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MGAG: Chapter 72 Part 2

Suddenly, Shen Yuhuai’s fingertips crossed the back of his neck.

Chen Qizhao couldn’t control it and snorted slightly.

“Don’t move.” The man’s low voice came from above him.

Instead, Shen Yuhuai’s fingers slightly closed against the back of his neck slightly as if holding it. Shen Yuhuai’s four fingers pressed against the back of his neck and Chen Qizhao was like a small animal caught in his grip. He froze instantly and didn’t dare to move.

The hair dryer stopped.

The feeling of rubbing brought more stimulation.

The moment when Shen Yuhuai pressed against the back of his neck, the tactile sensation brought by the still movement was indeed a hundred times stronger.

There were cold fingers and the right amount of strength. Chen Qizhao’s mind went blank and his whole body was tense. Even so, he didn’t want to escape the suppression. There was a thunderous beating sound from his chest.

Shen Yuhuai stood behind Chen Qizhao, looking down at the boy who had his head lowered and was obedient. He could see the back of Chen Qizhao’s neck without any obstructions.

The slightly protruding neck bone, the beautiful sides that extended into the clothes and a few strands of wet hair sticking to the fair skin. His vision was filled with an indescribable sexiness.

Shen Yuhuai’s Adam’s apple moved.

Soon, he relaxed his strength. His eyes followed the beautiful line of the back of his neck and restarted the hair dryer.

It might’ve been less than five minutes but Chen Qizhao felt that the time that passed was extremely long.

He had completely forgotten what the hangover soup tasted like. The smell of shampoo as well as Shen Yuhuai’s mint smell lingered at the tip of his nose. He didn’t feel the hangover soup. Instead, he felt the hot air from the hair dryer, heating up his face.

The hair dryer stopped.

Chen Qizhao’s mind suddenly returned.

Shen Yuhuai helped him smooth his hair, rolled up the wire of the hair dryer and put it aside. “Have you finished drinking?”

“Yes,” Chen Qizhao responded. He saw Shen Yuhuai go around the sofa to pick up the bowl and walk in the direction of the kitchen while saying, “Then go and rest.”

Chen Qizhao got up and walked to the bedroom. However, he stopped when he left the view of the kitchen.

The sound of running water in the sink was heard. He turned around and stopped by the wall. He saw Shen Yuhuai’s figure on the other side of the glass. He paused and watched for a long moment before the warmth beating in his chest subsided.

Chen Qizhao withdrew his gaze and looked down at his palm.

Shen Yuhuai finished his work and returned to the bedroom. Chen Qizhao was sleeping with his back to the door. He was about to take away the pillow on the outside when the person lying on the bed suddenly turned around. He stopped and asked, “Why aren’t you asleep yet?”

Chen Qizhao moved to the inner side of the bed. He was wrapped in a quilt and stared at Shen Yuhuai with a deep pair of eyes. “The bed is big enough. You don’t need to sleep outside.”

“Yes.” Shen Yuhuai’s movements paused slightly and he loosened his hands on the pillow. “You sleep first. I’ll go and change clothes.”

By the time he actually lay down, it was already past 4 o’clock in the morning.

Time gradually passed and his steady breathing was very shallow. The man’s warm body temperature seemed to be transmitted.

Chen Qizhao faced this person and opened his eyes in the darkness.

He was a bit dissatisfied.

At 7 o’clock in the morning, Shen Yuhuai’s biological clock took effect and he opened his eyes.

The less than three hours of sleep made him frown slightly. He turned his head and noticed Chen Qizhao slightly curled up and sleeping beside him. The latter had fallen asleep on his side, one arm pressed against the quilt. His head was less than a fist away from Shen Yuhuai’s shoulder.

The sound of his breathing was steady, as if he had fallen into a deep sleep. This was different from yesterday when he pretended to sleep in the car.

