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MGAG: Chapter 73 Part 1

Shen Yuhuai’s hand was very steady. After determining the position, he pressed down.

Chen Qizhao lowered his head slightly and continued, “Maybe last night’s sleeping posture wasn’t right. I have a stiff neck.”

Shen Yuhuai said, “Yes, sit up straighter.”

Chen Qizhao paused slightly. The next moment, Shen Yuhuai pressed two hands to his shoulders. His slightly open hands covered Chen Qizhao’s shoulders and his thumbs accurately pressed on the butterfly bone on his back.

The next second, Chen Qizhao voluntarily followed his hand and straightened his back, feeling extremely numb.

The slightly cool fingers had the right strength and pressed smoothly near Chen Qizhao’s neck bone. He pressed down through Chen Qizhao’s clothes to the muscles and bones. It seemed to be smoothing out his pain, as if following the veins, but it also seemed teasing. Each time, they stepped on Chen Qizhao’s point.

“How can Brother Huai do this…?” Chen Qizhao paused for a moment.

Shen Yuhuai answered, “When I was an undergraduate, my roommate studied Chinese medicine and he taught me.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t feel any ‘pain’ but he was a bit numb.

He was still a bit unsatisfied when the other person let go.

“Your neck is uncomfortable. Depending on the situation, you might need to check it out if you aren’t feeling well by tonight.” Shen Yuhuai helped straighten Chen Qizhao’s collar and said, “Usually, it takes half a day to recover. Let’s eat first.”

Chen Qizhao said, “Yes.”

Shen Yuhuai sat next to him. Chen Qizhao had already started drinking the soy milk but Shen Yuhuai’s eyes stayed on his fingers. His index finger and thumb rubbed together. The touch seemed to remain on his fingertips and he was a bit absent-minded.

Chen Qizhao drank soy milk. His eyes seemed to stop at one point. He didn’t look at Shen Yuhuai but asked, “Brother Huai, do you have time at night?”

Shen Yuhuai’s mind returned. “Yes.”

In the Chen Group’s office, Chen Shiming reported the recent situation to Chen Jianhong. He locked onto Chen Liyao and after locking onto Chen Liyao, he followed Chen Liyao’s action trajectory in the company as he interacted with various departments. Then he identified several people who weren’t on Chen Qizhao’s list. The Lin family’s affairs couldn’t be rushed. He had to first pull out the internal hidden dangers of the group and collect enough evidence before launching an attack on the Lin family.

Now there was a bit of a problem.

“The direction of the investigation should be right but something went wrong during the process.” Chen Shiming had originally locked onto people and projects, such as the marketing manager he checked. The investigation process was smooth but there was some key evidence missing at some points and even misleading evidence appeared.

This was a situation that hadn’t happened before. It seemed that the other person had discovered their actions and was secretly using methods to hinder their investigation process.

Chen Shiming explained the situation to Chen Jianhong and said, “This situation isn’t only occurring on the marketing department’s side. We have also investigated three projects with this type of problem.”

“If the investigation slows down then they have more time to cover it up.” Chen Jianhong realized the problem. “No, this is a bit different from the previous situation.”

Since Jiang Yuze was arrested, they had basically locked onto Lin Shizong and the progress of the investigation had been smooth.

Lin Shizong seemed to be in a hurry to finish. There were many flaws in many faces. Combine this with the list given by Chen Qizhao, they just had to follow the original plan and the purge of the Chen Group would be completed very quickly. But in the past two weeks, Lin Shizong’s movements seemed to have slowed down. He noticed their movements and started to fight back.

“In the end, the Lin Group has a deep background. Jiang Yuze just caused an internal problem and it has no major impact on the Lin Group as a whole. He was just flustered at first, but with his ability, he can find a way to deal with it after he adjusts.”

Chen Jianhong didn’t doubt the ability of his ‘old friend.’ After so many years, he still knew something about Lin Shizong. “His reaction was too fast. I thought it would be delayed for another half a month.”

Chen Shiming frowned slightly, but didn’t say anything.

Chen Jianhong looked at his oldest son, who could already stand on his own in front of him. “Don’t act too hastily. There is no way to deal with him now. We can only find some trouble for him without affecting our progress.”

“I see.” Chen Shiming noticed the sleepiness on Chen Jianhong’s face as he spoke and he asked doubtfully, “Didn’t you rest well last night?”

“I rested.” Chen Jianhong pinched between his eyebrows. “I’ve been a bit sleepy recently.”

Chen Shiming became vigilant. “I remember that the housekeeper measured your blood pressure last night and it has returned to the normal range. Why are you still tired and dizzy?” Originally, Chen Jianhong’s sleepiness and dizziness had always been thought to be due to the other person’s blood pressure problem. However, since the aromatherapy incident was exposed, the potential threat had been eliminated and the situation should have improved.

During this time, Chen Jianhong also paid great attention to his body and took medicine regularly after his three meals. He occasionally took emergency medicine when his blood pressure was high. It made no sense for this situation to occur.

“I’m just sleepy. I don’t feel anything unusual physically.”

