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Studio Superstar: Chapter 29 Part 2

Shen Tingyan’s comments about the five participants who first appeared on stage led to a crazy increase in the barrage.

“Shen Tingyan’s mouth is too poisonous, too poisonous…”

“This man actually said such a terrifying thing with a smile!”

“F*k, picking at your scalp, pulling your hair, biting your tongue. I’ve learned incorrectly from Teacher Shen!”

Now seeing this scene, the students in the dormitory were all shivering.

The length of the solo plays was short. Everyone’s rehearsal footage was only one or two minutes.

Seeing that the morning’s plays were passing quickly one by one, Zhao Dong saw that there was more than half an hour left in the first episode and realized something. He whispered to Xue Xiao, “It seems that it will air until our group.”

Xue Xiao nodded and clenched his fists.

Sure enough, Fan Xue soon appeared.

Seeing him, everyone couldn’t help thinking of a question.

That day, Fan Xue’s group was criticized so badly. Shen Tingyan also exposed the fact that Fan Xue deliberately acted badly to set up a persona? Would the show keep these contents?

If it was retained, the highlight of the first episode was here. This part would definitely go on the hot search.

At the same time, Fan Xue was finished.

Everyone put away their joking thoughts and became serious.

It wasn’t known if it was because only two groups collided for ‘Praying Mantis’, but the show cut the rehearsal footage of the two together.

Fan Xue’s group of three came to the classroom of Building 3 early to meet the teacher, seriously starting the first day’s rehearsal. On the screen, the show’s staff added a line of doubtful subtitles, “Where is the other group?”

Zhao Dong and Jin Xiaochen paused.

The screen shifted, and the screen read, “More than an hour later…”

Xue Xiao, Jin Xiao, and Zhao Dong appeared at the door, gasping.

The teacher reprimanded them and the three of them walked silently to the corner to sit down. Jin Xiaochen seemed dissatisfied, but Zhao Dong stopped him. Xue Xiao looked at Fan Xue’s group for a while before lowering his head and looking through the script.

The barrage:


“It isn’t okay to be late.”

“The teacher is angry, but they didn’t apologize?”

“Jin Xiaochen still seems to be very unhappy…”

“Xue Xiao’s attitude is also a bit…”

In the dormitory, everyone felt that something was a bit wrong as they watched.

That day, they didn’t receive the notice from the staff, so Xue Xiao’s group was an hour late. The people familiar with them already knew about this.

But wasn’t this episode strangely cut?

Jin Xiaochen’s roommate asked them, “Did you not explain on that day that you didn’t receive the notice?”

Jin Xiaochen replied with a calm face, “I explained it, but it was cut!”


Zhao Dong and Xue Xiao exchanged a look.

Old Gao promised them that he would help them in the editing. They thought that he would cut some content or help explain it for them.

Yet what was cut out of the finished episode that went online was their explanation for being late? There also wasn’t an additional explanation on the subtitles?

Wasn’t this going in the other direction entirely?

They had a faint premonition in their hearts.

The show continued playing.

Xue Xiao interjected when the teacher instructed Jin Xiaochen.

Xue Xiao talked back when the teacher instructed Xue Xiao.

After teaching Zhao Dong, Xue Xiao pulled the other two out and commented on Zhao Dong’s acting.

The meaning of Old Gao’s words that day was that the teacher was intentionally targeting them, but all the delicate rehearsal processes were retained.

The barrage increased rapidly, various voices came out, and the direction started to change.

“What is Xue Xiao doing?”

“Uh, my perception of Xue Xiao suddenly became a bit bad…”

“Am I the only one who thinks that the teacher is inexplicably targeting their group?”

“But this teacher’s guidance about Zhao Dong’s acting method is really strange…”

“Xue Xiao is a bit arrogant.”

“I hate Xue Xiao’s group.”

“Who doesn’t know that Xue Xiao is just pretending to be good on the surface? I’m laughing to death.”

“Does Xue Xiao have melons?”


Xue Xiao sat up straight.

Everyone’s expressions became strange.

After that, the content presented on the show faintly paved another road.

The performance of Fan Xue’s group was cut. For example, where they stumbled in the middle while going upstairs. This was a big mistake, but the show cut it out. The effect presented was that even though these three people acted badly, and the expressions of the mentors were also very subtle, but overall, it was within the acceptable range of the audience…

Su Shijin’s criticism was cut in half. Then Fan Xue’s speech explaining that their group didn’t have enough practice time was kept because Shen Tingyan was going to bring Xue Xiao’s group to the stage next.

Once Xue Xiao and their group started to perform, the barrage started to change again.

“In comparison, this group really acts better…”

“Xue Xiao’s acting skills are really good. He is indeed more serious about acting, but he isn’t a good person.”

“F*k f*k f*k, Zhao Dong scared me to death!”

“How can Zhao Dong be more perverted than Teacher Shen in the beginning? Ahhhhhh!”

“I got goosebumps…”

“Jin Xiaochen, an amateur, acts better than the debuted artist of another group…”

Ahhhhh, Xue Xiao’s last shot!”