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes moved away from the boy’s hair. He stared at the other person’s hair that was like a nest after sleeping and he had a well-behaved and quiet sleeping face. The scene outside the villa yesterday inexplicably appeared in his mind.

The other person was holding a cigarette in his hand. When he squinted his eyes, he looked like a vigilant and lazy little fox.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t smoke but in the hazy night, he saw an indescribable feeling from the other person’s posture and movements.

He looked calmly at the person in front of him and the irritability from being sleep deprived seemed to dissipate.

He was about to move, but the boy next to him moved first. His hand inadvertently pressed against Shen Yuhuai’s chest and his head was directly on his shoulder.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t move and his eyes stopped on Chen Qizhao’s hand.

How much weight could a hand have? Even so, Shen Yuhuai felt short of breath.

After a long time, Shen Yuhuai moved.

He gently held the boy’s wrist and moved it to the side.

After getting out of the bed, Shen Yuhuai paused. Then he lifted the boy’s hand again and carefully put it in the quilt.

The skin of his hand was delicate and Chen Qizhao’s fingers slightly bent.

It looked small.

His sleep after drinking was exceptionally good. Chen Qizhao woke up a bit late the next day. Shen Yuhuai didn’t wake him up so he skipped class in an upright manner.

Once the bedroom door opened, the other person was standing in the kitchen. He was stirring something in one hand and talking to someone on the phone with the other.

“You took a leave of absence for me this morning.”

Shen Yuhuai said, “I can make it to the experiment in the afternoon. Help me get the report on the desk of the dormitory. I might not have time to go back.”

Chen Qizhao nodded toward him and the latter pointed to the dining room, as if telling him to go there.

Shen Yuhuai still seemed to be talking to people about the experiment. Chen Qizhao noticed the hearty breakfast on the dining table and sat down. He saw that Shen Yuhuai hadn’t come so he picked up the phone to look at the messages piled up on his phone for the night. The most exciting thing in his eyes was the red message marked with 30 behind Yan Kailin’s name. Before he clicked into it, he saw a series of exclamation marks in the message notifications.

[Zhao: ……]

[Yan Kailin: One mistake will cause eternal hatred [crying bitterly]]

[Zhao: Oh.]

[Yan Kailin: Why didn’t you take me with you last night? God knows how pained I was when I woke up in the morning and saw Yan Kaiqi’s face.]

[Zhao: Then you woke up quite early.]

[Yan Kailin: Is this the point?!!!]

Chen Qizhao teased Yan Kailin with a few more words before withdrawing to see other messages.

His inbox wasn’t updated last night. Chen Shiming sent him two messages in the morning, asking if he would go home on the weekend. The rest was Cheng Rong asking him where he went last night. He said that no one was found when the driver arrived and sent him a few messages.

[Cheng Rong: You scared me to death. Then I called Lin Zai and felt something was wrong when I heard his brother’s voice. Were you arrested by your brother?]

Chen Qizhao glanced at Shen Yuhuai for a moment before replying no.

Then he sent a message.

[Zhao: Do you have a general impression of who you invited yesterday?]

[Cheng Rong: I don’t have a deep impression. There were many people present and I just shouted it in my Moments.]

[Cheng Rong: Why are you asking this: What happened?]

[Zhao: I seem to have seen someone yesterday. I saw him before when I was with QIn Xingfeng.]

Chen Qizhao didn’t make a fuss but Cheng Rong immediately called when he saw this.

In the end, Cheng Rong was also a person. Qin Xingfeng had dug a hole for them in the past and he still remembered it. “Qin Xingfeng? That kid’s person?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe I was wrong.” Chen Qizhao looked toward Shen Yuhuai and lowered his voice. “If you don’t remember then forget it.”

“I don’t really remember people and I don’t know the person you are talking about.”

Cheng Rong thought for a moment. “I’ll go and ask the villa. There should be surveillance around the pool. I will send it to you when I find it.”

The two of them talked before he hung up. Then Chen Qizhao thoughtfully switched to his phone album.