Chen Jianhong took a sip of water and took out the medicine he carried with him from the drawer. “Shiming, I am older and not as young. It is normal for this type of problem to occur when I am older.”

“I know. I’m just worried.”

Seeing this, Chen Shiming asked, “Did you take this medicine with your three meals?”

“It is an oral medicine but it isn’t very effective. Occasionally, I am sleepier after taking them.”

Chen Jianhong traveled a lot for business and meetings. Occasionally, there were external factors that caused his blood pressure fluctuations. This medicine was prescription medicine to be taken with his three meals a day when Chen Jianhong needed them.

Chen Shiming was slightly puzzled. He walked over and picked up the medicine bottle.

There were still a lot of pills in the medicine bottle. Chen Jianhong didn’t take the oral medicine very frequently. He occasionally took one a day or one every two or three days. Except for the simple instructions affixed to the medicine bottle, the other packaging of the medicine had long been lost. He had a bit of an impression of this. There was also this emergency oral medicine at home.

Chen Shiming said, “I remember that when the doctor prescribed medicine to you, he avoided some special side effects.”

Due to the nature of Chen Jianhong’s work, he had to take special care when having medicine prescribed. Medicine with sedatives or sleeping effects generally wouldn’t be prescribed unless necessary.

“Yes, it was taken care of.” Chen Jianhong said, “Maybe I am old and the medicine isn’t effective.”

Chen Shiming hesitated slightly. “How long have you been taking this medicine?”

“I’ve been taking it since last year.” Chen Jianhong frowned as he noticed the problem from Chen Shiming’s words. “Are you saying there is a problem with the medicine?”

He had this medicine at the company and at home. He often came into contact with the medicine after physical problems. These pills looked the same as the ones at home. If there was a problem then he might not find it. Apart from the sleepiness, his body didn’t have any problems during the period after the last check-up.

“It is a special situation now.” Chen Shiming poured out a few pills from the medicine bottle. Based on the capacity of the medicine bottle and the remaining pills inside, this bottle should’ve been opened for several months. “There is also this type at home. For the sake of safety, I will send them together for testing. Did your medicine come from Uncle Zhang?”

“It is from him.” Chen Jianhong suddenly thought of something and his voice was slightly deep. “but this medicine is placed in the drawer of the office without a lock.”

In other words, anyone who entered the office could change the medicine.

Chen Shiming had a bad feeling.

At the same time, inside the office of the Lin Group.

Lin Shizong had just finished the meeting. The moment he returned to the office, he received a call request from a certain number. The other person seemed to have expected the end time of his meeting and called on time.

He had been working with this person for so long and the other person’s style had always been like this.

He could place another spy in the Chen Group before the incident happened and he could naturally also insert people in the Lin Group.

Lin Shizong wasn’t happy but he knew that their business cooperation still depended on the other person’s network. He could bear some things. “Hello?”

The male voice on the phone said, “Chen Shiming found out about you but you are quite leisurely.”

“He has no direct evidence and he can’t find it so quickly,” Lin Shizong said in a normal tone as he loosened his tie a bit.

The person on the phone sneered. “There is no direct evidence? He has already found out about the marketing department. If I had acted later, your Lin Group would’ve already been exposed.”

“Marketing department?” Lin Shizong’s expression became serious. “He has been checking the shareholders’ side before. Why did he suddenly go to the marketing department?”

“Chen Shiming has mastered more things than you know,” the person on the phone said. “I have already helped you finish the matter of the marketing department. Lin Shizong, I told you. Even if the Chen family has been played by you for so many years, there are some things you have to guard against. Chen Jianhong might treat you as a brother but the other Chen family members won’t.”

Lin Shizong’s eyes sank as he listened to the words of the person on the phone while thinking of the Chen side.

Chen Shiming had started to act last year. Before that, he had no plans to target this aspect at all. Where did the Chen family get the news? He had checked for so long and didn’t hear that anyone from the Chen family had planted people on the Lin Group side. Even if it was planted, very few people in the Lin Group knew the overall situation of the Chen Group. It was impossible for the mistake to come from their side.

So where did it go wrong?

“You said that you would check the Chen family.” Lin Shizong asked, “Have you found the source of the information in Chen Shiming’s hands?”

“At present, I haven’t found it. The person who sent the information to Chen Shiming is very cautious. At the very least, he hasn’t appeared in public.” The person on the phone continued, “Didn’t you say that Yicheng received an anonymous email before? It is likely that Chen Shiming also received anonymous emails. My person got some clues from the Yicheng shareholders about that email address. It isn’t easy to check. The other person is very vigilant. You should be wary of this person. He has more things in his hands than we think.”

Lin Shizong said in a deep voice, “I know. But you also can’t find this person. Earlier, you suspected Chen Qizhao. My people have followed him for so long and haven’t found anything useful from him.”

“The thing that is certain is that this person is very close to the Chen family.” The person on the phone changed his tone. “He only sent one email to Yicheng but it seems that he is very attentive to many things involving the Chen family. At the very least, we can be sure that this person is related to the interests of the Chen family. The Chen family can’t stay.”


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