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Little Madman’s Guide to Acting Good [Rebirth]

Little Madman’s Guide to Acting Good [Rebirth]

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Chen Qizhao was reborn and returned to the age of 18 when he was still the wicked little overlord of the Chen family.

At this time, his brother hadn’t experienced a car accident while his parents were in good health and weren’t seriously ill. The Chen family was still the prosperous Chen family and everyone thought he was a good-for-nothing who was useless and easily taken advantage of.

“He only knows how to quarrel with his older brother every day. He is arrogant and willful!”

“He looks good, but unfortunately, he is an idiot.”

“Isn’t he a useless person? Just serve him well.”

“It is a pity about that child of the Chen family.”

There were the group of scoundrel friends who were full of thoughts, the rats eyeing him covetously and the old, cunning people who were secretly scheming.

Chen Qizhao put on a mask of arrogance again. ‘Do you like acting so much? Why don’t we act together?’

It wasn’t until later that everyone discovered that at the end of the play, they would either go bankrupt or be imprisoned.

Chen Qizhao had been behaving unscrupulously all his life and many people hated him.

During the time when everyone was slandering him, Shen Yuhuai was the only one who told him it was unjust.

It didn’t matter what other people thought about him. He just didn’t want to give a bad impression in front of Shen Yuhuai.

Later, he inquired about it and found that Shen Yuhuai liked those who were well-behaved.

Therefore, every time he met Shen Yuhuai, he restrained his wickedness and became well-behaved.

No matter how many crazy rumors about Chen Qizhao were spread, Shen Yuhuai always considered Chen Qizhao a well-behaved child.

This was until a certain time when he ran into Chen Qizhao teaching street gangsters a lesson. Chen Qizhao’s actions were fierce and he spoke badly. He was completely different from his usual self.

After seeing him, Chen Qizhao released his hand and said in a somewhat implausible manner, “In fact, I am really well-behaved. I am currently just pretending to be like this or I will be bullied.” Then he saw that he couldn’t continue and gave up. “Do you believe me?”

Shen Yuhuai was silent for a moment and his expression didn’t change at all. “I believe you.”

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  1. Eli says:

    I didn’t expect i would cry while reading this masterpiece. I thought it’ll be just like the stories i’ve read before but it’s definitely not, and i didn’t even foresee it. I believe that this story is so good people should see it more.

  2. blanket` says:

    The main cp’s dynamic is very good, I wish we could see more of Yuhuai earlier on 🙁

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