Ever since the incident of Qin Xingfeng pitting Cheng Rong, Cheng Rong had been a lot more cautious in making friends. If he knew that there was someone related to Qin Xingfeng at the pool last night, he had to care about it. It had to be known that the people present last night were all people he was friends with. Cheng Rong had always been vigilant about being stabbed in the back by a friend, let alone someone related to Qin Xingfeng.

Based on Cheng Rong’s level of sophistication, this matter would be investigated closely and his actions wouldn’t be too big.

Chen Qizhao mainly wanted to confirm his doubts. He always had an indescribable premonition at last night’s party. It was best to look at the surveillance to see who was there.

After sending the message, Chen Qizhao opened his phone album that contained several photos. They were all of suspicious people taken at the party last night. He glanced at it a few times before his hand suddenly stopped on one of the photos.

The photo was of the man by the pool yesterday. Chen Qizhao hadn’t seen this person in the second half of the party, meaning that this person only stayed at the party for a while. He was still a bit suspicious of the actions of the young master of the Sun family last night and there were extra eyes present. Apart from certain ones that were simply interested in the group. He kept his guard up against the rest of those who followed him.

The man sitting by the pool was a bit tricky. The distance was far enough and the angle was slightly adjusted to make it difficult to see him. It was easy for people to ignore the opposite person. Even if they noticed him, they wouldn’t be able to see his face clearly.

Chen Qizhao accidentally noticed the man on the opposite side when drinking with others. He felt strange because the other person sat on the opposite side for a long time, drinking alone with no extra people around. Therefore, he took a photo of that direction when people weren’t paying attention.

At this time, Shen Yuhuai put a bowl of soy milk in front of Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao’s mind returned and he met Shen Yuhuai’s eyes as soon as he turned his head. “Brother Huai, you finished your call?”

“Yes.” Shen Yuhuai’s eyes stayed on the man on Chen Qizhao’s phone whose face couldn’t be seen clearly. The next second, Chen Qizhao shut off the screen of his phone.

He put the soup spoon into Chen Qizhao’s bowl and asked casually, “Are you looking at photos?”

Chen Qizhao said, “No, I was just bored and flipping through the photo album.”

Shen Yuhuai responded before telling Chen Qizhao about the morning’s affairs. “Your assistant called in the morning. I picked it up and asked him to help you apply for morning leave.”

Then he said, “I’ll take you back to school when you’re done eating.”

Chen Qizhao’s gaze shifted slightly and stopped on Shen Yuhuai’s hand.

The other person was stirring the soy milk in the bowl. The slightly bent finger bones were particularly nice and some of the touches from last night seemed close at hand.

“Why aren’t you eating?” Shen Yuhuai looked at Chen Qizhao, whose eyes were fixed on him.

Due to the light, his eyes were a bit brown.

“Brother Huai, the back of my neck hurts a bit.”

Chen Qizhao asked, “Can you help me take a look?”

Shen Yuhuai put down the soup spoon when he heard this. “Where? I’ll take a look.”

Chen Qizhao lowered his head slightly. The moment Shen Yuhuai’s fingers touched the back of his neck, a slightly cool touch spread along the skin to his limbs. His attention stayed on Shen Yuhuai’s fingers.

Shen Yuhuai’s voice was calm as he asked, “Is it here?”

“A bit to the left.”

His fingers moved to the left side of the neck bone and he pressed hard with his fingertips. “Does it hurt?”

“Go down a bit,” Chen Qizhao said again.

Finally, the knuckles stopped at a certain place and Shen Yuhuai asked again, “Here?”

Chen Qizhao’s voice was as usual. He lowered his head, his hair hanging slightly over his forehead. In a corner where Shen Yuhuai couldn’t see, his eyes were unusually calm and he seemed to be certain. “Yes.”

The human heart was too difficult to satisfy.

Once fueled, it would only become more and more greedy.


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