Xue Xiao became more and more nervous as the destination got closer.

He was thinking about Shen Tingyan’s parents, Shen Tingyan’s parents, Shen Tingyan’s parents…

He was so nervous that his body was stiff.

Shen Tingyan paid attention to the other person out of the corner of his eyes. His lips curved in an amused manner, and he opened his mouth to distract the young man. “Luo Xiaoyang also lives here. It is only 500 meters away from my house.”

This trick worked very well, and Xue Xiao’s attention was indeed attracted. He was shocked as he said, “The singer Luo Xiaoyang?

That new generation music king?

The assistant director and cameraman in the back seat also quietly listened carefully.

“What other Luo Xiaoyang could it be?” Shen Tingyan turned the steering wheel lazily. “So surprised? The security here is very good, so many celebrities buy houses here. Luo Ning and his wife are also there, but they don’t usually live here. It is only during winter and summer vacations that they will bring their daughter here occasionally.”

Xue Xiao’s eyes widened.

Shen Tingyan raised an eyebrow. “You like them so much?”

Xue Xiao said honestly, “My mother likes them very much. Her favorite is the TV series that the couple starred in together.”

Shen Tingyan wondered, “Oh, then who do you like?”

Xue Xiao was stunned for a moment.

Shen Tingyan chuckled. “Oh, you like me.”

Xue Xiao: “………”

He blushed and glared at the man in shame.

The assistant director and cameraman in the back: ‘Yo yo yo~’


They finally arrived at the Shen house.

The appearance of this villa was no different from other houses in the community. The eye-catching thing was the courtyard, which was filled with roses of various colors. The beautiful land was like a fairyland.

Shen Tingyan drove the car directly into the garage. The filming crew quickly came down, picked up their machines, and started filming.

The door of the villa was opened. The well-known actors, Shen Jingyang and Yang Liuyi, came out hand in hand and greeted them warmly.

Shen Jingyang was very handsome when he was young. He was the idol of his time. Now he was middle-aged but was still heroic and handsome. He was the ideal ‘uncle’ in the hearts of countless girls.

Yang Liuyi was a well-known beauty. When she first debuted, she played the second female lead of a classic martial arts drama. She was right and beautiful with amorous eyes. She was so beautiful that she overshadowed the female lead. Then she never acted in a role other than the heroine.

The scene of the two of them holding hands was really eye-catching. What was even more eye-catching was when Shen Tingyan and Xue Xiao joined in.

Back then, Shen Tingyan was born under the expectations of countless fans of Yang Liuyi and Shen Jingyang.

It was said that children were ugly when they were born. However, when Shen Tingyan was born, people could tell at a glance that this child would be a disaster when he grew up.

Sure enough, as he grew up, Shen Tingyan grew taller and more handsome than all the fans imagined.

It was rare for second generation celebrities to surpass their parents when it came to their careers. Therefore, most fans initially only regarded Shen Tingyan as a mascot. They didn’t really think that this little prince could become a great actor in the future.

It could even be said that it wasn’t bad if he didn’t become a playboy and cause trouble to his parents.

Unexpectedly, he starred in Yang Liuyi’s movie at the age of nine. His acting skills were exquisite and spiritual, which shocked the whole country.

He officially debuted at the age of 20, and had been striving to be a god-level actor. He won three awards at a young age, truly surpassing his parents.

Shen Tingyan, Shen Jingyang, Yang Liuyi… what a super divine family this was.

The assistant director looked at the three people through the camera and felt very excited.

Shen Tingyan had rarely been in the same frame as his parents since becoming an adult. The current scene was too precious.

The most amazing thing was that Xue Xiao was surrounded by these three people and didn’t violate the harmony at all…

Xue Xiao’s appearance seemed ordinary, gentle, and harmless at first glance, but the assistant director and others had known him for so long. They had long discovered that this guy was getting better and better looking. The more they looked at him, the more he looked like a star.

He wasn’t inferior at all when standing with the three members of the Shen family.

Yang Liuyi and Shen Jingyang treated him gently as if he was their own child…

Even if this was a show for the camera, it was a bit too much. Not to mention that with Yang Liuyi and Shen Jingyang’s status, there was no need for these two people to show off…

Over there, Xue Xiao was also a bit flattered.

These two veteran stars were so easygoing. It was completely different from what he imagined!

Yang Liuyi smiled and said to him quietly, “Previously, when Tingyan came to visit me, he said he would take you home directly if he happened to be paired with you in the finals. Jingyang and I have been looking forward to it for a long time. The room has been prepared a long time ago. Don’t be nervous. Just treat this place as your home.”

Shen Jingyang added, “I have watched your first four rounds of performances. You acted very well, especially in Spring Garden. Li Jiang praised you to me.”

Li Jiang was the original actor of Lu Yu’s role.

