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MGAG: Chapter 74

S City, the Sun house.

Young Master Sun’s face had been very ugly for two days after waking up from the hangover. The ugly appearance he showed after drinking with Cheng Rong’s group that day was filmed and many people in their social circle laughed at him. In addition, he didn’t know how he had offended Cheng Rong but in the past two days, he tested Cheng Rong’s attitude toward him and found that Cheng Rong was very cold to him.

The Sun family has been having difficulties with several transportation channels recently. In order to stabilize the cooperation with the Lin Group, he had been relatively close to the young master of the Lin family during this time. On the one hand, it was to stabilize the cooperation between the two families. On the other hand, it was also to expand contact with the Lin family. He went to test Chen Qizhao because he heard from the young master of the Lin family that the other person was a bit curious about Chen Qizhao’s social circle. The Lin family’s young master knew he was close to Cheng Rong and inquired about it with him.

He just hadn’t expected to test Chen Qizhao and end up losing so much face from drinking.

He didn’t have much contact with the Chen family but it was difficult to calm down when thinking about Cheng Rong’s attitude. Where did this group of young people have the courage to laugh at him? They had no job and no skills, yet he was laughed at.

Due to this incident, he went to find the Lin family’s young master yesterday and found that the other person’s attitude was a lot colder.

He was thinking about how to save face and frustrate Cheng Rong’s group when he saw his father coming in with a dark face and documents in his hand.

“The line leading to Y City is broken.” Father Sun’s face was ugly. “I don’t know who is doing something behind the scenes but we didn’t win the two bids for that channel.”

Young Master Sun became nervous. “Is this a big problem? Can it be solved?”

The most important thing was that an accident occurred with a transportation line of the company and made the relevant departments strictly investigate it. Thus, many projects started to tighten up and this was unfavorable to them.

“We are still with the Lin Group and there will be no big problems at present.”

Father Sun rejoiced. “It is thanks to the Lin Group this time. If it wasn’t for their support, we would’ve had a hard time this quarter. Your relationship with the Lin family must be well established and I will also have contact with Chairman Lin. It is better to tighten up these things.”

Young Master Sun was thoughtful when hearing this. “I will find a way.”

In the hotpot restaurant, the two people sitting facing each other had their own thoughts.

“There is no hurry.” Shen Yuhuai handed the cleaned chopsticks to Chen Qizhao. “Is there anything else you want to add?”

Chen Qizhao shook his head.

Soon, the employee brought the pot and side dishes.

“The shrimp in this store is good and their special beef has a unique taste.” Shen Yuhuai put the ingredients in the pot and introduced several signature dishes to Chen Qizhao.

The dishes they ordered were all those with things that matched their similar tastes. Chen Qizhao and Shen Yuhuai often went out to eat in his previous life but they ate relatively little hot pot. Hot pot was easy to stain their clothes with a smell and it sometimes wasn’t very convenient. Thus, he rarely asked Shen Yuhuai to go to a hot pot restaurant. Shen Yuhuai seemed to have considered this issue so they went to other restaurants more often.

Shen Yuhuai’s Moments didn’t have much of his daily life but Chen Qizhao went out to eat with them more often. After the last meal, Liu Sui had added him on VX. He saw from this person’s Moments that the people of the laboratory often went to hot pot restaurants, barbecue restaurants… he saw Shen Yuhuai’s figure in these photos. So when Shen Yuhuai asked him where he wanted to eat, he proposed hot pot.

It was relatively quiet when the two of them were eating. The atmosphere in the white-smoke-filled hot pot restaurant was lively.

During the meal, Chen Qizhao sent some messages to another person, asking him to investigate the Sun family’s affairs. As a long partner of the Lin Group, the Sun family had been within the scope of his investigation before. He sent a message to this person to investigate, asking him to check whether the cooperation between the two of them was mentioned in the previous records.

After sending the message, he raised his head and noticed that Shen Yuhuai was looking at him.

“What is it?” Chen Qizhao asked.

Shen Yuhuai handed him a tissue and pointed to the corner of his mouth. “Wipe.”

Chen Qizhao’s lips were usually pale but now they had become a lot rosier.

His complexion looked good but in fact, he had lost a lot of weight. Looking at Chen Qizhao now, Shen Yuhuai suddenly remembered the person lying next to him that night. The pajamas were almost empty and his figure was thinner than last year. The small amount of baby fat on his face seemed to be gone.

Chen Qizhao reacted and wiped it. “Was there something on my face?”

“There is no flesh on your face.” Shen Yuhuai retracted his gaze. “Have you not rested properly during this time?”

“I have rested.”

Shen Yuhuai fished out a piece of meat for him. “Is that so?”

Chen Qizhao suddenly said, “Brother Huai’s fingers are very long.”

Shen Yuhuai’s hand paused slightly. He noticed that Shen Yuhuai’s eyes were resting on his hand and he narrowed his eyes slightly. “It looks long if there is no reference.”

His gaze stopped on Chen Qizhao’s hand. “Hand.”

Chen Qizhao stopped and noticed that the other person was talking about his hand.

He raised his fingers slightly.

After a while, Shen Yuhuai’s hand came over.

His palm wasn’t as cold as his fingers. There was a warm touch. At this time, their hands were slightly attached. The other person’s thin and slender fingers were attached to his fingers. Chen Qizhao seemed to feel the lines of the other person’s fingers and he slightly bent it when it got closer.

Shen Yuhuai laughed. “Is this how you compare hands? Don’t bend your joints?”

He straightened his fingers and leaned in Chen Qizhao’s direction. “This way.”