“It is crazy, it is crazy, it is crazy!”

“These eyes are crazy and beautiful…”

“How can this person be so ignorant off-stage and so sharp on stage…?”

The smears and insults that were obviously from Fan Xue’s fans were still mixed in, but most passersby were attracted by this play.

Then once the four mentors started to comment on their group, the editing became strange again.

At this time, looking at it from the perspective of a third person, everyone could clearly feel that Shen Tingyan’s brief silence before commenting on Xue Xiao was to assess Xue Xiao’s mental endurance as a small fan.

He probably felt that Xue Xiao would listen to him carefully and not be easily defeated.

Thus, he spoke bluntly.

Then what about Xue Xiao?

Everyone remembered that at that time, Xue Xiao stared at Shen Tingyan calmly and seriously on stage. There wasn’t the slightest timidity or evasion.

But at this time, Xue Xiao in the episode was… looking down at the corner in a daze?

Shen Tingyan was speaking, but where was Xue Xiao looking?

In the barrage, countless ‘???’ floated by.

Once Shen Tingyan’s speech ended, he cued Fan Xue’s group to return to the stage, and the first episode ended here.

Chang Yun was stunned. “What the h*ll is this editing?”

Zhao Dong frowned and asked Xue Xiao, “Xiao, what were you looking at back then?”

Xue Xiao was silent for a moment before shaking his head. “I don’t remember.”

He didn’t remember being distracted at any time when on the stage.

Perhaps at one moment, his eyes were pierced by the light of the table, and he momentarily shifted his gaze.

But he was certain that he looked at each mentor seriously when they talked.

Such an episode silenced the entire dormitory.

There was no doubt about one thing—

Xue Xiao was being targeted.

Many variety shows, especially those with a talent show nature, would pull out some participants to sacrifice in order to make a splash.

They would let netizens scold these participants onto the hot search. It was over for the sacrificed participant, but the show attracted more traffic.

Now it seemed that ‘Studio Superstar’ was no exception.

In this show, the person who was sacrificed was Xue Xiao.

Jin Xiaochen said with a calm face, “Old Gao didn’t say this at that time. I will ask him.”

He picked up his phone, but his roommate quickly stopped him. “Old Gao has no airs, so you really treat him as a friend. He is a leader…”

Dou Mingjian slowly sensed something. He frowned and asked Xue Xiao, “Did you have any conflicts with Fan Xue before?”

The barrage of the normal netizens and Fan Xue’s fans were very easy to distinguish. The latter insulted Xue Xiao regardless of occasion, with a rhythm. Intentionally or unintentionally, they wanted to hint that Xue Xiao had some ‘melons.’

After the battle of ‘Praying Mantis’, Fan Xue hated Xue Xiao for certain. It was just that the tone of the fans made it seem like the two of them had a grudge before.

Chang Yun said with a calm face, “Yes. Xiao participated in Fan Xue’s crew before and was hated by Fan Xue due to the director.”

Everyone’s expressions changed. So this wave was Fan Xue jointly acting with the show…??

At this moment, someone suddenly said, “Eh, but the direction on the Internet seems a bit…”

Looking back, they saw that he was swiping on Weibo. The group of people quickly surrounded him.

In such a short period of time, there were three hot searches related to the show.

First place in the hot search was ‘Shen Tingyan’s poisonous tongue’. This topic attracted enough attention, and the amount of discussion was amazingly high.

The third hot search was ‘Studio Superstar started airing.’

20th place on the hot search and slowly rising up was ‘Fan Xue Xue Xiao Praying Mantis.’

Clicking on the last hot search entry and seeing the discussions in it, everyone unexpectedly found that public opinion wasn’t one-sided?

It wasn’t known if it was because the acting skills between the two groups were too different, but netizens were caught up in the debate.

“Xue Xiao’s group is so rude, especially Xue Xiao. He looks so well-behaved, but his eyes are higher than the sky.”

“No matter how the acting teacher guides them, Xue Xiao has to interject. Ah, laughing to death. Why doesn’t he just become a teacher? [Eating melons].”

“SRDS (Although), Xue Xiao’s group is the one I was the most immersed in so far. If they really acted according to the direction of that acting teacher, it might be another matter [kneeling].”

“I have no principles. Xue Xiao’s last scene is really crazy and beautiful…”

“…After looking at the discussion, what are your three views? Are you allowed to have no morality as long as you act well?”

“Xue Xiao’s acting ability is okay, but his attitude really isn’t good. He said that he likes Teacher Shen. As a result, what type of attitude did he have when Teacher Shen criticized him?”

“I think it is quite strange. Shen Tingyan criticized the other participants so mercilessly before. Yet he was so gentle to Xue Xiao later?”

“Non-Shen Tingyan fans, you should know that this person never gives face to anyone in the entire entertainment industry. If someone really claims to be his fan and doesn’t listen to him carefully, he will definitely open the mockery mode. Speaking of the entire second half of the first episode, I watched it in a confused manner. I always feel that there are several parts missing. I want to ask about this. Is the show evil editing Xue Xiao?”


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