Xue Xiao’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Of course. After the show is over, you can come and stay at our house for a few days. Then I will call Li Jiang over and let you meet him. He is currently preparing to film with Director Lu Yang. There was a role they were worried about not finding an actor for. You know Lu Yang, right? He is already following you on Weibo.”

Xue Xiao nodded repeatedly.

Lu Yang was also a very powerful director. Previously when Lu Yang followed him on Weibo, Xue Xiao had been very surprised.

Shen Jingyang raised an arm as he was chatting. Just as he was about to put it around Xue Xiao’s shoulder, an arm took away his position first.

He paused and turned to look at Xue Xiao’s other side.

Shen Tingyan placed an arm around Xue Xiao’s shoulder and said calmly, “Stop standing at the door and go inside.”

Xue Xiao’s ears instantly turned red.

He didn’t dare to say a word, and his shoulders didn’t dare to tremble. He just nodded shyly.

Shen Tingyan looked up from the embarrassed person in arms and glanced at Shen Jingyang with disgust.

Shen Jingyang withdrew his hand and gave his wife a speechless look.

Yang Liuyi couldn’t help smiling, and she patted him on the shoulder.


The living room was very large. There were two large round tables set up with the same meals on them. This was obviously ordered directly from a hotel and was enough for over a dozen people.

The assistant director originally planned to order boxed meals when the time came. He hadn’t expected the Shen family to treat him so thoughtfully. He was excited and embarrassed at the same time. He couldn’t help thanking them repeatedly.

“You have come all this way. Thank you for the hard work. We can’t solve the problem of accommodation. After all, there aren’t enough rooms here. But we can at least take care of the food,” Yang Liuyi said before asking everyone to sit down. “Come, eat first to save the food from becoming cold.”

The meal was lively. The guests and hosts enjoyed themselves.

At first, everyone was a bit reserved. Then Shen Jingyang went to the other table to propose a toast, and the atmosphere instantly became lively.

Once Shen Jingyang sat down again in his seat, Xue Xiao wondered if he should give a toast as well…

Shen Tingyan directly refilled his empty glass with Sprite. “Drink the Sprite and leave him alone.”

Shen Jingyang knew who Shen Tingyan was talking about and glared. “I didn’t want Xiao Xiao to drink with me. Why are you so anxious? I remember that he can’t drink. Do you think I have a goldfish brain?”

Xue Xiao was moved.

…Did Shen Tingyan tell his parents in advance about Xue Xiao’s poor drinking ability?

Xue Xiao held the glass and drank Sprite. His heart was pounding.

“I’m afraid the alcohol will affect your brain,” Shen Tingyan said unhappily. “Also, why are you calling him Xiao Xiao?”

Shen Jingyang immediately laughed. “Why? Don’t all of Xiao Xiao’s friends on the show call him that? It doesn’t matter if I call him that, right?”

Xue Xiao hurriedly shook his head. “Of course, it doesn’t matter!”

Shen Jingyang was proud. “Look.”

Shen Tingyan: “……”

His expression darkened.

Xue Xiao was a bit puzzled. He didn’t understand what Shen Tingyan was unhappy about.

Shen Jingyang mercilessly exposed his son. “Ignore him. He is just too embarrassed to call you that but doesn’t allow others to call you that.”

Shen Tingyan: “………”

He laughed angrily. “Thank you for explaining it for me.”

Shen Jingyang said calmly, “We are father and son. Why be polite?”

Shen Tingyan’s expression became even darker.

Yang Liuyi shook her head with a smile. She helplessly told Xue Xiao, “Tingyan hasn’t dealt well with his father since he was a child. Just get used to it.”

She sat on Xue Xiao’s other side and spoke softly as she told him about Shen Tingyan’s childhood.

“He is a boy. When he was very young, some people compared him to his father. Even if our family members are careful, there are always other people saying this. Jingyang also had a problem. He likes to tease Tingyan. Look, this kid’s personality has grown like this.”

“You usually can’t see it, but when it comes to some subtle points, he can’t help competing with his father.”

“For example, if he hears someone saying that his father is a better actor than him, he won’t have any reaction because he thinks those people have no taste. However, if there is a person he really cares about who praises his father’s movie, he will be flustered. He will ask what is so good about his father’s movie and was his own movie not good?”

Yang Liuyi couldn’t help laughing. “His little niece was tortured by him like this in the past.”

Xue Xiao suddenly remembered the night of the preparation period in the second round…

That night, Shen Tingyan showed his awkward side in front of Xue Xiao for the first time and stubbornly asked if Xue Xiao liked him or his father.

It was originally like this.

It turned out that this was the reason.

Xue Xiao couldn’t help laughing.

For the first time, he knew that Shen Tingyan had such a childish side.

Shen Tingyan heard Yang Liuyi and Xue Xiao whispering, and his lips tightened. “Mom, what are you telling him on the first day I brought him back?”

