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MGAG: Chapter 73 Part 2

Lin Shizong had wanted to bring down the Chen family a long time ago. One time, the Chen Group was in crisis and it would’ve been easy to take them down in one fell swoop. However, the Lin Group also encountered a small problem at that time. He saw an opportunity from the Chen Group’s market channels. He was a businessman. Compared to the Chen Group that could be overthrown at any time, the various markets, channels and connections of the Chen Group were things that he couldn’t obtain.

Thus, he changed his mind. He kept the Chen Group for a few more years and used the Chen Group to seek more benefits for himself under his careful arrangement… Now that the real estate industry was declining, some of the Chen businesses had problems and the group was seeking transformation. The value of the Chen Group had been hollowed out. He originally didn’t plan to let it stay any longer. He wanted to borrow the hands of Ruizhen Electronics and others to reasonably hollow out the Chen Group, finding ‘reasonable’ ways to make it go bankrupt.

The things that were used up should disappear from the market.

“There are still some things that haven’t been cleaned up. At least wait for these things to be cleaned up or the fire will also burn me,” Lin Shizong said after a moment of silence. “Don’t worry, I want to see the downfall of the  Chen Group more than you. I have been using them for so many years and they have no more value. If it wasn’t for the sudden things that happened during this time, the fall of the Chen Group would’ve taken place in the next two years.”

“I don’t care about the grudge between your family and the Chen family. You can’t drag things out for another two years.” The person on the phone laughed. His attitude toward Lin Shizong’s statement was ordinary and he said casually, “I let you act for so long and I don’t want to burn my own side to help you. Sometimes, abandoning things to keep yourself is more important. You are very smart. I don’t need to say anything else.”

At the Ninth Research Institute, Shen Yuhuai came out of the laboratory and found Liu Sui on the side with his hand in his pocket.

“Are you in this block?” Shen Yuhuai didn’t look at him and instead picked up his phone to send a message.

Today, Chen Qizhao didn’t have a class in the evening. One class was transferred to the afternoon.

“Don’t talk about who is in this block. You haven’t seen anyone in the past two days.” Liu Sui yawned. “I finally finished the thesis date. I naturally have to go out for a meal at night. Pick the place. I’ll invite you to dinner.”

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes paused on his phone and the message on it stopped at a certain area. “Let’s change the time.”

Liu Sui: “?”

“Aren’t you free at night? I don’t see your name on the shift schedule.”

Shen Yuhuai’s fingers moved to reply to the message and he said, “Yes, I made an appointment.”

Liu Sui: “???”

Cheng Rong’s surveillance information was sent after two days and the copied surveillance information included the surveillance at the villa entrance and the pool party site. Cheng Rong didn’t provide other surveillance involving personal privacy.

The first time he got the surveillance, Chen Qizhao first checked the people around their sofa at the time. There were many people staring at him but there were only two people who stayed near his sofa for a long time. Chen Qizhao had a small impression of one of them. That person also followed when he went to the bathroom, but not for long.

Chen Qizhao had never seen these two people before.

In addition, Chen Qizhao checked the surveillance information of the opposite side of the pool and found that the surveillance information provided by Cheng Rong didn’t point in that direction. It was as if it hadn’t filmed in that direction, but he remembered that it was indeed monitored.

Chen Qizhao called Cheng Rong and asked, “Is your surveillance lacking? The location opposite us wasn’t filmed.”

“Oh, that?” Cheng Rong said, “The surveillance of the villa hasn’t been repaired for a long time. I brought you all the surveillance with images. The surveillance on the left side of the pool that you mentioned seems to be broken and the machine didn’t start. I could only take these videos. Is there any problem?”

“I noticed that the person seemed to have walked to the opposite side and wanted to see if he appeared in any surveillance.” Chen Qizhao didn’t ask too much about the loss of surveillance. “I’ll see if he has appeared. It might really be my illusion.”

“Okay, remember to tell me if there are any problems.”

The surveillance was broken…

Chen Qizhao’s eyes sank slightly. He immediately found a video clip that was closer. There was no surveillance in an area for no reason. It was indeed normal for the surveillance of a rarely inhabited villa to have problems. However, it just happened to lack the section he wanted. There was a possibility that it was a coincidence, but Chen Qizhao didn’t believe this.

He thought of the man at that time and searched through the surveillance cameras. Finally, he found the fragment where the man was leaving. This person seemed to know the location of the surveillance and was very vigilant. When he left, the location he walked in were the blind spots of the surveillance. Except for the clearer image taken at the entrance, he wasn’t filmed at all other locations.

“It is too strange to call it a coincidence…”

In the dormitory, Chen Qizhao was helpless about these videos. Then he suddenly remembered something. It was indeed easy to mix in with such a pool party but there were still two bodyguards protecting the door. Most of them came under the banner of Cheng Rong’s friends…

“Are there small videos taken of the party that day?” Chen Qizhao asked as he pushed open the door of Yan Kailin’s bedroom. This person was still lying on his bed and on his phone. Once he heard this, Yan Kailin got up imposingly. “Videos? Do you mean those bunch of stupid people? If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have been exposed to my brother.”