Chen Qizhao blinked, straightened his fingers and stuck them to the other person’s fingers.

Shen Yuhuai’s fingers were slightly longer than his, but it wasn’t as long as when he saw it on his own. The two sides compared it like this and Shen Yuhuai’s fingers were only slightly longer. The index finger was longer than the middle finger… and the palm was a bit wider.

Chen Qizhao looked at the other person’s slightly protruding knuckles and noticed the gap between the fingers, through which he saw Shen Yuhuai’s eyes underneath his glasses.

His gaze came straight over, as if looking at Chen Qizhao’s hand or at him.

“There isn’t much of a difference,” Shen Yuhuai stated.

Chen Qizhao hummed. He was about to withdraw his hand when Shen Yuhuai suddenly pinched the joint of his index finger. This stopped his movement at once.

“My skeleton is big so the visual effect of long fingers is greater.” Shen Yuhuai put his hand in front of Chen Qizhao and his gaze fell on the knuckles. “Carefully compare the lower knuckles. The width of your joints is smaller.”

Chen Qizhao’s fingers were pinched in Shen Yuhuai’s hand. The other person’s fingers weren’t forceful but they seemed to clamp his fingers in a deadly manner. He couldn’t move for half a minute. His eyes stopped on Shen Yuhuai’s fingers and took the initiative to speak. “Let me try it?”

The latter seemed to notice his gaze. Shen Yuhuai released his index finger and extended his hand in front of him.

Shen Yuhuai opened his hand slightly. “You try.”

Chen Qizhao touched Shen Yuhuai’s knuckles. Through the thin layer of skin, he felt the bones underneath.

He didn’t pay attention to the width of the phalanges between his fingers. His attention was all on this finger, which he could hold tightly as long as he opened his hand.

Then it would become his possession.

Chen Qizhao’s mind returned and he let go. “It seems to be the case.”

Shen Yuhuai told him, “Eat quickly. The meat might be overcooked.”

Chen Qizhao snorted, his attention no longer on the food.

After the meal, Chen Qizhao was sweating. He came out of the hot pot restaurant and felt that his palm was still hot.

Shen Yuhuai drove him back to his dormitory. “Good night. Rest early today.”

Chen Qizhao responded with a good night.

Shen Yuhuai asked, “What do you want to eat next time?”

Chen Qizhao blurted out, “Barbecue.”

“Okay,” Shen Yuhuai replied. “Then see you next time.”

“See you next time.”

Chen Qizhao headed upstairs and Shen Yuhuai left the dormitory building. Chen Qizhao stood in the corridor and looked out. He could see that in the temporary parking space not far from the dormitory building, Shen Yuhuai got into the car, turned on the lights and finally drove away.

The phone rang. Chen Qizhao saw the encrypted number and turned on the voice changing software before picking up. “Hello?”

“Boss,” the person on the phone said. “The matter of the Sun family that you mentioned to me two hours ago has been found.”

“Huh?” Chen Qizhao looked down at his palm.

He opened his hand and his tone was the same as usual. “Tell me.”

The man in the flower shirt was sitting in front of the computer. It just so happened that a while ago, he had a customer who also checked the Sun family and this information was easy to sort out. He didn’t know why the wealthy customer suddenly became interested in the Sun family but he still sorted out most of the content in a dedicated manner.

“The Lin Group’s medical products have tightened up and their cooperation with the Sun family has decreased. In addition, the Sun family encountered some competition in the industry a while ago and several channel markets were divided up by their peers. Add this with the Lin Group’s reduced cooperation and the Sun family is very anxious.”

The man in the flower shirt continued to explain, “This matter isn’t a secret in the industry, but the alliance between the Sun family and the Lin Group is still very stable. There isn’t much action at present. The competitors of the Sun family have a wait-and-see attitude.”

“I’ve sent all the information to your inbox. The strange thing is that the Lin Group has an alliance with the Sun family but didn’t come to pull them out of trouble this time. This is why the people of the Sun family have been trying to get very close to the Lin family recently. In particular, the young master of the Sun family has been mixing with Lin Xuyan, the young master of the Lin family recently.”

In this life, many things were forced to advance and some of Lin Shizong’s plans were moved forward a few years.

“They don’t want to pull the Sun family out of trouble because they want to give up on the Sun family.” Chen Qizhao stared into the deep night. “The dog wants to curry favor with his master but hasn’t considered that the dog owner wants to kick him away.”

The man in the flower shirt listened to the voice on the phone and was a bit unsure about the personality of this wealthy customer.

It seemed that every time a person was investigated by this wealthy backer, they would soon experience bad luck.

However, he didn’t think much. It was best to make some money. He was just a worker with some skills.

The man in the flower shirt said, “Boss, if you have any orders then continue to contact me. The price is good. For the sake of your many visits, I will give you a 2% discount and charge you 98% of the price.”

He was waiting for the boss on the other end of the phone to hang up. As a good employee, there was absolutely no reason to hang up the boss’ call in advance.

A few seconds passed but the boss showed no intention of hanging up.

“Boss?” The man in the flower shirt was puzzled. After a while, he heard the childish doll voice from the special voice changer speak.

The boss suddenly asked, “Is there a better barbecue restaurant in S City?”

The man in the flower shirt: “?”

The boss asked again, “Is there none?”

The man in the flower shirt was stunned for a moment before immediately saying, “Of course, there is! It isn’t just a barbecue restaurant. I can arrange an evaluation of all sorts of gourmet restaurants that have been evaluated by the public. This is giving back to customers and I will do it for you for free. Do you want Internet celebrity stores?”


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