Yang Liuyi replied, “Oh. You haven’t been home for so long, and you can’t deal with your father as soon as you come back?”

Shen Tingyan: “………”

This was nothing other than being attacked on both sides.

Xue Xiao pursed his lips and smiled as he poked Shen Tingyan’s arm.

Shen Tingyan looked down at him uncomfortably.

Xue Xiao whispered, “It is cute. Don’t be angry.”

Shen Tingyan froze.


Xue Xiao lowered his eyes and said while blushing, “…As for the nickname, you can call me that if you want. People around me do call me that.”

He didn’t know what Shen Jingyang meant by the sentence, ‘He is just too embarrassed to call you that, but doesn’t allow others to call you that.’

Could it be what he thought…


Perhaps it was Shen Tingyan’s attitude that gave him courage.

He wanted to be a bit bold and reach out.

Shen Tingyan looked at him with unreadable eyes and said nothing.

Xue Xiao held his breath and stared, his fingers quietly curled up.

…However, Shen Tingyan didn’t call him that in the end.

After the meal, Xue Xiao spoke to Yang Liuyi and Shen Jingyang.

The show had enough material for today, so the assistant director retreated and made an appointment to come back tomorrow.

They would meet with the screenwriter tomorrow. Of course, Shen Tingyan hadn’t said when they would meet. It probably depended on the screenwriter’s arrangements.

Yang Liuyi glanced at the time. “It is already 9 o’clock. Tingyan, why don’t you go upstairs to rest with Xiao Xiao? You know which room, right?”

“I know.”

This villa had three floors in total.

Yang Liuyi and Shen Jingyang slept on the second floor, while Shen Tingyan’s bedroom and the extra guest room were on the third floor.

The room where Xue Xiao was resting was arranged next to Shen Tingyan’s room.

The room was tidy. The quilt and sheets were a neat gray-green. The suitcase that Xue Xiao brought was placed against the wall by Shen Tingyan.

Xue Xiao heard Shen Tingyan say casually from behind him, “Do you want to go to my room to take a look?”

Xue Xiao’s heart trembled.

He turned and nodded.

Shen Tingyan’s room was slightly larger than the guest room and had an en suite bathroom.

The decoration and color palette was cold. It was mainly black, white, and gray.

The first thing that attracted Xue Xiao was the two rows of huge bookshelves by the window!

Xue Xiao’s eyes lit up. He walked over and looked up. He found that their reading lists had a lot of overlap. Like him, Shen Tingyan collected the most novels in the categories of science fiction, mystery, and thriller.

Xue Xiao saw a certain series of books and asked, “Teacher Shen, have you read the other set of mystery novels by that author? That set is even better than this one. The author’s plot design has made great progress!”

Shen Tingyan stood behind him, placed his hands in his pockets, and said, “I read them. Do you see the empty space next to that set? The set of novels was originally placed there, but it was recently lent to my cousin.”

Xue Xiao turned around and blinked. “Is it the cousin who is a screenwriter?”

“Yes.” Shen Tingyan looked down at him. “He also wrote your script this time. He is the one we are going to meet tomorrow.”

Xue Xiao suddenly realized.

He said excitedly, “In fact, I really thought it was incredible when you said that you wanted to buy the copyright of my novel.”

Shen Tingyan chuckled. “Is it because you think the subject matter of your novel is too niche?”

Xue Xiao nodded. “But I seem to understand now…”

In fact, he somewhat understood after slowly appreciating Shen Tingyan’s directing style.

Shen Tingyan liked the ultimate plot pull, a fast pace, suspense, and reversal.

The stories they liked were similar.

Shen Tingyan said, “I also thought it was incredible when I knew that you were the author of this novel.”

He liked the plot of that story and was curious about the author who had such imagination.

Once he learned that the author who created such a story was his favorite little light bulb, Shen Tingyan felt the wonderful taste of fate.

The souls of the two of them were too compatible.

Xue Xiao heard these words and showed a very sweet smile.

Perhaps he himself didn’t know how sweet his smile was. Once he finished smiling, he turned back and continued to browse the tall bookshelves excitedly.

Shen Tingyan just stared at Xue Xiao’s back.

He suddenly spoke as he stared, saying softly, “It is only 9:30. It seems too early to go to sleep now.”

Xue Xiao replied without turning his head, “Yes, I usually don’t go to sleep until 11 or 12 o’clock.”

But Yang Liuyi had said those words just now, and Xue Xiao was too embarrassed to stay in the living room on the first floor.

“Do you want to go and watch a movie, Xiao Xiao?”

Xue Xiao was stunned.

The man behind him said slowly, “The first basement floor of our house is a family-style theater.”

…Xue Xiao retracted the hand touching the bookshelf.

Shen Tingyan looked at the tip of the young man’s red ears that appeared under his black hair and said softly, “After watching a movie, it should be around the time to go to sleep.”


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