Speaking of this matter, Yan Kailin woke up after becoming drunk and faced his older brother’s cold-face demonic face. He was forced to stay at home all day. He was almost 20 years old and was punished while experiencing the pain of a hangover. He finally emerged from the sea of suffering and found that he was caught by Yan Kaiqi that day because Yan Kaiqi saw it in someone’s Moments again.

“Is he a dog? Why can he find me by sniffing his nose?” Yan Kailin sat down. “There are so many people posting in Moments! He doesn’t pay attention to anything else but opens his Moments to look for me all over. Is he so free?”


Chen Qizhao said, “I think your brother might not have seen it from the Moments. You should think about whether someone is reporting information to him.”

“I also feel this is wrong. Someone must’ve been bought by my brother.” Yan Kailin finally realized something and asked, “Why are you asking this?”

“I am looking for someone.” Chen Qizhao took out Chen Shiming as an excuse. “Chen Shiming received a video from there. I looked at everyone in my Moments but couldn’t find it. Do you have anything else on your side?”

Yan Kaili became agitated when he heard this and looked at Chen Qizhao. “We just drank and didn’t do anything serious. Why are they so concerned?”

“Right.” Chen Qizhao quickly saw a lot of videos on Yan Kailin’s phone and said, “Send me all these videos.”

“Huh?” Yan Kailin was puzzled. “What do you want these for?”

Surveillance could be blocked but the endless mobile phones at the party were difficult to guard against. Chen Qizhao had gone through his Moments from two days ago and saw the figure of the man from other people’s small videos. It was a trivial matter to help Yan Kailin find the person who tipped off his brother. It was a bigger matter to find the real identity of the man from the videos.

He turned the phone to Yan Kailin and said pointedly, “I am looking for someone who is tipping them off.”

Yan Kailin replied, “I will send it right away!”

Chen Qizhao added, “It is all videos from the party.”

“I understand! I will never let go of anything!”

“Yes, very good.”

Yan Kailin thought about catching the whistleblower and started looking through his Moments with all his strength. He was working hard when he saw Chen Qizhao standing up and walking out with his coat.

“Brother?” Yan Kailin was puzzled. “Aren’t you looking for the videos?”

“You look for it first. I have to go out and do something.”

Chen Qizhao swiped on his phone and looked at the latest message in his VX. Shen Yuhuai asked him if he had time for a meal in the evening. His expression remained unchanged as he replied to the message with slight movements of his fingers. “You find the videos and send them to me. I’m sure someone told on you.”

The place where he made the appointment with Shen Yuhuai was a newly opened hot pot restaurant outside the school.

Not long after Chen Qizhao returned to his dormitory, Shen Yuhuai sent a message saying he was on his way. The Ninth Research Institute wasn’t far from S College and would soon arrive. Chen Qizhao threw the cigarette and lighter in his pocket on the table and changed his jacket before going out.

He took two steps before suddenly remembering something. He opened his drawer and found Shen Yuhuai’s power bank still in its original position.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes paused slightly and stayed on the power bank for two seconds.

Then he simply closed the drawer without taking it out.

Shen Yuhuai was still waiting for him in their original location. Chen Qizhao went downstairs and thought Liu Sui would also be there. In the past, Shen Yuhuai would bring Liu Sui with him when calling him out for dinner after working at the Ninth Research Institute. Yet when he went downstairs today, Shen Yuhuai was the only person waiting.

“Brother Liu didn’t come today?” Chen Qizhao asked.

“He hasn’t finished his thesis. He said he would invite you to dinner after the thesis is over.” Shen Yuhuai opened the car door. “Are you looking for him for something?”

“No.” Chen Qizhao also opened the door and answered politely.

After arriving at the hot pot restaurant, the two of them finished ordering and Shen Yuhuai went to the bathroom.

Chen Qizhao looked at his phone idly and saw the message sent by Chen Shiming ten minutes ago. It was about the person in charge of watching the Lin Group.

Now the Chen Group and Lin Group hadn’t shed their pretenses of cordiality. Lin Shizong didn’t act aggressively as he expected but slowed down his movements. The several people they caught before were covered up by unknown means, as if someone was following behind Lin Shizong and protecting him.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes sank slightly. Lin Shizong’s movements were too fast.

Based on Lin Shizong’s degree of caution, he would indeed do this but it would affect Lin Shizong’s overall plan. It was like putting only one sock on his feet before he couldn’t wait to put on shoes.

Chen Qizhao thought about the plan before and how to find something for Lin Shizong. Then he clicked on the message interface and saw the 10+ videos sent by Yan Kailin. He suddenly saw Young Master Sun talking to someone while holding a wine glass and this reminded him of something.

In his hurry to put on shoes, he allowed the shoes to fall off…

Chen Qizhao suddenly had a better idea.

“What are you looking at?” Shen Yuhuai put the ingredients next to him.

“Nothing.” Chen Qizhao turned off the screen of the phone and answered in a normal tone. “I was just looking at a video.”

He followed Shen Yuhuai’s actions and took the initiative to change the topic. “I just remembered that I forgot to bring your power bank.”

Chen Qizhao looked at Shen Yuhuai before saying, “I’ll bring it to you next time.”


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